~ Gemini 2 ~
by Teagen 2

Alternative and Sexual Warning: This story contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature between two women. May be considered NC-17.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author's Notes: Sequel to Gemini. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.

Today was the day. Four months ago, I won the Steller Cup for my family. I sit and watch my brother and dad in our garage working with new factory tools and parts, making me smile. My new bike was the fastest I've ever ridden. I can't wait for the next racing season to start. My parents are confident that I will take Thompson racing to the top. I can't wait.

My sister however, is going down in the standings. Her skating style is getting too aggressive, injuring a racer she was competing against in a downhill event. AIS is threatening to pull her contract. I turn and see her using her vert ramp. She is getting sloppy. I sigh heavily. As her skating suffers, so does our relationship. After all this time, she can't accept that my girlfriend is her number one rival.

"Ready to hit the track?" Larry asks as he pushes my bike towards me.

"As always." I stand and slip on my helmet and goggles. "Let's do it." I kick start my bike and to the start of our family's homemade Moto course that stretches around our house. I take off, turning the first corner. As I hit the biggest jump and grab air, I see the van pulling up the driveway. I smile. I bring my feet off the pegs and do a heel touch.

As soon as I connect with the ground again, I gun the throttle towards the end of the driveway. I hit the brake and get off my bike as our guests step out. "Hey, Baby." I say, yanking my helmet off.

"Hey!" Casey moves to me, jumping into my arms. I embrace her, not caring that was a bit dusty from the track.

"Hey Stacy."

"Hey Tammy. Thanks for inviting us out." she said as her eyes scanned our huge property.

"My pleasure." As Casey releases me, I throw an arm around her shoulder and guide her towards her house.

"We're not interrupting are we?" Casey asks.

"Not at all......Let me show you around."

We live quite well. I admit it. The six bedroom house was the center. My Moto track stretches around the perimeter of our property. The garage, beside the house. They were in awe. "I think you guys will like the back the best." I brought them around back to the pool. The back panel to the garage was open, as usual, so I could watch my sister.

"Here's my sister's part of the house." I smile. "Her vert ramp." I gesture behind the pool. "Her street course." I gesture next to the garage.

"Cool." Stacy comments.

"You guys are welcome to use it anytime while you're here." My parents, who were taking the tour with them, chimed in.

"Tina will be glad to share.....Isn't that right, Sweetheart?" my dad said.

"Sure." she sighed from the bottom of the vert ramp. My mother puts her arms around the shoulders of the two sisters.

"Let's get you girls settled while Tammy and Tina finish their workouts."

I couldn't keep my mind on the track. Casey was just yards away in the house. I did finish well, according to my father with his stopwatch. I put my bike away and headed for the house. I changed out of my racing pants and into jeans. I found the sisters sitting on the edge of the pool, watching Tina on the ramp. "Ladies." I say, sitting next to Casey, but not putting my feet into the water as they had.

"Hey." Casey gives me a soft kiss. I look to my sister who looks tired and frustrated. She was on the verge of an angry spell. "What do you think?" I asked them seriously.

"She sucks." Stacy says.

"Stacy." Casey chastised. "She's giving up too much speed. Tina's not even nailing some basic moves."

"I know. She's been 'sucking' more and more lately......I'm worried. Skating is her life. I've never seen her be this off."

"That was a pretty shitty thing she did to Burns in the downhill in San Diego." Stacy said.

"I know." I sigh. "I don't know what her problem is. She just doesn't talk to anybody in the family anymore."

"Maybe its me." Casey says quietly.

"No, its not. She was going down before we even met."

I turned and watched Casey. Her eyes were focused on my sister, watching each movement. I saw a frown when Tina missed a trick. "Hey Tina! Bring your right foot up first before turning the flip."

"Shut up. I can do it without your damn help."

"Fine." We all watched as Tina repeated her attempt at the flip, bringing her left foot up.

I cringed as the horrible thud echoed as Tina fell, sliding down face first.

"You okay, Sis?" Casey stands quickly, beating me to it. I follow behind her as she walks up to Tina, who is still lying on the ramp.

"You all right, Tina?" Her arms begin to move.

"I'm alright." She sits up slowly. "I just broke my face, that's all." I grin. Stacy and Casey sit down across from Tina as she rests. I sit next to her, looking her over for injuries.

"I think you bruised your cheek." I said. "Now, you know."

"I know.......Right foot first." The sisters joined us in laughter. I glanced over, sensing it. I was right. Our parents and brother were watching with a smile. Maybe there's hope for my sister after all.

"You know, I could grab my skates and show you how to do that. If you can grab great air with it, you'll rack up points."

"You know Bennet.....I AM your competition."

"So....I skate because its fun, not to win."

"Whatever." she shrugged.

I was in awe at Casey. She grabbed her blades from the bedroom and climbed up Tina's vert ramp. Stacy and I took a seat in the folding chairs beside the pool. I watched as Casey was showing Tina the way to lean on her blade to do the trick. "Casey must like your sister now."

"Why's that?" I ask, looking over, meeting her eyes.

"This was our vacation from the circuit....She's up there teaching your sister a flip. I don't know who I should worry about more Casey or Tina."

"Stacy, my sister may not be your favorite person in the world, but she is a great woman. She's just had some rough times that's made her hard. I'm hoping to pull her out of her shell. Your sister may be just the person to do it."

"She is. Casey cares, but if Tina hurts her, her ass is grass."

"No argument there."

I smile as she pats Tina on the back as my sister moves down the ramp. I watch as she does a few small turns. Casey watches her from her spot on the top. "Go for it!" Stacy yells. Tina flips.....and lands perfectly. "Yeah."

"Alright, Sis! Great job!" It was obvious that she was proud of herself. Tina lands on the platform, next to Casey. Casey moves down the ramp. We all watch as she pulls off the same flip, adding a small twist of her hips. Tina moves down the ramp also, now both were on the ramp. I was a little on edge with them both on the ramp. I couldn't shake the vision of them colliding into each other. I breathed a sigh of relief as they stop skating and ease to a stop at the bottom, skating over to us. "Nice." I touched knuckles with my sister. I couldn't believe it, she was smiling.

"Hey Girls!" We all turn to my mother. "Come on! Larry's grilling hamburgers. They're almost ready."

We sat on the screened in patio and ate burgers and fries. My sister was great, no wise cracks or hurtful remarks all day. I was happy. I am planning a very special night for my lovely lover for her help with my sister. Larry and my dad took off for some night riding on the track. Tina and Stacy decided to go blading on the street course. "Are they going to be able to see?"

"Oh yeah. These perimeter lights," I gestured, "you can land airplanes with those things."


"There's one place that's still dark."

"Where's that?"

"Come on."

I took her hand and led her behind the house. The street course was made so that pool would remain private. No flood lights were around the pool, making it the darkest place outside the house. I released her hand and began to take my clothes off. "Come on." I whisper. She smiles and begins removing her clothes. As we eased into the shallow end, she shivered.

"Damn its cold." I sit on the submerged steps and coax her onto my lap. "Mmmm. I'll warm you up." she smiles, kissing me. Her arms come around my neck as I massage her breast. "I've missed you." Casey moans into my mouth.

"I've missed you, too." I slide one hand down, entering her.

"Ohhhh." she moans as she begins to ride my hand. Her hips grind against me. Her head ducks, taking my nipple into her mouth and sucking.

"Mmmmm. Casey, that feels good." I look down to watch her hips and her head. As her orgasm begins, she gasps releasing my nipple.

"Oh, Tammy....Mmmm." I smile as I feel her walls squeeze the fingers buried inside of her. "Sit on the top." she breaths. I ease myself up one step to the pool deck. She remains in the water as she spreads my thighs apart. I throb as her tongue teases my clit. I push my center into her face. Holding my legs, she drives her tongue into me.

"Oh damn." I gasp. Casey attacks my clit with her thumb as her tongue dances inside of me. "I can't stop it." I knew I was going to come and there wasn't a damn thing I could

do to stop it.

"Let me have it." she said from between my legs. I came at the sound of her voice. She released her grip on my thighs, allowing me to recover.

"I'm sorry.....I guess I was too aroused."

"Hey, Baby. I loved it. Don't be sorry." She came into my arms. I wrapped mine around her from my spot on the edge. "As much as I love swimming naked, I want to do something else.....in a warm bed."

"You got it." I stood on shaky legs and walked to the towel cabinet. "Here ya go." I tossed her one and grabbed one for myself.

After moving indoors, we made love in my bedroom for over two hours. Knowing my parents were down the hall, I knew I had to let her go back to the guest room. In my boxers, I walked her down the hall. Opening the door for her, I step in......and stop in my tracks. "Oh SHIT." I say, making Casey move around me to see.

"Oh SHIT." Casey said. I didn't know who could move, me or her. The other two occupants of the room, remained frozen.

"I don't believe it." I spoke first. "Uhhhh...Tina, would you please get off of Stacy for a second?"

"Boy, you Thompsons know how to treat guests." Stacy laughed, getting a chuckle out of Tina.

"What the hell are you doing, Stacy?" Casey yelled.

"Nothing now, but if had given us twenty more minutes." she smiled.

"I can't believe you!" Casey yelled.

"Come on, Tina." I say quietly. She untangles herself from Stacy.

"Baby, where are you going?" Stacy asks.

"I'll be back later." I pat my sister on the back as she picks up her blades and shirt from the floor. We exit the room, closing the door behind us. My sister sighed heavily. "Why is Casey so mad? I thought she'd be happy.......I screwed up again.....Didn't I?"

"No, Sis. I don't think so......Casey's just protective of her sister."

"I can understand that." For the first time in over a year, I really looked at my twin. I reached for her and hugged her. For once she didn't shy away or not hug back. She embraced me.

"Is this what you truly want?" I ask.

"Yeah. Stacy's the coolest girl I've ever met."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"It just started today...She was so friendly and helpful and....."

"No, Tina. I meant about your sexual preference. You told me you were straight."

"Is it a problem?"

"Of course not. But when I came out, why didn't you?"

"No one likes me, Tammy......Girl or guy. I've never felt like this before." We both turn to hear more yelling.

"It'll be okay. I'll talk to Casey in the morning."

"Maybe we should separate them. Casey can have my room and I'll bunk with you."

"Not a bad idea."

We both shared a glance as I knocked on the door. "Yeah?" It was Stacy. I slowly opened the door.

"Casey, I think it would be a good idea if you guys slept apart tonight......Our parents are

going to get nosy pretty soon. So unless you wanna tell them what's going on, the fighting has to stop."


"Casey, why don't you take Tina's room and Tina will sleep with me."

"Alright." She stands, glaring at her sister as she steps around her. Tina retreats into my room.

As I walk Casey down the hall, she is fuming. "Its not that bad, Hon."

"Tammy, I don't want my sister thinking with her lower region on this."

"That's not fair, Casey. We fell in love, why can't they?"

"Oh please, Tammy." We stop in the middle of the hallway. "Don't you find this a bit I don't know....odd?.....Our twin sisters have fallen for each other."


"Tammy.....I can't believe you. You're taking this like its nothing."

"Casey, its none of our business...Just like what we do, is none of theirs."

"Fine." I open the door to Tina's room.

"I think you'll enjoy the decor." She steps in and smiles at the skating posters.

"Goodnight, Baby." I smile, giving her a hug. "We'll talk about this in the morning."


I head back to my room. Opening the door, I see Tina already undressed and in bed. As I remove my shirt, I notice she is on the verge of crying. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing......I can't do anything right...Nothing."

"Don't talk like that."

"I heard what Casey said.....We're not thinking with our 'lower region'."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!....You didn't see her out there with me tonight. She was incredible. Stacy was so kind. She was actually flirting with me.....I couldn't believe it. Then she started touching me....and I liked. She kissed me and all I could think about was...her."

"Yep. You got it alright."

"You think?.....Do you think we're moving too fast?"

"That's for you and Stacy to decide." After stripping down to nothing but my underwear, I slip under the covers.

"Thanks, Sis."

"For what?" I ask.

"Sticking up for me."

"You're welcome."

Morning came too quickly. I rose, shaking my sister awake. I stood, looking out of my window. I heard the noises that woke me more times than the sun itself. It was the sound of someone on the vert ramp. Back when my sister skated just for fun, she would be out there early and would have to be dragged inside for breakfast. "Is it Casey?" Tina asks as she stands.

"Both of them......Come on, Tina." We dress and head downstairs, making sure not to wake the rest of the occupants in the house. I headed outside while Tina went to grab her blades. I found Stacy in the folding chair she used the day before. "Hey."

"Hi, how's Tina?"

"She's coming.....Hey Baby." I wave as she waves to me from the ramp.

"Is she going to dump me?" she asked sadly.

"No, I don't think so."

"Good." I sighed. I smiled at her. "I could blackmail you ya know."

"With what?" I chuckle.

"I see the look in your eyes. You've had it ever since you saw Casey and me on the street course at the X Games."

"What look would that be?" I say quietly.

"Classic case of twin fan."


"You know.....twin fan."

"I don't know what you're talking about." We are momentarily distracted as Tina joins

Casey on the ramp.

"You know exactly what I am talking about......You would love to get us both in bed." My mouth opened on reflex. Half shock, half disbelief. "The classic twin fantasy."

"You are wrong...Very wrong, Stacy."

"What's the matter? Not attractive enough?"

"You know that's not true."

"Then why?"

"Your my girlfriend's sister."

"And my girlfriend is your sister. What's your point?"

"I gotta go." I jump up from the chair, almost tripping over it. I turn around as I walk hastily to the house to see Casey skating towards me and Stacy away. They meet halfway and exchange words.

"What did she say?"

"Didn't want to admit it...as you said she wouldn't."

I rode my bike hard, almost blowing the top end. I raced around the track until my tank emptied. I was anxious in-between fill ups to get back out there and away from the three women who were now watching me. My dad chastised me several times for overreving the bike. I couldn't help it. I couldn't go fast enough to make today's conversation nothing but a blur, like my surroundings as I headed out again. I did several tricky jumps, including a superman seat grab, getting completely off the bike and hanging by the rear of the seat, all in the air. Next jump, a no hander landing. Then, I finished with a heel touch.

All three were waiting for me as I pushed my bike into the garage, tired. "Hey, nice job, Baby."

"Yeah Tammy. That was awesome." Stacy added.

"Thanks." I breathed. My brother handed me my much needed water.

"Hey Tammy?" Stacy asked.


"Can I talk to you for a minute about this morning?" I squirt the water into my face, before removing my helmet.


"I'm sorry for pushing you."

"So you admit you were wrong?"

"Oh no. I won't admit anything." she winked.

Dinner was a lively affair, except from me. My mom made her world famous Italian chicken, my favorite. I didn't eat much. I noticed the looks that were exchanged between the three of them. "I'm really tired from all the training today.....I'm going to bed. Goodnight." I stood.

"Good job today, Tammy." Dad smiled. "Get some rest." I nodded, heading upstairs. I breathed a sigh of relief as I closed my bedroom door. It wasn't totally a lie. I am tired. I strip down to my boxers and slip into my king-sized bed, lying in the middle. I heard my door open. My eyelids were heavy, but I opened them wide enough to see my sister enter and begin stripping.

"What are you doing?"

"Gotta sleep with you again. Girls are fighting again."

"Ahhh shit." I sigh, pulling the blanket up to my waist.

"Besides, your room is the coolest in the house and its 98 outside." I felt her slide in on my right. I moved back over to the left side of the bed.

I felt my eyes drift shut. I felt sleep claim me......until I heard my door open again. Whoever it was, was conversing with my sister. The mattress moved. Assuming my sister moved, I rolled over. Then I heard the distinct sounds of deep kissing. I open my eyes and see Stacy on top of my sister. "Hey!...Stop it." I sit up. "Get out if that's what you two want to do....I need sleep." They seemed unfazed and continued. I was startled when a hand caressed my shoulder, pulling me onto my back. It was Casey. Wordlessly, she mimicked her sister's position, straddling my hips. "What the hell is going on?" My mouth was invaded by her tongue. I gave into her kiss. The wetness between my legs became a river as I felt the other two occupants of my bed move closer. I open my eyes and groan as I see my love topless. I reach up, massaging her breasts as she lowered her lips for a kiss. I hungrily devour her. My hand reaches for her flannel pants and I slide them down her legs and off, revealing Casey to me. She sits up far enough to remove the blanket between us and my boxers. "Ohhhh." I moaned as Casey grinded into me, then she removed herself. I groaned again as she began to lower herself between my legs. I bend my knees, making it easier for her. Her arms wrap around my thighs as her tongue, touches me. "Mmmmm." Then I feel something that makes me throb even more, a tongue on my nipple. I rest my hand in the long hair as Stacy bites my nipple. My mind screamed no as my body screams yes. I didn't want this!.....Did I? I am scared, but very aroused at the same time. Stacy switches to my other breast. Casey's tongue thrusts into me, causing me to pull Stacy's hair. She moaned in pleasure, doubling her efforts on my breasts. My mind was in overload. I never experienced two sensations at once like this. Stacy kisses me. It was almost the same as kissing my love, but with a different technique. She moans into my mouth as I feel a hand graze mine. I looked over to see my sister on her knees and her fingers buried in her girlfriend. The moans in my mouth increased my wetness. I was close. I released Stacy's mouth. "Ohhhh gods, Casey." I moaned. Stacy smiles and licks at my lips as I moan my release. "Ahhhh! Casey that feels good." I came hard.

"Mmmmm. You taste good." Casey groans as she begins licking my inner thigh. It was beautiful to watch Stacy's face. Mere inches from mine as she was being rammed from behind. I found it extremely erotic.

"Oh Tina!....Harder!" She yelled as my sister brought her to her climax.

"Ahhhh!" I awoke with a start, sitting upright. A thin layer of sweat covered my skin.

"You okay, Sis?" I hear from the other side of the bed. Moving my hands around me, I felt nothing but cold sheets. A light on my sister's side comes on, blinding us both. I rub my face with my hands, desperately trying to shake off the confusion. I open my eyes, seeing only me and my sister.

"Uhhhh yeah."

"Bad dream?"

"Not really....We're alone in here right?" I ask. My sister chuckles.

"That's a stupid question. Yes, we are.....You don't remember when I came in? You looked pretty zonked out."

"I remember." I say quietly, lowering myself back down to my pillow. I sigh in relief. It was only a dream. The light goes off again and I turn over to go back to sleep when I realized something. Reaching down between my legs I gasp when I feel skin. I am naked. I distinctly remember wearing my underwear to bed. Dismissing it as fatigue, I pull the blanket up to my shoulders. As my face went into my pillow I smelled.....Casey...and the unmistakable musk of sex. "Ohhh gods." I groaned.

"You better not be doing anything over there." Tina teased. I reached up and flipped on the light. Turning to her, I glare.

"Hey, sorry.....Your room, do what you want." I did not smile, so hers faded. "What's wrong?"

"You know damn well what's wrong......Yanking the blanket off of her side, I confirm she's nude too.

"Hey......Its cold in here." She yanks it back, covering her body.

"Where are they?"


"Don't play stupid with me....I know what happened last night......Unless you're about to tell me we committed a serious form of incest, you better tell me why we're both naked in my bed if we didn't do anything."

"Yuck.....No, we didn't."

"So, the girls were in here last night?" Her silence spoke for her. "Was everything I remember real?"

"Depends....What do you remember?" Just revisiting a few moments, made me warm again.

"You know what happened." My head was heavy as I sat up. I groaned.

"You okay?"

"I feel like I was hit by a truck." My sister laughs at me.

"Your feeling the after effects of riding that bike as hard as you did." Frankly, I think it was the nighttime activity I was feeling. "Casey's kind of worried about you."


"You practically passed out on her."

"I did?"

"Yep. Right about the time she was coming."

"Are you serious?"

"Dead serious." A big grin stretches across her face. "Don't worry. I think she understood why....Kinda funny when you think about it."

"Shut up.....Why did they leave?"

"Mom and Dad came home."

"They left?"

"Man, you really were out of it." Turning over, my sister says, "Get some sleep. They're here for 6 more days."

"Oh gods."

I awoke sometime in the morning. The house was deserted. I knew where everyone was, due to the heat. Instead of joining them, I grabbed my bike out of the garage. Starting it, I took off for the beginning of the course. As I made my first jump, I looked to my right, above the garage, and saw everyone in and around the pool. Everyone waved in their own way from wherever they were. I waved and continued on my way. I could tell when I made the high jumps they were watching me. I tore around the track, finishing fast in my opinion. As I come to the end of the third lap, there is another rider waiting at the start. I pull up parallel to them. Taking off my helmet, I tap the side of theirs to get them to take it off. "Tina?" I gasp in surprise.

"I do know how to ride you know."

"Yeah, but you haven't....I mean..you."

"Are you gonna talk or are you gonna race?"

"Bring it on, Little Sister."


"Yeah.....I'm ten minutes older remember." I smirked as we both kick started our bikes and put on our helmets. I could see the twins and our family setting up chairs on the side. This was indeed a historic event. Tina and I haven't ridden together in over three years and never on friendly terms. It was always to settle a dispute. It was also a historic two days for our relationship. I don't how they managed it, but I'll be forever grateful to the Bennets for bringing my sister out of her world and back to us.

"Let's do it." She deliberately kicked dirt into my path as she took off. I smiled.


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