~ Gemini ~
by Teagen 2

Alternative and Sexual Warning: This story contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

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The sky was clear. The weather was perfect for a race. I was looking forward to today's race too. Thompson racing, my father's company, needs the factory support. This was the first race of the series. As I pushed my bike towards the gate, I saw my mother and sister in the stands. I smiled. I seem to do better when my family is watching. "Are you paying attention Tammy?" my father asks.

"Yeah, Dad......Watch the third turn. I got it. Don't worry."

"Okay, Sweetheart." He gives me a soft kiss on the cheek before heading off to run my pit. I push my bike up into my slot, giving the 55 on the side a pat, my ritual before each race. Grabbing my black and white helmet, I slip it over my head. Placing the goggles over my eyes, I kick start my bike as I hear the announcer's voice.

"Welcome fans to the 2001 X games Steller Racing Cup. The racers will compete for two days in two races per day to see who will win the Steller Racing Factory Support for the following racing year. Some fine racing teams are represented here today. A champion will be crowned in the 125 and the 250 categories. The 125 is up first."

This was the point where I wish the race would start already. The racers around me are all revving their bikes and pushing against the gate, anxious to get started. As the roster of racers were read, I listened to mine. "Number 55, representing Thompson racing Tammy Thompson." I smiled at the crowd's applause. My father has worked hard to gain a great reputation on the racing circuit. I'm riding after two legacies, my father Brad and my older brother Larry. I've done well so far, but I still have a lot to prove being a rookie.

As the 30 second warning goes up, I begin to rev my bike. The cling of the gate as it goes down, signals me and shoot out of the gate. I breath a sigh of relief for my good start. In fourth place, I move into the first turn. I make a textbook turn and jump the first jump. As I land, I shoot ahead moving into third. The dust of the man ahead, keeps me from seeing as clearly as I want to. I jump and make a shaky landing, almost losing it, but I recover. Turning wide on the next turn, I pass to gain second as the next lap begins. I keep second for the remainder of the race. As I jump the finish line, I swing my back end making a nice horizontal jump as the checkered flag waves.

My family congratulates me as I head for our rig. My father pushes my bike for me as I remove my helmet and follow. "Hey." I hear from behind. I turn to see a gorgeous creature. I smile unconsciously to myself. Her stern face makes me stop. She looked positively fuming. She was thin, but muscular. Her biceps shown beautifully with her muscle shirt. She was on inline skates.

"Can I help you?"

"I didn't know you raced dirt bikes too." she smirked.

"Huh? I don't know what you're talking about. This is the only thing I do." I gesture at the helmet in my hand.

"Very funny, Tina." I laughed out loud, not being able to help it. This made my mystery woman angry. She skated towards me, stopping a few inches away. "You find something funny."

"No, Mame. Its just....I'm not Tina." She looks at me questioningly. "Tina's my twin sister. I'm Tammy Thompson."

"Oh gods." She put her hands over her face as it sunk in. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize she had a twin sister."

"So you don't like her I take it." I smile.

"Honestly?" I nodded, knowing what I was going to hear. "No. She's a body banger with a bad attitude."

"I know."

"You don't care that people say that?"

"Not when it's true......Let me guess...You're one of the top ten skaters competing in the X games and she's cheating somehow?"

"Something like that." she says quietly. I notice the look on her face. She's looking at me as if she's trying to commit me to memory.

"Well, if you're competing against my sister, I know you're good....What do you do? Street? Vert?"

"I do it all." I smile at her. I'm surprised to see a small grin.

"Well, well, well." my sister smiles from behind me. "Look who's here.....How's it goin' loser?" I turn and see the smirk on my sister's face.

"Shut up, Bitch." the girl throws back. My sister pushes at me, trying to get to her. I shove her back.

"Chill out, Sis."

"I'm gonna kick your sorry ass." Tina smiles.

"Let's go, Stretch."

"Hey!" I scream, getting annoyed at the fighting. I hate fighting. "Shut up! Both of you! If you gotta beef with each other, take up in competition. Not with me in-between you!" I shove away, stepping from between them, not caring whether or not they kill each other. I turn and look back. The girl skates away, leaving my sister alone.

I throw my helmet onto the counter inside the rig, stepping by my brother as he takes a look at my bike. "What's wrong, Tam?"

"Nothing." I sigh as I remove my chest protector.

"Nice race. You ripped."

"Thanks, Bro." We both look up as Tina steps in.

"Chicken shit. Didn't even take a poke at me." she laughs as she retrieves a Pepsi from the small refrigerator.

"Who are you pickin' a fight with now, Tina?" Larry smiles.

"Ahhh. One of those damn Bennet sisters. She's such a poser." Bennet. I know that name from somewhere.

"Bennet? Who are they?" I ask.

"You know. That article I showed you last week."

"The one about the twins?"

"Yeah. Casey and Stacy Bennet. They like won a bunch of skating competitions and stuff up north. They're ranked like 14th in the country." I smile at the image that pops in my head. That hot little body making precise tweaks and tucks around a street course. Not only that, there's two of them. "Tammy.....Tammy...TAMMY!"

"What?" I snap back to reality to find my siblings laughing their asses off. "Shut up." I shrug it off. "Which one was that?"


"The one that was talking to me."

"Oh...Casey. She's the one that actually has some balls. Stacy's such a wuss."

I watched my sister grab her blades and head for the skating section across the street from the Moto track. I thought for a moment. Having more than an hour before my next race, I followed her. "Hey Tammy." my dad called.

"Yeah Dad?"

"Where are you going?"

"To check out the skating.....I'll be back soon." He watched me go.

"Since when does Tammy like skating?"

"Since she saw something hot on skates." my brother chimed in from beside my bike.

I looked at the board. My sister goes tenth. I head for the view best for the street course. I sit and sigh. What the hell am I doing here? I hate skating. "First up is Stacy Bennet." A roar from the crowd tells me these sisters are very well liked. I look up to the starting ramp. I smile. The only major difference between Casey and her sister seem to be their hair styles. Casey was not wearing a helmet when I saw her. Casey's hair is short and very blonde. Stacy's is long, almost reddish is color. I prefer Casey's style.

As the buzzer sounded, Stacy began her run. She has great agility. I watch as she nails a grind all the way down a rail, getting a cheer from the crowd. Her compact body made speed tricks rather easy for her. I clap as her run finishes. I glance up to the scoreboard. She got a 97. Very nice. I became extremely bored with the next few skaters. Some I feel shouldn't even be here. My sister is much better. Then, I see her. She slips on a black helmet and scans the crowd as she fastens it under her chin. "Casey Bennet." Several people in the box across the course stand and cheer wildly, as well as a few others. As she waited for the start buzzer to sound, I took her in. White cotton tanktop, baggy khakis held up by a black belt, black skates, and a black helmet with a design I couldn't make out on the side I could see. My legs reflexively closed to relieve the sudden throbbing. If I get this from looking her over, could I handle watching her run?

I freeze in terror. She is staring right at me. I avert my eyes as quickly as I can. The buzzer sounds and she begins. She goes over the hump in the middle. As she gets airborne, she pulls her knees up and grabs her skates with one hand and extends her other arm outward, doing a complete turn. Going up a ramp, she back flips perfectly and rolls backwards back the way she came, hitting the hump again she half turns in air. Now she was facing forward again. I watched her run intently. Casey nailed every trick perfectly. I look up to see her score, 98. I clap, adding a whoop as she throws her arms up in excitement. I debated on going over to congratulate her. Then I see it was my sister's turn. I heard a few muffled boo's as she was announced. "Tina Thompson." I saw the fire in my sister's eyes. She is a strong and very aggressive skater. She may not be popular, but she gets results, 97.

Looking at my watch, I know I need to head back. I move out of the crowd and head back towards the Moto course. Just as I'm about to get back to the rig area, I feel a tap on my shoulder. "Hey two wheeler." I turn and see the Bennet sisters.

"Hey Ladies." I smile, looking at them. I think it's totally sexy the way they have their helmets on, but undone. What the hell am I saying? Seeing the two together, I know I probably couldn't tell them apart if their hair was the same.

"I saw ya in the crowd." Casey smiles. I shrug. "You were checking us out weren't ya?" They both laugh to each other. My smile fades and I turn around to go back to the rig. Casey skates on my left, Stacy on my right.

"You know we're right." Stacy smiles. I say nothing.

"Don't you two have something better to do?" I say slightly annoyed.

"Did we piss her off?" Stacy asks Casey.

"I think so......Tammy, I'm sorry. We were just teasing. I wanted you to meet my sister.

Without acknowledging Casey, I turn to Stacy.

"I'm Tammy Thompson."

"You're friendlier than your sister....and cuter." Stacy adds.

"Thanks." I walk up to our rig. My sister is sitting in a folding chair with her skate-clad feet propped up.

"My, my sis. Seems trash follows you everywhere." Tina smiles menacingly.

"Shut your hole, Thompson." Casey replies. The banter brings my parents out of the rig. Being familiar with Tina's sport, they recognized the sisters immediately.

"Hello girls." my mother smiles. "Nice solid runs today."

"Thank you."

"Thanks, Mrs. Thompson." Casey says quietly.

"Yeah. Nice and solid. Glad you don't clutter them up with talent." Tina laughs.

"Tina." Mom warns. My father throws a wrench towards my brother, who catches it.

"Tammy, suit up. Next Moto's in twenty. Tina, take your skate friends and go back to the skate section. We got a race to win."

"But Dad....."

"GO! If you're not gonna help your sister win in a real sport, get out of the way."

I turn and see the Bennet's skate off. My mother gives my sister a pat on the shoulder as walks past to join my father at the bike. I see the anger built up behind the eyes of my sister. Eyes that were wet with unshed tears. My heart goes out to her. My sister may be difficult, but she loves to skate. My father refuses to see her as more than just playing around on a course to win a trophy. "Great run today, Sis. I thought you rocked. You nailed that 540 you wanted......"

"Shut the fuck up, Tammy." She looked up at me as the first tears fell down her cheeks.

"I was ju......"

"I know why you were there.....You never come to my competitions. You came to ogle at Casey Bennet and don't try to tell me different. You hate skating. So don't try to play the lovey dovey sister cause I'm not buying it." She stands and skates away towards the refreshment stands. I sighed heavily.

My thoughts were on both my sister and Casey Bennet as I kick-started my bike at the gate. As the gate dropped, I shot out of the gate, nearly bumping the bike next to me. I ran a strong race, having the lead twice, but lost it. I finished a strong second, almost needing a photo finish. As I get off my bike, I see my dad walking towards me. I could see the disappointment on his face. "Good job, Sweetie......What went wrong?"

"The guy closed me out on the turn."

"If you had shot the throttle like I told you." My head drops. "I'm sorry, Honey. That was a great race. As long as you finish in the top three, we'll be okay......I would love to see you win one."

"I will, Dad. I promise." He pats me on the back.

"Let's go."

Tonight at the hotel restaurant was a quiet affair, at least for the two athletes at the table. My sister is still angry and I don't blame her. Me, I was dealing with the pressure on my family. As we finish up dessert, my father suggests mini golf. As we stand, I see the Bennet sisters. When Casey meets my gaze, I lift my hand in acknowledgment. She smiles, walking towards the table. "Hi, Casey." Mom smiles.

"Mrs. Thompson. How was your dinner?"

"Why? You work here?" Tina quipped. We all overlooked the comment.

"Tammy, I was wondering if you wanted to hit the arcade with us....You can come too, Tina." she adds.

"Oh thanks for including me." Tina says sarcastically.

"Sure." I move over to Casey. "You coming or not?" I ask my sister.

"You gotta be kidding me."

"Suit yourself. Lead on, Casey." As I follow, I look back to see Tina taking a verbal thrashing for her attitude.

As we walked into the game room, I noticed it was almost empty. We had the run of the place. Stacy met us at the change machine and started to hand out tokens. "Its on me." she says. I head for my favorite game, Motorcycle racing.

"Oh please, Tammy." Casey smiled. I climbed onto the metal and plastic simulator.

"What's the matter? Can't beat me?" Casey climbs onto the one next to me. Putting our tokens in, we started. I smiled as we battled on a computer track. I knew I could beat her. I spend my time on this game when not on my dirt bike. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she leaned into the turns of the track. She beat me by a mile. I let her.

"Yes! Gotcha, Two Wheeler." she laughed. I leaned on the handlebars and looked at her intently. "You know....you're not at all like your sister......I like that." I chuckled.

"What about you? Are you like Stacy?"

"People tell me I am in a lot of ways. Some ways we're different......But my sister isn't a real bitch either."

"You know Casey.....I don't make excuses for my sister, but she has reasons for the way she acts."

"Like what?"

"My father for one.....He wanted her to race like me, but she hates motorcycles of any kind. She started skating when she was ten and has been hooked ever since. When I was on the dirt track with my little 50, she was jumping stairs on skates. Dad hated it for a long time. Motocross is this family's tradition. My uncle raced, my dad, my older brother, now me.

"So your parents don't support her?"

"My mom loves it, my dad tolerates it. My brother doesn't care one way or the other."

"What about you?"

"I don't like to watch it, but I support her. You should always do what your heart says, not what someone wants you to." Casey smiles at me.

"She got the bad attitude on her own."

"True. She does have a problem with being a good sport."

"You gonna come watch tomorrow?"

"I don't know."

"Come on. You can check out my ass from the stands again."

"I can do that right now." I said, leaning back to see her backside.

"You can." She leans forward. My breathing stops as I see her lips move in and connect with mine. Her mouth tasted sweet, a taste I could easily crave.

"Hey guys.....You gonna suck face all day or play those tokens?" I reach for her. We stand and her arms come around my neck. She flipped her wrist throwing the tokens towards her sister.

"I don't need them." she breaths as she kisses me again.

We walked through the dark back towards my family's rooms. "Can I come watch you race tomorrow?" Casey asked.

"Sure. If you want to, you can."

"I'll be there."

"I'll come to your vert tomorrow."

"You don't have to ya know."

"Yeah, I know. I want to."

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Great.....Bye." I lean down and give her a soft kiss to the lips. It's going to be a long night.

I don't know what I was more excited about Casey or my first place win today. My mom

stood with her trackside as I took my first win. My heart soared as I watched her cheer for me. As I neared her, I saw her tap her wrist. I waved for her to go on, knowing her vert competition was due to start soon. I mouthed 'I'll catch up.' She smiled. I watched her skate off. "Getting a little starstruck?" I turn and see my mom.

"A little.....She's really cool."

"She's cute." Mom teased.

"Mother." I drawled.

"Come on. Give me your gear. Better hurry. Its starts soon." I smile as I unbuckle my chest protector and slip it off. I hand her my helmet and gloves. I head across the street to the vert ramp.

I take a nice vantage point right near the ramp. I watched my sister with a great run, 96. Casey all but blew her away, grabbing major air on all her tricks and nailing some hard ones, 99. It was the best run of everyone. She met me at the end of the competition, holding a 1st Place trophy. My sister walked away with 6th place. Stacy, 3rd. Tina was fuming as she approached us. "You suck ass!" She shoved Casey, almost knocking her to the ground.

"Hey Sis......Chill out."

"You fucking cheated."

"How can you cheat on a vert ramp?" Casey asked.

"Your such a pussy, Bennet."

"And your such a great loser." she quips. I stand between them, my back to Casey.

"Tina, you lost.....It happens."

"You're a sell out, Tammy. You come to support your bitch," she gestured. "but not your own sister." I can't believe I did it, but I did. I punched my sister in the face, sending her down.

"Please stop." Casey cried. Tearful she pulled on me to stop me from advancing on my twin. "Don't fight. You're sisters."

"Its okay, Casey." I give her a small smile. I take her by the shoulders. "She deserved it." I look over to see her picking herself up.

"I don't want you guys separating over me."

"It has nothing to do with you, Baby. Its her attitude that's the problem." I say over my shoulder. I turn around, placing myself between them. "Let's end this, Sister. I love Casey. She's going to be around, so you better get used to it.....She has no problem with you and neither does Stacy. Just drop the tough gal act and we all can be friends." She sputtered through her lips, turning her nose up as she skated away. My head dropped and I sighed.

"Its okay, Tammy. I'm sure she'll come around eventually......Now, don't you have a race and a cup to win?" I look over at her and smile.

"Come on."

I was determined more than ever to win this factory support for our family. If we travel together, I'm hoping Tina will come out of the hard shell she's made around herself. As Casey says, she could be a very high ranked skater if she really applied her skills to the course and not worrying about maintaining her bad girl image. Grabbing my practice bike, I decided to make a dry run around the track. Casey stood in my pit and watched me take a few laps around the track. She watched me take a few stylish jumps. I could tell she was getting that protective vibe. So, I didn't give her a heart attack by doing a superman seat grab or any other trick where my body was completely off the bike.

I headed back to the pit. "Wow. That was cool, Tammy."

"Thanks." I smiled. "Wanna ride back?" She had finally taken her skates off. I have only seen her one other time with them off.

"Okay." I moved my feet so she could put her feet on the pegs. I carefully revved the engine and cruised back to our rig. She stroked my abs underneath my protector as she rode. I didn't want it to end, but I had to prepare for my final race. My sister eyed us as I helped her off the bike, then got off myself.

The butterflies are churning. This was it. The final race. I have had all strong finishes. I need to finish in the top 2 to win. One slight hang-up and I could lose it all. I smiled at the faith my family and Casey have in me. Win or lose, I will still have a great girl. The gate drops and we are off. The first laps were textbook for me, holding onto third easily. The first three are ahead of the pack, no one at my back to worry about. I have to focus. I see my opening and shoot for it, passing number two. If I can hold it, I know I'll win. I don't want to just win, I want to be the first across that line. Half a lap left. I shoot up parallel with the leader on the straight away. I gun it. I smile as I pass him on the second-to-last jump. Here it comes, the last few meters. His fender was next to my back wheel. If I fall short, he could overtake me. I got the lift I wanted.....and the win! As I started my decent, I felt it. My back wheel is hit, throwing my bike out of line for my landing. I had no time to try and correct it. I hit hard, my helmet smacking the handlebars. The backend goes up and I go over the handlebars. The bike landed on top of me. I heard the boo's from the crowd for the guy who clipped me. He did it surely out of spite. His team was in second place in the standings, but I won the race and the cup. "Tammy!" I hear my Dad. Several men pull the bike off of me. "Baby, are you okay?" He helps the others turn me to assess my injuries.

"I got the wind knocked outta me." I breathed. "I'm okay."

"Are you sure?" He removes my helmet, the front guard cracked and almost broken from the impact.

"Yeah, tell Casey and Mom I'm okay......so they won't worry." He turns and gives them a thumbs up. I ease up, brushing the dust off my pants. The crowd cheers and I raise my arm.

I was fine. A little sore, but fine. Everyone was so relieved. Even Tina was genuinely worried. It was the nastiest tumble I have taken since I started racing. I'm sure it'll be something to watch. Everyone cheered as the podium procedures took place. My father got all the contract paperwork. Thompson racing will be factory sponsored next racing season. As we sat down to dinner, my father said, "Larry, are you sure you don't want to race anymore?"

"Why, Pop?"

"Seems we get to have a minimum of three riders next season. I'd love it if at least two of them were Thompsons'."

"I don't know, Dad. I loved racing, but I just don't have the fire to compete anymore. Tammy will leave me in the dust, like always." he winks.

"What about Dennis?" Mom asks. Our cousin Dennis was following behind a legend too, my uncle.

"He didn't race this season. I don't know if he wants to. Besides he was on Carter Racing."

I saw my love from across the room, leaning on the wall looking at me. I smile and wave, making everyone turn and look. "Go on, Tammy. Enjoy yourself. You've earned it." I stand and move around the table. "Be back in a few hours. We need to get everything loaded for the trip home."

"Okay, Dad." I know they watch us as I give her a hug and move away out of the restaurant.

"Poor kids." Mom sighed. "Won't see each other after tonight."

I moved into her room after her. "Stacy's gone to some party for skaters tonight. Their going blading in the city.

"Don't you want to go?"

"Nah." she smiled. I stood totally in awe when she removed her T-shirt, no bra underneath. My breath ceased. "I wanna do something else." She unbuckled her belt and stripped. "Take 'em off." she smiles. I fumble and remove my clothing. "Damn your beautiful, Tammy."

"You too." We laid down on the left bed.

"Does your sister look exactly like you?"

"Actually the only way you can tell us apart is naked." I smile. "She has a mark on her back that I don't.

"Enough talk." I watched her crawl on top of me. She grinded into my center. Spreading my legs wider, she slides down. Her fingers tease my opening. A gush of wetness coats her fingers as she slides in.

"Oh gods, Casey." I moan as she wastes no time. She begins to ram her fingers into me, pushing me against the headboard. Her mouth covers my right nipple. I come easily. Before she could react, I turned her body around and brought her center to my face. My tongue sought out her clit and found it. Her hands rested on either side of my body as she moved towards my tongue. Her legs quivered as she came.

She turns around and places her head on my chest, resting. "What's going to happen, Tammy? After tonight, we have to go back home."

"Don't worry. We only live about 70 miles from each other. We'll work something out. Every competition we'll see each other."

"I want to be with you all the time." She starts to cry. I hold my tears in.

"It'll be okay." I say as I stroke her hair. "It will."


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