~ Ab Initio ~
by Cruise

Disclaimers: This is a sequel to my uber story Indiscretions. The characters in this story are of my own creation and are in love. If the idea of two women sharing a loving and intimate relationship bothers you or if you are under the age of 18 please find material more suited to you. The song "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias (Paul Barry/Mark Taylor-Rive Droite music) is used without permission and without intention for profit. It is highly recommended by the author to listen to the song during parts of this story...it makes the scene more effective.

Warning: It is not recommended reading this story on a treadmill, at work, operating heavy machinery or if your lover is not within close proximity to you! Hopefully, you have plenty of Amazon Ice on hand as well as a tasty beverage (Dr. Pepper is my fav).

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Part I

Rayne swallowed the lump in her throat. Her mouth closed and she composed herself enough from Lark's stunning reaction to her to speak. "Aah...no...the note was wrong...I called from the plane to tell you I was on my way. Jayce took the wrong turn on the way to the airport and..." Rayne tried to explain as she leaned forward with her arms resting on her legs and was interrupted.

"Excuse me but you're Lark Morgan right?" A woman asked as Lark looked up at her.

"Aah...yes, I am." Lark stammered as she was surprised to be recognized in Greece.

"I knew it!...I'm from the states and I would love it if I could get your autograph." The woman excitedly asked as Rayne sat back in the chair with disdain for the intrusion.

"Sure." Lark answered with a strained smile as the woman handed her a piece of paper and a pen which Lark signed for her.

"Oh, thank you so much and I love your new haircut." She exclaimed with an appreciative smile.

"You're welcome and thank you." Lark answered with a smile as she handed her the paper and pen back.

Lark looked back at Rayne who leaned forward again. "Jayce took a wrong turn and we got stuck in traffic which caused us to miss the plane." She explained.

"You seem to have problems with planes don't you?" Lark asked sarcastically.

"Listen...Lark...there's so much I need to tell you." Rayne replied as she held Lark's hand. "I have a lot to..." Rayne tried to explain as she was interrupted again by a group of fans asking for Lark's autograph. Rayne had enough of the intrusions...she needed to tell Lark everything and it wasn't going to wait this time. "Look people!" Rayne snapped angrily as she stood and continued to hold Lark's hand who felt Rayne's hand trembling. "We need some time to ourselves. Lark can we please go?" Rayne asked as she looked down at Lark who saw the distress and anger in Rayne's blue eyes.

"Of course...excuse us please." Lark answered as she stood up wondering what it was that Rayne so desperately needed to tell her.

"She'll sign autographs later." Rayne snapped as she held Lark's hand and led her down the deck stairs to the beach. She walked to a quiet part of the beach and turned to face Lark.

She locked her blues with green's which sparkled in the moonlight and smiled as she held Lark's face in her hands. She was incredibly nervous and her mind as well as her heart raced a mile a minute. "You are devastatingly gorgeous Lark...I absolutely love your hair." Rayne replied breathless with a smile.

"You mean to tell me you flew across the country to tell me that?"

"No...I came here to tell you how much I love you and that I don't want to be without you ever again." Rayne answered with a smile as she searched Lark's green eyes for acceptance. Lark's heart fluttered and the tears welled in her eyes as she saw the sincerity in Rayne's blue eyes. "Lark...there's so many things that I need to tell you and they're not coming out right." Rayne replied nervously as she inhaled deeply to slow her mind down that raced faster than her mouth would allow.

Lark put her hands on Rayne's arm which calmed her and wrapped her arms around Rayne for a comforting hug. Lark could feel Rayne's racing heart beat as she snuggled close to her and felt Rayne's tension release. "Just settle down and tell me what you need to...okay?" Lark asked softly as she rubbed Rayne's back and felt her heart slow it's beat down.

Rayne took in a few deep breaths as she reveled being in the arms of the woman she loved so much and was reluctant to break the hug but needed to tell Lark what happened. She held both of Lark's hands and locked blues with green. "Lark...you're the fire that burns within me, the other half of my soul and you're my only desire." Rayne replied honestly as Lark smiled with happiness at what Rayne had just told her. "I'm to blame for everything baby. I should have listened to you and forgiven you...I was a pig headed fool. So, I'm asking you ...no begging you for forgiveness." Rayne professed passionately as she dropped to one knee and looked up at Lark with cloudy blue eyes and kissed Lark's hand.

Lark's tears fell and her knees grew weak with Rayne's confession. 'She's begging for my forgiveness when I'm the one who cheated?' Lark thought as she ran her hand through Rayne's hair and rested her palm on Rayne's cheek. "Baby...you have no reason to ask for my forgiveness. I'm the one that needs that from you. I'm the one who...aah...cheated on you." Lark answered hesitantly with difficulty saying cheated because it pained her so much to think she did that to Rayne.

"No!" Rayne exclaimed as she stood up and held Lark's face in her hands. "No...you didn't cheat Lark." Rayne answered with a smile as she looked into confused green eyes. "You didn't do anything with that woman Lark."

"I'm really confused Rayne. How do you know that?" Lark asked with total disbelief.

Rayne moved her hands to Lark's shoulders. "Danielle sent that chick to seduce you so I would find the two of you together and do exactly what I did...walk out on you." Rayne explained sadly as she saw Lark's reaction when she told her.

Lark went limp with disbelief and Rayne grasped her to hold her up. She felt as though she had been kicked in the stomach by a horse. "Why?...how?" Lark stammered unable to form any other words as she was completely stunned. "How could someone do something so horrible like that to us?" Lark asked in disbelief as she turned her back to Rayne and looked out over the ocean trying to catch her breath as her tears flowed freely.

The tears streamed down Rayne's face as she saw the pain Lark felt and wanted to take it away...so she would stop hurting. Rayne approached Lark from behind and wrapped her arms around the trembling shorter woman who collapsed into her arms as she cried harder.

Lark slid her hands onto Rayne's arms that held her tight and closed her eyes as she reveled in how comforting her strong arms felt wrapped around her. "It's because of me Lark. Danielle wanted you out of the picture so she would have a better chance of being with me." Rayne whispered sadly as she rested her cheek against Lark's head. They both stood silently enjoying the closeness and calming effect it had on one another. "I'm so sorry Lark." Rayne whispered before Lark turned to face her.

"You have nothing to be sorry about Rayne." Lark answered as she stared into regretful, cloudy blue eyes.

"Yes...I do Lark. I should have trusted you more than what I did and I should have made an attempt to talk to you to work it out but I didn't. I can't forgive myself for being so ignorant." She answered regretfully.

"Rayne you couldn't have known that I didn't cheat on you. I wasn't even sure of it myself." She answered sadly.

"I should have had more faith in you. You would have had more faith in me...I'm sorry." Rayne answered remorsefully

"Rayne...I would have reacted the same way. I would have been devastated as you were if I would have walked into our bedroom and found you in bed with a naked woman. This past week has totally blown my mind. I mean...I'm so pissed that I feel like killing Danielle...Ugh!" She shouted and spat her anger out.

Rayne chuckled. "If it wouldn't have been for Jayce and Shayan I would have killed her." Rayne answered with a sheepish grin and a laugh.

"You would have?" Lark asked with a laugh.

"Yeah...I was going to toss her over the deck railing." She admitted with a laugh which was shared by Lark.

"I would love to have seen that!" Lark answered still laughing.

Rayne stopped laughing and looked into Lark's eyes with a serious demeanor. "Can you forgive me for the way I treated you this past week?" Rayne asked with regretful and guilt filled eyes.

"Did you mean any of the hateful things you said to me?"

"Not one word." Rayne answered as Lark searched her blues for the truth which she found.

"Then I forgive you as long as you forgive me for being an idiot and not trusting your love for me." Lark answered as she ran her fingers through her lover's dark hair which blew in her face from the ocean breeze.

Rayne felt a tingling sensation and nervousness as Lark ran her fingers through her hair. "How could I not when I look into your sweet face with those beautiful green eyes that sparkle in the moonlight?" Rayne answered softly as she moved closer to Lark whose lips waited in anticipation for Rayne's to meet hers.

"With those very sexy lips that I love to have pressed against mine and to taste." Rayne replied as Lark's hands moved up behind Rayne's neck and she felt Rayne's lips lightly touching hers.

"Kiss me." Lark whispered with breathless anticipation as Rayne's lips met hers for a soul searing kiss that melted her to the core.

Lark tightened her hold around Rayne's neck as Rayne slipped her arms around Lark drawing her body closer to her own as Lark deepened the kiss sending a rush of warmth throughout Rayne. Her stomach had a tingling, nervous sensation as if it was the first time she had ever kissed Lark. Rayne could feel the heat of Lark's body and her hardened nipples pressed against her own as her tongue slipped out to trace the contours of Lark's lips before sliding back in for a deep, moist kiss.

Lark's passion mounted along with the wetness between her legs and she burned with desire for her lover to scoop her up in her arms and make wild, passionate love to her. "Lark...allow me to make love to you." Rayne whispered through her kiss as her heart pounded in her chest.

"You...my love are always allowed." Lark answered seductively before she deepened the searing kiss.

They broke the kiss breathless and locked blues with greens smiling happily that they were back were they belonged...in each other's arms. Rayne's want and desire for Lark mounted as she looked into her eyes seeing the longing for her that they possessed. She kissed her lightly and slipped her hand into Lark's and led her away from the beach.

Rayne had thought about making love to Lark right there on the beach but she wanted it to be slow, sensual, passionate, special and not sandy. "So, does that mean that I can make love to you after I've had a workout and I'm really sweaty." Rayne teased with a smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows at the prospect of making love to Lark in any way.

"I said you were always allowed." Lark answered seductively as she looked up at Rayne and winked.

"Yeah...baby." Rayne teased in her not so good Austin Powers imitation. "You know I'll hold you to that." Rayne answered with a laugh.

"I'm counting on it." Lark answered as she stopped and leaned up to kiss her tall, dark lover. She was ecstatic to have her sexy lover back and wanted to show her just how much with that one kiss.

"Ooh, baby...your kiss is complete bliss and takes my breath every time you touch my lips." Rayne answered with a satisfied sigh and a smile. Lark blushed with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Rayne's neck before drawing her close for a searing kiss that touched the deepest part of Rayne's soul. "If you keep that up you'll have to perform CPR on me don't ya know?" Rayne replied flashing a sexy smile as she broke the kiss.

"Don't tease about that babe because you just don't know how scared I was when I saw you laying there with Danielle doing CPR on you. I felt so helpless and I intend to get certified so, I never feel that way again...I hope something like that never happens." Lark answered regretfully.

"It's okay...don't worry about it." Rayne answered reassuringly.

"No...it's not Rayne...what if something like that would have happened when we were alone?...I wouldn't have known what to do." Lark answered seriously to let Rayne know it was unacceptable that she didn't know CPR.

"Okay..I'll tell you what...my certification is expiring this month so, we'll both go together." Rayne answered with a smile.

"It's a date." Lark answered smiling with a feeling of reassurance and kissed Rayne's hand before leading her towards the stairs.

Lark walked up the stairs ahead of Rayne who enjoyed the view from behind as she watched Lark's firm backside move side to side with each step. She smiled mischievously and thought about how much she wanted to slide both hands up underneath her light, white cotton, knee length sundress and strip it off of her before thoroughly reacquainting her hands with Lark's body.

Lark turned around once on the deck to wait for Rayne. "What are you smiling about?" She asked with wonderment and a smile.

"I was just enjoying the view and thinking about what's under that dress." Rayne answered seductively and wiggled her eyebrows flashing a sexy smile as she approached.

Lark looked down at Rayne with a smile who was one step below Lark. "Well...what's there is for you only and I hope it won't disappoint you." She purred seductively before lightly kissing Rayne's lips sending a tingling sensation straight to Rayne's sex.

"Oh, it never has and I'm sure it never will." Rayne answered huskily with a smile as she slipped her hand up on Lark's hip sending her heart into a flutter from Rayne's touch and nudged her towards the lobby avoiding the bar with the autograph seekers. She didn't want to share Lark with anyone this evening...she wanted her all to herself.

They quickly walked through the lobby towards the elevators in a hurry to quench the thirst they had for one another. They entered the elevator which contained four passengers and they slipped to the back of the car. Rayne leaned her back up against the wall and put both hands on Lark's hips pulling her back against her as Lark melted against her lover's body. Lark smiled mischievously at the thought of where she really wanted Rayne's hands. Her heart raced at the thought and sent a throbbing sensation straight to her center especially when Rayne slowly rubbed her hands up and down her hips.

Rayne leaned down and whispered in her ear. "I want you so bad baby." Sending a tingling sensation throughout Lark's body and she closed her eyes inhaling and then exhaling deeply to calm her burning desire for Rayne.

Rayne smiled mischievously knowing the affect she was having on Lark and knew it drove Lark nuts when she whispered in her ear. She continued her gentle massage up and down Lark's hips as she moved down to her ear again whispering. "I can't wait to slide my hands under your dress and run them to the front of your thong which I know you're wearing to feel how wet you are." She replied huskily as her tongue traced the contours of Lark's ear before sucking her earlobe.

What Rayne said to Lark sent her heart racing out of control as Rayne's hot breath in her ear sent her passions soaring. She couldn't contain herself any longer and gasped out loud as Rayne stood up just as everyone in the elevator turned to look at Lark. Rayne looked at Lark pretending like she had no clue what happened...you know...the innocent bystander look?...before replying. "I guess you had too much to drink." Then chuckled as Lark turned facing her with a beat red face...fully embarrassed.

"I guess so." She answered gritting her teeth and gave Rayne a look of 'I'll get you later' before turning back around with a sheepish grin. "I'm sorry champagne does that to me." Lark apologized to the people in the elevator who turned back around to face forward as the elevator came to a stop and two people disembarked.

Rayne leaned in and whispered. "Kind of makes you wish we were on our floor doesn't it? Should I continue my list of things to do to you?" Rayne teased as Lark slapped her leg and stepped away from her unable to take the teasing. She was afraid she'd lose control and maul Rayne in front of everyone.

Rayne covered her mouth laughing as she looked over at Lark who pointed at her mouthing 'pay backs are hell' and faced forward. She was unable to contain her laughter as she could see Rayne snickering with her peripheral vision.

Rayne thought about how much she loved Lark and wished that this whole terrible incident had never happened. 'How could I have been so foolish to have not given her a second chance? Because you were an idiot and you need to make sure it never happens again.' She chided herself as she turned to face Lark's side. 'She is so beautiful.' She thought adoringly and wanted to hold her.

'These people can bite me if they don't like me wrapping this gorgeous woman up in my arms. What in the hell is taking this damn elevator so long?' Rayne wondered as it seemed to be taking forever for their floor to approach as she moved closer to Lark who turned to face her. "I love you Lark." Rayne replied softly and drew her close to her chest as she kissed the top of her head. Lark wrapped her arms around her tall lover and felt complete again.

"I love you Rayne." Lark answered as the other passengers looked back at them receiving a nasty look from Rayne and quickly faced forward. 'That's right...I thought you'd see it my way.' Rayne thought to herself with a chuckle as the elevator came to a stop. "Finally, our floor." Lark replied with relief as she wrapped her arm around Rayne's waist and they walked off the elevator towards their suite.

"We need to remember to get a suite closer to the lobby with less of an elevator ride." Rayne teased with a shared laugh with Lark.

Lark attempted to open the door but had a very difficult time with someone's very sexy lips kissing her neck. "Here let me help you with that." Rayne replied softly as she wrapped her arms around the front of Lark and took the credit card key from her.

"Rayne...you just love to tease me don't you?" Lark answered with a chuckle thoroughly enjoying the feeling of Rayne's closeness.

"Very much so." She answered huskily as she opened the door to the spacious suite. Rayne stood in the doorway and watched as Lark made her way into the suite. She leaned against the door and watched her sashe' in with a mischievous look on her face.

Lark stopped and turned around to find out what her tall lover was doing. She laughed with wonderment as she saw Rayne staring at her. "What are you doing?" She asked as she put her hands on her hips.

"Just enjoying the view. Lark...I really hate to see you leave but I really love to watch you go." Rayne with a sexy smile and a wink.

"Come here and kiss me you sexy beast!" Lark demanded with a laugh.

"Okay!" Rayne answered as she was upon Lark before she knew it with her long strides and her lips were captured by a passionate kiss. "You had to get a suite with tile floors didn't you?" Rayne teased before adding a light kiss as Lark began to laugh.

"Pay backs...babe...pay backs." She teased as she walked farther into the suite and put her small purse on the table before turning the stereo on. She dimmed the lights as Rayne stepped farther into the suite to check it out.

"Well...at least there's a king sized bed here." Rayne teased and noticed her bags had not been delivered yet. "Where in the hell are my bags?" Rayne asked with agitation as she looked around.

"You won't need any clothes for what I have planned for you sweetheart." Lark replied seductively as she moved in close to Rayne and gently rubbed her hands over her chest as Rayne was too preoccupied to notice as she searched the room with her blue eyes.

"It's not just the clothes...there's something very important in there." She replied with urgency as she moved away from Lark and checked the suite with no luck.

"It's okay honey...I'll call the front desk and find them." Lark answered trying to calm Rayne down who became very nervous and agitated as she walked towards the door.

She opened the door to find the bellhop with her bags. "What the hell took you so long? I was just on my way down there.!" Rayne asked with agitation as she grabbed her bags.

"Sorry ma'am...we've been busy." The nervous man answered as he began to walk away.

"No, hold it right there...not until I check my bags." Rayne demanded angrily as she the man froze in his tracks while Rayne searched her bags.

"Honey...is everything alright?" Lark asked as she approached.

"Yeah...it's fine babe...aah...could you do me a favor and make me a soda...please?" Rayne stammered nervously as she looked over her shoulder to hide what she was doing from Lark.

"Sure." Lark answered with a smile as she headed back towards the kitchenette for the drink.

Rayne fervently searched her bag and found what she was looking for. She let out a sigh of relief as she checked the item over and found nothing was wrong with it. "Aah...sorry ...everything's here...thanks...oh, here." She stammered nervously and handed him a tip.

Rayne put everything back and closed her bags before entering the suite. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and took in a few deep breaths to calm her racing heart as she walked over to the closet to place her bags there.

Lark approached Rayne with her drink. "Are you okay? You're sweating Rayne." Lark asked with worry from Rayne's demeanor.

Rayne took the glass from Lark. "Yes, I'm fine I just got nervous when I couldn't find what I needed....thanks for the drink." Rayne answered with a smile as she drank the cold beverage. 'There would have been hell to pay if it was gone...that's for sure.' Rayne thought as she finished her drink. "Aah...you remembered my favorite...Dr. Pepper." Rayne answered with a laugh.

"How can I forget? I think you have stock in the company." Lark teased as she accepted the kiss Rayne offered. "Do you want something stronger...I had them stock your favorite...Gentleman Jack?" Lark asked with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

"As much as I would love to I can't because of my medication...but thanks."

'How stupid.' Lark thought as she tapped her forehead. "I'm so sorry...I forgot." She replied apologetically.

"It's okay...no biggie." Rayne answered as she hugged Lark. "Thanks for the offer it was very sweet." Rayne enjoyed holding the shorter blond in her arms and kissed the top of her head.

Lark wondered why Rayne had gotten so upset about the contents of her bags...they were only clothes after all she thought and found her demeanor very odd. She had never seen her act that way before and wondered why she did it.

'I'm not going to push the issue considering what we've just gone through and I don't want anything to ruin our evening! Besides, she'll tell me when she's ready.' She told herself as she rubbed her hands up and down Rayne's back.

The song changed to "Bailamos" By Enrique Iglesias. "Hey, I didn't know this song was out in this country." Rayne replied with excitement because it was her favorite song.

Lark leaned back and looked up at Rayne grinning. "It's not...I bought it and have worn the CD out listening to it." She answered with a sheepish grin.

"Really?" Rayne chuckled with disbelief. "Do you like it?" She asked with excitement.

"Yes...since we danced to it at the premiere party. It's incredibly sexy and sultry just like you." Lark answered seductively as she ran her fingers through Rayne's raven hair and locked blues with greens.

"It certainly is a very sexy song." Rayne answered softly as her desire to taste Lark's lips overwhelmed her and she captured Lark's waiting lips with her own.

Lark's hands moved to hold Rayne's face...pulling Rayne's mouth closer to hers...she deepened the passionate kiss. "Sing the chorus for me." Lark whispered her request as the chorus to the song drew near. She remembered how wild Rayne's singing voice drove her when she last sang it to her. Her heart nearly stopped beating as her knees weakened. She wanted to feel that again.

Rayne began to sing the chorus in a soft sultry voice expressing a Latin accent in Lark's ear. "Bailamos...Let the rhythm take you over...Bailamos ...Te Quiero...Mi Amor....want to live this night forever...Bailamo's...Te Quiero...Mi Amor." Rayne sang as Lark's heart fluttered and her knees grew weak again.

Lark melted in Rayne's strong arms which held her up. "Tell me what that means." She whispered as Rayne feathered her neck with soft kisses causing Lark to gasp from what she was doing to her.

Rayne slowly made her way back up her neck to Lark's ear and whispered. "It means...Bailamos...we are dancing...Te Quiero...I want you...Mi Amor...my love." Rayne answered as her kiss moved from Lark's ear across her cheek to her soft lips and traced them slowly and sensually with her tongue. "Te Quiro...Mi Amor." She whispered as Lark was mesmerized and lost in her lust for Rayne. She gasped as Rayne's tongue slowly slid past her lips for a deep, moist kiss.

"That is so beautiful." Lark replied breathless through her kiss as Rayne's tongue slipped back in to dance a sultry dance with Lark's.

Rayne slid her tongue back out of Lark's mouth to place light kisses on her lips. "You are my Mi Amor Lark." She whispered in perfect Latin accent before giving Lark a soul searing kiss.

Lark wasn't sure if she was standing under her own power or if it was Rayne holding her. She knew this much...Rayne totally blew her away...her heart pounded with anticipation for the love they were about to share. Lark's hands traveled down Rayne's back and she slowly untucked Rayne's shirt before raising it up and over Rayne's head only breaking the kiss long enough for the shirt to pass before continuing the kiss again. Rayne broke the kiss and locked blues with greens as she held her face in her hands. "Lark...I want you to know that I haven't been with another woman." Rayne replied sincerely and softly as she felt it was important to tell Lark that.

Lark's tears fell and she smiled as she stared at her lover. "Me either." She whispered as she moved to kiss Rayne who hesitated.

"You should know that Danielle kissed me." Rayne answered wanting to be totally honest with Lark who gasped at the thought. "It wasn't reciprocated or invited. She grabbed me and kissed me." Rayne explained as Lark searched for the truth in Rayne's beautiful blue eyes.

"It seems that woman has a way of doing things like that but I don't want to hear anymore about her tonight. All I want to think about is you and me...us. Thank you for telling me." Lark answered as she pulled Rayne down to her and pressed her soft lips against Rayne's for a moist kiss.

Lark helped Rayne out of her sports bra and lightly rubbed her fingers over Rayne's hematoma which was smaller now. Her heart fluttered and her throat tightened at the thought of the pain that Rayne endured for her. Tears slipped down her cheeks as she placed soft kisses around her injured area in an attempt to relieve her pain.

Rayne ran her fingers through Lark's short hair taking in the scent so specific to her lover and found it incredibly touching that Lark was so compassionate. 'Oh, how she excites me and makes me feel so loved.' Rayne thought as she kissed the top of her head.

The sultry music and the sexuality that Rayne exuded was intoxicating to Lark. She wanted to make love to Rayne like she had never done before to let her know how much she loves her and how much she means to her...that she's the other half of her soul. Lark looked up at Rayne as blues met greens. "I want to kiss you, caress you, taste you and give myself to you. I don't want to wait any longer." Lark replied lovingly as Rayne captured her lips with a passionate soul searing kiss as Lark wrapped her arms around her neck tightly. Lark broke the kiss and took Rayne's hand to lead her to their bed.

Rayne followed her young, blonde lover and was nervous as if it was the first time they had ever made love. She inhaled deeply then exhaled to settle the butterflies that took flight. Lark stopped and before she could turn around Rayne's arms engulfed her as they began to unbutton her dress. The song continued on repeat mode much to Rayne's delight...she couldn't hear that song enough.

Rayne's lips lightly kissed Lark's soft neck as she worked her way down the dress finally reaching the last button and Lark fell back in to her tall, sexy lover thoroughly enjoying the moment. Rayne's hands slowly moved up her body sending a tingling sensation throughout Lark's body and her fingertips lightly brushed her skin to the top of her shoulders. Rayne slowly pushed the dress off Lark's shoulders and let it drop in a pile at their feet leaving Lark standing in her lace bra and thong underwear that Rayne loved so much on Lark.

Lark gasped as she felt Rayne's hard nipples against her back and her breathing became more erratic as Rayne slowly pulled her bra straps off her shoulders allowing Lark to remove her arms from the confining straps. "Oh, Rayne...you feel so good kissing and touching me." Lark moaned breathless as Rayne's kiss moved down the middle of her spine followed by her hands to unhook her bra. The kiss sent a flush of warmth throughout her as goose bumps covered her body. Lark reveled in Rayne's kiss and touch which was so soft, delicate, loving and only meant for her as she moaned out in delight while Rayne's hands cupped her breasts as she lightly nipped on Lark's neck.

Rayne's arousal heightened and she thought about how much she loved to caress and kiss Lark. She loved how her body responded to her touch as if it only would from her caress. "Lark...I love to touch you." She whispered in her ear as her tongue traced the contours of her ear.

"Oh, baby." Lark moaned deeply unable to keep her eyes open from the ecstasy she felt from Rayne's touch, kiss and her warm, husky breath in her ear. It ignited a fire that only Rayne could satisfy. Lark's hands reached behind her and began to unbutton Rayne's shorts who moved her kiss to the opposite side of Lark's neck to shower it with the attention it craved.

Lark was finally able to unfasten Rayne's shorts which dropped to the floor and she rubbed her hand between Rayne's legs to feel how warm and wet her lover was through her underwear. Rayne stopped her kiss and grasped Lark's breast gently as she gasped and tried to catch her breath which escaped her when Lark touched her sex.

Rayne's response to Lark's touch excited Lark to no end and she pushed Rayne's underwear off her hips to join her shorts on the floor. Rayne stepped out of the discarded clothing and ran her hands up and down Lark's firm backside before they slipped around the front of her hips. She gently pulled Lark back against her as she lightly nibbled on her neck. Lark's heart raced with anticipation and want as she felt Rayne's wet curls against her backside. She ran her hands up behind Rayne's neck as her body rubbed up and down against Rayne who slipped her hands underneath the remaining material.

Rayne felt how wet the thong was as her fingers traveled along the inside of the thong pushing it away from Lark's body down between her legs. Rayne's fingers parted her folds and ran up along her slick, hot center sending Lark into a frenzy. Rayne's fingers moved up away from Lark's sex and hooked them around the thin material before her tongue lightly traveled down Lark's spine as she squatted down behind Lark removing her thong.

Rayne's hands slowly moved up the outside of Lark's legs as her kiss moved from her firm backside to her spine and her tongue traveled the full length of her back stopping at her neck as her arms wrapped around her blonde lover.

Lark turned to face her lover and ran her hands through her raven hair as Rayne gently lay her back on the bed staring into her beautiful green eyes. Lark moved up on the bed and watched as her fabulous lover stared at her with loving blues while she slowly climbed on top of her. Rayne hovered above Lark and began to kiss her softly...slipping her tongue in and out of Lark's mouth with each sensual kiss before her body slowly lowered onto Lark's.

"Oh, Rayne...you make me feels so incredible." Lark moaned through her kiss as her arms wrapped tightly around her muscular lover whose hips began to grind against hers.

"Lark...I love you so much it hurts." Rayne professed breathless as she passionately kissed her younger lover. Lark couldn't take it anymore and rolled Rayne onto her back never breaking their kiss. She began to grind her body against Rayne's and deepened her kiss as Rayne grasped her ass tightly. Lark could feel Rayne's navel ring against her abdomen and it sent chills down her spine because it felt so good against her taut stomach.

Lark moved her kiss down Rayne's chin to her chest and captured an erect nipple in her mouth as Rayne's hands caressed her upper back. "Lark...that feels wonderful baby." Rayne moaned as she watched her lover suck her breast heightening her passions before moving her tongue down to Rayne's toned abdomen and stopping to lightly kiss around her bandage where her stitches where.

Lark moved her tongue to Rayne's navel circling it before dipping her tongue inside the opening. The sucking, her tongue and the movement of the navel ring sent a throbbing sensation straight to Rayne's sex. She ran her fingers through Lark's short hair and watched her work her magic. She couldn't hold it any longer...she wanted Lark's tongue between her legs in a bad way. Rayne reached down and guided Lark back up on top of her wrapping her arms around her as she pressed her sex against Lark's.

"Oh, baby...too bad you don't have your sex toy with you." Lark purred seductively through her kiss and thought fondly of the first night they made love with the sex toy. Rayne kissed Lark passionately as Lark remembered how slow, gentle, caring and loving Rayne was when she gave her most intimate treasure to her blue eyed lover...her virginity. Rayne returned the intimate moment when she gave Lark her virginity that night as well. Lark loved how it felt to share such an intimate moment with the person she loved and for them to do the same for her Lark thought as Rayne broke the kiss.

"No baby...I want it just to be you and me tonight. I want to share an orgasm with you Lark." Rayne replied seductively as she gazed lovingly into Lark's green eyes.

Lark's heart skipped a beat at Rayne's seductive request and she smiled sexily. "I'll be back soon." Lark answered with one last kiss before turning around and lowering her sex to Rayne's mouth as her own mouth lowered to Rayne's sex. Lark guided Rayne's legs apart before dipping her tongue down into the warm, wet recess of her lover as Rayne moaned out loud in ecstasy from Lark's tongue inside her moist opening.

Rayne's scent and taste were intoxicating and she moved her tongue deeper inside her dark lover devouring her sweet nectar as if it was the first time she had ever tasted her. Lark loved how Rayne felt and tasted. Rayne lifted her head up and lightly ran her tongue along Lark's slick clit before sliding it deep inside her moist opening. Lark lifted her head up and gasped for her breath as she lost it when Rayne's tongue entered her.

Once she caught her breath she went back to licking and sucking Rayne's engorged nub much to Rayne's delight. Rayne's tongue moved up and down Lark's swollen nub as if she was licking an ice cream cone.

The sound of Lark's gasps along with the faster movement of her hips encouraged Rayne to apply more pressure with her tongue against Lark's sensitive nub and a faster licking motion.

"Lark you taste incredible baby." Rayne moaned breathless as her tongue entered Lark's opening and slid back down to her slick clit. Rayne slipped her thumb deep inside of Lark as she continued her ministrations with her tongue as Lark's hips moved faster with each deep thrust of her long finger.

'Her tongue feels so incredible licking me. The way she moves her tongue is so sensual and sexy...it's drives me wild.' Lark thought as she continued to enjoy her tall lover's sex.

Lark was drawing near to her climax and knew Rayne was too as her hips pressed up and down with the movements of Lark's tongue. Both women enjoyed one another as their hearts raced and their breathing became more erratic. "This is for you baby." Lark responded breathless through her kiss as she let her orgasm go as Rayne's tongue entered her to accept all of Lark. The offering from Lark sent Rayne over the edge and she reached her peak and released her treasure for Lark to devour.

Rayne's tongue moved in and out of Lark as she sucked her juices with Lark's opening closing and opening around her tongue. They both moaned in pleasure as they shared multiple orgasm after multiple orgasm. Rayne ran her hands up and down Lark's back as she took everything Lark had to offer gladly until there was no more. She placed soft kisses followed by soft bites along her legs and butt until Lark was finished with her feast of Rayne.

Lark turned around and crawled up on her tall, sexy lover with a satisfied smile on her face. "Hi sexy." Lark replied as she settled comfortably on Rayne and kissed her loving the taste of herself on Rayne's lips.

"Enjoy yourself?" Rayne asked with a sexy smile as she wiped herself off of Lark's upper lip.

"Immensely...did I leave some?" Lark asked as she sucked Rayne's finger that wiped her face not wanting to leave any of Rayne anywhere other than in her mouth.

Rayne leaned up to capture her lips for a sensual kiss. "How about you?" Lark asked with a smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows as Rayne's hands lightly rubbed up and down Lark's perfect body.

"Well...you know...it was okay." Rayne teased with a laugh as she saw Lark take offense to her comment.

"Hey!" Lark replied as she sank her teeth into Rayne's neck getting a giggle out of Rayne.

"Ooh, that feels so good Lark...I think I just had another orgasm." Rayne answered sexily as her blond lover raised her head up and gazed into her sexy blues.

"Well?...did you enjoy yourself or was I just a good fuck?" Lark teased as she leaned her head in her hand with her elbow leaning against the bed and looked at Rayne.

"Ouch!...I guess I deserved that one." Rayne answered with a nervous laugh and regretted saying that Lark was nothing but a good fuck previously in the week. "Lark...I'm very sorry for what I said that day. I regret that I said..." Rayne tried to finish as Lark put her finger on her lips.

"Ssh...you already apologized for that...I was just teasing you." Lark answered as she moved her finger and kissed Rayne before sitting back up.

"I think you're letting me off too easy Lark...but thanks." Rayne answered with a smile as she ran her palm down her cheek. "I enjoyed myself more than you'll ever know baby." Rayne declared sincerely as she leaned up and kissed her love.

Rayne lay back on the bed and Lark crawled back on top of her. "I'm not hurting you am I?" Lark asked with concern.

"No...you make me feel better." Rayne answered with a smile as Rayne began to scratch Lark's back.

Lark's eyes rolled up and she closed her eyes as she laid down on Rayne's chest. "Rayne...that feels incredible!" Lark replied in obvious pleasure.

"Don't get too comfortable because I'm next and you know how much I love my back scratched!" Rayne answered with a laugh as Lark pretended to snore. "Oh, no you don't." Rayne laughed as she poked Lark in the ribs tickling her as she squirmed and giggled.

Lark looked up at Rayne. "Yes, I know how much you like a good back scratch because you usually make me scratch until my fingernails are worn down to the nub." Lark teased with a laugh.

"But you do it so good baby...how could I not love it?" Rayne answered seductively as she kissed Lark. Rayne was ecstatic that Lark was back in her life and realized she hadn't felt complete in the past six months until now. "Lark...what made you cut your hair?" Rayne asked with wonderment.

"I thought you liked it?" Lark asked feeling self conscious about her hair as she ran her fingers through it.

"Oh, I do...actually I absolutely love it. Don't get me wrong I liked your hair long too but I really like it the way you have it now...it brings out your sassiness and doesn't hide your beauty...I was just curious."

Lark was touched by what Rayne had just said to her. She worried she wouldn't like it but that thought was wrong. "Well, I cut it for you."

"For me?" Rayne asked with a chuckle and bewilderment as she shifted her head on the pillow. "Why?"

"Because I wanted you to look at me with love again instead of betrayal so, I figured the long hair would be a constant reminder of that and I wanted to change that perception." Lark explained. Rayne's heart fluttered from Lark's explanation and she was speechless. Rayne just stared into Lark's eyes unable to form any words. "What's wrong?" Lark asked as she saw the tears form in Rayne's blue eyes.

"Aah...I don't know what to say Lark. I'm flattered, gracious...but you didn't need to do that for me."

"It was the least I could do for you Rayne...I mean...you nearly died twice for me." Lark answered with a smile which turned serious. "Besides, I wanted us to have a new beginning so, I thought a new look was in order."

"That is incredibly sweet Lark." Rayne answered as she ran her hand through Lark's hair resting her hand on her neck and pulled her in for a searing kiss. "Thank you...I love it." Rayne whispered through her kiss before deepening it. They broke their kiss breathless as Rayne smiled mischievously. "So, does that mean I can cut my hair short?"

"Oh, no...no...no...no." Lark protested holding up her hand to stop that conversation.

"Oh, come on why can't I?...that's not fair." Rayne teased as she poked her in the ribs knowing she didn't want to cut her hair short.

"No, way!...I love your hair just the way it is right now...I'll compromise and let you cut one inch off but that's it." Lark answered firmly and with a chuckle.

"You are so generous to me." Rayne answered with a laugh.

"How about if I get a navel ring to go along with my new look?" Lark asked with a mischievous smile.

"It would look very sexy on that abdomen of yours baby...but it hurts like hell." Rayne answered as she rolled her eyes back and moved her head side to side to emphasize her point.

"Wait...this is coming from the person who got the snot beat out of them and asked for more, jumped through a window to avoid a bomb explosion, took a bullet in the chest...albeit with a bulletproof vest on...died and came back to life but a navel ring hurt like hell?" Lark asked wide eyed and in complete disbelief.

Rayne laughed. "Yes, actually it did...I mean, it only lasted for a couple of minutes but it kept getting infected which hurt a lot. I wouldn't recommend that you get one even if it would look sexy on you." Rayne answered with a sexy smile.

"Then why did you get one?" Lark answered with wonderment.

"It was a surprise for you on our anniversary...well, one of them." Rayne answered as her smile crept away still finding it hard to discuss that evening not because of what happened but for the reason that it was a special evening and it was ruined.

Lark could see the sadness in Rayne's eyes as she shifted her blues away from Lark's greens and watched her finger trace along Lark's neckline. "I'm so sorry I ruined our evening." Lark answered regretfully as blues shot up and met greens.

"Why?...you have nothing to be sorry for sweets." Rayne answered honestly.

"I feel like I am to blame. I should never have put myself in that predicament Rayne." Lark answered regretfully and with sadness.

"Lark...that woman and Danielle set that whole thing up...it was just a farce. You couldn't have avoided it." Rayne answered growing more agitated at the thought that someone she considered a close friend could do something so dreadful for their own selfish reasons.

"Yes...Rayne, I could have avoided it." Lark answered regretfully.

"How?" Rayne asked as she shrugged her shoulders with wonderment.

The tears formed in Lark's green eyes as she thought about that evening. "I could have trusted your love for me more...like I should have and not gotten so drunk either. I'll never forgive myself for that Rayne."

"Well, yes...you should have trusted my love for you but the same could be said for me. I should have been more open with my feelings when Forrest and Grandma Taye died. If I had...then you wouldn't have felt that way about me. Besides, I wouldn't put it past those two bitches to have drugged you." Rayne answered angrily at the thought.

"I can't forgive myself for it Rayne. It cost me the one thing I love more than life itself for six months...you...and could have cost me that for the rest of my life. That hurts so much to know that I could have prevented it." Lark answered as the tears fell.

Rayne wiped her tears away. "Lark...we both made regrettable mistakes because we didn't trust each other enough to confide in one another with our problems. I don't want that to happen ever again.

"I know the pain all too well from being away from you and I hate myself to this day because I walked out on you. I should have let you explain but I didn't. But we have to forgive ourselves for our actions...somehow. We have to or it's just going to keep coming between us." Rayne answered as she gently rubbed her hands up and down Lark's arms.

Lark sniffed her tears back and wiped them away. "How do we do that Rayne?"

"I'm not sure but we have to do it together." Rayne answered simply as she hugged Lark close to her as Lark slipped her arms around Rayne's neck and tilted her head up to kiss Rayne who gladly accepted her kiss.

Lark sat up breaking the kiss and ran her hand through Rayne's hair locking greens with blues. "I love you with all of my heart and soul Rayne." Lark professed honestly as Rayne kissed her.

"I love you the same way Lark." Rayne whispered through her kiss deepening it to let her know that she meant what she said. Rayne broke the kiss as Lark snuggled her face against Rayne's neck. Rayne lightly rubbed Lark's back as Lark placed her hand over Rayne's heart and felt the steady beat knowing this was where she was meant to be. They both lay silently in each other's arms thinking that they were where they belonged... with each other as Morpheus took them both away to their dreams with hearts beating as one.

Continued in Part II.

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