~ Indiscretions ~
by Cruise

Disclaimers: This is an alternative uber fanfiction story about two consenting adult women in a sexual relationship who resemble the two hot babes on Xena: Warrior Princess. If this offends you or if you are under the age of 18 please search out a new story. The characters in this story are my own creation.

Language: moderate.

Love/Sex: Sexual innuendo between two women.

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Part I

Rayne rushed into the building nervously wondering why the director called a meeting with her. She wondered if she had done something inappropriate or wrong during her last assignment, but couldn't imagine what she could have done seeing as how everything went off without a hitch.

'Calm yourself down Rayne it's probably just a formality. ' She told herself trying to calm her nerves as she approached the secretary's desk. "Agent Donovan reporting for my meeting with Director Bailey." Rayne announced to the secretary as she stood stoically in front of the attractive secretary.

"I'll tell him you're here Agent Donovan." She answered cheerfully with a smile as she looked up into Rayne's piercing blue eyes and phoned the director to inform him his next appointment was waiting for him. "He'll be with you in a moment." She announced as she watched Rayne pace nervously about the waiting room.

Rayne was dressed in a black blazer, black long sleeved mock turtleneck shirt and black neatly pressed perfectly fitting black Docker pants. She checked her clothing over to make sure there was not even lint present that might embarrass her during her meeting with the head honcho.

The secretary stole glances of the attractive tall, tanned, muscular woman with shoulder length black hair and chuckled as she watched her check her clothing over nervously. The phone buzzed and she answered it, and then hung the phone up as she looked at Rayne. "Director Bailey will see you now." The woman replied with a sultry smile obviously smitten with Rayne.

"Aah...thanks." Rayne stammered nervously. Rayne had worked for the Secret Service for over five years and had never been called into the director's office for a meeting. She took a deep breath before entering his office and approached the director's desk and stood before him. "Agent Donovan reporting as asked sir." Rayne announced as she stood at attention in front of the director.

"Rayne...please...you don't have to be so formal. Take a seat and breathe please." He answered with a chuckle as he watched Rayne breathe a sigh of relief and sit down.

'Well...so far so good. If he were pissed at me he would have already chewed me out. ' Rayne thought to herself as she nervously tapped her fingers on the chair handles. "Is there a problem sir?" Rayne asked nervously.

"Yes..there is Agent." He answered as he looked into a folder on his desk.

"Sir?" Rayne questioned.

"You have been working entirely too much and too far away." He answered with a smile. "That's why I called you in here today to give you a different assignment than your usual covert assignments."

"Aah...okay." Rayne stammered wondering what kind of an assignment she would be getting next.

He handed her the folder her had on his desk. "This is your next assignment. Protecting this prominent figure." He explained as Rayne looked over the folder and the expression on her face turned to anger.

"Sorry sir...this isn't protection... this is babysitting and I can't accept this assignment...sir." Rayne answered with anger as she returned the folder to him and stood up to calm her nerves.

"I'm sorry Rayne there is no negotiation with this one. You have to take this assignment. You can't turn it down." He answered as he sat back in his chair and looked up at his tall agent.

"Sir...with all due respect. What in the hell did I do wrong to deserve this assignment?" She asked with agitation and she wiped the sweat off her brow as old feelings of betrayal that she thought she had buried crept back in.

"You're my top agent and highly decorated. Just the person for this assignment whether you like it or not." He explained as he leaned forward in his chair.

"Then I quit sir." Rayne answered as she lay her badge and gun on his desk and turned towards the door.

"Rayne...someone is going to kidnap her and maybe worse... kill her."

'Damn it Rayne! Just walk out the door. Why should it matter to you after what she did to you? ' She thought to herself as she hung her head and wished she wasn't doing what she was about to do. She turned back to the director and retrieved her gun and badge from his desk.

"I see you still care." He replied happily that Rayne reconsidered knowing the past relationship she had with the person requiring the protection.

"Unfortunately." Rayne answered with agitation at herself for not just walking out but she knew no matter what happened between her and the person she was to protect she did still care enough to not want that kind of a demise for her. "Give me the specs on the case sir." Rayne replied as she holstered her gun and put her badge away.

"She has become a very high profile actress of late and considering her father is a high profile congressman her life has been placed in danger. We think it is someone within her group of handlers and we need you there undercover to protect her. I personally wanted to handle this because, I fear one of our agents may be involved in the conspiracy as well." He explained.

"Why would they want to do anything to her?" Rayne asked confused.

"To get to her father to influence his vote regarding his stance with the war in Kosovo. Seems that he will be the deciding factor as to whether our troops will be pulled out in that region and there are many people who want our influence there. So, they figure by kidnapping his daughter they will have leverage to get the vote swayed in their favor."

"Why me though?" Rayne asked confused.

"Because you two were together before and the perpetrators won't suspect anything by you being there. They will think there has been reconciliation between the two of you. Besides, the congressman specifically asked for you to protect his daughter. Seems he likes you." The director answered sarcastically.

Rayne chuckled and shook her head. "Unbelievable." She replied softly and looked back up at her director. "Does she know what's going on?"

"Yes...but not about you...yet. She's in the next room being briefed on how everything is to be handled from now on. You'll be assigned to her until after congress meets and places their votes in a week. Come on let's go on in there."

"Might as well get it over with." Rayne answered with agitation and hesitation for not wanting to face her. 'How bad could a week be? ' Rayne asked herself but she already knew the answer to her question..'pure hell'. 'What I do for my country! ' Rayne told herself shaking her head in disbelief as to how her life just took a dramatic change for the worse.

The director and Rayne headed towards the room to discuss plans with the woman. Rayne wished she could be anywhere but here at this moment, and she knew she should have walked out the door when she had the chance. It took her nearly six months to bury her feelings towards her former lover, deep enough to where she could function without wanting to kill someone.

Every negative thought she had then or the feelings of complete devastation that comes about when someone you loved so much could betray you in such a way... all came rushing back. 'I guess I didn't bury them deep enough. ' Rayne thought to herself as the director entered the room followed by Rayne.

The blond woman sat talking with another agent as Rayne stepped into the room unnoticed. Her striking appearance, as usual, took Rayne's breath away as she glanced over at her. Rayne took in a deep breath to calm her racing heart and desire to ream the woman a new butthole for what she had done to her six months ago. The woman she once loved more than life itself had now become someone she hated. 'I guess I don't hate her as much as I thought if I'm standing here willing to protect her with me life. Nah...it's hate but I'm just a glutton for punishment. ' Rayne thought to herself as the blonde turned to see the director and Rayne standing just beyond her boss.

Her face lit up at the sight of Rayne as her emerald green eyes met angered blue's. Tears welled in her eyes as she stood and approached Rayne. "Rayne...you came." She replied softly and appreciatively as she rushed over to engulf her former lover in a tight hug.

Rayne always loved how this woman felt in her arms and those feelings rushed back in as she held her. There was a part of her that wanted to hold her and tell her all was forgiven, but she couldn't do it. "I knew you would come back one day." She whispered in Rayne's ear as Rayne put her hands on the woman's arms to peel them off of her and stepped back.

"I didn't come back willingly Lark...it's my job. Nothing more." Rayne answered dryly as her blue eyes stared into green's.

Lark searched her blues for validity of her last statement, and found nothing but hate in them. "Silly me to have thought something else." She whispered with disappointment as Rayne let her hands go.

"Yes...it was." Rayne answered as she stepped away from the shorter blonde with obvious disdain.

"Okay...now, if you are asked by reporters about the two of you being seen together again, you are to tell them there has been a reconciliation and you're both overly ecstatic about it.

"Oh, yeah...can't you see it all over my face?" Rayne replied with agitation and sarcasm as she glanced over at Lark to see her reaction of hurt.

"Rayne...for this to work this has to be believable. So, that means in public you are to show your normal show of affection as you did before and look happy to be back in each other's lives." Director Bailey answered with slight agitation. "Explain that you have given up your job as the congressman's aide which was your cover before to concentrate on your relationship with Lark and, that you'll be assuming duties as her personal assistant which was held by a former secret service agent posing undercover before she was killed."

"You've got to be kidding me! You mean to tell me I have to make it look like I'm giving up everything for her?" Rayne asked with anger in her voice as she pointed at the blonde.

"That's right. The press will eat it up as will her public." The director answered.

"I swear this is one bad fucking nightmare!" Rayne answered in disgust as she ran her hand through her raven hair.

"Rayne all you have to do is pretend. This is not real." The director explained.

"She's better at that than me seeing as how she pretended to love me and now I have to bow down to her in public? Give me a break!" Rayne answered with anger as she stormed out of the room.

"Rayne! Wait... please!" Lark pleaded as the taller woman headed down the hall.

'Unbelievable! I'm the jilted lover here and now I'm made out to look like the one who was the cause of the break up. ' Rayne thought to herself with anger in her blue eyes as she approached the soda machine and put a dollar in for a Dr. Pepper, which didn't come out. "Fucking machine!" Rayne replied with anger as she shook the machine and pounded on it.

"Rayne...please I need your help." Lark pleaded with Rayne as she approached.

"Find someone else to walk all over like a doormat. Been there ...done that and hated it." Rayne answered with mounting agitation as she shook the machine.

"Rayne...I'm sorry I hurt you the way I did."

Rayne became enraged. "Hurt me Lark? Hurt me? You devastated me you fucking bitch!" Rayne yelled as she pounded on the soda machine to take out her frustrations.

"Rayne...please stop. I'll get the soda out." Lark replied with tears in her eyes from Rayne's comments. She grabbed Rayne's hands to make her stop which calmed Rayne's temper. She remembered how Lark was able to calm her with the touch of her hand and didn't want to feel that, and jerked her hands away from her.

Lark repositioned the dollar, which had fallen out unseen by Rayne because of her anger and pushed the button for a Dr. Pepper, which promptly dropped out of the machine. She handed it to Rayne who snatched it out of her hand. "Oh, look here...Lark to the rescue." Rayne replied sarcastically. "Where were you a few months ago when I needed you?" Rayne asked with complete hate in her eyes.

"Rayne...I know I wasn't there for you and I regret that. I can only hope that you can put your feelings of hate aside long enough to get through this whole escapade that's happening in my life.

"Of course Lark, anything for you isn't that right?" Rayne asked with anger as she walked away. "What are the living arrangements sir?" Rayne asked knowing she wasn't going to like the answer he was about to give her.

"We've set up a new condo for her to live in which will be free of bugs and hidden cameras. You'll stay there with her of course." He answered with a smile to calm the tension he saw in Rayne's blue eyes.

"I have to stop by my apartment to pick up some of my clothes and personal items sir." Rayne explained as she drained the rest of her Dr. Pepper and trashed the can.

"No problem...her limo will follow you to your apartment and then take the both of you to her new condo. The limo is in the garage basement and no one will know the two of you have been here as long as you take the secret passage out." He explained as he looked at his top agent with worry. "You going to be okay?"

"Who the hell knows." Rayne answered with agitation as she exited the office to see Lark waiting in the hallway for her. "I was hoping this was all a nightmare, but I guess not since you're still here." Rayne replied with disgust as she looked at the attractive blonde.

"Are you ever going to forgive me?" Lark asked as she grabbed Rayne's arm to stop her.

Rayne looked down at the hand that held her arm and looked up at Lark with stormy blue eyes. "Never!" Rayne exclaimed with disdain and anger as she jerked her arm away from Lark and headed down the hall towards the elevator followed by an obviously upset blonde.

'I guess I deserve the treatment I'm receiving from Rayne but it still hurts to see how much she hates me. I never thought I would ever see the stranger in her eyes but that's exactly what I see and I'm the cause of everything. ' Lark thought to herself with regret as she kept her head down to avoid looking at Rayne as she entered the elevator.

The two never spoke a word throughout the elevator ride. They reached the basement and Rayne headed straight for the limo with Lark following behind. "Dude! No way! I'm so psyched you'll be on this assignment too!" Rayne replied with excitement and a smile as she approached the agent posing as the limo driver.

"I know...it's great!" The attractive dirty blonde answered as she hugged Rayne.

"Danielle...how the hell have you been? I haven't seen you for so long." Rayne asked with excitement as she stood very closely to the other agent with her hand still resting on the woman's waist. She was happy Danielle had this assignment because she trusted her completely and knew it would make her job easier having her there.

Lark stood watching jealously by the limo and tried not to make it obvious that she was staring. She wished she could hear their conversation but she wasn't close enough.

"I've been doing great Rayne. How about you?"

"Could be better and as soon as I finish this babysitting mission it will be a hell of alot better!" Rayne answered with disgust at her latest assignment as she glanced over her shoulder at Lark for Danielle to get her drift.

"Aah...isn't that Lark Morgan... the actress?" She asked as she tried to catch a better glimpse of the woman.

"The one and only. She's also my ex." Rayne answered.

"Ah-ha...now, I see why you hate this assignment. Hang in there buddy." Danielle answered with a smile and rubbed Rayne's arm for comfort as the pair made their way to the limo. Rayne knew their interaction was killing Lark but she didn't care. She didn't mind letting Lark believe something romantic was going on between her and Danielle despite the fact that they were just good friends.

Lark climbed in the back followed by Rayne and each sat at opposite ends of the back seat looking out the windows. 'It shouldn't bother me that she has found another but it does because I still love her. I was such an ass to do what I did and drive her out of my life. ' Lark admonished herself as she turned to look at Rayne who was in deep thought as she looked out the window.

"Aah...is she a girlfriend or lover?" Lark asked nervously as she wondered why she asked that question.

Rayne turned and looked at Lark with stormy blue eyes. "That's none of your business." She snapped as she looked back out the window.

Lark turned her head towards the window and looked out as tears streamed down her face. She wondered if Rayne would ever forgive her for her indiscretions and hoped that one day she would. She still loved Rayne with all her heart despite the fact that she turned to another, and she desperately wanted Rayne back. She believed that Rayne is her soulmate and wished she had realized that six months ago.

The limo pulled up in front of Rayne's apartment building and Rayne stepped out first to check the area before Lark exited the limo. They both headed towards the entrance of the building and Rayne stayed close to Lark's side as they approached the gate and held it open for her playing the part of her girlfriend well.

They both entered the apartment and Lark checked the spacious place out. "This is a really nice place Rayne." She replied as she sat on the couch.

Rayne entered the living room. "What type of engagements do you have this week that we'll have to be attending?"

"Hmmm...three movie premiere's and one award show." Lark answered as she thought about what appointments she had scheduled for the week.

Rayne headed back into the bedroom and began to pack clothes that she would need for the week. Rayne hurried to pack her bag as Lark entered the bedroom. "Do you need any help?" She offered as Rayne ignored her while she continued to pack. "Look...Rayne...I know this is very difficult for you but don't you think it would be easier if it was more of a civil environment?" Lark asked hoping Rayne would reconsider her demeanor.

"Easier for who? You? Why should I be civil to you Lark? What reason would I have to do that?" Rayne asked with anger and sarcasm.

"Because you loved me at one time. Isn't that reason enough?" Lark shot back.

"NO...it's not enough Lark. Key word here is I loved you at one time...no more. So, to answer your question about me being civil...no, I can't." Rayne answered matter of factly as she closed her travel bag and headed into the other room to gather her paperwork, laptop computer and equipment to check for hidden cameras and bugs.

"Fair enough." Lark answered dejectedly and entered the living room as Rayne threw her bags over her shoulder and headed toward the door.

Rayne and Lark made their way to the limo with Rayne keeping Lark close to her side as she surveyed the area for anything out of the ordinary as Lark climbed into the limo. Danielle put the limo in gear and headed off towards Lark's new condo.

The ride was quit until the limo pulled up in front of Lark's condo to find a crowd of photographers waiting for her. "Bite me!" Rayne exclaimed as she looked out at the people waiting for them. "How the hell did they know we would be here." Rayne exclaimed with disbelief.

"You should know by now that they know more than the damn government when it comes to finding people for a picture." Lark answered with regret that she had to face the paparazzi. "Are you ready for this Rayne?" Lark asked with concern as she looked over at the attractive secret service agent who made her heart melt every time she looked at her.

"As ready as I'm ever going to be I guess. Stay very close to me... do you understand?" Rayne asked with firmness in her voice to get her point across to Lark that she was serious.

'How can she ask that question when she knows I love to be close to her but she won't allow that anymore. ' Lark thought to herself before responding. "I understand completely."

"Okay...Danielle...bring my luggage and laptop in behind us." Rayne ordered as Danielle nodded in agreement to confirm the orders. "Let's get going then." Rayne answered with a deep sigh as she opened the door and threw her equipment bag over her shoulder.

"Rayne!...Are you and Lark back together?" A reporter shouted.

"Rayne! What brings you back?" Another asked.

Rayne ignored the reporters' questions as she held the door open for Lark to step out of the limo. "Hey, fellas back it up so we can get out!" Rayne replied with agitation as the door to the limo slammed into Rayne's back as the photographers shoved their way closer for a picture. Rayne shoved the door back into them and held her hand out for Lark to help her out as she braced the door against her to keep it from closing again.

Lark stood and looked up as emerald green eyes met piercing blues. Lark swore she saw a glimmer of hope for the two of them in Rayne's eyes as she hesitated momentarily to stare into those sexy blues eyes longer. The lingering stare of Lark's made Rayne feel uncomfortable and she broke the look as she stepped back for Lark to step away from the car.

"Lark....what's the story?" One photographer shouted.

"What does it look like?" Lark answered with a mischievous smile as Rayne put her arm around Lark to keep up the facade and pulled her close to her while she scanned the crowd for anything out of the ordinary as did Danielle who moved to the back of the limo to get the luggage. The gesture sent a rush of warmth throughout Lark and her heart skipped a beat as she enjoyed feeling so close to Rayne.

"It looks like you two are back together." Someone shouted.

"Hey, give him all the money in Fort Knox for figuring out the best kept secret first." Rayne replied sarcastically as Lark laughed along with the other photographers. Rayne guided Lark through the crowd towards the entrance to the building.

"Are you two happy?" Someone shouted as the pair turned back to face the questioner.

"Very happy...thanks." Lark answered with a smile as she leaned up and kissed Rayne on the cheek.

"Ecstatic!" Rayne answered with a strained smile to hide her anger for what Lark just did to her as she hurried Lark up to the door and held it open for her to enter the heavily guarded building.

The security guards sat in awe as the famous, beautiful blonde entered the building. "Close your mouth boys or flies will collect in there. She's with me so eat your heart out." Rayne laughed as the pair made their way into the elevator arm and arm despite the fact that inwardly Rayne was seething with anger for having to pretend like they were in love again.

As soon as the doors closed to the elevator Rayne moved away from Lark as quickly as possible. Lark was disappointed as it felt so right to have Rayne's arm around her. Rayne's touch always told her just how much she loved her and Lark still felt it from her. 'Is it just that I want to feel that or does she still love me despite all her hate for me. Maybe...I can only hope. ' Lark thought as she stole a quick glance of Rayne who remained silent as she looked through her bag.

Lark loved to look at Rayne. Hell, who wouldn't? She was gorgeous! Tall, dark, muscular, the exquisitely beautiful blue eyes that Lark lost herself in, she had a sexy yet, cocky demeanor about her that attracted Lark to Rayne in the first place, and a wonderful sense of humor despite the latter being hidden from all her hate.

Lark felt extremely guilty for what she had done to Rayne. All of Rayne's wonderful traits to her personality were gone and replaced by disdain and hate caused by her betrayal. What she saw now was just a stoic Secrete Service Agent who was cut and dry... all business. Well, other than the outburst of anger she inflicted on Lark.

'I know I saw a glimmer of hope in those sexy blue eyes. Maybe if we talk and hash everything out we might have a chance of reconciliation...a true one not a manufactured one. ' Lark thought to herself.

"Hey, Lark come out of LaLa land!" Rayne replied sarcastically as Lark looked up at her confused.

"Huh? What?" Lark asked as she was snapped out of her thoughts that she lost herself in.

"This is your floor. Let's go." Rayne retorted shortly as she walked off the elevator and headed to the apartment number listed on the file her director had given her.

"Oh, yeah...okay." Lark stammered nervously as she followed Rayne down the hall to her new condo.

Rayne noticed the door was opened a crack and heard voices inside the apartment. She pushed Lark behind her as she leaned up against the wall out of sight to see if she could decipher what the voices were saying as she opened her jacket and put her hand on her gun just in case.

Lark's heart raced nervously as she stood behind Rayne and put her hand on Rayne's waist to feel more at ease by making a connection with her. Rayne glanced over her shoulder at Lark when she felt her hand on her waist and turned back listening to the conversation.

Rayne recognized the familiar voice as being Danny's, Lark's accountant. Rayne leaned her head against the wall and let out a sigh of relief or was it a sigh of angst that she was going into the frying pan? She thought the reporters outside were bad...these people are going to be worse. Asking far too many personal questions and these are the one's she really has to convince that the whole set up isn't a sham.

Lark leaned closer to Rayne and whispered in her ear. "What is going on?"

Rayne felt Lark's breath on her neck, which, much to her surprise, excited her. She looked at Lark and caught herself staring into Lark's green eyes a little longer than what she had wanted to do. "Aah...it's Danny and the rest of your group." Rayne stammered as she calmed her excitement.

"Whew! I was worried." Lark answered relieved.

"Remember...one of these people are in on the whole thing Lark. Don't be so quick to be so trusting of them." Rayne answered sternly as she moved away from the wall and laced her fingers around Larks which took Lark's breath away momentarily from her touch.

Rayne led her into the apartment and everyone was at first shocked to see Rayne, but then where ecstatic to see the two of them back together. Rayne was greeted by Danny, Lark's accountant; Elaine, her agent; Frank, her lawyer; and Hazel her longtime maid/cook/jack of all trades. One other person approached that Rayne had never met before.

"Ah...Rayne this is my personal trainer Kim. Kim...this is the love of my life...meet Rayne." Lark replied as Rayne squeezed her hand tightly at Lark's comment letting her know that she didn't particularly like what she said about her being the love of her life.

"Hello Kim...it's a pleasure to meet you." Rayne answered as she held her hand out to shake the woman's hand, and tried to be as cordial as possible considering she was sweating bullets from feeling so uncomfortable. The uncomfortable feelings she had when they broke up were consuming her and she hated being back in that environment.

"Same here." Kim answered looking Rayne over with a cautious eye.

Rayne took in some deep breaths and stood in behind Lark and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman. "Could we have some privacy to get caught up with one another? I've been away a very long time." Rayne asked with a sexy smile on her face as she leaned her chin against Lark's shoulder. Rayne just didn't want to deal with the onslaught of all the questions she knew she was about to be hit with, and figured this was a good way out of them for the time being.

Lark reveled in how close Rayne was to her and absolutely loved the feeling of her arms wrapped around her. She didn't want it to end and hoped everyone would take their time leaving so she could stay in that position. She knew the second the door closed Rayne would release her. 'How could I have been such an idiot to have hurt this woman that I love more than life itself the way that I did? ' Lark admonished herself as she watched the last person walk past her knowing her pleasure was about to end.

As the door closed Rayne let go of Lark and pushed away from her. "Rayne...what the hell was up with..." Lark tried to finish her sentence but was cut off by a hand to the mouth as she looked into Rayne's blues with bewilderment.

Rayne slowly moved towards Lark's ear and her heart raced with anticipation that Rayne would kiss her neck like she used to. "Follow my lead with idle chit chat...understood." Rayne whispered matter of factly and leaned back to look at Lark who was obviously disappointed.

She nodded agreement that she would as she watched Rayne open her equipment bag and remove some equipment that would detect if the condo had been bugged. "So, what do you want to eat?" Rayne asked as she turned the machine on and scanned the living room.

"How about you?" Lark answered mischievously hoping she could trigger a more receptive response out of Rayne than the usual one of disgust.

Rayne snapped her head around with a cross look on her face and pointed at Lark to let her know she wasn't pleased with the comment. "Well...you'll have to wait on that one now won't you?" Rayne answered teasingly to keep up the charade in case the place was bugged from one of Lark's employees who had been in the condo.

"I look forward to it, but until then how about if we order Chinese?" Lark answered with a defiant look on her face to let Rayne know she was tired of her gruffness.

Rayne scanned the living room, kitchen and phone's finding no bugs. "Sure...go ahead and order for us." Rayne replied as she headed into the bedroom to check the rest of the condo, which she found to be bug and hidden camera free.

Rayne entered the living room while Lark ordered Chinese for the two of them as someone knocked. Rayne opened the door to find Danielle standing there with Rayne's bags. "Hey! Thanks I appreciate it." Rayne replied with a smile and it was obvious that this woman put Rayne in a better mood than Lark does. Lark looked on with obvious jealousy at the pair's interaction. She knew she was the one who brought all of this on, but she still loved Rayne and desperately wanted her back.

"No problem other than almost having to fire my gun to get through the crowd." Danielle answered with a laugh, which was shared by Rayne. "I have a place here and I'm heading off to ditch the limo so, no one will notice me coming back. If you two have to go out call me and I'll double back for the limo. Also, if you need my assistance if anything goes down okay? Here's the new number." She explained as she handed Rayne her business card with the number on it.

"Great...thanks for your help Danielle." Rayne answered with a smile as she watched the attractive agent walk away and closed the door after she was out of sight.

"Are you just doing that to piss me off?" Lark asked with agitation.

"Is it working?" Rayne asked with a sarcastic grin.

"Do you have to be such a bitch?" Lark asked with a raised voice.

"Did you have to be six months ago?" Rayne snapped back with a low tone in her voice.

Lark shook her head in disgust and stormed out of the room and slammed the bedroom door. Rayne sat on the couch and wondered just what the hell she was doing. Lark was driving her crazy! It had been easier when she was out of the state and away from Lark for the past six months since their breakup. Right now, she wished she was anywhere but here. She grabbed some Advil and downed the pills with some water to take care of her killer headache.

She sat back on the couch and looked at some of the things Lark's entourage had brought there for her. She looked at the crystal Dolphin statue and smiled fondly at the memory of when she gave that to Lark. She gave it to her for her birthday and knew Lark would love it because she was so enamored with Dolphins. She remembered the look of excitement, happiness and love for her that Lark expressed to her when she opened the present.

Rayne ran an absent hand through her raven hair. 'What are you doing remembering crap like that Rayne? What do you think that you're still in love with her? ' She wondered to herself. She hoped it wasn't the latter.

When they broke up she swore she would never love another like she loved Lark and she would never give her heart to another as she did to Lark who ripped it away from her. Nope...she couldn't go through that again and definitely didn't want to do it again with Lark no matter how many old, fond memories were dredged up because once a cheater always a cheater. She thought as her anger filled her once again at the thought of how Lark had cheated on her, them, their love for one another.

She couldn't handle the thoughts and pushed them to that secret place she had deep inside so, she could cope with the love she lost. Rayne leaned her aching head against the back of the couch and closed her eyes trying to figure out just how one person's life could become so hellish. She put her hands over her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The visions in her dreams were back again. She thought she had gotten rid of the same damn dream she had over and over again. The dream of her walking into the house with a bouquet of red roses and a huge mischievous smile on her face knowing she was home from her assignment early to surprise Lark. 'She couldn't wait to see her love and hold her in her arms', she thought as she quietly walked down the hall and opened the door to complete devastation.

Rayne jumped out of her sleep from the incessant knocking on the door. She realized that was no dream... it was reality and was glad she was awake and didn't have to see that again. She opened the door to find the deliveryman waiting impatiently to deliver their food.

"Aah...sorry...here." Rayne stammered as she tried to wake from her slumber and handed him some money to cover the bill plus a hefty tip.

"Hey, thanks!" He answered excitedly as he walked off.

Rayne shut the door and put the food down on the counter. She searched the cupboards for plates to put the food on and yelled for Lark to come and get it. "I'm already here." Lark answered with a laugh as she entered the kitchen eagerly awaiting the food.

A smile crept on Rayne's face from the fact that Lark was standing behind her and that she just knew Lark had a food radar that went off when any type of food was present. Rayne hid the smile on her face as she kept her back turned to Lark while pouring some fried rice out on her plate. She took her plate with her utensils, a Dr. Pepper and sat down at the table to eat her meal.

Lark piled the Chinese food on her plate and headed over towards the sliding glass door. "Damn...I can't handle all this stuff and open the door." She replied with frustration.

"Lark... get away from the window." Rayne replied sternly as she looked up to see what Lark was doing.

"Why?" Lark asked confused.

"Just do as I say." Rayne answered with agitation as she looked back down at her plate.

"No...not until you tell me why." Lark answered defiantly as she put her hands on her hips.

Rayne's anger inside began to boil and she dropped her fork on the table as she stood up with a look of disdain on her face. She moved towards Lark and brushed past her to close the miniblinds above the sliding glass doors.

"You just love to piss me off don't you?" Rayne asked with agitation as she stood face to face with Lark.

"What is the big deal to sit out on the balcony?"

"You'd be an easy target for a sniper Lark...that's why." Rayne answered angrily as she walked back to the table and sat down to finish her meal.

"Would that bother you Rayne if a sniper took a shot at me?" Lark asked hoping she would get a caring response out of Rayne.

"Yes...because they would kill you and I've never had anyone that I have protected get killed." Rayne answered with complete disinterested in playing Lark's game, and filled her mouth with a forkful of rice.

"So, that's all I mean to you is part of one of your statistics for work that you haven't lost someone yet?" Lark answered upset by her comment.

"Yep." Rayne answered without concern as she continued to eat never looking up at Lark.

"Great...just great!" Lark answered with anger as she stormed off into her bedroom.

Rayne dropped her fork in agitation and was no longer hungry. Lark frustrated the hell out of her. She wondered if it was because she hated her so much or because she still loved her. It was easier for her to hate her so she went with that. Rayne contacted her director regarding air and hotel arrangements for their trip to California for one of the many movie premiere's Lark had to attend starting the next day.

He informed her of the afternoon flight scheduled and the itinerary for her getting Lark to the airport and on the plane safely. Rayne finished her plans for the trip and did a quick check of the locks and security alarm to make sure the condo was secured before bed. She checked the other rooms and headed down the hall to Lark's bedroom, which was very silent other than the static sound coming from the TV.

She reached for the door and pulled back hesitantly and reluctantly. She was afraid of what she might find behind the door. 'Get a grip Rayne... you two are the only one's in the condo. ' She told herself as she cracked the door to find Lark sound asleep on the bed. Rayne entered the room and checked the windows to make sure they were secure, and shut off the TV before stealing a glance of the beautiful sleeping blonde.

It was beyond her how the woman she loved so much could hurt her as much as she did and it baffled her even more why she cared enough to take this assignment. She pulled the covers up on her and looked at her momentarily reveling in how peaceful she looked sleeping, not to mention how extremely beautiful she looked. This interaction was so familiar to her that she caught herself leaning down to lightly kiss her forehead but stopped when she realized what she was about to do. She shut the light off and left the room to sleep on the couch.

The next morning Rayne had a meeting with Lark's staff explaining that she was Lark's new personal assistant and that she would make all the arrangements for any appearances. She also instructed the staff that she and Lark would only know travel plans for her safety. She would give them a time frame for traveling and within it they would leave for their destination at the last minute.

Lark's staff was put off but they knew it was best for Lark. Rayne had her suspicions as to who the insider was and had asked her director to form a file for each individual so she could study them and try to figure out who would gain the most from betraying Lark.

Rayne's plans worked to perfection and they arrived in California in the early evening. Rayne kept Lark closely by her side as they approached the front desk clerk to check in at the hotel. "Hello...I'm Rayne Donovan and I have reservations for this evening."

"Oh, yes Miss. Donovan...here is your key to the presidential suite." The clerk informed Rayne as Lark looked on with obvious enjoyment that they would be staying in the most expensive suite in the hotel.

"There's been a change in plans. Our staff will take the presidential suite and we will take one of your regular suites." Rayne informed the confused clerk.

"Aah...okay...let me get the key." She stammered nervously as Lark rolled her eyes with disappointment for not staying in the presidential suite.

Rayne handed the staff the key to their suite and instructed them that if they needed either one of them to call them on Rayne's cell phone. The staff left the lobby and headed off to their suite as the clerk returned with a key to a different suite.

"Here you go." She replied with a smile as she handed Rayne the key.

"Thank you." Rayne answered with a smile as she leaned down and picked up her bag. "Let's go." She informed Lark who looked at her disgusted.

They stood on the elevator silent as usual and Lark fumed at the change of rooms as Rayne stood laughing to herself knowing Lark loved to travel first class and this was just killing her.

Rayne spent the next few hours explaining to Lark the itinerary's consisting of travel plans on how they would accomplish getting her to her different appearances safely. Lark was happy that they actually had a civil conversation without fighting throughout the entire briefing. She said goodnight and headed off to bed as Rayne laid on the couch studying over the information her boss sent her regarding Lark's employees. She put that away and pulled out her story she had written to proofread it and fell asleep after only doing a few pages.

Lark woke in the early morning hours and noticed all the lights were still on in the living room of the suite and went out to see what Rayne was doing. She noticed Rayne was sound asleep and her tall body laid scrunched up on the very small couch she laid on. Rayne looked as though she was cold from the air conditioning blowing down on her so Lark got a blanket to cover her. Lark saw the papers on the ground and picked them up to move them. She glanced down and noticed the title of the paper and looked at Rayne to make sure she wasn't awake.

She looked back at the paper titled "My lost love" and the author read "By Rayne". She read a few paragraphs and the parallels between hers and Rayne's relationship and the fictitious one in the paper were undeniable. Rayne was writing a story of their relationship together. She looked down at Rayne who still slept peacefully before returning to her reading. She read about the character that was Rayne and how much pain they felt over the breakup and how much the character still loved the beautiful blonde in the story as she was described.

Lark smiled and realized that maybe there was hope for them yet. She leaned down and covered the sexy woman she still loved. She moved her hand up towards Rayne's face and was grabbed tightly around the wrist as Rayne felt a presence standing next to her. Lark dropped to her knees in pain as Rayne opened her blue eyes to see it was Lark.

"What the hell are you doing?" Rayne asked with anger.

"I was just covering you up... you looked cold." Lark answered as she struggled to loosen Rayne's grip.

Rayne looked into Lark's green eyes and saw fear. "Did you think I would hurt you Lark?" Rayne asked surprised that Lark would feel that way.

"I wasn't sure Rayne." Lark answered and looked down at the ground with sadness and unsurity.

Rayne was taken off guard by Lark's unsureness and her gesture of kindness. Rayne pushed an errant strand of long blond hair off her face and put her hand under Lark's chin lifting it up to look at her.

"I would never physically harm you Lark." Rayne replied sincerely as Lark locked her greens with blues.

Lark slowly leaned toward Rayne and held her breath hoping she would allow her to kiss her. 'Should I allow her to kiss me? ' Rayne thought to herself as she watched Lark move closer to her. 'Why the hell not? I haven't had sex for a very long time and she's not bad for a roll in the hay. ' Rayne thought to herself as she allowed Lark to press her lips against her own.

Tears welled in Lark's eyes as Rayne allowed her to kiss her. She needed this connection to Rayne so desperately, and she was glad she was able to have it from Rayne. Lark moved closer to Rayne who deepened the kiss. Lark broke the kiss and looked at Rayne. "Do you really want to do this?" Lark asked hoping her answer would be yes.

Continued In Part II

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