~ Dare To Risk It All: An Interlude.... ~
by Wizz

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It had been over two years since Allyson had made me hers. I sat looking out the massive windows of our castle reflecting back at how we had met and what we had learned about each other over the last two years. Now it was Halloween and the kids of our 'keepers' were excited about the night to come. We had many games and fun activities planned for them. I sat with Mila carving chocolate into bats and goblins. In the back of my mind, I felt something was coming for us, maybe not tonight but soon. It was a feeling of dread and destruction. I shivered and shook the thoughts from my mind and turned my thoughts to Allyson.

I pictured Allyson in the long sexy black cape she wore with a white silk shirt that made her fiery red hair come alive like molten lava. I could imagine the tight form-fitting leather pants and knee high leather boots with a sword hanging off her curvy hips. It was the gleam in her eyes that always made my heart stop. I picked up an apple, spun it straight in the air and threw a knife at it with the other hand. The slices fell to the table with a thump and I giggled to myself at the lightning speed I had gained with the blood of Allyson flowing in my veins. I picked up a small slice and smiled to myself as the vibrant green eyes I so loved danced like visions of fireflies in my mind. I closed my eyes, and I wasn't sure if it was my mind or what, but I felt her arms wrap around me and felt her lips on my neck nuzzling it just in the right place. You know the one. It's where your knees go weak and you feel like you are going to pass out at any second if you don't have more of those lips somewhere else. Yeah THAT kind of loving!

I turned in her arms and met her face to face, her green eyes deeply searching mine.

"What is it my child? Your heart beats so quickly." With her mind in mine, I knew I could not lie to her. Did she feel the dreadful feelings as well? I knew I would have to talk with her about what I was feeling but I did not want to ruin our festive mood for the night.

"Allyson let's not talk about this now. Tell me what we have planned for the evening for the kids." You know I could never get use to speaking to her with my thoughts only even though it was second nature to her.

"Ah my love, we have dunking for apples, a hunt for the tiny pumpkins we hid earlier today, and the all time favorite, hit the skeleton piñata. I have special plans for us on this All Hallows Eve." When she spoke out loud I got goose bumps and the quivering fits. Her voice, with the smoky down-south accent, just did me in.

"You care to share with me these plans with me Allyson?" She knew I could not stand the suspense of having to wait all night until we could be alone.

"No, my love, not yet. You will have to wait until after the kids have gone to bed. But I promise you, my child, you will enjoy every second of it." She smiled down at me from her Amazon height.

I gave her a pouting look which I knew would not work, but hey, I had to try anyway. I had changed over the last two years and I could see changes in Allyson as well. I had grown up and she had lost some of her seriousness. She joked and teased with me more than I thought she would ever be able to do.

"I can't possibly persuade you to give me a hint could I?" I whispered in her ear wrapping my arms around her tight and pulling us both off the floor to float above the kitchen table. She laughed and I knew I was in trouble. She had me pinned down on the table in a blink of a bat's eye. Flour, sugar and chocolate went flying in the air, covering us in a sticky mess as we rolled off the table and onto the floor.

She was stronger then I, of that there was no doubt. Nevertheless, I had one advantage I could use against her so I ground my hips upward into hers while we fought for the top position. I sank my teeth gently into her without breaking the skin. She moaned and stopped fighting me. I began to let my hand wander over her hard muscles, caressing each curve and mound my hands covered.

"Tell me, Allyson. Tell me what your plans are for tonight or I stop doing what I am doing."

"You wouldn't dare leave me in the middle of something like this!" She hissed as I ground my hips up into hers while the veins in her neck strained with a heated passion. What amazed me the most about Allyson is that when she gives her heart and soul she gives it completely.

"Sure I would. Wouldn't even think twice about it, in fact." I chided back as I flipped her onto her back and straddled her. Sitting up I looked down into the greenest eyes I had ever had the pleasure of falling in love with. I reached down and ripped the buttons off her shirt in one quick jerk. "Tell me Allyson. Tell me what you'll do to me tonight." I begged in her ear.

"Do you remember the first night you entered this castle and the thoughts I shared with you?" Allyson's face took on a longing I had not seen before.

"Yes, red silk sheets, you tangled up in them naked lying next to me. Why?" I held back a moan as visions danced in my head of the very first night I had met her. "Or do you mean meeting Cousin IT?" I giggled at the thought of my first impression of the castle and the Lord who cared for the beings inside its walls.

"That is your hint my love. You will have to wait for the rest until we can retire to our rooms." Allyson went silent and almost distant; her eyes took on a glare of pure hatred. I moved off of her,

"Allyson? Hey what's wrong?" I had only seen that look in her eyes once before and it was when she killed Francach Tuili, the little rat bastard himself. She turned to me and her eyes were blank and cold.

"I have some business to attend to. I will met you at the party and please stay inside tonight. No matter what may happen. Swear to me you won't go outside."

"Allyson, I don't understand." I was shocked at her tone of voice towards me.

"I mean it. Do not step foot outside of this castle. Do not go against my wishes Morgania." With that she got up and left the kitchen. I sat shocked, not only by her actions of just leaving but her words. She never called me by my given name and she was so cold and calculating. I knew in my mind's eye she was heading for the stables. I got up and looked at Mila.

"What is going on Mila? Do you know?" I glared at her as she tried to hide her eyes as well as her answer. "Mila answer me."

"I have a feeling that SHE has returned to claim her rightful place in this castle." Mila's voice was soft and trembling with fright.

"Who Mila? Who is returning?" I was heading for the door now. I would follow Allyson despite her warning to stay inside. I had no fear of anyone or anything because I felt I was invincible now that I had the blood of Allyson pumping in my veins.

"Ursula. She is rising from the underground and I don't think it will be a pretty sight to have her return here now that you have joined with Allyson. She is dangerous Morgan. We all fear her as 'keepers'. Mila whispered as she cleaned up the mess we had made in our wrestling match on the kitchen table and floor.

"Mila leave that for later. See to the children and the party. We will be back as soon as we can." I had my hand on the kitchen door when Mila stopped me.

"Don't go against her wishes Morgan. It could cost her life as well as yours. Ursula is a powerful force to be dealt with. Allyson is the only one who can handle her. Please trust Lord and Master of this castle to protect us."

"Mila, I am not afraid of anyone, let alone some bitch who thinks she can just waltz in here and take over. Don't worry Mila. We won't let her ruin our night. And as for Allyson, she has no right to exclude me from the goings-on in this household. Hold the fort down Mila. We will be back soon." I swung the kitchen door nearly off its hinges and stalked out into the foggy evening.

I arrived in the stables to find Allyson had already saddled her mare and had ridden out. I quickly threw a halter on my favorite stallion, Dasani, and took off at a dead run out of the barn. I headed for the one place I thought Allyson would have gone.

To the catacombs Batgirl. I had to laugh at the thought of that cliché, and as I rode I could feel a deep pain of loss with each gallop Dasani took. I knew Allyson was in trouble. I jumped off the tall chestnut stallion as he came to a skidding halt. I ran for the large concrete door that was ajar and slipped inside. Letting my eyes adjust to the dim light, I sought out Allyson in my mind.

"Allyson, where are you?" I whispered in my mind.

"Go at once back to the castle Morgan. It is too dangerous here for you."

"I won't leave you. I can feel it. You're injured and I am here to help. Tell me where you are Allyson. I am not leaving here without you, my love."
I began making my way deeper into the catacombs. I could hear my heart beating faster with each step I took.

"Morgan, watch for the 'keepers'. They will kill you if they can. They will protect their master no matter the cost. Close your mind to only me. Do not let her feel you. If she knows where you are then her 'keepers' will find you as well."

"Allyson, just tell me where you are so we can get out of here. I can feel you but I need to know where you are. These walls are too thick."

The concrete walls helped hide her location in the tombs and I was beginning to panic. I hated small tight places, and this was a nightmare of tiny walkways and twisting turns leading deeper into the tombs. I kept talking to Allyson in our minds, blocking anyone else from hearing us.

I felt him before I actually saw him. He came out of nowhere with a large wooden bat, hitting me across the back. I was knocked to the floor, my head hitting the cement wall. I shook my head to clear it and flipped myself up on my feet. I wind milled around and kicked my attacker in the stomach. I wasn't sure where my strength had come from, but I picked him up with one hand shaking him hard. I felt my teeth grow and become sharp. I could smell the fear in him as I pulled him down close to me.

I had him level with my face as I sank my teeth in his neck as deep as I could and drained the life from his body. I tossed his lifeless form to the side of the narrow walk way and continued on. Every time I took someone's life in anger I felt increased lust. I don't know where it comes from but I knew then nothing would stop me from finding Allyson. I continued farther into the tombs looking for my love. Nothing would get in my way as I felt her inside my head. She was struggling to free herself of the narrow walls of the cement casket.

I began to run and I felt my feet come free of the concrete path. I began to soar with the speed of light. I rushed three guards standing at the door where I felt Allyson was held. I killed one instantly by snapping his neck. The second one hit me with a metal pipe of some sort and knocked me back wards. The third one leapt on top of me bringing us both down onto the floor.

I tried to sink my teeth into him but he was stronger then I had thought and he hit me with his fists, breaking my nose and cutting my eyebrow deeply. It made me fight all that much harder. I finally managed to get my mouth on his arm hitting a major artery, sucking as hard as I could while draining some of his strength from him with each long pull. It was enough to bring him down to my level and I removed my teeth just long enough to re-sink them into his neck. Making quick work of him, I spotted the second man setting an explosive on Allyson's casket.

I threw the dead man off of me and flew into the room, pinning the last man to the casket. The struggle knocked the heavy lid open enough to let some fresh air in. I yanked him around by his neck as I wasn't in the mood to toy with him and he knew it. I snapped his neck like killing a chicken.

I shoved and pulled on the lid of the casket until it was free enough that I could get Allyson out of it. She was weak and in need of our life giving blood. I grabbed the man I had just killed dragging his lifeless carcass over to her, and held him as she drank his blood giving her the strength to return to the outer tombs. She had several deep cuts and bruises, which healed as I helped her back up the pathways I had just traversed. We were almost to the top when Allyson froze.

"Allyson I will return to you soon. Don't think this will stop me from being to your side."

I heard these chilling words from within Allyson's mind. I held her closer to me, speaking out loud so the bitch hiding deep in the catacombs would hear me.

"Allyson, no one will come between us. Not now! Not in a million years from now. I won't let anyone destroy what we have. I love you Allyson."

My words seemed to bring Allyson back to me as I helped her out of the catacombs and onto Dasani's back. We rode back to the stables in silence. Our bodies needed healing, which will leave us feeling weak and in need of sleep. The beating and bruising added to the fatigue and pain. I took a shortcut to our wing of the castle, avoiding the others moving along the trail. I did not want to disturb them of their fun. I was growing worried about Allyson, as she had not said one word to me since I had pulled her from the casket.

I helped her undress and into a hot steamy shower. We are vampires but we enjoyed the daily routines as normal humans did. I washed the blood from the quickly healing cuts and bruises on her body. I managed to get the gore off my body as well, then wrapped us in towels. We retired to our room and bed with its silken red sheets. After getting her settled into the large bed, I started a fire and stoked it so it would burn throughout the night. I crawled in bed and took her in my arms helping to ease the pain of the night's ghoulish activities. We slept in each other's arms, healing our bodies as well as our souls.

Maybe our Halloween wasn't as expected this year. It was just the beginning of worse things to come, but we had each other and nothing would get in our way to stop the love that grew daily.

The End?

Who knows.....? But thanks for readin this anyways! Wizz

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