~ The Final Solution ~
by Willowluvyr

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Summary: It is the year 2038, The William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Federal Prison (inside joke) nicknamed the Seven Circles of Hell has been taken over by Dana, Gay and Allison to fight the ambition of the CEO of Stratiotis o Masonos and his mysterious ally.

Stratiotis o Masonos cause the Second American Civil War. Arty, Dana and Gay fight to keep the American Southwest from being taken by the California Alliance led by the mysterious Dark Angel. Allison fights the political battles against the clever Bal and handsome Lucifer.


Part 1

Chapter 1: Opening Moves

Gay sat in he rocker petting her cats and listening to the latest reports from Wash and Tuck. They had just returned from the surrounding towns gathering information. It had been six months since they seized control of the Seven Circles. Gay asked the question foremost on her mind, "Any word from Allison?"

Wash sighed, he knew that Gay was very concerned about Allison. It had been nearly three weeks since they had received a message from her, not since, she had arranged for a government contract for their factory in Ajo, Arizona to produce tanks. It was a brilliant move by Allison. They made nine tanks for the contract and one for themselves. Every one of the government's nine tanks had override software embedded in their systems that way if the government ever tried to use the tanks against the prisoners, they could disable them.

Allison had arranged for a contract for manufacturing fighter aircraft for their factory in Casa Grande. By using money and arm-twisting they had gained political control over most of southwest Arizona. Everything south of old I-10 and west of I-19 was either in their direct or indirect control, including Phoenix. They also controlled most of Arizona's state facilities. Money can buy almost anything.

Wash answered tentatively, "Nothing in three weeks, Gay."

Doc interjected, "She's probably very busy trying to get us that new weapons contract for the factory in Sentinel. You know she misses you and Dana. Every message asks you to come home."

Gay couldn't help but think something was wrong. This was driving her insane. She felt like a piece of her was missing. She made a decision, "I want to send Jenny and Aule to check it out. I know Ayla won't like it, but I need some information. Jenny is smart and will know what to do. She's clean too. Do we have anyone who can escort?"

Tuck answered the question, "I have three clean guards that can go with her. Two are new, but Hammer is fully recovered and clean."

Gay nodded and smiled weakly, "Good send them by tomorrow morning. Doc, make the arrangements personally."

Wash ventured to ask what was on their minds, "Where's Dana?"

Gay responded sharply, "She's visiting Arty. They're getting real chummy."


Actually, Arty didn't think Dana was being very chummy at all. Dana had been yelling at her for three minutes now. This was the longest Arty has every heard the stoic Conqueror talk without stopping. It was really worrying her. She decided to intervene, "Dana, please calm down. I know the news is hurting you, but you don't know anything for sure. Has Gay seen the last three reports?"

Dana replied furiously, "Hell no, it would kill her. I've kept them from her and her people. If she found out... I don't know if she could take it. She's having trouble dealing with no information. These would be too much for her."

Arty smiled and said, "Dana, those don't say much of anything other than Allison has got a full social calendar and for what's she's doing, it's normal. You shouldn't be keeping this from Gay. She's not going to like it. Remember the last time."

Dana smiled at the memory. She had withheld the news of some minor scuffle between Allison and a fresh Congressman. Gay stormed out of their apartments and went to the training rooms. Five Amazons were sent to the Doc for repairs. Then, she wouldn't talk to Dana for three days. It was the worst three days of her life. Dana face turned to stone and she became very worried.

Arty saw the change in the dark woman's expression and chuckled, as she continued, "I have sent a message to my sister and she is looking into the matter. Now, I suggest you go and talk to Gay and straighten this out. And if she goes to the training area, you'd better go with her and take the punishment yourself this time."


Allison was getting dressed for the dinner party she was throwing for the fence sitters on her weapons appropriation bill. She was known here as Allison Martin, the niece of Honey Martin. They assumed that she had inherited her position as CEO of Martin Enterprises International. However, everyone was impressed with the young CEO, who had been going head-to-head with the powerful Stratiotis o Masonos for six months.

She had efficiently blocked several of their moves and had taken four lucrative contracts from them for her own company. It was rumored that she was dating half the eligible bachelors in Washington. While it was true she was dating them, they held no interest for her. Her heart was already taken. No these men were contacts and nothing else.

The head of her security came in with her protective equipment. Karen put on her vest and earpiece. Then she looked at the effect and smiled. As she started to leave Allison asked, "How do I look?"

Karen smiled and answered the unspoken question, "They probably miss you more than you miss them. You have your parties and your dances. They have their meetings and training sessions. Who do you think is having more fun?"

Allison sat hard on the vanity seat and replied, "But they have each other and I'm alone."

Karen sighed at the logic and proposed, "Listen, after we finish getting the new bills through, why don't we go home for a few days? The Easter recess is coming up and you could go see them."

Allison brightened up and said, "That's a wonderful plan. Make the arrangements. I can't be seen going in remember, so be discrete."

Karen smiled and as she left replied, "Always, Your Majesty."


Bal Devlin the head lobbyist for Stratiotis o Masonos had grown to hate the young woman, who was now thwarting all his efforts. He sat sniffing his brandy and smoking his cigar as he watched the beautiful young woman flit around, working the room.

He had tried damage control and failed. Her new information about how his company was unable to solve the software problem in the new smart weapons was killing them. For the thousandth time in six months, he was baffled at where she was getting all this inside information. 'Enough pouting,' he thought, 'Time to work the room, again.'


The loudspeaker on his desk set announced, 'Mr. Polemos, Ms. Cross is here is see you."

The CEO of Stratiotis o Masonos replied, "Send her in."

Here was his general. He had failed with Dana and Gay, but he had gotten lucky with Cassidy Cross. She was not as ruthlessly efficient as Dana nor was she as brilliant and cunning as Gay, yet the doe-eyed blonde was something they weren't. She was a sociopath. She was didn't care about anyone, including herself. She just hated everybody and everything. In other words in his mind, she was perfect.

He had found her on the streets of Los Angeles. She was a street hood that ran one of larger gangs in Los Angeles. She was attempting to consolidate all the gangs, when she was approached by Stratiotis o Masonos. He had helped the young woman to consolidate and decriminalize (at least on the surface) the gangs. Now he had his army and his general. It was time for step two.


Dana saw Gay rocking worriedly. She took a deep breath and greeted her, "Hi Honey, I'm home."

Gay gave a weak smile and replied, "I'm sending Jenny and Aule to check on Allison. She leaves tomorrow."

Dana looked at her feet and gave Gay a whipped puppy look and muttered, "I know. I cancelled the order. We have to talk."

Gay couldn't believe it. Dana had never overrode one of her orders. She knew the Conqueror had the power, but she never thought she use it without talking to her first. A tear came to Gay's eye as she responded, "Your will, Conqueror."

The arrow struck true and the dark woman felt the pain of her lover's words. Dana went to her knees and moved Gay's chin up with her right hand and matched blue eyes to green. Then, the raven-haired monarch said, "I've already received word from Allison. So there is no need to send Jenny."

Gay brightened and responded, "You got word. When?"

The question was a physical blow and Dana had trouble with her next statement, "I've had word for three weeks. I've kept it from you, because I didn't want to upset you."

Gay sprang from rocker knocking Dana to her rear and started yelling, "You didn't want to upset me!? You didn't want to upset me!? I've been frantic!"

Gay jumped on the taller woman and straddled the Conqueror's stomach with her knees. The strawberry blonde with her blazing green eyes grabbed Dana's collar and looked into her eyes with rage. Then she said through gritted teeth, "Where are the messages, Lover?"

Dana tentatively handed her enraged lover the letters. Gay snatched them from hand and smiled wickedly, "Thank you."

Then she got up and went back to her rocker to read. Dana didn't get right up. She decided the floor looked safer at the moment. Each time she started to get up, Gay glared at her. Each time she decided to stay where she was.


Gay read the first letter, dated three weeks ago.

Dear Loves,

Let me start by saying I love you both and miss you very much. I want to come home soon. I am very lonely without you. You have each other and I am alone here.

MEI is looking at getting the new smart weapons contract from the DOD. I am having a party tonight to get support from several key members. I hope to get enough votes to swing it our way. Stratiotis o Masonos has the contract, but is having it rebid, because they are so far behind and over budget.

I met the most charming man the other day. We had lunch with the Senate delegation from California. He is very handsome and charming. He kissed my hand. It was so Continental. Image my surprise when I found out it was Lucifer Diablo. We are having dinner Saturday to discuss our differences.

Karen says hi. She is so glad to be out again. I was about to clean the records of four more of our people. I've enclosed their new records.

I miss you both so much. Write me soon.



Gay read the second message:

Dear Loves,

The bill is coming along fine. We are just ten votes short in the House. I'm having a dinner party next week to twist some arms.

My dinner with Lou went wonderfully. He is so charming. I don't know why you are so worried about him. He is so charming and open. It's hard not to like him.

Really nothing else to talk about, I have to go meet Lou for drinks to discuss a settlement on the Vlossman Lawsuit.

Miss you.



Gay crumpled up the paper and threw it into the fireplace and went on to read the third letter.

Dear Gay and Dana,

Hi. The party's tomorrow. We'll get the contract. Lou thinks it's in the bag. He wants me to hire him in a consultant for MEI. He thinks we're up and coming and wants to get in on the ground floor. Gay, I think it's a good idea, but you have to approve it.

See you,


Gay flew up from her chair again and paced around the room chugging like a steam locomotive. She was waving her arms and muttering. Dana scrambled to her feet and intercepted the infuriated woman. Gay looked up at her lover with tears in her eyes and said, "You were right Jenny isn't the one to go. I am."

Dana held her and replied, "You know you can't. They would pick you up in a second. You're too high profile. We have to trust her. I had a long rage with Arty and she says her sister's going to talk to Allison."

Gay's eyes were still aflame, but she relented. She went and got her staff and said with an eerie smile, "Let's go train, Sweetheart."

Dana sighed, rolled her eyes and followed with slumped shoulders. She knew she had to take her medicine like a warrior.


Allison was moving with grace and confidence from one conversation to another when she met a beautiful woman. The green-eyed youth couldn't decide on her age. The strange woman was young looking, but her eyes were ancient. The reddish blonde youth greeted the amazingly beautiful woman, "How are you? Have we met?"

The beauty held out her hand and said, "Nah, but you've met my sister, Arty."

Allison shook her hand as her eyes lit up and said, "Have you heard from Gay and Dana?"

The older woman smiled and said, "Nah, I wish, Sis asked me to talk to you. My name is Dite. Can I call you Allison?"

The young woman smiled and replied, "Of course, why don't we go and talk in the den."


Bal watched his young nemesis take a beautiful woman into the den. The woman looked familiar. It was well known that Allison prefered woman to men, so Bal thought it was just another conquest for his vivacious adversary.


Allison offered Dite a seat and then sat herself. Dite handed her a photocopy of three messages and asked, "Did you send these?"

Allison read the messages and asked with grave concern, "Where did you get these?"

Dite smiled and answered, "Sis gave them to me. She said these were letters from you to Gay and Dana."

Allison was visibly upset, "This is my handwriting, but I never wrote these. What must they think of me? Oh my goodness."

Dite sat next to the young girl and held her and soothingly said, "That's why I'm here Babe to straighten this out. So don't give it another thought. Now, we gotta think, Babe. Who delivered these?"

Allison thought for a second and responded, "We have a network set up. Karen personally delivers it to a dry cleaner in Arlington. Let me call Karen."

Allison went to her desk and paged Karen. When Karen answered the page, Allison told her to come to the den. Allison look up at Dite and queried, "While we wait, is there something I can get, a drink perhaps?"

Dite brightened and answered, "Yeah, can you get me one of those fruity things with the umbrellas. I really think those rock."

Allison almost laughed and buzzed the bar, "Walter, bring me a lemonade and my guest a pina colada to the den. Thanks."


The drinks beat Karen in. She had been outside handling a security matter. Karen could see that Allison was upset about something, which prompted her to ask, "What is wrong, Your Majesty?"

Allison walked to Karen and handed her the letters and said "Read these."

Karen asked, "What are these?"

Allison replied, "These are my last three letters to my Consorts."

Karen looked shocked and stated flatly, "No, they're not."

Dite looked up from her drink and asked, "How would you know? Aren't the letters sealed or something in an envelope or something like that?"

Karen smiled at her young charge and laughed. She said with near tears in her eyes, "Of course, big envelopes. See Allison writes long flowery letters, full of poetry and stuff. Usually her letters are nine, ten pages long. Nothing short like this. It's a running joke around here about giving our couriers hernias from her letters."

Dite looked at the blushing consort, who just gave a half smile and a shrug to acknowledge the truth, and remembered she was still just a teenager. 'Of course, she would put all that mushy dopey stuff in her letters. Dana and Gay probably got a lot of joy from those letters, which also would mean that these letters were all the more hurtful,' thought Dite.

Karen stopped laughing with a realization and said, "Someone in our network is a spy."


Allison spent the next two hours writing her lovers a new letter. She apologized and begged their forgiveness. She wrote of her undying love and her devotion to them both. She also wrote that each time she sent correspondence, she would put something in the envelope that would prove it was her letter beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Karen and Dite were deep in a discussion on who was the possible leak. Karen left with three possibilities and went to check them out. "Hey, Babe, I gotta fly, but give me the letter and I'll see it's delivered," Dite said as she handed the young woman a business card, "Listen, from now on send all your messages through this service. My brother operates it and he'll see that nothing happens to your letters."

Dite saw the look on the cute blonde's face and said, "We have a big family."

Allison chuckled, "Obviously."

The card read 'Winged Feet Courier Service' and gave an address, phone and fax in Forest Lawn. Karen smiled and asked, "You sure you're not going to stay for the rest of the party?"

Dite smiled and said, "No my hubby is waiting and he gets a little hot under the collar sometimes. So I'd better forge ahead."

"Oh one more thing," Dite said as she was leaving, "Stay away from that Lucifer guy. He's tricky. This whole thing smells of him, not my bro. My bro is more of straightforward kind of guy. This tricky kind of slight of hand is more Lucy's still. You they call him the Master of Deception. You should keep that in mind."


True to her word Dite delivered the letter to Dana and Gay less than an hour later. Dana and Gay spent several delightful hours reading and joking about the mushy letter from their lovesick teenaged lover. Dana excited said, "Look, she's coming for Easter."

Gay looked at her lover's swollen eye and said, "We have to do something special. Let's think on it."

"Okay," replied Dana as she rubbed her sore back.

Gay felt a little guilty over the punishment she delivered to her tall lover, so she offered, "Is there some way I can make the pain go away?"

Dana raised an eyebrow and responded, "What did you have in mind?"

Gay crawled over and leaned her lover back and passionately kissed her. Dana smiled and said, "That's a start."


Gay brushed back the hair of her dark lover and began to pull and tug the clothes off the tall woman's taunt body. Dana arched her back and lifted her legs to aid in her red-haired lover's quest. Gently Gay rolled Dana onto her stomach. The smaller woman poured heated oil onto her dark lover's back. Slowly and affectionately she rubbed the oil into the tall woman's muscular back.

When the green-eyed woman encountered a taunt muscle she massaged it out. Dana gave no sign of consciousness except for the occasional moan. After finishing her back, the young warlord poured fresh lubricant onto each of the Conqueror's tired legs. Insistently the golden-haired consort rubbed heated lubricant into her lover's tight legs. As the sensuous massage neared the raven-haired woman's center, she began to breathe in gasping spurts. The smell of her love's juices filled the air as her consort continued to rub the warm oil into her sweetheart's tired thighs.

Dana was lost in a sensual haze. The luxurious massage had built up a well of desire in her center. Gay leaned over and whispered into her partner's ear, "Are you ready for the next phase of my treatment plan?"

The Conqueror could barely whisper, "Yes."

Using her right hand, Gay inserted two fingers between Dana's moist lips. The attentive lover pumped her moist fingers slowly in the wet opening. With her free hand she massaged the outer portion of her lover's wet lips, carefully avoiding her love's clit.

After several strokes, Gay stopped every thing and was rewarded with an exasperated sigh. The Conqueror's Consort leaned forward to face her lover and green eyes looked into pleading blue eyes. They locked eyes. Dana's breathing was shallow and rasping.

The smaller woman rolled her lover unto her back and gently laid her body onto her larger partner. The young blonde got to her knees and poured oil along her love's breasts, down her stomach and then back up her cleveage. Sensuously she again lowered her body on the lover. Then the golden-haired woman began to rub her body against her mate. Soon both their torsos were covered with warn oil. Placing her thigh between her sweetheart's legs, the infamous warlord, began to stimulate the dark woman's damp lips.

Shifting her position one more time the young warrior matched her opening to her lovers. Both women began to gyrate against each other to build up friction. Slowly the pace increased. Dana was the closest, but she concentrated on letting her young lover catch up. Occasionally, their clits would brush and a wave of ecstasy would flow through the women. Finally, both women were arching their backs trying desperately to increase their contact until the Conqueror and her Consort exploded in a mutual orgasm.


The two women collapsed, spent. Gradually, they recovered enough to change their positions until they were holding each other. They shared a moment in each other's eyes and then Gay kissed the dark woman on her cheek and said, "If you ever hide something like that from me again, you are going to become immensely intimate with your own hand."


Six men sat around a large conference table discussing their next move. Each was a powerful CEO. Each had formed a private army. Each was waiting for the call to move in their area. Their plan was to split the western United States from eastern states. Their first goal was the Pacific States of California, Oregon and Washington.

The man at the head of the table asked, "We are now a full year behind schedule. What is going on here?"

The man furthest from him replied, "Allison Martin."

The man at the head of the table asked, "Why is she still alive?"

The man on his right responded, "She's protected from direct intervention. We cannot directly assault her. She's one of the three."

The man at the head of the table exclaimed, "Shit! We can corrupt her can't we?"

The man on his left retorted, "We have a plan in process as we speak. We are attempting to sever her ties to the three and then corrupt her."

The man furthest away interjected, "It won't work. She is too strong for such an obvious move. You need to be more subtle."

The man directly across from him rebutted, "Like you were in that attack on the palace."

The man at the head of the table shouted, "Enough. We will continue with the present operation, but I want another plan of action in place by the next meeting."

Continued in Part 2.

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