~ Seven Circles of Hell ~
by Willowluvyr

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Summary: It is the year 2036, the United States has built a maximum-security prison where you go in and can never get out. It is built in the middle of the desert where it is a four-day walk in any direction and is monitored by motion sensors and satellite imaginary.

It is called The William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Federal Prison (inside joke). The prisoners call it the Seven Circles of Hell. It is a lifer prison with no guards and no rules. The prisoners make their own rules. A tall, dark, blue-eyed female warrior who calls herself the Conqueror has ruled it for six years.

A young, green-eyed, golden-haired blond reporter is sent to Hell for a crime she didn't commit. A powerful and ruthless corporate raider must silence the young woman who learned too many secrets. Upon entering Hell, the young woman is given a vital mission that will lead her to the Conqueror.


Part 2

Chapter 1: The First Circle

Gay walked about 20 feet in front of the lead wagon. They hadn't gotten very far when they encountered their first inhabitants. Three scruffy looking men were standing in their path. Gay could see a fourth person lying in the fetal position behind the three men and to the right.

She stopped about ten yards from the dirty trio and signaled a halt. The others got into defensive positions and waited. One of the men stepped forward to within four yards of the small woman with other two slightly behind and said, "You must be the newbies our new bitch told us about. You can leave all that stuff with us and go you merry way. Of course after we have some fun together."

Gay knew words would be useless, so she attacked. The leader did see her close the staff in its graceful swing towards his hand, but the blow before he saw the blackness. Spinning into the one right she kicked with two roundhouses in combination. While jabbing her staff into the sternum of the third man. She, then, rendered them unconscious with single blows to their heads.

Gay went to exam the broken person, who used to be Raasham Jabbar. As she approached him he started sniveling and begging with incoherent speech. Gay soothed, "Raasham, remember me. It's Gay. Remember that I won't hurt you. The men that did this to you are unconscious."

"Are they dead?"


"Kill them, please, or they'll wake up and hurt me some more."

"No, they won't. I won't let them. Listen, we have a doctor with us. Can you let the Doctor help you."

"A doctor? Will he hurt me?"

"No. He won't hurt you. He wants to help you," she says as she signals for the Doctor to come over.

She starts to leave and he whines, "Don't leave me, please."

"I have to see to those bad men. I'll be back. The Doctor will take care of you," she said as she went toward the wagons.

"Tie them up," she ordered.

So Wash and Honey got some rope and went to tie up the three unconscious men. Gay watched the Doctor calmly and professionally coaxed the shattered young man into letting him examine him. Finally, he gave the young man something and saw the young falling asleep. He came to talk to her, "Gay, what they did to him is inhuman. He's been repeatedly rape over days. He probably has internal damage to his rectal area and to his testicles and penis. They forced him to ingest all their bodily fluids. Mentally, he's a vegetable. There's not much I can do for him except make him comfortable or ease his pain permanently."

"You mean kill him. Like you did to your patients to get here. Doctor did you learn nothing. You are a doctor, a healer. Your calling is to preserve life. Physically, do what you can for him. We'll work on the mental part when he's healthy and away from here.

Wash, get Tuck and get Raasham loaded onto one of the carts. Then tie these assholes to a different cart. They can walk. If they don't keep up, we'll drag a bit to get the point across to keep up. Then, we'll move out again."


She sat regally in her thrown listening to another petitioner ramble on about some scheme to cheat her people, when Scribbler whispered into her ear, "Your Majesty, the supplies have been sent. Then are being brought in by the newbies in carts. We need those supplies. How can those newbies hope to keep them? We must send someone to get them."

She held up her hand to signal Scribbler to wait a moment, so she could deal with this petitioner. "You obviously think I sit here thinking of ways to enhance my own comfort. You are sorely mistaken. I am already as comfortable as I need to be. Your scheme will help hundreds. I cannot condone it. However, since you obviously want to help me, as you put, I will let you. Thirty days in the recycling mines. Take him away."

"Scribbler, get Striker," she said while thinking, 'He sure has a lot of faith in that Wells woman. Her files say she is an Aikido master, while she'll have to be to keep those supplies and keep those people alive. I need their skills. Fredrick is a hunter. He'll be of some use. Scribbler is right. I must someone to take over.

Why does this woman haunt me so? The dreams about her have become quite ... VIVID. Something about her has aroused something in me.'

The entrance of Scribbler and Striker interrupted her thoughts. "Striker I need to go to the first level and find the supply wagons and bring them to me. And I need those newbies. They have skills I require. Don't hurt them unless you have to. Definitely don't kill them.

I have no idea what Warden Jefferies motives are, but there is something going on. I need to talk to this Wells woman, he might have told her something. Go and hurry. Take ten men that should do it."

"Your Majesty, it will take several days for us to get there. Can they survive that long?"

"I sent word to Magri that he should welcome our new residents as my guests. I also told him if any harm came to any of them, except that Martin woman. I made it clear that if he got any ideas, they would be his last thoughts."

"He will want a share of the supplies."

"Give him, a twentieth share, if he followed my instructions completely. Take a communicator, but don't lose it or break it. We don't have many left."

"Yes, Your Majesty," he said as he left thinking about who he would bring and what weapons and supplies they would need.

After a minor flash of green eyes flitter through her mind, the Conqueror said, "Next, petitioner."

A smile crossed her face, as she saw that he was not quite as anxious to present his petition as his predecessor was. 'They just don't understand me,' she thought.


When the ox cart caravan reach the exit of the processing tunnel, they were greeted with a magnificent sight. The air was clean and fresh. Fields of different hues and colors reach out forever. Looking up you could see the clear roof with the sunlight being filter onto the landscape. Birds flew into the rafters and then came in a circling spectacle. Gay noticed some farmers tending a nearby field. "Let's go get directions," she said as they descended the access platform.

The farmers noticed their approach and rose from their duties. "What do you what," said one of them that pushed her way forward? She did look well. Her eyes were hollow and her breathing labored."

"We have supplies for the Conqueror and seek her out. Can you direct us?"

"You best see a gatherer. Follow that road for two miles until you come to a crossroads. There will be a station house there."

"My thanks. I could not help to notice that you look ill. We have a doctor in our party. Do you require medical help?"

"How much?"

"We could use a meal. There are nine of us."

"We have more sick at the Village. We will feed and house you while you tend them and one day beyond."

"Deal," she could see by the look of the woman, Gay made a poor bargain. What the woman didn't know is that Gay would have required no payment. She only did that to salve the woman's pride, "Doctor, come and tend these people. If you need more supplies, let me know. One more question, do you have any law enforcement officials in your village? We have three criminals with us."

The woman had to laugh, "We are all criminals here, lady. What law there is, is handled by the Conqueror and her gathers."

" I do not wish to be burdened with these men further. Do have any village elders or like that?"

"We have the Headman, he may help you."

"Thank you. Doctor, when you are finished, we will go to their village and help them as well."


The Doctor heard her 'deal.' He chuckled and thought, 'What is doing here? This woman has too much compassion to have killed three people. There is no doubt about her ability to kill. It's her will. She doesn't seem to have it in her.'

When she called him over, he promptly went to work. This woman needed an antibiotic and a vitamin C shot. The next woman needed some salve for some skin carcinomas and a B1 shot. He tended each one of the eight people with care. It had been a long time since he done any real medicine. He suddenly realized; he was happy.


John Richie was happy as well. He was on the road again, in the field. He missed the days when they fought to consolidate the rule under the Conqueror. He missed the action. He missed the feel of steel. This was much better than being cooped up in that stupid palace. He knew the Conqueror hated it, too.

'But there was no helping that. She had to rule. She had to stay in control. He remembered the old days and all the killing, all the starvation. It was getting better. The roads were still not safe outside of the main villages, but it was better. All because of the Conqueror, may she rot in Hell,' he thought.


While the doctor tended the people, Honey went to check on Jabbar who was still lying in the fetal position, whimpering. She tried to comfort him. She, too, had been raped as a teenager and felt compassion toward the young punk. She petted and talked to him. Finally, he went to sleep. She thought, 'I must help him get through this.'


They entered the village and Gay was taken aback. There were children using a gristmill. Children who born in prison. A single tear ran down her cheek. They, however, seemed oblivious to their plight. Smaller children were playing some sort of running game. However, it was obvious that illness was ruling this village.

The woman, with whom Gay had made her deal stepped forward and said, "These people have a doctor with them. He will tend the sick. In return, we will give food and shelter for one day beyond his services. I have made this deal."

An elderly man moved forward. He must have been all of seventy. Yet, he still strode forward with strength and a youthful grace that defied his years. He spoke, "Li, you had no such authority. I am headman here. Yet, your deal is good. I will accept it. Welcome to the Village of Comra. Who is leader among."

Gay stepped forward, "I am leader. We must speak, but first let me instruct my physician."

The elder nodded his consent and said, "You may park your carts over in the untilled field. I would post a guard. We do not steal from our guest, but this area is not safe. Your people may use that hut . When you have completed your instruction, please join me in my hut."

Gay nodded her ascent and watch which hut he entered. She, then, told the others, "I'm going to ply that old man for information. Doctor, get to work. If you need any supply, come and get me. We will work in two-hour watches. Wash, you're first. Honey is second. Tuck take third watch and Walker takes fourth. Switch off every two hours. Be alert and keep a low profile. It present a smaller target."

She left to go to meet with the Headman. After she left Walker asked, "How come she doesn't have a watch. We all have to watch but not her. She just gives orders."

Wash answered him; "She is our best fighter. She fought the raiders while we hung back. She will need all her strength to protect these carts. She will need her sleep."

"Does that make her better than us," asked Walker?

Honey, then, spoke, "Here it does. Do you want to meet Jabbar's fate?"

Walker looked at the cringing figure on the carts and then went to get off the cart and into their hut.


Gay entered the large hut and found it full of boxes, crates and other items. The older man was seated on one of the boxes. "Join me and have a seat. Would you like some canned peaches? They are a weakness of mine," he said as he offered her one of his cans. She accepted the can and opened it with one of knives; the other was concealed in her boot. She smelled the peaches and found they had not gone bad and proceeded to eat them with her blade. She smiled at the sweet favor. She like peaches as well.

He chuckled as he thought, 'She is not as innocent and trusting as I thought. She was caution and searching for a trap. Yes, not trusting at all. She couldn't have been trusting and innocent and made it here. This woman carried herself without fear. She was dangerous.'

So, he decided to treat her with respect and said, "Thank you for you aid. We were a dying village and I couldn't stop it with canned peaches and pork'n'beans."

"No need for thanks, it was a straight barter."

He laughed out loud and said, "I am not my granddaughter. She was fooled by your gesture. I was not. She thinks one day she will be Headwoman, but she won't be. She's not savvy enough. I would ask you to stay, but you are too savvy.

She knew, as did you that your services were worth much more than bed and bored. But you sought to assuage our pride. You are smart. I, also, saw how you stood there ready for trouble; your staff is such an extension of yourself. What discipline, may I ask?"

"Aikido, master level."

"Ah, then you could take this entire village and we could do little to stop you. You are a dangerous woman. I have met your like before. She, now, rules here. I would give up my peaches to be there when you two meet."

"These supplies are for her. I seek her out. Can you give me direction to get there?"

"I can put you on the right road. But first we must have a feast in your honor and for the healing that you bring. For now, accept my thanks. You may take anything in this hut you may need. It is the least we can do. We will talk long into the night after the feast. I think."

"That we will."


Gay joined the others in their hut and told them of her experience. She said, "Boy, that old man is sharp. I'm going to have another conversation with him tonight. Additionally, I have been given Carte Blanche over their village treasure. I'll probably hit it kind of hard, because we need some goods of our own. I'll leave him the peaches though. I like the old guy."


It had been a very good banquet. The villagers needed it more than they did. They had lived with a dying village for months. Now, they would survive. It was definitely a joyous vacation for the villagers from their drudgery. Gay now sat in the Headman's hut and waited for what all this was going to cost her.

"You will stay in here. I am sure you will want to go through boxes. Additionally, you need some distancing from your men. A good warlord can't get too attached."

She started to argue that she wasn't a warlord, but upon reflection, she knew she was. She had a military force and a supply train. 'Was he doing this out of fear,' she asked herself? 'No, he wasn't afraid. He wanted something.'

So she decided to ask, "Can I have the check please? Do you take plastic?"

The old man chuckled, "You are good. Yes, I have a price.

I am an old man and my only heir is not fit to rule. We have no healer, nor do we have enough men to reproduce properly. Males are in short supply here. Most are taken to join the First Circle's Army.

I want the three male prisoners you have. I need their seed and their labor."

"That's no price. I want rid of them anyway. What else?"

"I want you to take my granddaughter into your army. I, also, want your doctor to take one of my people as an apprentice to learn healing. Should they survive, they will come back here. Then, they will have the skills my village needs."

"Anything else?"

"That's it. I will send my granddaughter and our herbist to see you. I would appreciate it if you tell them they are the price for your aid. I don't want them to know of my plans for them."

"You are a sharp old fart. Okay, but send Honey, too."

"Okay," he said as he left to make the arrangements.


Gay sat in the hut with Honey and said, "Honey, you are going to be my second in command. Wash will be our chief scout. Each day you and the others will meet me at dusk for combat training. I am now a warlord."

"You, a warlord, why?"

"Look at us from their eyes. We are a small army moving from village to village. I gave the old man the criminals. He has given us the stuff in this room plus two females, one of which is his granddaughter."

"What do we need with them?"

"Look around, who lead after the old man dies?"

"His granddaughter?"

"Correct, is she capable?"

"No, oh," she said as the reasoning dawned on her, "We're training the brat. What about the other girl?"

"She will be assigned to assist the Doctor."

Again recognition dawned on Honey's face. She decided she didn't need to say anything further. Gay continued, " The old man is bringing them here in a few minutes. I want you to take the girl to Doc and tell him that the girl is the new apprentice. After you do that, you will come back here.

That girl has been a princess in this village and needs to be stripped down and rebuilt. We are going to do just that. We are going to rape her tonight and make her do some very humiliating things. Then, you are going to be awarded her as a prize. Then, it's up to you. We don't want to break her, just humble her a bit.

Additionally, she will receive combat training. Bring her with you as a pet whenever we strategize or talk. She'll learn a lot by just listening."

At that point the two girls were brought into the hut by the old man, who said, "Are these the two you wanted."

"Yes, they are," Gay responded, "You may leave."

Gay circled them like a predator. When the granddaughter started to speak, Gay struck her with a backhanded slap. The girl collapsed to the floor. Gay said, "You will speak when spoken to. What is your name slave?"

"Li," she said tentatively.

Then she blurted out, "But we had a deal."

"You grandfather and I made another deal, " she said as she kick the girl in the side, "You spoke out of turn."

"Honey take the quiet one to Doc. He needs a new assistant. You will stay here," she said as she looked to girl lying on the ground. Honey left with the other girl.

"Go and get a wash tub and draw me some water. I want to bathe."

The girl nodded and left hurriedly. She didn't want another beating.


Two of villagers brought in a large wash tub and started filling it with buckets of hot water. When the tub was full, Li stood awaiting further instruction. Gay noticed her upturned nose and decided she needed a little more humbling. Gay said, "You may undress me, now."

The girl was in shock and didn't move. So, Gay said, "Undress now or I will whip you until you bleed."

Hurriedly the girl started undress the older woman with trembling hands. Tears streaked her cheek and her face was a beet red despite the girl's tan. Gay put her hand on the girl's shoulder as she stepped out of her pants and underwear. The girl had to get on her knees to remove the shorter woman's underwear. Gay took this opportunity to force the girl's face into her slit. She laughed and then released her.

The girl was openly sobbing now. Gay gingerly got into the hot water and then leaned back into the tub. Then she said, "Well, get out of those clothes girl and get in this tub."

She looked like she was about to bolt when Honey entered the hut. Gay said, "Honey will you teach our slave a little obedience. Strip her and spank her bottom red."

Honey grabbed the girl and ripped her clothes off. Honey, then, bent her over a box and spanked her with the girl leather belt. Li started screaming. So, Honey stuffed the Gay's underwear into Li's mouth and tied the girl's hands behind her back. Then, she started spanking the small girl under her bottom was on fire. Honey untied the crying girl without removing the gag.

Gay, then, ordered, "Girl, remove Honey's clothes."

The girl removed Honey's clothes immediately. Gay, then, got up and said, "I'm finished bring a towel and dry me. Your turn Honey."

Honey entered the wash tub, while Li dried Gay. Gay touched the girl constantly by stroking her hair and rubbing her body. Finally, she removed the gag and kissed the girl deeply and passionately. She could feel the girl respond. Gay reached down and felt the girl's slit which was very wet. Gay said, "Honey, this girl is very excited. Aren't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I think she needs a bath, don't you, Honey."

"Yes, I think she needs a bath."

"Li, go bathe with Honey. Honey, have fun. I'm going to check on the others. Girl obey her or I will strip your hide."


After Honey drop off Doc's new assistant, she left her with the Doctor who said, "What's your name child?"


"Well, Tiffany, can you read?"


He gave her a book and said, "Read this when you get time. Now, tell me what you know about the local herbs and plants."

Tiffany started telling the Doctor everything she knew.


Gay went to the common barracks and talk to them about what was going on and how she planned to organize their army. When she was finished she went to check on the wagons. Then she returned to her hut to find the girl between Honey's legs as she lay on a bunch of blankets licking and sucking her cunny lips.

Gay went to her cot and watched the show while leaning on one arm. She said to Honey, "The girl seems to be enjoying herself."

Honey panted, "Me, too."

Gay got up and walked behind the girl. She saw the girl's juices running down the girl's leg. Gay kneeled down and started working her fingers into the girls slit. First one, the girl was really tight. Gay hit her virginal wall. So she stopped her penetration and starting pinching the girl's clit. Soon she and Honey exploded in orgasm. Gay went back to her bed and made the girl suck her clit to orgasm. The girl crawled into bed with Gay. But Gay said, "I have decided to give you to Honey. Go with her."

Gay saw the defeat in the girl's shoulders.


Continued in Part 3.

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