~ Blood Lust ~
by Tiggster

Disclaimer: MCA and RenPic owns the copyrights to Xena, Gabrielle, and Argo, the characters in this story, my use of them is purely selfish because they are great personalities for use in fanfic. Please do not reprint this story without permission of the author.

This story discusses a new way to resolve a warrior's bloodlust, and is not for the weak hearted. It is graphic in nature with its portrayal of a same sex relationship, and some feel gory because it discusses the cycle of our beloved bard, please be warned.

Occasionally the darkness takes my soul...and the area it goes is not for the faint-hearted!


I am leading Argo down the dusty road toward the next village; small hips sway in front of us as her staff taps the dirt in time with her steps. We are making little progress today and seem to be spending more time aggravating each other then traveling. The reason? Apparently, we want to.

She was not easy to wake up this morning and her mood hasn't changed much as the candlemarks go by. Even after I found the fresh berries for lunch she is still withdrawn and sullen. I say a small prayer to the goddess of patience to help me get through the rest of the day.

I pause in step, turning my head slightly and smelling the sweetness in the air. I chuckle to myself, now knowing the reason for her behavior today. I should have realized it sooner. Striding up behind her, I quickly take her smaller body in my arms hugging her close, my lips just above her ear. "Why didn't you tell me? We could have stayed at camp?.taken it easy today."

She struggled a little before leaning against me and relaxing. "You seemed to want to get to the village."

I notice her voice cracking, her resolve giving. "Come on." I pull her toward Argo and lift her into the saddle. I climb up behind her, pushing her forward with my body as I settle in. She leans against me as I knee Argo toward the village. My only thoughts are of making my bard as comfortable as possible. My free hand finds its way to her lower back where I caress it gently trying to relieve some of her pain.

Near nightfall we enter the small village. Smoke tendrils from small fires lazily lift toward the sky in the pale purple of the drawing evening. I pull Argo to a stop and start to slide from the saddle to lead her into the village.

"Please stay here with me." She pleads softly.

I silently agree and heel Argo toward a small inn. Arriving in front of the small rock and clay building I help Gabrielle down from the saddle. Her body slides down mine; I can feel her heat, smell her sweetness, almost taste her skin. I fight to control my desires. For some reason when she cycles, I become uncontrollable and hunger for her even more.

"Thank you, Xena." Gabrielle whispers against me chest.

I ask her to stay in front of the inn as I lead Argo to the stables behind the building. "I will be back later to groom you." I tell Argo as I scratch her ear before carrying the saddle and bags back to my waiting bard.

Throwing the bags over my shoulder, I open the door to the inn. The smell of food and a wood fire greet me. There are very few people in the room as I step over the threshold, followed closely by my bard. I stop at the counter to ask for a room and a hot meal.

The innkeeper offers, "8 dinars."

I know it is an outrageous price, but I am not in the mood to haggle. "Throw in a hot bath?"

"Agreed!" He smiles as he gives me the key.

I make my way to the back table Gabrielle is sitting at. She is sitting on the bench, her legs stretched out to rest on the other bench as she leans against the wall. I can tell by her face that she is uncomfortable and tired. Setting the saddle down next to the table I slide next to her.

The innkeeper approaches quickly with two plates of stew, bread, and two mugs of port.

"I know you don't like port, Gabrielle, but please drink some it will help."

She smiles weakly as she eats her supper.

With the meal complete, I walk up to the bar to order two more ports. When I turn back around, a drunk has taken my spot on the bench. Shaking my head I carry the two mugs back. Someone should have warned him not to mess with a cycling bard.

Before I can cover the small space between the bar and the table, the drunk is laying of the floor clutching between his legs. Setting down the mugs, I grab his collar and lift him to his feet and escort him to the door. I growl in his ear, "your lucky she got you first! She left it attached, I wouldn't have been that nice!"

Returning to the table I ask her if she is ready to go our room.

Slowly nodding she stands and follows me down the hall. I open the door and look around. Though the room is small, it is well lit by candles. Two windows are open to allow the slight evening breeze to cool the room. A fireplace is along the wall but not lit. In the center of the room a tub sits full of hot water.

Setting down the saddle and bags, I quickly begin adjusting the room for my purposes. I pull the pallet coverings from the bed to lay them in front of the fireplace, leaving the windows open I start a small fire to warm the area near the blankets, and then step over to help my bard out of her clothes.

"Xena, what are you doing, I can't take a bath now." She bats my hands away.

"Yes you can. Please don't make me throw you in that tub clothes and all." I smile cruelly.

"You wouldn't?" She looks at me questioningly. "Yes you would."

I leave her to undress while I remove my armor and boots. She is standing next to the tub when I finish.

"You are going to join me?" Her face questioning again.

It's at times like this that I wish she has experienced more in life, but I love her the way she is. "Yes, my bard."

She looks at me as she steps into the tub. Glancing down at her thigh I notice something, but say nothing as I fight to control my own desire. Stepping in behind her, I sit down and pull her down into my lap. We settle in the hot water and enjoy the closeness as I whisper words of love in her ear. My hands caressing her body, lightly washing the road grime from her. My thoughts are far away on my own lust and desire as I try and fight for control.

After a short bath with more cuddling then washing we step from the tub. I run the drying cloth over her body, enjoying the feel and response. As I am drying myself off, I turn to see her looking for her breeches.

"Gabrielle, you wont need those."

"Yes I will to help catch the?." Her eyes lower to the floor.

"Come here, Gabrielle." My voice commanding but not harsh.

She slowly approaches me, her head down.

"Gabrielle, I want you. I need you. Tonight will be no different then any other." I speak softly into her hair as I pull her into a gentle embrace.

"But?. Xena." Her voice falters.

Lifting her face with my finger, I begin softly kissing her, it turns more passionate and lingering. She responds with a moan and leans into my body. Her responses and the sweet smell from her body cause my knees to go weak. Picking her up as I deepen the kiss, her legs wrap around my waist and I make my way to the blankets in front of the fire.

Kneeling with her, I slowly lean forward pressing her into the blankets. "By the Gods, you are beautiful!" I whisper in her ear as I settle my body between her legs and against her wet center. I can feel the warmth of her center knowing it is more than just her excitement. I lift slightly to look down at my lower stomach to see the small pinkish wetness coating my body. I close my eyes taking a deep breath to control my need, remembering I must please her first.

"Xena, what about the pain?" She questions as her fingers caress my cheek.

"This will help it, the warmth of the fire and my body. You will see." I tell her as I begin to kiss her neck and shoulder.

Her body responds to my touch as I continue to kiss and caress her. My hands kneading her backside as I pull her into my body. Her thighs wrap around my hips and settle across my own backside. I continue to grind against her feeling her wetness growing as it flows from her body. Slowly sliding down I press my stomach against her center and begin to run my tongue across one breast and then the other. I can feel their hardness, I know they are sensitive so I try and use the gentlest of caresses. Her hips begin to grind against me as her own excitement grows.

Releasing the nipple I had been sucking, I lean up to kiss her again. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No." She purrs as our eyes meet.

"Gabrielle tell me now, before I do something we may regret." I look at her questioning.

She brushes my dark hair from my face, her eyes telling me before her words. "Xena, I trust you. I love you. I want?. No, I need this. You can't stop now. Please?!"

I smile at her before kissing her again. My desire now blazing out of control as her nails dig into my back. I slowly begin licking down her body. I pause for a few minutes to lick her nipple again. Causing her to arch into my body and her nails to sink into my shoulders. Licking my way lower I pause to lick around her belly button, tasting her on my tongue as I lick at the pinkish stickiness I find there. Kneeling above her I can taste her sweetness in the air as well as smell it. Thinking, 'Gods she drives me crazy with need.'

I run my hand along my own stomach and pause as I rub across the gooey wetness and growl as my own needs continue to grow. I need to taste her. My head begins to lower toward her center, as she suddenly sits up and pulls my head up with my hair to meet her eyes. My lips pull back in a feral grin, a low growl in my throat. I enjoy the pain, and try to pull away to reach my goal. Her fingers sink deeper into my hair as she holds me firmly from my goal. My eyebrow raises as I meet her stare with one of my own. Again, I try to lower my head to her sweet smelling center.

"Xena?" Her voice calls to me.

I lift my eyes to meet hers again, glancing down at her open thighs, the wetness and blood so close. Her hands hold me firmly in place, unable to reach my goal, my own hand close to my center to pleasure myself should I get to taste her. My glare turns soft as I look into her desire glazed green eyes. "Gabrielle, please?" I beg.

A soft smile curves her full lips; "You will turn around warrior. I will not allow you to pleasure yourself. Only I can release you from your needs."

Her command sinks in. I realize what she wants. She needs to taste me as much as I need to taste her. Using my hands I press her down again and quickly change positions, kneeling above her face. My face inches from its goal. Her sweet smell assaulting my senses again.

Growling my head lowers to lick across her wetness. The sweet and coppery taste causes me to growl again as I slip my tongue into her darkness and taste my bard. My body responds to her taste, as my own wetness begins to slide down my thighs. I feel her warm tongue begin to slowly lick it off as her hot breathe caresses my center.

My own carnal pleasure sedated quickly as we quickly fall into the abyss of release. Long after she has stopped sucking on me, I continue to lap at her juices, needing and wanting more. My own pleasure derived from the squirming of my bard beneath my tongue. I change my position to kneel between her legs and continue to suck on her sweetness, enjoying the taste of her blood.

Finally, after many of her own releases, she pushes my head away from her body. "Xena, no more?. Please?stop."

Looking at my hands, I am glad her eyes are still closed as she tries to catch her breath. I quickly move to the side of the tub and wash my hands and face before returning to her side and holding her tightly. She throws her arm and leg over me in her normal sleeping position as I pull a blanket over our naked bodies. As she drifts off in my arms, crossing the threshold to the land of Morpheus, she whispers, "thank you, it does feel better."

Kissing the top of her head, I let her slip away, enjoying the taste that still lingers in my mouth and the stickiness that still covers my stomach and thighs. I slip a finger between her open thighs, withdrawing it I slip into my mouth thinking, 'A Warrior's bloodlust can only be controlled so long? Now it will be easier with my bard near and agreeable to my needs.'

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