~ The Gang's All Here ~
by Teagen2

Violent Content Warning: This story does contain scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Content Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author's Notes: This is my very first official posting. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com

Part 1

Little did I know as I patrolled Giller Street today, I would be stunned speechless. My eight years with the LAPD has given the opportunity on many occasions, but it hasn't happened until now. As a supervisor of CRASH, the department's narcotic and gang unit, I arrived to find one very green rookie and his partner in a mixed conversation. I get out of the car to see one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever laid eyes on, being detained by the officers. She was dressed causally in stone washed blue jeans, solid white shirt, and nice, black, hiking-type shoes. A black baseball cap, turned backwards, was sitting on top of her reddish blonde hair. She was leaning back against a retaining wall handcuffed.

I strode toward them extending to my full six feet. I must have seemed intimidating with my LAPD t-shirt with my badge hanging from a chain around my neck, my black cargo pants and boots. She glanced at me with a beautiful set of green eyes. I smiled at her, I can't believe I smiled! "What's up?" I ask my veteran and the rookie chimes in.

"I was sitting in the Amoco parking lot and I saw this young lady walking from the bus stop to the Daco market and back. She was acting suspiciously, so I rode up on her and starting questioning her. No I.D., looks like she may be involved with the Hell Cats on this side."

"Burns?" I asked.

"I came out of the Amoco to see Jenkins and the cruiser sitting here. He had already handcuffed the suspect and was frisking her."

I wasn't about to voice it, but I didn't see the real reason she was being detained. "Hi." I addressed her. She politely nodded her head. I highly doubt she is a gang member. None of them ever give us respect. "What's your name?"

"Gabby Taylor."

"How old are you?"


"Gabby, have you ever been arrested for anything?"

"No," she said quietly.

"Are you a member of the Giller street Hell Cats?"

"No," she said without hesitation.

"Do you know why you're being detained?"

"No, I didn't do anything. I was just walking." Surprisingly, she didn't seem upset or distraught.

"Okay. We are going to cut you loose. Thank you for being patient." Jenkins uncuffed her with a scowl on his face. Without looking back, she began walking. I watched her walk down the sidewalk and out of sight.

"Jenkins, what the hell did you stop her for?" Burns yelled. "She didn't do anything."

"I told you she was . . . "

"Walking. Big deal." I finished for him. "Jenkins, get off your high horse, okay? It's not about how many people we can hassle a day, all right? You two get going."

As I rode my very familiar route of patrol, Gabby Taylor's face was burned into my mind. She was cute, very cute. She stood a whopping five four, but she looked cut, to say the least. I wasn't about to tell my officers 'I'm as straight as a maze.' Though, that's just who I am. The Hell Cats worked their business here. There was no question about that. They are an all female gang that have been here since the early eighties. A tough bunch of customers, they deal drugs and shoot at male gang members who taunt them. I was praying Gabby wasn't one of them. If I ever see her again, I vow to ask her out on the spot. I could tell by the looks she gave me, she played on my team.

I rounded the corner of Tucker and Giller Street to see three females sitting on a bench. One of them was Gabby. I pulled up next to the group in my unmarked police vehicle. They all exchange glances before turning their attention to me. I step out of the car and place my forearms on the top of the car. "Hey, Gabby. Can I talk to you for a second?" As she stood, I took in the slightly oversized khaki cargos and black tanktop.

"What did I do now?" Her smile took the sting out of the statement as she mirrored my leaning on the opposite side of the car. "What's up, Ze?"

"How did you know my first name?" I asked questionably.

"You arrested my cousin six weeks ago for carrying weed. When I described you to her, she said your name was Zena Walker."

"Who's that?"

"Little Bear." My heart stopped. 'Little Bear' is a dangerous member of the Hell Cats. I've nailed her ass on several occasions. No matter, Gabby can't help who her family is. True, she did dress urban, but that doesn't prove anything.

"Ahhh. I hope she's staying out of trouble."

"What do you think?" she smiled. Oh gods, she's sweet.

"Well, I was wondering if you would like to go try the new fast food joint around the corner?" She looked back at her comrades, who had grins on their faces. "Come on. I'll buy."

"Cool. Why not?...This isn't a trick to arrest me is it?" she smiled again. I threw the keys at her. She caught them in her right hand.

"You drive." Her jaw literally hit the ground. She tossed the keys back and got into the car without a word.

"So, how long have you lived on Giller?" I asked, taking a bite of an onion ring.

"Raised here. It's not the safest place, but it's home." I noticed she had a very healthy appetite. Either, she didn't eat often, or she enjoyed eating. "How long have you been a cop?"

"Eight years. I'm a supervisor for Crash." I paid close attention to her facial expressions. It didn't seem to bother her in the least. "Can I ask you a personal question?"


"How many people in your family are Hell Cats?" She looked at me sideways.

"Is that what this is?" she spat. "You want to know about the HC bangers!" She stood so suddenly, I was surprised. "You didn't ask me here because you wanted to!"

"Hold on." I jumped up. "It was just an honest question. I asked you out, okay? I'm sorry. You don't have to talk about anything you don't want to talk about." Uh oh. The cat's out of the bag. I said a little too much. Gabby sat back down and looked me in the eye. I sat slowly, not breaking eye contact.

"My cousin is Little Bear. My aunt is Big J and my sister was Mousey," she said sadly. "She was killed by two guys from the Southside Switches about a year ago." Her eyes fell to the table.

"I'm sorry. Big J is one of the founding members. She shot at me last month as a matter of fact." Gabby looked up quickly.

"She didn't hurt you, did she?"

"Nah, her aim isn't as good as it used to be." I heard a soft chuckle that gradually escalated into a full-fledged laugh.

"You're right about that," she laughed.

"Look, Gabby. I know you're taking a big risk being here with me. I'm probably high on the HC's 187 list. I will never ask you for information about your family. I'm only interested in . . . you." She leaned all the way over the table, until her lips were an inch from my ear.

"I don't know how you know I swing that way, but I'm not afraid of HC's." She flicked her tongue over my earlobe, sending a shiver down my spine. She returned to her original position. "Besides, no HC messes with Little G." she said making a peace sign circling it over her heart, a street sign for independence. "I'm not in, but I have my indy sisters." I smiled. Very few independents exist in that neighborhood. All things considered, Gabby is a high ranking young lady with the HC's by birth right and not by choice.

"Well, I'll give you a ride back home."

I know it's dangerous around Giller toward the late evening hours. Gabby indicated a corner she wanted to be dropped off at. She extended her hand palm up. She proceeded to give me a buddy shake, going from flat palms to interlacing our curled fingers. I'm glad I at least made a friend. Being a police officer can make you very unpopular. "If you're interested, you can pick me up here tomorrow," she said as she exited the car and held the car door open.

"What time? I'm off."

"Whenever, but can you bring your own ride?"

"Sure. How about ten?"

"In the morning?"

"Too early?" I grinned.

"Nah. I'll be here. Later," she said as she closed the door and then waved.

"Ohhh damn." I said to myself as I moved toward my aunt's. "She is gorgeous." The height is what struck me. She had to be at least five eleven or six-foot. I must be out of my freakin' mind to be messing with 5 'O'. My aunt will bitch slap me if she finds out, but it's worth it. I want to get laid! Not by some street hoe that wants into a club I'm not even in. I'm officially a Hell Cat by birth, not by choice. Some girls would give their left leg to just get in good with the HC's. I just wish I could get out of this shit, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon.

As usual, Big J's is the place. Two women were sitting on our porch smoking blunts. How can they mess with that stuff? It's for junkies and trash, not me. As I climb the steps, Jag extends her hand. I shake in the HC manner. "What's up, Little G?"

"Nothin'." I continue past the people in the living room. A few acknowledged my presence. I unlock the two padlocks on my bedroom door and slip in only to reattach those padlocks on the other side. It's the only way I can keep people out of my stuff, what little stuff I have. My worldly possessions are a nice wardrobe, a cd player, ten CDs, a small tv, and a couple of baseball caps. Most of the money I get from my aunt goes to my clothes. You got to look the part for people to let you be. I just wish I could get out of this shit hole. Ze may be my way out. I can safely say I am in love with this woman. After two encounters, I must be nuts. I am tired of hearing gun shots in my backyard at night. I'm tired of people dying around me. I'm tired of walking the streets and being afraid. You never know when one of those bastards will throw down on you. I flopped down onto my old mattress and fell into a restless sleep.

I knew it was a rare sight to see Little G out this early. I usually slept till at least noon because of the noise in the house keeping me up at night. But here I was, standing at Mason's corner at nine fifty. Boa, called so because on the snake tattoo curled around her arm, struck up a conversation as she passed. Boa was an old school friend of mine. She dropped out a year before I graduated. Through my sister, she got into the club. She was the only one that I knew of that was a lesbian. She assured me we weren't the only ones. I didn't know whether she was telling the truth or what.

Suddenly, a black Jeep pulled up to the curb. I recognized Zena right away. Luckily she was dressed in civvy's and not her uniform. "Yo, what's up, Ze?" I reached through the cab and gave a her a shake. "Ze, this is my friend, Boa." I chucked a thumb in her direction over my shoulder. Boa thrust her chin up in acknowledgment.

"Later, Little G." I saw Ze's expression change ever so slightly as she watched me give an HC shake. She obviously recognized it, but said nothing. I climbed into the jeep and off we were.

Ze had removed the top and doors, so the air flowed over us. It felt really good. As we stopped at a red light, a woman waved at me, throwing a Hell Cat sign.

"Fuck." I said quietly in annoyance as I returned the sign. "If you want me to get out, I'll understand." She turns her sunglassed-covered eyes to me.

"Why? You don't want to go?" She actually sounded disappointed. She turned back to the road as the light changed.

"It's not that. I thought you wouldn't want a Hell Cat family member in your car."

"Doesn't bother me. You're not hanging with them and doing anything illegal, are you?"

"No, of course not. It's just that, on the streets I am a Hell Cat whether I wanna be or not."

"Doesn't bother me," she repeated. "So what do you want to do?"

"I have no clue."

"Ever been to the Santa Monica boardwalk?"


"You want to go? They've got great pizza and everything else you could possibly want."

"Sounds great." I smiled. I've always heard about the boardwalk, but never been there.

As we walked past numerous shops and street venders, it surprised me how much she opened up to me. "My mother died three years after I was born. My other aunt, Doris, was supposed to take us, but she left the country on a research grant. So, we went to our next relative, Big J. Believe it or not, she doesn't preach that gang life B.S. to me. She gave that up years ago when I wouldn't jump in."

"You are a remarkable woman." I smiled at her when we made eye contact. "If there were more people like you, they wouldn't need half as many people like me."

"Yeah, but my sister bought it. Hook, line, and sinker. You know what the sad part is? Marcos, the guy who shot her, was her ex-boyfriend of a year. They broke up when Marcos found out she was a Hell Cat, not because of some gang hatred on her part." I paid close attention to every word that came out of her mouth. I was sitting in the presence of greatness. Gabby has more strength than the entire West Coast combined.

She began to fidget a bit, becoming uncomfortable with the topic. "How do you know so much about Santa Monica? Used to live here or something?" she asked.

"Nope. My first assignment after the academy was bike patrolling the pier. Now they have a unit called Pacific Blue that operates out of the Santa Monica PD."

"Cool. Have you ever been shot or anything?"

"Yeah. Right here." I pointed to the left side of my ribcage. "I took a nine millimeter and here," I pointed to my right leg. "I was hit with a spray from a pump action twelve gauge."

"Wow. Were you scared?"

"Hell ya. I was terrified. I thought I was gonna die." I answered truthfully. "Both times." I added.

"What made you want to go back to doing cop work, knowing it could happen any time?"

"I have to. I want to make streets safer for kids to play in and hopefully get through to more teenagers."

"Cops are the enemy to most people. When their parents stop banging, maybe the kids will too," she said.

"Whoa, its two o'clock already." I said glancing at my watch. "What do ya say to some tacos and movie?"


I'd give her the world if she kept smiling like that. "Sure."

It was waning daylight as we came out of the Oak Park cinemas. I spent a total of eighty bucks on Gabby today. It was worth every penny. As we climbed into my jeep and headed off, a sinking feeling was invading my stomach. I absolutely hated the idea of taking Gabby back to Giller. So, I made a very bold suggestion. "Look, my place is about ten miles closer. You can crash there and I'll take you home tomorrow. It's almost ten." I glanced over from the road for a brief moment to judge her expression. I saw barely contained excitement.

"Are you sure? I don't want to be any trouble."

"I don't think that's possible." I smiled.

I unlocked my deadbolts and stepped in, flipping on the nearest light switch. "It's not very big, but its home. I have one bedroom, the other is my workout room." I explained as I locked up and headed down the hallway. "This is the living room. Have a seat." I grabbed the remote and flipped on the television.

"Where is that dog?" I said under my breath. I whistled sharply, bringing my four-year-old German Shepard into the room. "Hey, there you are, Ares." I said patting his head. "Gabby, this is Ares. He's a retired K-9 officer. He was shot one night on duty and I fell in love with him and took him home afterwards." She was obviously uneasy. I reached for her hand and placed it on Ares' back. She gently petted the dog. "He's really sweet. He won't hurt you." He responded by licking her cheek. "You can have my bedroom. I'll sleep out here."

"I can't do that. The couch is fine with me." I reach up and gently touch her cheek.

"No guest sleeps on the couch." I leaned forward slowly and tenderly pressed my lips on hers. The kiss deepened immediately. My hand found its way into her red hair and to the back of her head. Her tongue battled mine. Finally, we parted to get air.

"Wow," she said quietly. I chuckled. That has to be a compliment. "Zena, umm, can you hold me tonight?" She was going out on a limb with this one. I simply pulled her up by her hand, turned off the tv, and led her to the bedroom. I dug through my shirt drawer.

"Here." I toss her a clean shirt.

"Thanks." She held it up to see what it said, 'Co-Ed Naked Law Enforcement, Against the Wall and Spread'em.' That was subtle. I didn't realize which shirt I tossed her until it was too late. I held my breath, until I heard her chuckle.

"That's cool," she smiled as she turned toward the bathroom. While she was gone, I slipped into a pair of flannel boxers and a big gray shirt. I crawled under the covers and turned on my tv. I heard her coming down the hall. I looked up to see Gabby standing there in just my t-shirt, which hung almost to mid thigh.

"Man, you look . . . sexy." I grinned. She walked around to the nearest side of the bed and slipped in. Wordlessly she rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and pulled her close without hesitation. I placed a tender kiss on her head before turning in. I haven't held anyone in my arms in a long time. I can't explain it, but it felt like Gabby was supposed to be there. It was almost like my arms were built to be put around this beautiful young woman.

I awoke to the feeling of being kissed, specifically my neck. I grinned as those soft lips moved to my collar bone. A moan escaped my lips. Her head popped up as she looked into my now wide awake face.

"Zena," she said quietly as she propped her chin up by her clasped hands on my chest. "I know you're going to think I'm insane, but . . . I'm in love with you."

"Good, because I wasn't letting you go anywhere." She reached forward and our lips connected for a very passionate kiss, before resettling for more cuddling.

I blinked at the invasion of light into my bedroom. I opened them carefully to find Gabby still sleeping on my chest. Oh gods, this feels right. I glanced over at the clock to see I have an hour before I have to be at work. I am usually up by nine, but it was ten. I was so comfortable that I slept on. "Gabby." I say quietly, rubbing her head. "Gabby, babe, wake up." Where did that term of endearment come from? It was so natural, I couldn't help it.

She stirred. Without opening her eyes, she kissed me and said, "What is it?"

"I have to go to work. You don't have to get up. You can stay here, if you want. I'll drive you home when I get back. I only have a five-hour shift today."

"Okay," she mumbled sleepily and moved off of me to curl up with the extra pillow. I smiled as got up and headed for the bathroom.

I returned dressed as I always was for work. I leaned down and kissed Gabby on the mouth.

"I'll be back soon, Gabby." I said quietly before straightening up and looking down at her.

"See that you do," she said without opening her eyes. "I love you," she mumbled.

If I was emotional, I think I would have cried. Ahh, who am I kidding. "I love you, too."

Zena had been gone for a little over three hours. I'm hoping she will be back soon. I busied myself by watching a movie on cable and looking over my surroundings. You can learn a lot about someone by how they decorate their home. This place was definitely better than Aunt Jane's.

It was a modest two bedroom house, but it was clean and very homey. She had a fairly good-sized tv in both her bedroom and living room, two VCR's, and a stereo. As I moved around the living room. I noticed plenty of LAPD stuff. It didn't surprise me to learn she was awarded the Medal of Valor. She also had some kind of Merit award, and something given to officers wounded in the line of duty. Now I understood how a woman of eight years on the force could be a supervisor. She had a polished display case with a badge and an American flag inside. I read it closely and it was for a 'Detective James Walker 30 years of service', her father I bet.

Looking around, I never wanted to leave here, but it's inevitable. I was going back to Big J's when she came home. I had no right to overstay my welcome. Big J is probably pissed at me by now, wondering where I am. Not for any real concern, just wanting to make sure the Switches or the Boys didn't get me.

Longest shift of my life, knowing I actually had someone waiting for me when I got home. I unlocked the door and slipped in to see her sprawled on the couch watching tv. "Hey." I said, getting her attention very quickly.

"Hi," she said with that smile again. I moved over to her and gave her a passionate kiss from a leaning position. She refused to break it off as she pulled me down on top of her by my badge chain. It felt good to feel a warm body underneath me.

"Mmmm. I take it you missed me." I said with my lips still pressed against hers. She nodded her head. When I was needing oxygen, only then did I break away from her.

"Well," she sighed. I heard the sadness in her voice. "I guess I better get back. Big J is probably wondering where I am."

"You don't have to go, you know." I whispered as I gave her a quick kiss before extracting myself from her.

"Oh, I'll be back, if you'll have me," she said softly.

"You better." I said as I headed to the bedroom to change.

I hated taking her back. It felt wrong to me. She should have better. "Look, Gabby." I said as I pulled up to the corner. "Here's my number. Call me anytime you need me. Day or night." She smiled jamming my card into her loose jeans. "Please, I need to be with you. Don't stay away too long." I was hoping we could arrange something before she exited my jeep.

"How about your next day off?"

I cringed. "Tuesday," I said with a groan. It was Friday.

"Oh well, how about your lunch breaks until then. I'll meet you at that place we tried."

"Okay, I have lunch at one till two."

"I'll see ya then." I knew I couldn't kiss her here, so she gave me a buddy-shake. I watched with a sense of sadness as she walked down the street toward Giller.

"Bye." I said to myself. It was a full minute before I pulled away from the curb.

Something was not right. I didn't pass any Hell Cats on the way home. "Oh shit!" I said to myself and sprinted the rest of the way to the house, using three backyards instead of the sidewalk. I came in the back to find at least thirty HC's in our living room, talking nervously.

"Little G! Where the fuck have you been?!" My aunt yelled. "The Switches have been rolling through here all mornin'!"

"I was with my girl." They took that I meant the slang for friend, but I actually meant it the way it sounded. "Why?"

"We thought they might have got you." Panther said with agitation. Boa glared at me. She must have found out Ze was a cop. Gods, I hope she doesn't tell J or I'm in for a beat down. I headed for my room, when Boa called.

"Where are you goin'? We got to get them fools!"

"I'm not in your little war. You know that."

"Little G. Get your gun and come with me," my aunt said slowly in anger.

"No." I said in quiet defiance. Everyone turned to me. "I'm not a Hell Cat. I never have been. You all know that." I must be out of my fuckin' mind to be standing up to thirty, very armed and very pissed women. But I knew Ze wouldn't want me to do this. If her boys caught me with a gun, Ze would never forgive me.

"Fine. You keep your punk ass here then." Big J said. "Stay in the fuckin' house. I'll deal with you later."

Luckily Big J never found a Switch that day. That was two days ago. It was finally safe to venture out again. I missed two lunches with Ze. My aunt smacked me a couple of times that night, nothing I couldn't handle. I still bear a bruise on my right temple. The worst thing was not my loss of respect with the HC's, it was my loss of respect by Ze. I was praying that she would be here today as I rounded the corner and walked into the restaurant. There she was. She stood up as I approached, but she was not smiling. Then her expression changed as she saw the bruise I was wearing.

"What happened?" she asked as she gently examined it.

"I'm sorry I missed the last two days."

"Never mind that." She gripped me by the shoulders. "Who hit you?"

"Its nothing, Zena." With a sigh, she mentally dropped the subject. "Where have ya been?" she asked as she retook her seat.

"Southside Switches were rolling through. I had to stay at home."

"You okay?" I nodded. "I know we haven't known each other that long Gabby, but you know you can come stay with me anytime you want to. Right?"

"Really?" I asked hopefully.

"Of course. Just say the word."

"I can't. My aunt keeps me on a tight leash."

She leaned over the table and whispered, "Baby, I want you to be with me. I'll take care of you. I promise. What's mine, is yours."

Being called baby was about to convince me, but the thought of Big J dashed those hopes to bits. I felt a tear fall down my cheek.

"I wish I could, Ze."

"My offer will always stand."

Well, that was what I was wanting. Yet, I couldn't take it. I must have walked the block six times before I heard a siren behind me. Oh shit, it was that idiot who stopped me before. He was partnerless. "Hey! Come here." He stepped up onto the sidewalk. "Where are you headed?"

"Home." I said with controlled annoyance. He took me by the arm.

"Put your hands behind your head." I complied, grinding my teeth. "Spread your legs." I felt his booted foot between mine. I did as I was asked. It was quicker than arguing. I felt the cold metal of the handcuffs as they snapped on my wrists. I felt his hands touch my hips and stay there. "Do you have any weapons or anything I should know about?"

"No." I said quietly. He started to dig through my pockets. I have been frisked by many people for suspicion, but never like this. His touches lingered a little too long.

"I want to be frisked by a female officer." I said loud enough not be mistaken for anything less than a statement.

"Fine," he said annoyed. He reached for his radio and called for backup.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw Zena pull up. She exited the car quickly after making eye contact with me. "I stopped her for suspicion. She says she wants to be frisked by a female officer."

"Go stand by your car," she pointed. He stood there until her stare convinced him to move.

"What's going on?" she said quietly as she pretended to thoroughly frisk me.

"I didn't do anything!" I said angrily. "I'm sorry," I whispered. "But, I was just walking. This guy was touching me a little too much." Her hands stopped immediately and stalked over to the officer.

"Jenkins, why did you stop her . . . again?" Ze asked.

"Look at her. She's a Hell Cat. You hassle them enough, you'll eventually catch them with something."

"Let me tell you something, Jenkins. Just because she lives near Giller doesn't mean she's a gang member. All your succeeding in doing is bothering her. She has no colors, no tattoos, and no gang insignias. Stop wasting your time and start making a difference instead of bothering the very people we are out here to protect. Get your cuffs and get moving." Jenkins hastily removed his cuffs from my wrists and returned to his cruiser, where Zena said, "If I hear any more complaints of unlawful searches, I'm writing you up. Now, get outta here."

Zena approached me as the cruiser took off. "I'm sorry about that. I'll keep a close eye on him. Are you all right?"

"Yeah, fine." I sighed. "So, our corner tomorrow?"

"You bet. Ten?"

"Ten. Later."


As I approached, I saw Gabby sitting on the curb. I smiled as she looked up at me. "Hey. You all right this morning?" I asked as she climbed in.

"Better now."

"So, what do you want to do?" I asked as I pulled away.

"Don't know. Awful hot today."

"How about we rent a few movies and watch them in the air conditioning?"


We ended up with three monster movies. After two, I was watching Gabby. I don't think I have ever fallen so hard in my life. I always thought of myself as strong, but I have nothing on her. She turned to face me. "What?" Gabby grinned. I gave her a tender kiss on her lips. She responded instantly. My body was on fire as my tongue slipped into her mouth. As I was trying to catch my breath between kisses, she said, "I love you, Zena." I rubbed my hand across her cheek, speechless.

Oh gods, I know I'm insane now. I just opened my heart completely for her. Now its her turn to stomp on it.

"I love you, Gabby." I haven't heard those words spoken to me in a long time.

"Zena, please show me how much. Please . . . make love to me." I whispered. I'm not too proud to beg for what little love I get in my life. I saw the split second of thought before she reached for me. This woman amazed me with her strength when she picked me up and placed me on her bed. Her weight felt so good as she lowered herself on top of me.

Ze remained propped up on her forearms as she continued to kiss me senseless. I pulled her t-shirt out of her jeans and over her head. She tossed it over to the left. I noticed for the first time, she had a tattoo on her right bicep. I stopped her advances long enough to get a good look at it. It was a very detailed police badge. Zena glanced down at it and smiled.

"I got it three years ago. Like it?"

"Yeah, its cool." I smiled as I ran my hand over it. It was a minor distraction as we proceeded back to the business at hand. She allowed me to strip her of her bra, jeans and those sexy black undies. Both of us were minus shoes and socks from our movie watching. She looked into my eyes and asked silent permission, which I granted. She slowly lifted my shirt off followed by my loose jeans, pulling the rest of my garments with them.

The foreplay was torture for me. She grinded into me tenderly, as her head fell next to my ear. I heard every little moan she made. My hands found their way to her beautiful butt to help increase the pressure on my center. "Ohhhhh Gabby. Uhhhh." It was ecstasy to hear her call my name in pleasure. I have never been treated with such tenderness before. "Oh Baby, you feel so good," she moaned.

Zena made slow, passionate love to me until I couldn't hold my eyes open. Out of my four times, she only had one, which was induced by her thrusting down onto me. I felt that she would feel unsatisfied, but all she said was, "I love you." I haven't heard that from anyone in a year. I heard it three times in a minute.

I ran my hand along the scar on her ribs from the bullet she told me about. Her leg had several small scars from the lead balls that penetrated her calf five years ago. In no way did they steal her beauty from me. In fact, she wore them as proudly as she wore her badge. She could tell I was fighting sleep. My head was resting between her breasts where I had collapsed. Her arms were wrapped tightly around me. I heard her say, "Baby I know you're tired. Go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up."

"I love you, Zena." I mumbled as I drifted off contentedly.

"I love you, too," was the last thing I heard.

I awoke to notice two things. It was late and Gabby was not here. My heart jumped into my throat as I sat up quickly. Oh gods, I rushed her into something she wasn't ready for! Damn me and my hormones. I jumped out of bed, throwing on my robe. I hurried into the hall. I stopped in my tracks as I saw her sitting by my picture window, looking up at the stars. Ares' head was resting in her lap as she absently stroked his head. She had a blanket from the bed wrapped around her small frame. "Gabby?" I was relieved when she turned and smiled at me.

"Sorry, did I wake you?"

"Nope." I said sitting on the floor next to her. "You all right? You don't have any regrets. Do you?"

"No, never," she smiled. "Its . . . so quiet here," she said softly as she continued to gaze out the window. "No sirens, no yelling, no . . . gunshots." She sighed heavily. I put an arm around her and she immediately cuddled into me.

"Gabby, please come live with me. I worry about you and I don't want to be away from you, especially now." I saw in her eyes that she wanted to, but she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"I'm more trouble than I'm worth."

I reached forward and turned her chin to face me. "No, you're not. I love you. Please?" I whispered. "Big J will swallow you whole one day. I can't let that happen. I need you."

"I've never been needed before. Zena, I love you too." She paused. "Okay, I will. I hope you don't go changing your mind," she smiled.


I was down right terrified as I said goodbye to Zena. I agreed to meet again in an hour and then I headed for the house. I made a plan of escape in my mind as I treaded closer to my childhood home. I decided to just grab my clothes and CDs. I didn't need my stereo or my tv, not with Zena having two of each. I cut through our neighbor's yard and climbed over the fence. I snuck in the backdoor as quietly as I could. With it being nine in the morning almost all of the occupants should be asleep.

My aunt's bedroom door was open. Some new flame was lying next to her. I continued into the living room to see Panther and Sleepy, the other founding members of the HC's, sprawled on the couch and recliner. I knew there was probably more in my sister's room, but I wasn't going to waste my time checking. I even comprehended climbing out of my window to avoid them again. I didn't want to risk another beat down. My hands shook violently as I unlocked the locks on my door.

"Sneakin' in, huh?" The voice scared me so bad, I let out a small yell. It was Boa. "Found a honey, huh?" she grinned, a devilish one, not a friendly grin.

"What are you talking about?" I said as I reached up to begin my task again.

"That Zora, Zeza. Whatever the hell her name is."

"Zena, and no, she's just a friend." I got the first lock undone and proceeded to the second one.

"Uh huh. You know she's 5 O, don't ya?"

"Your skinnin' a cop?" Panther approached me, shoving Boa away. "What are you doin' messin' with a cop?" She shoved me into the door. Without thought I belted the older woman across the face. She barely flinched.

"You little fuck!" She swung and I ducked. Bringing my knee up, I connected with her groin. She went down to her knees. I barely got out of the way of Boa's punch, but I did. Her fist connected with my door. She let out a yelp and grabbed her hand. Suddenly I was staring down the barrel of Sleepy's 32.

"Let's see ya dodge a bullet!"

"HEY!!" my aunt screamed. "What the fuck is going on?!" Panther picked herself up off the floor. Sleepy, however did not move her gun.

"Little G's been talkin to a cop!" Boa yelled. I saw two more women emerge from the hallway. "That's where she's been disappearin' to."

"I haven't told her nothing! She is just my friend!"

"Who?" my aunt asked, angered.

"Walker." Boa answered.

"What?" my aunt asked, not believing it. She advanced on me, but I was pinned from escape by the door and Sleepy's gun. "You know I hate that bitch! I tried to 187 her and she got lucky! Now my own niece is talkin' bullshit to her? I always knew you were dense Little G, but this?" I saw it coming, but I couldn't stop it. My face burned after that slap. I felt her knuckles connect with my nose. A sharp pain went through my back as two fists simultaneously hit me. I hit the hardwood floor. Two sets of feet assaulted my face and ribs.

I coughed violently, blood. "Pick your punk ass up!" my aunt yelled, kicking me again. "Get up!" Ignoring the pain in my body, I stood. Knowing if I didn't, I would get more. "Get your shit and get the fuck out of my house! You come back and I'll have you wishing that I'll do just this to you next time," she said wiping a trickle of blood from my nose. I felt like I was going to pass out. Blood trickled from my head, nose, and mouth. I knew I had to look like shit. I barely managed to empty my closet and dresser, before I vomited. Even though I was sick, I threw my two duffel bags out the window and jumped out. I was taking the cowardly way out, but I knew if I took any more punishment, I probably wouldn't be able to make it back to the corner.

I was so relieved to see Gabby was at the corner. Her head was down on her crossed arms. She looked like she was crying. I slid out of the jeep and threw her two bags into the jeep, before kneeling down in front of her. "Gabby." I reached forward and put a hand on each side of her face and lifted it. I was stunned. Blood was coming from her mouth and nose. It had stained her entire shirt and some of her pants. "Gabby?" A tear slipped down my cheek. "What happened? Who did this to you?"

"Big J and Panther, couple of others," she said as she cried.

"Come on. I'm taking you to the emergency room."

"No, please. I just want to go home." My heart was glad when she said that. Now home was the same place for us both, just the way it should be. I tenderly examined her ribs.

"Nothing broken. Come on, let's get outta here." As I helped her up, I looked around for possible perpetrators. Not a bad guy in sight. I strapped in and wasted no time in leaving this hellhole.

Gabby ended up with a huge bruise on the side of her face. Other than that, she was fine. I was going to call in sick to help her get settled, but Gabby wouldn't let me. I had to laugh to myself over that one. I was already taking orders and loving it. I felt so much better knowing Gabby was living in a nice neighborhood and has decent company. She deserves it. It turns out one of my next door neighbors is one of Gabby's old school friends. They hit it off great as if no time had passed between them.

I grabbed the keys to my cruiser and was headed toward the door when I heard a voice say, "Hey Walker." It was Jenkins. Most people called me 'Sgt. Walker or Officer Walker, but using my last name alone was reserved only for the captain or my close friends and he wasn't one of them. Burns was with him and felt extremely uncomfortable with this confrontation. I couldn't blame him.

"What Jenkins?" I said annoyed.

"I forgot to tell you. That girl I frisked the other day, had your card in her front pocket." He held it up and I snatched out of his hand and read it.

Sergeant Zena Walker

Los Angeles Police Dept.

(555) 444-2333

It was the card I gave Gabby. "Your home number was on the back."

"What's your point?"

"I just thought maybe she's obsessed with you or something," he laughed.

"Get to your patrol." I said angrily.

"Yes Mam." Burns said and grabbed at his partner's arm.

"I gave her the card you moron."

"Ohhh well, Walker. I always thought that a cop would go for a law abider, not a street punk."

"She is not . . . a..punk."

"Come on, Ray. Let's go." Burns tried to defuse the situation.

"So she is a your bitch," he grinned. My temper got the best of me. I shoved him roughly knocking him off balance to the point of him stumbling backwards.

"HEY!" We both turned sharply to see the captain. "Quit screwing around with yourselves and get the hell out on those streets! NOW!" I turned to him again.

"You stay away from her." I warned as I turned and headed to the car.

Not a busy shift tonight, surprisingly. Only six calls in three hours. It was getting close to one o'clock. I pulled into the gas station and up to the payphone. Fiddling for change, I grabbed the receiver and dialed my number. "Hello?"

"Hey, babe. How ya feelin?"

"Better. Could you bring me some chocolate ice cream, if its not too much trouble? My throat's a little sore."

"Sure. Anything else?"

"No that's okay. Just bring yourself . . . and the ice cream," she chuckled.

"All right. I'll be home in a few hours. I love you."

"Love you too. Bye."

Three hours of driving around in the same location was boring me to death. The only call I had was a domestic on Third. The radio blared with, Unit 344 respond to shots fired in the north corner of Giller Street. Possibly gang related. Oh great, not exactly what I had in mind. As I headed there, the info continued. Suspect is a white female, Five feet wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and black baseball cap. I rolled up from the south end and saw Boa, Gabby's friend or ex-friend. She fit the description to a T. I stopped the car before she could turn around. I unholstered my gun and pointed it at her back. "POLICE! Put your hands behind your head!" As I feared, she ran.

She had a good lead of about twenty feet. Yet, she was slightly out of shape. I was sure I could capture her. I took after her while talking into my radio at the same time. "344, Foot pursuit! Foot pursuit!" I was able to tighten the gap to ten feet. "Heading for Fowler from Giller! Fowler from Giller!" I said into my radio. "Stop Boa!" She did turn slightly, but she kept running. I heard the faint sound of police sirens as my backup was arriving. Ahead of us were two cruisers heading straight for us. She diverted enough to avoid the oncoming officers. She climbed over a chain link fence. I simply leaped over it. I almost had her. Dillon and Stanley were right on our heels. As she tried to climb over another fence, she fell onto the ground on the other side. I leaped over it and landed on top of her. She tried to struggle, but she was tired. "Give me your hands!" I quickly cuffed her as the two officers arrived.

"I didn't do nothin, man!" How many times have I heard that line? I handed her over to Dillon and started back.

"Nice job, Sarge," he smiled.

"Thanks." I said slightly out of breath. It was a good workout anyway.

We returned to the scene and placed her in my cruiser. A few unpleasant looking women were beginning to gather. The one that stood out the most was Big J. I just wish I had the evidence to prove she was the one that shot at me. Even the captain knew it was her, but I had no solid proof to build a case. As the scene was being cleared, I approached her. "Hello, Big J. Listen, Boa screwed up this time. I don't think she'll get out of this one." I smiled just to irritate her. She stared at me.

"Let her go and I won't tell all the blues, your fuckin' my niece," she said cooly.

"That is my business, J." I said angrily.

"Well, Little G was never good for anything, glad she's good for somethin'," she laughed. "Besides, do your boys know you're a leg licker?" The girls behind joined her in laughter.

"Fuck off, J."

"Talk to yo' bitch about that." They howled in laughter. I stepped into her personal space. It was a very bold move.

"She is more woman than you will ever be. If you ever touch her again, I'll fuck you up, Big J." I slurred her name for insulting purposes.

"She's a pain in the ass is what she is, Walker. You'll find out soon enough. When you do, I ain't takin' her back."

"I wouldn't let you anywhere near her. Good day." I smirked and calmly walked back to my car.

I knew what Big J was thinking, That bitch is crazy if she thinks she can step to me like that! Well, I am crazy. Should I tell Gabby about this? Uggggg, relationships are hard. In Gabby's case, it's worth it though.

I was deep in thought over Zena when the phone rang. "Hello."

"Gabby? Gabby, its Allison." Allison is a generally sweet person. She joined the Hell Cats with my sister.

"How did you get this number?" I asked questioningly. No one knew of Ze's business card that I kept in my pocket, until that asshole cop took it from me.

"Look, can you come down and get me? Big J is after me because I told her I wanted out." I heard the desperation in her voice as she cried into the phone.

"Why do you want out? You've been in for six years."

"I know. I heard what they did to you. I don't want any part of it anymore. Now I can't go home. They're looking for me. I gotta get outta here."

"Go to the bus station on Buckhead."

"I can't. I don't have any money. Gabby please!"

"Okay, okay. Just calm down." I ran the possibility of taking Zena's jeep through my head. She said I could if I wanted to, but driving to Giller and picking up a gang member was not what she had in mind. I ran my hand through my hair.

"Gabby, quick tell me because I see Joker comin' this way. I gotta go."

"All right, meet me at the Buckhead station in half an hour."

"Okay." I heard a click as she hastily hung up.

What the hell was I thinking? Buckhead is only three blocks from Giller. I'm not on Big J's good side myself. Zena is gonna kill me. I pulled up and parked the jeep. Jumping out, I notice that Allison is nowhere to be seen. "Damn." As I turn and scan the station, I see Allison sitting on a bench. "Allison." I jogged swiftly to her.

"Gabby!" She threw her arms around me. "I'm so scared. They're trying to kill me!"

"Come on. I don't want to be here either." I started dragging her toward the car, when Panther and Big J step around a corner into our path.

"Well, well, well. Little G came back, J." Panther sneered.

"Come on, Gabby." Allison jerked my arm as she took off running, dragging me with her. I peeked over my shoulder to see Big J and Panther right behind us.

"Shit! Come on." I yelled as they got closer. We cut across the street, narrowly missing being road kill. What have I gotten myself into! I jumped the fence surrounding the playground. Allison was just a bit behind me. I was running blind. I had no idea where I was running to. I just knew I had to keep going. A loud pop echoed in my ears as I realized Big J was shooting at me! I saw a small opening between two buildings. I ran for it. Another shot from Big J, this one ricocheted off of a trash-can about two feet from me. It turned out to be an alley. As we maneuvered through the filth, I was sure they were closing in. I turned to check and I heard a shot very close to my ear. Allison had a gun! She fired at Big J and I watched my aunt fall. When I had turned around to look, I was left vulnerable to the alley and subsequently tripped over a concrete block. My feet basically went out from under me. I felt Allison pulling heavily on my jacket.

"Get up! Come on." I knew my shin had to be bleeding, but I hoisted myself to my knees to see Panther hovering over my aunt. I was frozen in place. Was she dead? "Come on, Gabby!" She pulled me to my feet.

"Cops!" Someone screamed into the alley. Oh no! Please don't let me get caught in this!

When I saw the officer at the end of the alley was that bastard Jenkins, I ran. I knew it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I was afraid of him. "Freeze! Police!" I had renewed energy as I once again ran. I heard sirens approaching. Please don't let any of them be Zena. Chances are she was one of them. This was near her route. I knew to avoid the cars, I'd have to use the backyards. As we doubled back to the playground, two cruisers skittered to a halt as three officers leaped out. My heart stopped beating as I made eye contact with Zena. She had an equally surprised look on her face. I knew the drill. I dropped to my knees, then to my stomach. I spread my arms and feet wide as I saw Allison bolt. Two officers immediately gave chase.

The officers were a bit surprised by the fact I apparently just surrendered, yet they rushed me and roughly cuffed my hands behind my back. I couldn't look at the love of my life like this. I kept my face directly down on the pavement as I was searched. I could tell that she was standing off to the side as I was being padded down. "25 caliber pistol," one officer droned. What the hell?!! They pulled Allison's pistol out of my jacket pocket.

"Its not mine." I said quietly. I knew that sounded really lame, but it was the truth.

"How'd it get in your pocket?" the officer asked. That's when I turned my cheek over to see Zena standing off of my left. There was anger written all over her face. I saw a tear pool up in her left eye, but she quickly wiped it away before it was noticed. "Get up," he said as he pulled me by the waist of my jeans and onto my feet. It was the longest ten feet I've ever had to walk. I was hurt, angry, and embarrassed to say the least. I knew now I had nowhere to go, but jail.

Hollywood sure did glamorize police stations. This one was crowded and drab to say the very least. I sat in a holding cell with about ten other women. Most looked like hookers. Must have been some kind of sting operation going. When the officer came and got me, I knew where I was headed. Sure enough, I ended up in an interrogation room. "Have a seat Ms. Taylor. Now, do you know why your being detained?"

"You think I shot my aunt."

"Did you?"

"No." I said sternly.

"Who did?"


"The girl you were running with?"

"Yes." He wasn't being judgmental. I expected him to throw the book at me, so to speak. Yet, he was being objective.

"Tell me what happened. How did the weapon get into your pocket?" I proceeded to tell them how I went to pick her up and ran into Big J and Panther. I intentionally left Ze's name out of the fold.

"I was scared and I ran. Allison turned and shot her and I saw her go down. I tripped on something and fell. I guess when Allison helped me up, she stuck it in my pocket."

"So you didn't know Allison had a gun?"

"No, I didn't."

"Are you a Hell Cat gang member?"

"No, I never have been."

I tried to watch Gabby's interrogation from the adjoining room, but I was too hurt and angry. I left right after I heard her blame Allison for the whole incident. I was taking a big risk by doing it, but after I saw Thompson come out of the room, I slipped in. "Gabby." I said dryly.

She immediately looked up. She opened her mouth to say something, but I cut her off. "I can't believe you, Gabby." I was barely containing my anger. "I go out on a limb to be your friend. I'm a cop, for Christ's sake. You told me you didn't do anything with the Hell Cats, but here you are. Assault with a deadly weapon, concealing a deadly weapon, and evading an officer." My anger was slowly being replaced by sadness. "I trusted you, Gabby. I believed you. I think you were just using me to get out of Big J's shadow." Her head hung low. I could tell she was crying, but I wasn't going to be fooled. "I loved you, Gabrielle." Her head shot up when I used her full name. "I gave you my heart. I made love to you."

"Loved?" she asked.

"That's right, loved." I spat. "You screwed me Gabby, literally." I couldn't take this anymore. I turned and left, leaving her to sulk.

I didn't go back on patrol. I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my job if I did. I busied myself with paperwork. I really didn't want to go home to an empty house. As Thompson passed by my desk, I stopped him. "Hey, John."

"Is Gabrielle Taylor going to county tomorrow?" He scowled questionably at me.

"No. Why?"


"Yeah, that Garner kid spilled the beans."

"Huh?" I asked confused.

"I'm doing my follow up. Come on," he motioned. I leapt up from my desk and followed to find out what was going on.

We made our way into interrogation room 3. The girl that Gabby was with was sitting in at the table, crying. "Allison, this is Sergeant Zena Walker. Tell her what you told me." I watched as she wiped her nose with her hand and sniffed.

"I asked Gabby to come and get me so I could go live with my cousin. I wanted out of the Hell Cats. Big J was trying to kill me. She came and as we started to leave, Big J and Panther stopped us. We ran from them and Big J started shooting at Gabby. I pulled out my gun and shot at her. I didn't mean to hit her, honest," she cried as she again wiped her face. "When I saw her go down, I got scared. I put the gun in Gabby's jacket in the alley. She didn't do anything." I was so stunned I actually rocked back on my heels.

I turned to Thompson. "So, your letting her go, right?"

"Taylor was cut loose an hour ago, Zena."

"Shit." I bolted out of the room and down the hall. I wasted no time in jumping into my jeep that was brought back from the bus station, and tearing toward home. What have I done? I was so upset, I didn't even listen to her. If I could, I would punch myself, but right now.

I was desperate to get home. I pulled up and was out of the jeep, almost before I put it in park. "Gabby!" I yelled as I ran into the living room. Ares was lying on the floor near the couch. I jumped over him and went to the bedroom, "Gabby." My heart sank when I realized she wasn't here. A quick look into the closet and dresser confirmed all her stuff was still here. I moved back into the living room and flopped down onto the couch. Putting my head in my hands, I did something I hadn't done in a long time, I wept.

The only thing I could think of to do was go back Giller and look for her. However with Big J being shot, I didn't think that she'd be there. I decided to go anyway. As I rounded the corner of Fowler, I saw Joker. I immediately stopped my jeep right next to her. "Hey Joker." She stopped and glared at me. "You seen Little Bear lately?"

"Fuck off, Walker." I grabbed her by her shirt and slung her up against my jeep. I was in no mood for this punk.

"Listen you little shit!" I wrapped a hand around her throat. "You picked the wrong day to fuck with me, Joker. I'm looking for Little Bear. I'll only say this one more time." I tightened my grip. "Where is she?"

"Why do you want to know?" she spat in defiance.

"I'm looking for my girlfriend. Little Bear is her cousin."

"Okay, okay," she wrenched herself away from me, straightening her clothes. "I haven't seen Gabby around here since Big J beat her down. Little Bear is down by the park on Seventh."

"Thanks." I turned and got back into my jeep.

"Hey Walker." Joker said, walking around to my side. "If LB can't help ya, Gabby might be down near Kasey's Junction. That's where Mousey was killed."

"Thanks." I said sincerely.

"If Gabby comes around, I'll tell her your lookin' for her." I smiled at her as I started the jeep and pulled away, heading for Seventh.

The park at night was not a safe place to be, but I brought my gun . . . and my badge." I listened very carefully and heard the sounds of laughter coming from my right. I carefully moved into the view of three young women. Two looked to be younger than Gabby. Sitting between them was Little Bear. "Hey Little Bear." They all started when they heard my voice. The youngest of the group jumped and pointed a little 25 in my direction, probably wasn't even loaded. I knew I had to play this cool or I wasn't walking out of here. I smirked at the kid and pulled out my nine-millimeter Beretta and pulled the hammer back. "Mine's bigger than yours." I smiled. She quickly dropped the gun to the ground and backed away. The remaining girls stood, looking alarmed as I made my way toward them. "My business is with Little Bear." She exchanged glances with the two before walking arrogantly in my direction. I could tell she was the veteran of this group, but in my dealings with her I have learned she's still a kid that doesn't know jack.

"What do you want with me, Walker? Hanging in the park is illegal now?" she smirked.

"If you call what you do 'hanging', yes. I'm not here for that. I just want to ask you something."

"What?" she looked at me with a disbelieving look.

"Have you seen or heard from Gabby?" I said lowering my weapon and returning it to my jeans.

"Why?" The split second pause told me she knew something.

"Because I made a mistake and I need to correct it." I said solemnly. She sighed heavily, looking at the ground.

"I told her not to fuck with you," she said quietly. "I told her you never would believe her totally about not being one of us, but she didn't listen. Gabby is not a Hell Cat, Walker."

"I know that, Little Bear."

"Then why didn't you believe her when she told you what happened? Huh?"

"Because I was ignorant and stupid, Little Bear. That's why. Just point me in the right direction and I'll be gone."

"I don't know where she's stayin'. My guess would be as far away from Giller as possible."

"Did she say anything?"

"Just that you told her you didn't love'er anymore." Damn. I'm gonna regret that till the day I die. "Let me tell ya somethin', Walker. Gabby was trippin' big time. She really had it for ya. Why, I have no idea," she said with a smile. "But, she did."

"Thanks, Little Bear." I said dejectedly as I made my way back to my jeep.

My next and final stop of the night was Kasey's Junction. It was an overlook tourist spot. The concrete picnic tables and walls were littered with graffiti from the HC's, Southside Switches, X Boys, you name it. It was absolutely against the law to be here after nine, but I wasn't leaving until I knew whether Gabby was here. I felt compelled to keep my gun drawn as I was walking through the darker areas. I searched from one end to the other, nothing. I collapsed onto the nearest bench and slammed my fist down on the table in frustration. I decided to make a circular pattern back to my car, hoping to spot someone on my way back. Nothing, not a soul in sight. I tried to be as silent as possible, just in case she would feel compelled to hide from me. I wouldn't blame her, but it wouldn't help the situation.

As I drove home, I couldn't help but think about where she was staying tonight. The very thought of the fact of her sleeping outside somewhere, made bile rise in my throat. She only had the twenty dollars I gave her yesterday, that is if she didn't spend it. Zena, I don't want your money.

Baby, take it. Please? Use it for whatever you want, except buying drugs. I laughed.

Ha. Ha. Very funny, but Zena . . .

But nothin' Gabby. I promised you I would take care of you and I meant it.

Thank you. She had smiled so sweetly. It made me wish I had a thousand dollars to give her. I don't ever want her to go without things that she deserves. I joked around with her that I'd give her my whole paycheck, which isn't that much.

I was only succeeding in torturing myself more. Gabby is smart. She's got a few connections. She'll be fine. I still couldn't shake my guilt. I groggily treaded up to my door and slipped inside. Ares greeted me happily. "Hey, there's my man." I said tiredly. The only plan I had for the rest of the night was to wait for sleep to claim me. I threw my jacket down onto the couch and moved into the kitchen. I grabbed a wine cooler and treaded to my bedroom. The alcohol wasn't going to help much, but I wasn't in the mood for much else. Removing my gun, I placed it on the nightstand followed by my badge. As I turned up the cooler and took a good chug, something caught my eye. It was a note. I nearly choked as I swallowed the gulp in my mouth, I knew it wasn't there before I left.


I know you probably hate now. I don't blame you. Big J always said I was more trouble than I'm worth. I guess she was right. I just wanted you to know that Allison framed me. I know I shouldn't have run from Jenkins, but I was scared. He said I was a worthless punk. Well, I guess maybe I am. You treated me with more respect than my family ever did. I will always love you Zena. I know now that I'm not good enough for you. I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you. Don't worry. I won't bother you again.


"Gabby no." I sobbed as the tears began again. "You weren't a bother to me! Oh Gods!!" I threw the note down and just cried. I didn't know what else to do. This is L.A. She could be anywhere. I'll never find her if she doesn't want to be found.

I called in one of my sick days today and went straight for Kasey's Junction. I must have sat there for three hours, before I spotted Little Bear. I looked over in her direction. She actually smiled and waved at me! So I returned the greeting. I saw her and the two girls from last night approach me. "Didn't show huh?"

"Nope. How'd you know I was here?" I said without looking at her.

"Joker told me." She looked around sighing. "This is one of Gabby's favorite spots. Mousey was killed over there near the wall, she pointed. "Anyway, I came to tell you J hasn't heard from her. Nobody has."

"Thanks." She turned and started back the way she came. Gabby had more influence over these women than she thought. Both Joker and Little Bear, people I've had hostile dealings with, are being hospitable to me.

I spent the day moping. I drove through Giller several times and tried the park. I decided to check the bus station. With a quick flash of my badge, I determined that she didn't purchase a ticket at any of the bus stations. In other words, she didn't leave town. Twenty bucks wouldn't get you very far. I didn't know enough about her past to know where she might have gone. A few of my close friends on the force agreed to detain her and page me if they see her. Their routes were spread out in the district. Hopefully one will spot her. The one thing that troubled me was the fact she left all of the clothing she'd brought to my house. She didn't take anything, but what was with her when she left the station.

As my last try for the day, I swung into the files department. "Hey, Richie. Can you do me a huge favor?"

"Sure. Anything for you, Sarge," he smiled.

"Can you pull up the interrogation record for a Gabrielle Taylor from yesterday?"

"Sure, hold on." I sat down next to him as he pulled it up. "Okay. Gabrielle Elaine Taylor. Age 23. Is that the one?"

"Yeah, that's it. What does it say for personal property?"

"Uhhh. One wallet with valid driver's license and several photos. A key ring with two keys on it and twenty dollars. That's it."

"Did she give a forwarding address?"

"Nope, doesn't look like it."

"Thanks Richie." I was at the end of my rope. I had nowhere else to look. I just couldn't issue a missing person's report. All I could do was hope that she turns up somewhere.

I was sitting at my desk contemplating my next move, when my pager went off. I didn't recognize the number, but I reached for my phone and dialed it. I heard the click on someone pick up. "Hello." I said into the receiver. Nothing. I was about to hang when I heard, "Zena."


"Yeah," she said sadly. "I just wanted to tell you to stop looking for me. I'm fine." The first thing I noticed was the fact her voice was very gruff, as if she was sick.

"Gabby, I am so sorry. I know now that it wasn't your gun. Allison told me the whole story." I talked quickly trying to get out all I wanted to say, fearing she would hang up.

"Well . . . " she sighed heavily. "I'm sorry."

"No! You don't have anything to be sorry for! You didn't do anything!" I took a deep breath. "Gabby, please come back. I need you." There was a pause I was afraid for a moment that she had hung up. "Gabby?"

"I'm here." I heard her cough loudly.

"What's wrong? Are you all right?"

"I'm sick, Zena." Oh man, I've got to get her back.

"Baby, listen to me. If you don't want to be with me, then please at least come back to the house and I'll give you some medicine."

"I want to be with you, Zena," she said softly.

"Then come home. Please." I heard the click when she hung up. "Damn!" I slammed the phone, seeing several guys look in my direction. "WHAT!" They all scattered away in different directions.

I literally stared at the phone all night. Nothing. I was determined to trace the number tomorrow at the station. It was the only lead I had. I was praying that she'd spend that twenty dollars on medicine, if anything. I could hear the trembling that was in her voice. She was scared. I couldn't blame her. I just wish I could wrap my arms around her and take all her fear away.

"Ohhhhh Zena." Gabby moaned as she impaled herself on my knee. "I love you. Take me, Baby." I watched with great delight as she was beginning to reach her climax. Without warning, she drove two fingers into my depths.

I awoke with a start. Sitting upright, I noticed I had dozed off. Wiping my eyes of sleep, I turned over to see that is was two a.m. Ahh hell, might as well have a drink. I stood and stretched before making my way into the kitchen. I noticed Ares was lying on the couch, something he never does. As I rounded the corner, I was startled to see Gabby sitting on the couch, with her head in her hand asleep. "Gabby." I said softly. I switched on the lamp next to her. I noticed her skin was pale. I shook her shoulder until she stirred.

"Zena?" she yawned. "I'm sorry I came in without knocking. I didn't want to wake you." I was so stunned, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her tenderly on top of the head.

"What's wrong, Sweetheart?" I asked as I stroked her cheek.

"My head is pounding and my leg is killing me."

"Your leg?" I asked.

"Yeah. When I was running from Big J, I tripped over a piece of concrete." I immediately reached down and pulled her jean leg up. She had a medium-sized cut running the length of her shin, dark bruising surrounded it.

"Ohhh, that looks painful."

"I've been limping ever since."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"You told me you didn't love me anymore," she said sadly. I sat down next to her and enveloped her in my arms.

"I didn't mean it. I'm so sorry. I was angry and hurt. I promise you, I'll never judge you like that again."

"What else could you think? It did look bad."

"I could've had faith, you did. Come on. Let's go to bed. I'll get you a couple of pain killers." I noticed right away she was limping heavily. "I'll take you to the doctor tomorrow. Your shin is probably bruised on the bone." Surprisingly, I didn't hear a protest.

When we snuggled in for the night, Gabby rested her head on my shoulder and instantly fell asleep. She was exhausted. I couldn't help wandering if she slept at all while she was gone. Was it because of what I did or because she was sick?

Continued in Part 2.

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