~ Service Call ~
by SuzyRNC

Disclaimers: This story is my original written work, where the main characters are generally mine, but any (There may be some of you out there that could find it?) resemblance to a certain two characters (beyond physical appearance) from a certain television show owned by Renaissance Pictures, MCA/Universal Television and USA Studios, is purely coincidental.

Love/Sex Warning: This alternative Uber work depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state, province or country in which you live please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

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PS: Plot, what plot?

"New and improved, the WONDER WIDGIT!"


"Tommy, the baby's not yours, it is John's."


"Welcome to the exciting world of pottery!"


"Have you or a loved one been injured on the job?"



The sound of static and the screen filling with feedback and white noise was all that was coming through now.

"OHHH! Come on!" Cameryn cried out to the now immobilized television set. After waiting a few minutes, she knew what she had to do?call the cable company.

"Thank you for holding, for your listening enjoyment, here is your soft rock favorites." The recording said as the music of Barry Manilow filled the woman's ear. She rolled her emerald green eyes up and groaned.

"This is just frigging terrific! My first day off in nearly two weeks, and now this!" Cameryn said, feeling nearly sorry for herself.

Finally, the music stopped and Cameryn was able to speak with a human. After telling them what was wrong, many signals tried by the company and the frustration level of the customer rising, the company dispatched a repairman.

The woman sipped tea as she seethed for her lost day and waited for the cable company.

About an hour later, there was a knock at the door. Making her way to the door, Cameryn hurriedly opened the door, and looked into two of the bluest eyes she had ever seen. She was struck momentarily speechless as she took in the scene of loveliness before her.

Covered in a pair of navy blue coveralls, stood the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. A tall, sleek beauty with eyes the color of the sky and hair as dark as the devil's heart, speaking, she used a voice that sounded as smooth as spun silk.

"You called for me?" The woman, whose coveralls had the name "Tiny" embroidered on the right chest side.

"Always." Cameryn sighed as she took in this vision.

"Excuse me?" The woman, dubbed Tiny asked.

"Oh, sorry. Please, come in." Cameryn said, a slow blush creeping up her neck.

Cam, get yourself together!!! She thought to herself.

The woman followed Cameryn into the apartment, sitting her tools down on the newspaper she also brought in, sparing the carpet any stains.

Think, Cam. Keep her here! Get to know her! God she is gorgeous!!!

"Before you get started, how about a cup of tea? Cameryn asked.

"Um, sure, I guess. Thank you, ma'am." "Tiny" answered.

The two sat on the couch and sipped their tea. Cameryn took the time to get to know the woman better. She found out her name really wasn't Tiny, but Kelly. Finally, as she finished, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"Can I ask you a question?" Cameryn started.

"You just did?ma'am" Kelly teased, feeling almost bold in her actions.

"Well then, I guess I will ask a second one too." Cameryn said, desire rising in her belly.

"Can I tell you that you are the sexiest, most beautiful woman I have ever seen?" Cam said, forging ahead, courage beginning to grow.

"Yes, you can." Kelly said, sliding closer to the other woman. "Can I tell you that right now I want to kiss you?"

Cameryn smiled the brightest smile that the other woman had ever seen. "Yes." She replied, suddenly becoming shy.

Kelly slid ever closer to the woman, finally touching her hand to Cameryn's shoulder. The hand slid from the shoulder to her neck, stroking Cameryn's honey colored hair. Leaving a touch of electricity in her path, Kelly advanced and brought her lips down to gently touch the lips of the other woman. Pure bliss. Kelly thought as the kiss changed, passion filling the gesture. Desire blossomed and soon Cameryn found herself lifted up into the arms of the taller, stronger woman.

"Bed. Now." Cameryn commanded in short phrases which she had been reduced to.

"Where?" Kelly asked.

"Down the hall, second door on the left." Cameryn said as she continued the kiss.


Clothes lay scattered over the floor of the bedroom. The two bodies, naked and glistening from two hours of the best sex either of them had ever had, lay resting on the bed, tangled around each other.

"Baby, that was the best!" Kelly said as she hugged the woman in her arms tighter.

"We nearly burned up the sheets. We have this down to an art form." Cameryn laughed as she answered.

"You must have been psychic, with those coveralls and all. This is the best one yet." Cameryn said as she ran her hands back up from the woman's waist to her shoulders. Pulling her back over to her.

"Why?" Kelly asked.


The sound of the doorbell shook Cameryn back into the present and stalled the answer Kelly was looking for.

"Who could that be?" Kelly asked as she watched the woman rise out of bed and begin to pull on a robe.

"Cable guy."


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