~ Strangers When We Meet ~
by Ri

Disclaimers: This story was born out of the frustrations of my job, which has nothing to with accounting so my apologies to that fine profession, I already have a Travel Agent as one of my heroines, There should be a reflection of two ladies we all know and love but the story comes from my warped imagination.
This is a Uber tale and there is a relationship between to consenting female adults. If this offends please move on to a general story there are many lovely ones.


Part 2

The protective arms of her little one surrounded Randy. She blinked open her eyes and realized that those strong little arms completely encircled her stomach and she smiled. She brought Brittany even closer to her with her long arms and snuggled her head against her neck. She was loved. Truly loved. It was the first time in a long time, since she lost her family as young girl.

The army had been her home and she had many friends. She didn't feel loved from anyone in the army though, she was only respected and feared. You can not love someone you fear. That was something she never wanted in her life again, the fear of those around her. All she wanted was to have the love of this special woman. She wanted a long and happy life with her. I'll be damned if I'll let you touch a hair on this precious head, Jessie. I'll protect her by any means nesscary, Thought Randy fiercely as she tenderly stroked the soft skin of her little ones back. Brittany leaned into Randy's head with her neck making the tall woman feel slightly woozy in reaction.

Randy raised her head and met sleepy green eyes, "Good Morning, Sweetheart, " She said caressing a soft cheek.

A small hand covered the larger one on Brittany's cheek, She smiled up at her and answered in a still sleep filled voice, "Morning love. Do you feel better this morning?"

Randy nodded, "Yes, Um…What brilliant scheme did you come up with, Sweetheart?" She asked the smaller woman anxiously.

"Well its not quite up to par yet, it needs some fuel. Can we talk over breakfast? I need coffee."

Randy laughed delightfully and scattered the already mussed blonde hair, "Sure, I'll even make it for you. You can sleep on the table while I prepare our breakfast."

"Hardy, Har, Har. Smart Alec."

"Hey, I learned that skill from the best." She said with a twinkle in her eyes as she kissed her so called teacher deeply and passionately.

Brittany enjoyed both kiss and the fact that she cheered up her moody love from that spiraling sadness that she distracted her from last night. As they parted she said, "Yeah, sure you did. That's a skill you had in abundance before you ever met me. Show me more of your other skills, please?"

Randy chuckled as she kissed her love again with even more passion.

*** *** *** *** ***

Now comfortably seated at the kitchen table each holding a large mug of freshly brewed coffee, Brittany told Randy her plan and was waiting for the verdict.

"It's a tiny bit ambitious, Isn't it Hon?"

"Well you're the strategist in the family couldn't it work?"

Randy lifted an elegant eyebrow and smirked at the remark, "Oh yeah, It could work. There are about a thousand variables though. The plan has definite merits, who do you have in mind for our player?"

"My friend Margie is a homicide cop but I know she'd be willing to help if it would prevent her from getting another case," Said Brittany with a determined lilt to her voice delivering her meaning loud and clear to the woman across the table.

Randy shook her head and rolled her eyes, "I promised didn't I?"

"Yes, I'm going to hold you to that. A police sting is so much more sophisticated then breaking every bone in her body."

"Oh, but its so much less satisfying. I can just hear each of the bitch's bones breaking and…"Randy met the worried green eyes and the smile disappeared from her face as she lifted an eyebrow and tilted her head, "I was just kidding, Love. It's a very good plan and I promise to be a good little girl and follow your rules, OK?"

"You better, you promised."

"I know. Now that we settled that little problem do you want to get started on merging our lives?"

"Randy, our lives are all ready merged were just merging our stuff, "Replied Brittany quietly her head down her fingers playing with a spoon.

Tears suddenly sprang into Randy's eyes and she jumped out of the chair and embraced the smaller woman. "Thank you, my little one, Thank you."

She then picked her up and kissed her deeply carrying her back to their bedroom, There will be a slight delay in my move, She thought as she settled her precious one on the bed with a determination to show her gratitude.

*** *** *** ***

Brittany had stopped working on Randy's move when an idea flooded into her mind and she had to sit down and work it out. She was sitting, deep in thought on the tailgate of the truck as Randy passed her twice carrying her stuff into the house. Finally Randy stood in front of the other woman hands on hips and a big indulgent smile on her face as she purred into her ear, "Working hard, Hon?"

If Randy hadn't already thought of bracing the smaller woman, Brittany would of fallen face first onto the driveway because she jumped straight up from the shock, "Shit, you scared me!"

Randy smiled and with her free hand gently pushed some hair out of the pretty green eyes as she replied quietly, "I whispered."

Brittany's face suddenly broke out into a grin as she said, "Yes, you did. I was thinking about our problem. I had several ideas running through my mind and I had to sit down and think to straighten it all out."

"Well Hon, First why don't you help me get the rest of this stuff in so I can return the truck on time. Once we get back you can think all you want as you stumble over my piles of junk since there was no one to tell me where to put it all." She said with a huge lopsided grin.

Brittany laughed and leaned into the hand caressing her cheek; "I haven't really been too helpful have I?"

"Nope, Just wait till you see the mine field of living room. I kind of plopped things everywhere. You had agreed to guide me on where to put everything. Since I didn't know where you wanted it I just left it all in the middle of the room for you to make your decorative choices later," Said Randy her eyes bubbling with merriment at the horrified expression on the pretty blonde's face.

"Oh boy, Ok lets get everything moved in and then we can settle all the stuff." She picked up a box and headed for the house saying over her shoulder, "Come on, what are you sitting around for?"

Randy laughed, rolled her eyes and picked up two boxes following the little brat into the house.

*** *** *** ***

Across the street a very angry woman watched the couple move from a red SUV. You love me you bitch! How dare you touch that harpy in public. I will get you both I swear I will, Thought Jessie as she watched the pair across the street with blazing anger filled her eyes.

*** *** *** ***

Randy and Brittany were in the rental truck heading out the driveway and through the gate when Randy spotted the SUV. The hairs on the back of her neck raised as she passed it. She couldn't see any driver but she could feel her enemy's presence.

"Hon, were being watched. I think you need to call your friend on the cell and have her meet us somewhere."

Wide green eyes met narrowed blue and Brittany nodded her agreement. Pulling out her cell she called her friend telling her to meet them at the motorcycle bar where she and Randy met.

*** *** *** ***

Sergeant Margie Grayson looked like a typical biker as she strode into the bar. She appeared to be a regular customer as she calmly waited for her friend sipping a beer. She was a tall red head who had many of the same qualities that Randy did, She was smart and tough and very beautiful. She was the perfect bait for the woman who was threatening her sweet friend's happiness with her new love.

Brittany and Randy entered the bar and Brittany led her tall love to her friend's table. She had Randy's hand firmly in hers as she gracefully crossed the room to the booth the homicide cop had chosen. She had met Margie while researching an article on woman in the police force and had remained friends ever since.

"Hey Margie."

"Hey Brit." Said the beautiful cop whose eyes strayed to the taller figure of Randy behind her friend. Margie instantly liked the dark woman who had a protective arm around the diminutive blonde's shoulders.

Noticing where Margie's attention was Brittany smiled and said, "Margie, This is the love of my life, Randy. Sweetheart, This is my old friend Margie."

Randy blinked at the description and sent the look toward Brittany who smirked and shrugged. Randy shook her head and smiled back. She held out her hand to the detective and said, "It's nice to meet you. Thank you for helping us."

"It's my pleasure, Randy. It really is wonderful to meet the person who finally captured this ones heart," Said the amused detective she loved the embarrassed shy looks that Randy was sending toward her friend. It was very becoming on the tough looking raven-haired beauty.

"Thank you. She captured my heart the second I laid eyes on her," Said a brightly blushing Randy, as she sat down next to Brittany in the booth the detective had chosen.

Brittany was beat red herself as she looked up at Randy replying, "Ditto."

This caused the detective to smile since she seemed to be forgotten at the moment. "Ahem," Said Margie gently tapping a spoon to her glass.

"Oh sorry," Said Brittany, "We're…we're…um…still well…."

"We're in love and we can't seem to get enough of each other I'm afraid," Randy said quietly interrupting her loves stuttering.

"Why would you be want to? I think it's beautiful."

Oh, I like her; she is a good one, Thought Randy approvingly as she said quietly, "Thank you for understanding, Margie. Brittany now means everything to me I don't think I could live with out her."

"Me too, "Said Brittany quietly looking deeply into blue eyes and falling under their spell once more.

Margie smiled and cleared her throat again, "Hey everyone loves lovers," She said with a comical face making the other two woman laugh and feel comfortable around her at the same time. "Now, shall we get to the business at hand? What exactly do you want me to do?"

*** *** *** ***

The tall red head strode into the leather bar and looked for her target. Randy told her she usually came here looking for action especially if she was upset. Margie spotted the target nursing a drink at private booth off the pool table.

Jessica was brooding into her third drink because Randy had some how lost her in traffic. She knew where she now lived of course but the damn place had security gates and an alarm system. She knew nothing of breaking and entering she had to find another way to get at them.

The red head approached and asked in sexy, throaty voice, "Is this seat free?"

Jessica looked up and up, the angry eyes suddenly widened at the site of the auburn haired beauty. She looked into the cat green eyes that twinkled with amusement. Jessica nodded, swallowed and tried to breathe normally.

"Good, May I buy you a drink, Sweets?"

Jessica nodded again she felt her heart pounding and for the first time it wasn't for Randy.

Margie smiled and signaled the bartender. Now this is one sick little puppy I feel like taking a shower from the look she is giving me. Well, step one is complete now all we have to do is take this to the next level. I hope Brit knows what she is doing. Thought Margie as she smiled seductively and took a sip of the drink the bartender placed in front of her. She reached out and gently caressed Jessica's cheek asking, "Are you a top or bottom, Sweets?"

To be continued...

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