~ Sisters at War ~
by Mythe

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This story contains a relationship between Xena and a lost love. Gabrielle is in it, but they're best friends only.

I was pacing to and fro, ?I should've keep this a secret...?

Xena stared at me and assured, ?You did the right thing, Rai.?

I sighed, ?Then why do I feel like I'm losing something??

?Well...I don't know, Love.?

?First, I'm cursed -- I'm now a man...? I muttered, revealing to her. ?Like, a part of me is missing and I can't find it.?

Xena turned to me and suggested, ?It's been five moon's...maybe, you're finally getting used to it.?

?I don't know...?

Eponin approached us, ?The council has reached a decision.?


The room was crowded with onlookers. Amazons from all the nations where here waiting for the verdict. Friends and foes, from my past were gathered here to see this.

I walked into the large room, to my right was Xena and on my left was Eponin.

?This way, my Queen...? Eponin said, leading me toward the table of Elders.

The Elders came from the Nations eight providences. They halted any further discussions and watched me silently as I approached. I glanced at each one, who I've known at one time or another. My eyes finally rested upon the Queen.

Ephiny was whispering something to Gabrielle.

The head Elder Trina disclosed, ?We've made our decision. Do you have any questions??

I shook my head, no and patiently waited.

?Since your curse was a unique one,? Trina enlightened, ?Our resolution will be as well.? She glanced over at Ephiny and silently nodded.

?Sierra, you will remain our Queen when you're in your female form. You will keep all the privileges that one has,? Ephiny decreed. ?But, when you are male -- your title will be regent, advisor to the Queen.?

I stood there silently listening to her. My world was crumbling down around me as with my soul.

?Also, you can not live in the village with your sisters,? Ephiny explained and added, ?You may live on Amazon lands, of course.? She finished, ?Do you agree and acknowledge this??

I nodded, ?Yes, my Queen...?

A loud voice bellowed, ?A MAN CAN NOT BE A REGENT!?


?NO MEN IN AMAZON TERRITORY!? shouted another.

A handful of Amazons from various tribes stepped forward, protesting this idiotic judgment.

?How DARE you speak to your Queen in such disrespect!? Xena growled as she stepped toward them. Scanning the room for the instigator and finding her.

A large burly woman stepped forward as her dark eyes scowled at Xena. She brushed the long bangs from her face to reveal a scar upon her cheek and decreed, ?I will not be part of a tribe that lets a man help run it!?

?YEAH!? roared the others, ?NO MEN ALLOWED!?

?You need to hold your tongue?? Xena advised.

She calmly replied, ?Make me??

?ORDER!? Trina roared. ?Please be quite!

?Who are you?? Ephiny probed. ?And why have you disrupted this meeting??

?My name is Teries,? she responded. ?I'm from the Northern providence.?

?Did they teach disrespect there?? Ephiny remarked, gesturing for Eponin.

I wanted to say something, but I realized that I was still a male and remained silent.

Eponin and the Royal Guards instantly surrounded the small group.

?Are you arresting us?? Teries spoke up. ?We haven't broken any laws?unless speaking your mind is one!?

Eponin growled, ?Shut up!?

Xena flatly stated, ?But treason is??

Their opposition echoed through my confused mind. My sisters were fighting amongst themselves and I was to blame?this wasn't good. Maybe, I should've stayed away?

Teries gasped, ?WHAT??

?For starters?? Gabrielle affirmed.

?Disrupting a council meeting,? Ephiny enlightened, ?Second guessing the Elders and the regaining Queen.? She approached Teries, studying her for a moment, ?Which of course, would be me. Eponin, take them away.?

?Yes, my Queen?? Eponin nodded, escorting them out. ?Lets go ladies??

?Mark my words,? Teries warned. ?This isn't over, not even by a long shot!?

Triona decreed, ?This meeting is now adjourned!?

Everyone filed out of the chamber, with thoughts of what transpired only moments ago plastered upon their faces. They too seem to be torn by the council's decision, but wisely held their tongue.

Their eyes burned through me. Staring into my soul that has been torn and confused. Since, this whole thing transpired pieces of my soul were fading in the transition.

Xena approached me, ?Lets get out of here, hon.?

I silently nodded and followed her out.


Teries and the others were in the large cell, discussing a plan.

?I know Ceris, would support us?? informed Elisha, a brunette whose striking hazel eyes fell upon her pacing partner.

?Yeah?she owns me a favor,? Teries nodded, turning to her. ?Elisha, you're in charge of gathering our allies and any supporters.?


Teries revealed, ?Next step?to get the Tartarus out of here.?


?A dinar for your thoughts,? Xena offered.

I shrugged, ?It's done?what more is there to say??

?Calm down slugger?? she advised. ?I'm not against you-?

?I know?? I nodded. Hello?it's not her fault? ?I don't know what's come over me?it's only a title.?

?True,? she agreed. ?You earned it thou and it means a lot to you. ?

?I guess so,? I turned to her and apologized, ?Xena, I'm so sorry-?

?Shh?? Xena hushed, gently placing her finger upon my lips. ?Love, it's okay. I'm just worried about you, that's all.?

?I know,? I whispered back, staring into those crystal blues and feeling a peace overcome me. ?I'm fine now??

?Good,? she said, pulling me closer and gently placing her lips upon mine.

Rashia interrupted, ?Umm?excuse me, my Queen??

I sighed, ?Yes, Rashia??

?Your new hut is ready,? she replied.

?Thank you, Rashia.?

?Your welcome?? she responded. ?My Queen, may I speak freely??

I turned to her and nodded, ?Sure??

Rashia took a deep breath and exhaled it, ?For whatever it's worth, I'm behind you and I'll follow you till the end.?

I gulped hard, ?Thank you, Rashia. I needed to here that.?

She responded, ?Your welcome?? Then she turned and made a quick exit.

?See, you're still our Queen?? Xena expressed, placing her finger on my heart. ?Because, it's what's in here that counts.?

?I suppose so??

?You know I'm right,? Xena whispered, kissing my cheek gently and finally placing a well deserved kiss on my lips.


Discord appeared before the renegade Amazons and advised, ?I'll be happy to free you all...and all you have to do is one tiny favor.?

Teries approached her, ?And what might that be??

?Only gathering me an army?? Discord shrugged. ?It won't be that hard considering half the Amazons are on your side.?

?True?? Teries nodded. ?But why can't you do that yourself?you're a goddess and stuff.?

?See, I have something special planned for someone?? Discord revealed with a smirk. ?Besides, I know a true leader when I see one. So how about it??

?Sure, I'll do it.?

?Good,? Discord mischievously grinned, ?See ya!? She waved her hand and they all disappeared ?Onto the next one?? She changed into a ball of light and disappeared.


Two guards were silently standing at their posts.

?Everything all right?? Eponin inquired.

?Yes, Ma'am.?

?Good,? Eponin nodded and gestured toward them. ?Come with me. Queen Ephiny wants to talk with Teries.?

?Yes, Ma'am.?

Eponin entered first, finding the holding cell empty and growled, ?CENTAUR DUNG! Where in Tartarus did they go??

?I don't know Ma'am?? she replied. ?No one's been in or out.?

Eponin ordered, ?Gather two squads and search the area for them.?

?Yes, Ma'am?? the young guard nodded and exited the room.

?Ephiny's gonna have a cow?? she muttered, shaking her head.


Ephiny, Gabrielle and Xena were sitting at table having some Cider and cookies.

Ephiny inquired, ?How's Sierra doing??

?Fine as one can be?? Xena replied, taking a bite from her cookie.

?I'm sorry-? Ephiny apologized.

?It's not your fault Ephiny?? Xena comforted. ?You did what you had too.?

Ephiny sighed, ?She hates me now??

?No, she doesn't?? Xena shook her head and revealed. ?She's more upset with herself than with anyone else. Right now, her male personality is taking over and the other's disappearing.? She took sip from her mug and continued, ?She's afraid if she gives in?she'll lose her true self.?

?Wow?? Ephiny gasped. ?I didn't realize that.?

Gabrielle asked, ?Is there anything we can do??

?Just be there for her?? Xena advised.

Gabrielle responded, ?Of course?there's no question to that.?

?I'd better go,? Ephiny said as she rose to her feet. ?Eponin should be back with Teries.? Turning to Gabrielle and giving her a peck on the cheek and whispered, ?Don't forget??

?I won't, Sweetheart??

Xena inquired, ?Aren't you going to eat your cookie??

?Nah?? Ephiny replied. ?You can have it. I'm not really that hungry.?

?Thanks,? Xena took it and abruptly munched on it. ?Mmm?good.?

?Xena, I'll fill you in on my interrogation later.?

?Sure?? Xena shrugged, realizing what she had said. ?Wait?I'm coming with-?

?Xena, it's fine?? Ephiny said, gesturing for her to sit. ?Besides, Gabrielle has to talk to you.?

?All right.?

?Later?? Ephiny turned and walked away.

?What's up Gab??

?I know its bad timing on my part?? Gabrielle sighed. She took a sip from her Cider and asked, ?Well, do you remember that favor-?

?Yes, I do?? Xena nodded. ?And we've talked it over.?

Gabrielle spoke up, ?Really??

Xena nodded, ?Yeah??


She finishing her drink and revealed, ?Rai agreed.?

Gabrielle probed, ?What about you??

?Gabrielle, you're my best friend?? Xena affirmed. ?With a warm and loving heart. You know I'd do anything for you and I'm fine with it.?

Gabrielle's eyes brightened as a smile formed across her face. She leapt over the table and gave her best friend a hug. ?Thank you, Xena!?

Xena kissed her forehead and hugged her back, ?Your welcome...my bard.?


Ephiny repeated, ?They're GONE??

?I've got search parties out looking for them,? Eponin informed.


?They must have disappeared?? she shrugged, ?There wasn't any sign of a break out.?

?Discord?? I drearily enlightened.

Ephiny turned to him and inquired, ?You think??

?She's been after me for awhile?? I nodded, ?I wouldn't put it past her.?


Discord was standing on edge of a cliff, gazing across a lake of burning lava. ?Aahhh?here we are.? Her eyes scanned the lake for a certain someone trapped there. ?Where are you?? she muttered, ?It's not like you can just get up and walk away?GOT YA!? She located a strange human-like statue next to some large rocks. ?This is so, going my way!? She pointed at the statue and voiced, ?Come to Momma??

The statue shook itself free, levitating across the lava and finally rested a few feet from her. It revealed the image of an angry looking woman. Her last gesture was reaching out to strangle someone.

?Humm?? Discord circled her and expressed, ?Too bad?this would look great in my place.? She held out her hand and silver necklace appeared in it. She ran her fingers over the intricate Celtic pattern carved in silver; that held a teardrop shaped Amethyst. She held it out to the statue and whispered, ?What was yours is now mine??

The Amethyst began to glow as a bolt of light shot out and struck the statue. The light spider webbed across it, wrapping itself around it two fold and finally covered it entirely. The statue pulsated once as a surge of energy left it and entered the Amethyst.

?Maybe, I'll add you?? she shrugged, placing the necklace around her neck. ?After I'm finished with you, that is. Let's get to it?? Discord said, gently blowing a kiss towards it.

The statue's head and neck started to crack and peel. The gentle wind carried the stone fragments away as if was just mere dust, within moments it revealed a pale woman. The female's eyes fluttered opened, revealing pale blue ones. She instinctively squinted from the sun's afternoon rays. ?THAT BITCH!? she growled, trying to move her body. She soon realized that it was still covered in stone and grumbled, ?What's going on??

?Velasca, it's nice to finally meet you.?

?Who are you?? Velasca retorted, ?How do you know my name??

Discord brushed off a chip of stone from Velasca's shoulder and replied in whisper, ?A very good ally?my name's Discord.? She circled around her, ?You're famous for destroying Artemis' temple. Granted that you weren't born a god, never the less, you had the balls?? she grinned at the comment and continued, ?To break one of the Goddy commandments. Thou shall not destroy another's house of worship.?

?Yada?yada?yada?? muttered Velasca, silently trying to use her powers to break free.

?It won't work??

Velasca rebutted, ?What are you talking about??

?Your powers.?


?Oh, let's just say a family secret??

?Give me back my powers!? Velasca growled, ?Wait till I get out of here.?

?Honey, you can't?? Discord shook her head sighed. ?Besides, you're now just another immortal?who's part stone--?

Realizing that this leather cladded goddess had all the cards and finally gave in, ?What do you want??

?Good, I thought you'd see it my way??

?But, I want my powers back?.?

?Do have I have the word STUPID written on my forehead?? Discord remarked. ?You'll have it back after the job's done.?

Velasca muttered something under her breath and nodded, ?Fine?what is it??

A mischievous smirk formed upon Discord's face as she enlightened, ?You're going to destroy the Amazons??


I approached my new hut, winded and out of breath; from my evening run. Wiping the sweat from my brow, as I stood there for a moment gazing over our temporary home. It was a bit smaller than my other one, but one can't picky at these things. Besides I'm gonna have to build a larger one for our newest member of our family. I can't believe that we're havin' a baby? I guess being a male isn't all that bad after all.

?Rai, are you going to stand there all night??

I snapped out of my thoughts and replied, ?Well, you know?it IS a beautiful night--?

?Well, we're hungry?? she informed, holding freshly dressed rabbit up. ?Since, I did my part??

I couldn't help myself, but to chuckle at this cute sight.

She raised a brow, ?What's so funny??

?Nothin', really?? I responded, approaching her. Kissing her on the cheek and taking the rabbit from her, ?I'll be back in a few.?

To be continued...

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