~ Down Time ~
by Mythe

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This story contains a relationship between Xena and a lost love. Gabrielle is in it, but they're best friends only.

The Moon was full and bright as it shined in the star filled night. The sound of crickets echoed through out the early evening. An Owl hooted, disrupting the music they created.

Sierra took a large wineskin from her saddle bag and sat next to the fire.

Gabrielle finished writing another scroll and began to roll it up. "Yes!" she exclaimed, then put the scroll in the bag with all the others.

Sierra took a sip and raised an eyebrow, "Happy are we?" Then ran her strong fingers through her short black hair.

"Yeah, been working on this poem for awhile and now I'm finished!"

"That's great..." Sierra nodded and took another sip. "Would you like some?" she inquired and offered the wineskin to her.

"Thanks," Gabrielle grinned, as she accepted the wineskin, "What is it?"

"Wine." "Humm...I love wine!" decreed Gabrielle and took a large swig from it.

"Good...I enjoy a nice wine every now and then."

"This is the best wine, I've had so far!" Gabrielle remarked and handed the wineskin back.

Sierra grinned, "I try and get the best..." She took a large sip and handed it back.

"Are you sure?"

Sierra motioned for her to drink, "Go on..."

Gabrielle raised it to her lips and drank some more. This wine tasted as if the Gods themselves blessed it. She got up and walked over to Sierra. "I'll make it easier on us..." Gabrielle informed, then sat down next to her.


Gabrielle handed the wineskin back, "Your turn..."

"Thanks..." Sierra smiled back, then took another drink.

She stared into the flames and then over at Sierra. By the Gods...in this light she appeared even more ravishing than ever...Dark hair, a tanned well developed body and those big brown eyes. That could melt the strongest of hearts. No wonder Xena's never stopped loving this woman.

"Gabrielle?" Sierra inquired and held the wineskin out for her, "Are you all right?"

"Yeah..." she responded and accepted the wineskin, "I was just thinking..." Gabrielle took another swig of wine and smiled.

"About what?"

"You and Xena...." she revelied and handed the wineskin back, "How, over all these long winters your love is still there."

"Humm..." Sierra accepted it and took another drink, "I really don't know what to say... I'm so lucky to get another chance." Then drank from it and handed it back.

"So, true..." Gabrielle sighed. Memories of being with Perticus flashed before her eyes. She took the wineskin and slowly drank. I miss you love....

"So...Gabrielle, do you have a love?" "Once...but he was killed."

"I'm sorry..." Sierra placed her hand on Gab's leg, "I didn't mean to make you sad...."

Gabrielle took another drink and offered the wineskin back to her. "Nah...I'm fine, I've mourned long enough..." she sighed, then took a deep breath and exhailed.

"Do you like anyone, now?"

Gabrielle's heart skipped a beat as she took another swig. "What?' she began to cough up some wine.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah..." she nodded, "just went down wrong." Gabrielle offered the wineskin back to her, "Humm..."

Sierra raised an eyebrow and began to drink.

"I like..." she whispered, "Ephiny..." Gods...I can't believe I just told her...

"Really?" Sierra took another sip, then turned to her, "Ephiny...huh?"

Gabrielle nodded and waited for her to crack out in laughter. "Yes...", then exhailed deeply. Here it comes...

"That's cool..." Sierra flashed a large grin over at her, then passed the wineskin back, "Does she know?"

Gabrielle grabbed it and began to chug it.

Sierra stared over at her, "I take that as a no..."

"I don't think she's attracted to me," she grumbled, then passed the wineskin.

Sierra smirked, "I don't know about that..." Then took another sip and handed it back, "From what I can tell...I think she has something for ya."

"Well, I am the reigning Queen..." Gabrielle informed and shrugged.

"I don't think it's that..." decreed Sierra, then slowly got to her feet and began to stretch.

"Then, what?"

"I think she wants you as much as you want her!" Sierra revealed, as she reached down and took a knife from her boot.

"What makes you think that?"

"Here..." Sierra offered her the wineskin.

"Thanks," she accepted it and inquired further, "So?"

"Oh...I can see it in her eyes..." shrugged Sierra, then threw her knife at a large Oak tree. "Thump!" as it found it's mark in the tree's trunk.


Sierra walked over to the tree and pulled her knife out. "The eyes..." she turned towards her.

Gabrielle nodded and retorted, "Are the portals, to ones soul...I know that." She stood up and glanced over at her, "How can you see it, when I couldn't?"

Sierra walked over to her and decreed, "You can see everything if you'd just open your eyes..."

Gabrielle's silenced and sighed, "I wasn't paying attention!"

"Yep..." Sierra nodded and held out her hand, "I think you should just tell her..."

"By the Gods..." she grumbled, then chugged the rest of the wine. Realizing what she had done, "Sorry...I finished it." Wow...I feel great! Warm and fuzzy all over... "It's all right."

"What's taking them so long?" inquired Gabrielle, as she scanned the dark forest for them.

"Beats me..." Sierra shrugged, then threw the knife at the tree again. "Thump!" as it hit it's mark again.

"Why are you doing that?" she asked and put the wineskin down.

Sierra walked over to the tree again and pulled her knife out. "Oh...practicing," she informed.

"Is it one of those drinking games?"

Sierra nodded yes, "Would you like to try?" Then held out her knife out to her, "Here you go..."

"Sure..." Gabrielle walked up to her and took the knife, "Thanks." She examined the extreamely well designed knife and felt how lite it was in her hand. "I thought it would be heavier than this.." she smiled back.

"Nah..." responded Sierra. A feeling of being watched alarms all her senses. "Do you know how to throw a knife?" she inquired, then scanned the forest for the voyers and found no one.

"Yeah...sort of..." she shrugged, then remembered, "I've seen Xena play this game before." Gabrielle held the tip of the knife's blade within her fingers, "How hard can it be?"

"Okay, show me..."

Gabrielle took a long deep breath and exhailed. Please...hit it.. She threw the knife as hard as she could at the tree. Then watched in horror, as it missed the tree and flew into the dark forest. "MEDUSA'S TITS!!!!" she roared.

Sierra cracked up with laughter as she patted her on the back. "That was good!" she decreed, then walked over to where the knife would be.

"I hope I didn't hurt anything!"

"You didn't..." Sierra replied, then examined the ground for the knife, "I just have to find it..."

"I don't like this game..." she grumbled and continued, "I'd rather play truth or dare...or spin the bottle..."

"Ah..." Sierra found the knife and picked it up, "I found it!"

"I like truth or dare myself..." Ephiny decreed, then stepped out from the forest, carrying a large bag over her shoulder.

"Ephiny?" Gabrielle inquired, then turned towards her voice, "How long have you been standing there?"

"Not long..." replied Ephiny, as she sat the bag down next to Gabrielle.


Xena silently came up from behind her. She wrapped one arm around her waist and with her other, she covered Sierra's mouth. "Hummm...playing the knife game without me huh?" Xena whispered, as she gently nibbled on her earlobe.

Sierra nodded yes, then put her knife away.

She removed her hand from her mouth as it traveled to the inside of her shirt. Where it found it's prey, a soft firm breast. Xena began to nuzzle her neck, "Did you miss me, love?"

"Not really..." sighed Sierra and stated matter of factly, "but. I can tell you did."

"Oh..." as mischeivious smile erupted, "Okay...well, once I had a taste of you...." Xena's hand gently squeezed it's prey, as her index finger rubbed it's nipple. "I just had to have another!" she purred. Meanwhile, her other hand traveled downwards towards the ultimate goal. She unbuttoned the top two, on Sierra's pants and slid her hand further inside.

"Hummm...." Sierra grinned, then felt Xena's chest armor pressed up against her back. She knew what buttons to push...humm... "I see..." as she took a deep breath and exhailed.

Xena grinned and continued her journey. By the Gods... Her fingers explored her lover's mound and felt the warmth moistness there. Didn't miss me huh? With that, she plunged two fingers within, as her thumb began to rub it's nub.

"Xenaaa..." Sierra groaned and leaned back into Xena's body for support.

"Yes?" purred Xena, as her fingers continued their duties. I love it, when she begs... Then went back to nuzzling her neck.

"I...I..." a breath, "I...wa.." another breath, "want..." she studdered, as all her thoughts left her.

"Yes, love?" Xena whispered back. I can't take much more of this...Gods! Your just so damn beautiful... "What do you want?" she seductively asked.

Sierra's took short shallow breaths and revealed, "YOU!"

Now, that's the word I was waiting for! She removed her hand and spinned her around. Xena leaned over and passionatly kissed her on the lips. Letting her hunger out... The kiss became rough and furious as thier passion overwelmed them both. She ripped Sierra's shirt off and continued to fondle her breasts.

Sierra began to undo Xena's armor and removed it in one quick move. Armor off...now the leathers... She fumbled with her leathers, as she tried to remove them. Focus...I can do this...

"Ah...humm..." Gabrielle cleared her throat, as she witnessed this intimate scene, "OH MY!"

"What's going on?" Ephiny inquired, then turned to the haulted love making, "SWEET ARTEMIS!" Her eyes widen and a large grin grew.

Xena and Sierra stopped in mid lust and turned towards their voices. They tried to compose themselves for thier new guests.

A grumbling Xena barked out, "Can I help you?"

"A..a...I'm sorry..." a blushing Gabrielle replied.

"It's all right..." informed Sierra, "We...were.." she stepped away from Xena and started to straighten her clothing.

"Come on," decreed Ephiny, as she grabbed Gabrielle by the arm. She pulled her back towards the camp, "Sorry...we're just leaving."

"We'll be there in a moment..." Sierra enlightened.

I can't believe what she just said. "But, love?" she whined and wrapped her strong arms around her.

Sierra pulled away and smiled, "Later, sweetheart..."

"But..." she plead. As the flames of desire are abruptly extingushed. Xena roughly pick up her sword, chakram and armor. "But..." as she sighed again.

"Later, I promise..." decreed Sierra, as she lead the way back to camp.

"By the Gods..." grumbled Xena.


"Gabrielle, why were you looking for her?" Ephiny inquired, as she scratched her head.

Gabrielle sat down and shrugged, "I was worried..." I'm nervous okay... and didn't want to be alone...by the gods, I need her help! "But, you had to admit the look on Xena's face when..." she chuckled.

"The look of death!" Ephiny decreed, then cracked up laughing. Gabrielle turned to Ephiny, "Did you bring more wine?"

"Of course!" she replied and held up two large wineskins.

Xena grumbled, as she roughly grabbed one from Ephiny's grasp. She laid her stuff to the side and sat down. Then took a large swig, as she silently stared at them.

Sierra walked over to Xena and started to sit next to her.

"Wait!" Gabrielle blurted out.

"Yes?" Sierra stopped in mid sit.

"I would really like you to sit next to me...." she patted the space next to her and begged, "Please?"

"All right..." Sierra moved over, then sat between her and Ephiny.

Xena sighed, then took another swig. Of course...she had to sit next to her...couldn't sit next to me. She turned to Ephiny and just silently stared.

Ephiny shrugged, "Mind if I sit next to you?"

"Go ahead."

"Thanks..." Ephiny replied, then sat down and made herself comfortable.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Sierra inquired to everyone.

Xena perked up and suggested, "We could..."

Sierra glared over at her and raised a brow.

"Sorry..." she sighed. Shot down again...at least I tried.

"I thought we could play a drinking game," Gabrielle suggested.

"Sure," Ephiny replied and took a sip.

"I'd like to play spin the bottle," Gabrielle smiled over at her.

"We don't have a bottle," Xena informed.

"Oh..." sighed Gabrielle. "We could use a knife instead!" Sierra suggested, as she pulled hers out and laid it on the ground.

"Okay..." Gabrielle grinned, "First round will be a kiss."

Xena took another sip and grumbled. I could be making mad passionate love...but no! I'm stuck playing a childs game...

Gabrielle turned to Xena, "You can go first, Xena."

"All right..." she sighed and spun the knife. The knife began to slow down, as it's tip pointed towards Sierra. Well...this might not be that bad after all. Xena leaned over, pulled Sierra closer to her, then kissed. The kiss became passionitly wild and furious, as they explored one another again.

"Ah..Hello?" Gabrielle interupted and cleared her throat.

Xena pulled herself off of Sierra and sat back down.

"All right...I'm next!" Gabrielle grinned, as she spun the knife. "I wonder who it's going to land on..." she expressed, then watched as it pointed to Xena. She leaned over and kissed Xena on the cheek, "This is fun!"

Xena smiled and offered the wineskin to Sierra, "Love, do you want some?"

"Sure," Sierra accepted it and took a large sip, "My turn..." she spun the knife and watched as it stopped on Ephiny. "Come on girl...I've always wanted to know how you kissed!" she revealed.

"Oh, really..." grinned Ephiny, who perked up at the thought. Sierra leaned over and softly placed a kiss on her lips. Suddenly, the kiss turned primal as they tasted one another. Thier tongues explored one another, as a loud satifying groan left Ephiny's throat.

Gabrielle's eyes bulged at the sight of Sierra and Ephiny kissing.

Xena observed this, and abruptly cleared her throat,"AHUMmm.."

"Wow..." Sierra expressed, as she pulled away from her. "Well, that was interesting..." she decreed and took a large swig. Sierra handed Xena the wineskin and flashed a grin.

"Yes, it was," a blushing Ephiny smirked.

"I bet..." grumbled Xena, then swallowed a mouthfull of wine. Sierra noticed this and leaned over to Xena. "Sweetheart, your the only one my heart desires..." she whispered, then gently kissed her cheek.

"Really?" Xena purred and handed the wineskin to her.

Sierra nodded, as she sat back down. "Sorry, Gabrielle..." she apologized, then drank some more wine.

"Okay," Gabrielle sighed.

"My turn," Ephiny grinned, as she spun the knife. She watched patiently as the knife stopped and pointed at Gabrielle. "Well, your the lucky one this time!" she exclaimed.

Gabrielle swallowed hard and revealed, "I've never kissed a woman."

"Really?" Ephiny inquired and continued, "I thought you and Xena..."

"Well you know..." Xena shrugged and smiled.

"WHAT?" Gabrielle gasped, then expressed, "I never thought."

"I'm sorry for assuming," Ephiny stated.

"It's all right," replied Gabrielle.

"Would you like some wine?" inquired Ephiny, as she held it out, "It'll loosen you up."

"Thanks," she accepted it and took a large mouthful.

"Are you ready?" Ephiny asked.

Gabrielle nodded, "Yes...I guess so..." She turned towards Sierra and whispered. "What am I going to do?"

"Hello...kiss her," Sierra replied in a whisper and advised, "You both want it....give in." She took another swallow and handed the wine back.

Ephiny leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips. Gabrielle reached up and carressed her cheek. Ephiny pulled her closer, as their kiss became passionate and delicate. Their tongues touched for the first time, which ignited both of thier souls.

"Love, they're going to be awhile," Xena advised and handed the wineskin to her.

Sierra nodded, "I know," then lifted the wineskin to her lips and drank.

"You know, we could leave..." suggested Xena, as another mischievous grin formed.

"We could," Sierra shrugged and offered the wineskin back.

"By the gods...." Gabrielle sighed, as she sat back down. Then began to fan herself, "It seems a bit warmer than before...." I don't think it's the wine...my heart's beating faster and harder.

Artemis...I'm falling for her... Ephiny blushed and drank some wine.

Xena raised a brow, "It's you Gab..." She took another sip and hungerly stared over at Sierra. Lover...Oh, how I want to ravish you all night long.

Sierra grinned, "So, love birds..." as she held out her hand for the wine skin, "What's the next round going to be?"

"Lose an article of clothing," Xena decreed, then handed her the wine skin. This should stop this child's game...and by the gods, if it don't...I want to at least have some fun!

"W..W..WHAT?" Gabrielle's studdered, as she turned to her, "Our clothes?"

Xena evilly smirked, "Yes, your clothes."

"All right!" Ephiny exclaimed, then took another sip.

Gabrielle glanced over at an enthuasic Ephiny. She wants to see me naked...great Aphrodite..."But...isn't that going a bit too far?" she inquired.

Xena drank some more and rasied a brow, "Well, if you want to play with the big girls..."

Gabrielle interupted, "Fine..." Hey, Sierra has the most clothing! "Sierra's wearing more clothing than us!" she whined.

"That's true," Ephiny acknowledged.

Xena stared over at her and nodded, "Love, can you strip...I mean take some of your clothes off?" I'd really love to watch you strip... "We're basicily wearing two articles and a pair of boots..." she advised.

"Sure, sweetheart..." She removed her shirt, revealing a grey bra-like top. "Playing with the big girls, huh?" Sierra repeated, as she took her boots off.

Xena shrugged and took another swallow.

"Ephiny, can you pass the wine?" Gabrielle asked. I better drink more...I'm going to need it! Focus...I've taken baths with Xena. It didn't bother me then. By the gods...

Ephiny handed her the wine skin, "Here you go, Gabrielle."

"Thank you," Gabrielle lifted the wine skin to her lips and drank a large gulp.

"Take it easy..." advised Ephiny, "It's only a game."

"I know..." she nodded, "I'm just a little nervous, that's all." Now breathe...

Sierra stood up and proceeded to remove her pants.

Xena hungerly stared, "Gab, there's nothing to be nervous about.."

"I know..." nodded Gabrielle, as she examined the wine skin. Then raised the wineskin to her lips and started to take a drink.

"Unless, you like Ephiny..." Xena shrugged and continued to watch Sierra.

Suddenly, Gabrielle began coughing up her wine. What the? Then glared over at Xena, as the coughing fit passed.

Sierra raised a brow and pulled her pants down. Revealing thin grey shorts which covered her tanned, well defined thigh's.

Xena turned, "Are you all right?" She stared into Gab's eyes and found the answer. Yep...No wonder she's been acting strangely.

"Can we play now?" Gabrielle grumbled, as she looked over at Sierra, "Are you ready?"

Sierra nodded, as she put her boots back on. "I believe it's Xena's turn to spin," she informed.

Xena spun the knife and watched as it stopped on Ephiny. "Take it off grrrl!!!" she exclaimed, as a large grin errupted.

Ephiny unbuttoned her top and freed her breasts from their confinements. Then flung the top over her shoulder, as it landed in some bushes behind her. "Can you pass the wine, Gab?" she asked.

"Sure..." Gabrielle's eyes widden, as she absently stared at Ephiny's gorgeous breasts. They're so perfect...

Ephiny inquired, "So, do you like what you see?" "Oh, yeah..." she snapped out of it and handed her the wine skin, "Sorry, here you go..." Gabrielle blushed and spun the knife. She avoided her eyes and studied the spinning knife. Don't look up...she's staring at you... Gabrielle took a deep breath and revealed, "Yes, I do..." There, it wasn't so bad...

Ephiny grinned and lifted the wine to her lips. She's so beautiful...I want to grab her and kiss her soft lips.

The knife stopped and pointed towards Xena.

"HA!" Gabrielle shouted, "Take it off, Xena!" She wiped her brow and sighed. Not me!!!!! Thank the gods!!!!

Xena turned to her, "Happy are we?" She stood up and removed her leathers in one quick move. "There's two more chances for you to get naked for us..." she taunted.

Gabrielle's smile faded and remembered, "Ephiny, can you pass the wine?"

"Hon, can I have some wine?" Sierra inqiured and held out her hand.

"Sure," Xena held up the wine and stated, "but for a kiss, though."

Sierra nodded, leaned over and gently kissed her lips.

"It's your turn, Sierra..." Gabrielle informed.

Sierra sat back down and spun the knife. She raised the wineskin to her lips and drank. Humm...it would be lovely sight to see my love naked in front of me... The knife slowed down and pointed at Xena. "Oh...sweetheart, thou must takith' off!" she mischievously grinned.

"Hey!" she muttered and grumbled under her breath. I wanted to see you naked, not me! She remembered something and stated, "Not yet, love...", then removed her boots. Xena turned to Ephiny and whispered, "Don't dissapoint me."

She raised a brow and spun the knife. For the love of Artemis...Gab has the hots for me, Sierra's kiss made me wet, I'm half naked and now Xena's warning me not pick her....I really need a drink...Now, where's that wine?

The knife stopped and pointed towards Sierra.

"YEAH!" exclaimed Gabrielle, as she handed Ephiny the wine. She let out a sigh and nudged Sierra, "Go on..."

"Love, take it all off!" decreed Xena. Sierra eyed her, as she seductively removed her top. "Oh, like this?" she teased, and ran her fingers over hard nipples. She's going to lose this battle...

"A..." she gasped, "Yeah..." Xena nodded, as she intensely watched her lover. Gods...must she do that! I've been having one tartarus of time keeping my hunger down and now she has to do this....

Gabrielle witnessed this battle and interupted, "Okay...Ephiny, it's your turn to pick a round."

Ephiny finished taking a drink, as she stared at Sierra's breasts. Hummm....she has nice breasts...the perfect size. What I would do...

Gabrielle noticed where Ephiny's eyes were at and coughed, "Hello?" She's totally staring at her! I can't compete with her... Even her breasts are exquisite! This isn't good....I've got to get her attention. "HELLO!" she exclaimed and waved her hand at her.

Ephiny snapped out of it, "Yes?" Oh, I hope I wasn't obvious... She glanced over at her fellow drinkers as they stared right back at her. Yep, I was... She swallowed hard and thought for a moment. Something easy... "How about this...you have to reveal the weirdest sexual encounter."

Gabrielle grinned, "Weirdest, huh?" No nudity...I'm all for that!!!

"That's a good one, Ephiny..." Sierra acknowledged and handed the wine to Xena.

"Thanks," Xena accepted the wine skin and spun the knife. She took a large drink, as the knife stopped at Ephiny.

"Let's see..." she thought for a moment, "I was with this fine Princess, her name was Cleo..." She was my first...by the gods! Her long dark hair and emeral eyes melted my young heart... "We're at this celabration, right...we couldn't control ourselves any longer and ended up underneath this stage. We had mad passionate love, while the musicians kept on playing."

"I'm surprised..." Xena grinned and revealed, "I didn't think you had it in you!"

"Me neither..." Ephiny laughed.

"Under the stage?" inquired Gabrielle.

"Yep," Ephiny nodded, as she handed the wineskin back to her.

"Wow..." she took the wine and drank. Gabrielle spun the knife and watched as it pointed towards Sierra, "Your turn.."

"Humm...I was on watch with Cyane and one thing led to another..." she took a deep breath and exhailed, "We were in this large tree..."

"A tree?" Ephiny repeated and continued, "That must have been hard."

"It can be done..." Xena decreed, as she lifted the wine to her lips.

"Yes, it was...we ended up on the ground, anyway."

Gabrielle's eyes widened at the vision Sierra and Cyane in the tree. What the??? My story isn't even that interesting...

Sierra spun the knife and inquired, "So, who's the lucky one now?"

The knife slowed down and pointed towards Xena. "Well, I was with Lao Ma..." she grinned. It's been awhile....by the gods, too long. "Okay, we were training and one thing lead to another...we were making out and suddenly we began to float," she exhailed and revealed, "It was invigorating having sex in mid air."

Ephiny gasped, "Now, that's something to write about!"

"Can you show me how to float?" Gabrielle inquired.

"I've been trying to gain that purity, that I once had..." Xena sighed, "but, I haven't found it yet."

"In mid air, huh?" Sierra repeated.

"Yeah..." Xena turned to her and suggested, "maybe you can help me reach that purity."

"All right," Sierra nodded and inquired, "Can you pass the wine?"

"Sure love," she replied and handed the wine to her.

Ephiny spun the knife. She studied the knife, as it slowed down and stopped on Gabrielle. "Entertain us Gabrielle..." she grinned.

"Well...I was with Anthony, Perdicus's best friend, we were at this waterfall..." she informed and continued, "We found this damp cave behind it."

Xena's jaw dropped and exclaimed, "I'm surprised Gab!"

"Why?" quized Gabrielle.

"I've always thought you were this virginal creature..." Xena illustrated.

"I was..." she revealed and elabrated further, "I mean..." Gabrielle began to blush, "we messed around a little."

Xena lifted an eyebrow, "Sure, Gabrielle."

"HEY!" Gabrielle retorted, "I'm not like that!"

Sierra grinned and patted her on the back. "We've all been there," she advised and chuckled. "I've got it..." she glanced around her and informed, "We have to reveal a sexual fantasy." She lifted the wineskin and took a sip.

"No wonder I love drinking with you, Sierra!" decreed Ephiny, as she held her wineskin up, "You can make anything fun!"

Now, this is something I'd love to hear... "I'm tired of spinning the knife..." sighed Xena, "Can't we just pick the person?"

"But, that's not how..." Gabrielle replied and turned to Xena.

"Please?" Xena whined and put her best pouting face on.

Gabrielle gave up, "All right..." I can't say no to that face...I don't know how Sierra can do it.

"Thanks, Gab!" Xena exclaimed, as she looked over at Sierra, "Go on, love..."

"All right, my fantasy is..." Sierra paused, "to be swept off my feet, by a Princess." She took a deep breath and exhailed, "I shall be the hapless virginal creature, who's never lived life for the moment. This Princess has fallen for me heart and soul. She finally loses the fight within herself. Alas, she takes me away and ravishes me all night long."

"Sierra...I never thought," Ephiny gasped, as a small smile grew.

"Wow..." Gabrielle expressed.

Xena sat there stunned. For the love of Artemis...is that all? I can easily fullfill her desires... A mischevious grin grew, as her eyes narrowed and body flexed. Oh, I will my love...

"Why thank you, guys..." she nodded and glanced over at Xena. Oh, no she wouldn't... Sierra realized too late, what Xena was about to do. "You wouldn't..." she revealed, as her eyes widened.

Xena's eyes filled with lust and desire. She bolted up, grabbed Sierra, threw her over her shoulder and charged into the forest. This virginal creature isn't getting away from me this time! By the gods, if anybody interupts me this time...They will feel the wraith of a Warrior Princess.

"Xena, put me down!" she whined.

"Sorry, love...but your mine now!" decreed Xena, as she carried her deeper into the forest.

Ephiny and Gabrielle witnessed this act of desire. They're in awe as the pair dissappeared into the dark forest.

"So, Gabrielle...what's your fantasy?"

Gabrielle blushed and fumbled out, "A..a....you?"

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