~ Cursed ~
by Mythe

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This story contains a relationship between Xena and a lost love. Gabrielle is in it, but they're best friends only.

This is part 3 to 'A New Beginning'.


Xena was inattentively sharpening her sword and occasionally glancing toward the tree line. ?Where is she??

Sierra stepped out from the trees and greeted, ?Hello, Xena...?

?Sierra...are you all right??

?Yeah...? Sierra replied as she stopped an arm length away from her.

Xena noticed this and spoke up, ?Sierra, I won't bite...? She reached over and hugged him, ?I love you...your soul...? she squeezed tighter and pointed, ?This is just a body...?

Sierra's heart skipped a beat as she returned the embrace. ?Thank you...? she whispered, ?I guess, I just needed to hear that...?

Xena kissed her Lover's cheek. There's something about being rugged... She ran her fingers through his short hair as she fell into those loving eyes.

Sierra felt all her blood going to a particular organ, which was now growing stiff. What the... All her thoughts seem to leave her as soon as they came. She finally spoke up, ?Ummm...Xena, we need to--?

Xena felt the bulge against her and knew what was up. She seductively enlightened, ?You know...you are very handsome...? she caressed his cheek and whispered, ?And it has been two full moons since we...humm.?

?Xena!? Sierra gasped. ?You're not helping--?

?It's been a LONG time since I've been with a man...? Xena purred as her tongue traced her Lover's earlobe. She's mine now...heeheehee...

Sierra pulled herself from Xena' arms and stammered out, ?Ahhhh...I've got take a swim.? She turned and bolted toward the stream. Maybe this will help...if not...

Xena chuckled, watching her Love, ?Hummm...I could use a evening swim as well.?

Sierra tossed her clothes to the side and jumped into the freezing water. She felt her burning organ shrivel up and the overwhelming need to have sex die out. Thank the GODS...I don't know what I would have--.

Xena was completely naked as she slowly entered the water. Her eyes were lock on her Lovers' as she made her way to him.

Sierra couldn't take her eyes off of Xena as her new friend rose to the occasion once again. Oh, no...not again...the way the moon's rays shine upon your firm breasts and curvy figure...I want to ravish you--. ?Xena...please,? she pleaded and held her hands out as a barrier, ?This is all new to me...?

Xena grinned his attempt and murmur, ?Sierra, you want this too...I can see it in your eyes.?

?But...? she uttered out as her eyes glanced down those luscious breasts again. They're calling me...UGH! I'm totally losing this battle.

Xena placed his hands upon her firm breasts and whispered, ?Give in to me...to yourself.? She leaned over and passionately kissed Sierra. She ran her fingers through his hair as her other hand roamed over his firm chest.

?Xena...? she whined, feeling Xena' hands upon her body and took a staggered breath. ?You know the consequences...? she revealed, ?You might get--.?

Xena hushed him, placing a gentle finger upon his lips. ?I know...? she acknowledged, ?I want this...more than anything.?

?As you wish my Princess...?


Ephiny was once again pacing and mumbling, ?Where could they be??

Gabrielle rubbed the sleep from her eyes and lovingly grinned at her worried Lover. ?Ephiny, I hope you act like this on our bonding ceremony...? she taunted and gave her a passionate kiss.

Ephiny fell into the kiss and wrapped her strong arms around her bard. ?I will and more...?

Artemis appeared before them, ?Good morning, Ephiny...Gabrielle.?

They both fell to one knee and greeted back, ?Artemis, good mooring to you too...?

?Rise, my daughters...? she gestured and revealed, ?We've got little problem.?


Xena was laying on her back with the sheet half covering her nakedness. She began to stir a bit, not wanting to wake her worn out Lover. A smile grew at their evening of passion. Damn, Rai...you have the stamina of a bull...I knew ya had it before but, this TOTALLY different.

Sierra's arm was possessively wrapped around her sleeping partner. Her new friend began to rise again...GODS...it's like...it has its own mind...I can't keep this up. Think of Medusa in a-- never mind...come on think....

Xena whispered, ?Rai, someone's coming...?

?Uuugggghhh...? she grumbled and whined, ?I'm tired...? She curled herself into a ball trying to control new emotions that overwhelmed her so.

Noticing that he was acting a bit strange, Xena inquired, ?Love, are okay??

A peaceful meadow... She pictured in her mind as her urges slowly died down and finally replied, ?Trying to control my new friend...?

?OH, one of those!? she gasped, nudging him. ?Your first wet dream! I'm so proud of you.?

Sierra blushed in ten different shades of red as one could. She rolled away from her laughing partner and fell flat on her face.

Xena totally lost it as a fit of laughter overcame her. She wiped the tears from her eyes as she leaned over to help him up.

?I'm relieved...that my misfortune makes you happy...? she remarked as a huge grin spread across her face. She grabbed Xena by the waist and pulled her into a loving embrace. ?I love you...?

?I love you too, my Queen...? Xena realized what she had said, ?Humm...my Liege...?

?I like that...my Princess.?

?XCUSE me...? Aphrodite interrupted. ?Okay love birds, we've got a major development on our hands.?

Xena inquired, ?What's up Aphrodite??

?Okay, we found out what's up with Cutie over there...?

Sierra grabbed the sheet from the bed and tried to cover herself.

Xena raised a brow, ?And??

?It's too late to be shy honey...? Aphrodite enlightened with a quick wink and whispered, ?And I might add that you're VERY well endowed...?


Xena glanced back and agreed whole heartily, ?You are darlin'...?

?CENTAUR BALLS!? Sierra expressed and desperately tried to find her pants, ?Where are my pants??

?By the stream...? Xena informed, turning to Aphrodite. ?Go on...?

Aphrodite suggested, ?Well, get dressed and I'll meet you two in the living room.?

Sierra was digging though a large chest, finally pulling out a pair of black pants and a white long sleeved shirt. She tossed the shirt onto the bed and silently put her pants on.

?Thanks, Hon...? Xena said, picking up the shirt and put it on.

?HEY!? She spoke up and complained, ?What am I supposed to wear??

?Nothin'...? Xena replied as she ran her fingers over his chest and purred, ?I kinda like you without it.?

?Honey...now, isn't the time.?


?WE'RE COMING!? they shouted back.


Aphrodite was nibbling on some fresh strawberries and enjoying every moment of it too.

Artemis inquired, ?Did they look okay??

?Just fine, sis...?

?What's taking them so long??

?Chill sis, they're comin'...? replied Aphrodite, giggling at the thought.

Xena and Sierra entered the room, hand in hand.

?Hello, Mother...?

Artemis hugged her baby and greeted, ?Good morning Sweetie, are you all right??

?Yes, Ma'am...?

?Good morning Xena,? Artemis said and hugged her too.

?Morning, Artemis...?

?Fresh fruit...? Aphrodite informed and suggested, ?Eat up, Lovebirds...you need to regain all that spent energy.? She placed a strawberry into Sierra's awaiting mouth.

?Thanks, Auntie...? Sierra picked up a piece of Kiwi and held it out for Xena to take from her fingers.

Xena seductively ate it and licked his fingers clean.

My little friend was up and ready... ?Think of a beautiful meadow...? she whispered, feeling the urge slowly die out, ?Tiny flowers everywhere...little butterflies flying--.?

Xena whispered, ?Sorry...Love.?

?It's okay...?

The front door opened as Ephiny and Gabrielle enter the room.

?I knew they did it...? Ephiny grumbled as she held her Queen's clothes.

?They're only human, Sweetheart...? Gabrielle responded as she placed Xena's outfit on a chair. She looked up, making eye contact with a very handsome man on Xena's left and spoke up, ?You look like--?

Sierra finished, ?Sierra...?

She nodded, ?Yeah.?

?Because, I am...?

Ephiny and Gabrielle just silently stared at him.

?HERA'S TITS!? Ephiny blurted out and stated, ?Tell me your joking...?

Xena replied, ?I'm afraid not.?

Gabrielle caressed his cheek and felt his short stubbly hairs. ?Wow, it's real...? she gasped as her eyes examined the rest of him, ?So, your completely a man...?

Xena purred, ?ALL man...?

Sierra felt Gab's eyes on her especially on one particular area and sighed, ?Thanks, Hon..?

Gabrielle's eyes lit up, ?Can you...you know??


?Yep and more...? Xena revealed and popped a cherry into her mouth.

Sierra rolled her eyes and lowered her head in defeat. I can't win this...everything seems to be about sex...

Ephiny finally inquired, ?Can someone fill us in??

Aphrodite nodded, ?Sure, the short version...Discord cursed Cutie here.? She patted him on the back and acknowledged, ?As you can see she's now a full fledged man.?

Gabrielle probed, ?For how long??

Artemis responded, ?From what we could tell, it's for six full moons and then the person is back to their original form.?

?But, that's good right?? Sierra asked.

Aphrodite explained further, ?Well, no...see the curse switches you back every six full moons.?

Sierra sighed, ?So, I'm going to be a male half my life...?

?I'm afraid so, Cutie...? Aphrodite nodded and hugged him.

Artemis advised, ?Unless we can find a way to break the curse.?

?You're Goddess', why can't you break it?? Xena suggested.

?Because this curse/magic is different...? Artemis replied.

?It's older than the Titans themselves,? Aphrodite explained and added, ?Besides, there's not much of this dark magic that remains.?

?Your giving up?? probed Ephiny.

?NO, it's just going to take some time to figure this out...? Artemis decreed, glancing over at her little one.

Aphrodite advised, ?But, until then...your cursed Cutie.?

Gabrielle expressed, ?Well, this could be useful...?

?How so?? Ephiny asked.

?You know how many Amazons would die to have--.?

?HELLO, I'm a one woman woman...err...man...UGH! Whatever!? she threw her arms up and enlightened, ?Besides, I'm not your ordinary man either.?

Xena whispered, ?You can say that again...?

Sierra just silently glared at her.

Xena shrugged, ?What??

Ephiny interrupted them, ?WAIT, what about the ceremony??

?Why don't you two have yours there and we have ours here?? Xena suggested.

?Huh?? Ephiny said.

Gabrielle winked over at her and agreed, ?You know this could work...why wait?? She hugged Ephiny and illustrated, ?We'll be married sooner rather than later.?

?I guess...?

?Good, ? Artemis confirmed, ?That would be perfect...?

?AWESOME!? Aphrodite shouted and expressed, ?This is going to be FUN!?

Artemis turned to the Lovebirds and warned, ?Now, I let this morning's -- umm...?

?HOT SEX...? Aphrodite spoke up and enlightened, ?Serious one on one action...?


Artemis was utterly speechless as she glared at her sister.

She shrugged, ?What??

?Must you say that??

Aphrodite grinned and replied, ?Someone had too...it's the truth!?

?Anyway...? Artemis turned to them and continued, ?Was a freebie but, for the next 12 hours you both will be pure.?

They responded in unison, ?Yes, Ma'am...?


Xena and Sierra were being cleansed in a hot spring. Artemis' priestesses were surrounding them and getting them ready for the ceremony

Xena purred, ?Ahhh...I could get use to this...?

For the love of the Gods...why are all of my Mother's priestesses so damn beautiful? Feeling it growing again and begged to her self. Oh, please...not now...they're gonna notice.

Xena noticed her Lover trying to struggle with the urges and whispered, ?Love, why don't you meditate...?

?Yeah!? Sierra vocalized and sighed, ?I haven't been able to focus lately...?

?It's going to take some time...? she revealed and explained further, ?Besides, you're in a male body now. They need good food, bloody fights, plenty of Porte, beautiful women and lots of SEX.?


?Love, it's going to fine...? Xena expressed, ?I'll be there for you and I'll do my best to help you.?

Sierra lovingly grinned over at her, ?Thank you...?

?No problem...?

A blond priestess tilted Sierra's head back and began to apply a foamy liquid upon his face. She smiled gently down at him as she continued on with her duties.


The priestess pulled out a razor and began to shave him.

I feel nothing...


Aphrodite's priestesses were putting the ceremony robes upon Ephiny and Gabrielle. They were then escorted to a makeshift alter upon it was the leather strip in which to bond them.

Ariel, the head Shamaness greeted them, ?My Queens, I am honored to be bonding both of you on this fine morning.?

?Thank you,? they replied.


Xena silently stared over at her Lover and expressed, ?I love you, Rai.?

Sierra grinned and pledged, ?Xena, you have my heart and my soul.?

The Head Priestess wrapped the leather strip around Sierra's right wrist and around Xena's left. ?With the blessings of the Goddess Artemis and Aphrodite,? she said and tied them together, ? I bond you two for one full day until sundown.?


?When the sunsets, you will be married...? Ariel informed and advised, ?Until then, there will be no physical contact between you too.?


?Do you understand this??

They nodded and replied, ?Yes...?

Artemis appeared before them and placed a hand upon their foreheads. ?I bless this union,? she decreed and expressed, ?Your love is pure and so are hearts.?


?I Aphrodite, wish the best for you both...? she enlightened and continued, ?From this day on you will serve each other.? She disappeared, leaving pink confetti in her wake.

Artemis appeared in front of them and smiled down at them.


?Xena and Cutie pie, you're now bonded...? Aphrodite advised and giggled, ?You guys are SO adorable!? She kissed their cheeks and helped them up.

?Thank you, Auntie.?

?Thank you, Aphrodite.?

Aphrodite expressed, ?No problem...? With a gestured from her hand a half-naked man appeared, carrying a tray of drinks and appetizers. She handed the newlyweds each a cup and toasted, ?To the Lovebirds, may you two enjoy a long and happy life together.?

Xena held her glass up and whispered, ?Here's to the first day in our new lives.?

Sierra toasted, ?A new beginning...?

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