~ A New Beginning ~
by Mythe

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This story contains a relationship between Xena and a lost love. Gabrielle is in it, but they're best friends only.


A beautiful young woman wearing a blue dress was hiding among the tree limbs. A gentle breeze blew her long curly brown hair into her hazel eyes.

A large soldier stepped out from the forest and called out, ?PRINCESS CATHERINE!? He scanned the area for her, turning around and headed back into the forest.

Catherine waited until the coast was clear before she climbed down. That was close, I don't want to get married...I don't even love him. She strolled over to a small flowery hill and stared into the sky. ?Aphrodite, I'm not even attracted to him....? she sighed and revealed, ?I love women...? A memory from her past flashed before her eyes; a tanned beauty with short black hair and dark eyes was running through the trees. She leapt from the tree limbs and landed before her. This sexy warrior held out her hand, which revealed an Amazon friendship necklace made with blue, red and green beads.

Catherine held the necklace in her hand and whispered, ?I miss you...?

Suddenly, the ground began to shake and rumble.

Catherine tried to keep her balance as a large crack formed. ?GARIS, HELP ME!!? she cried, dropping her necklace. The ground gave way as she fell into the newly created crevice. ?SIERRRRRA!!!!!!!? she screamed and fell deeper into the hole.


?Thank you!? Sierra exclaimed and exited a tent with a rather large grin on her face. She tossed a small pouch into the air and caught it. I hope she loves this little gift...I mean...it called to me, what am I to do?

?You have an nice day, Sierra!? the shopkeeper replied.

?You too, Thomas!? she acknowledged and waved back.

Xena grabbed her from behind and picked her up. ?So, what did you buy Love?? she whispered into her ear and placed her back down.

?A little something...? she revealed and wiggled free.

?Come on, tell me.?

?Later,? Sierra shook her head and continued to walk.

?Please?? she whined and began to follow her, ?A hint...come on.?

?All right,? Sierra sighed and held up the small pouch, ?See??

?Oooo...? Xena grinned as her blue eyes lit up and inquired, ?For me??

?Yes, but it's for later...?

?Come on, Love...? Xena pleaded and put on her best pouting face. I love presents...I just hate waiting for them. She'll give in...they all do.

?Well, maybe...? she sighed again and leaned over, ?I don't think so!? Sierra chuckled then, placed the pouch into her top.


?Xena, no!? she decreed and bolted down the trail.

Xena's eyes glimmered as her lover ran away. Oh, a chase...I love them so. She mischievously smirked and ran after her.

Sierra turned back and noticed Xena was attempting a flip towards her. I don't think so... She abruptly turned and ran into the forest. Can't you just wait...like everyone else?

Xena landed where Sierra was just at. Centaur dung... She noticed her lover escaping into the woods, ?Nice move...? She leapt into a tree and proceeded to continue with the chase. ?I'm going to have you and that precious little pouch too!? she taunted.

Sierra glanced back, noticing Xena was in the trees and yelled back, ?Xena, you're not getting it!? She vaulted over a fallen tree trunk and kept on running.

?Oh, yes I am!? she retorted as she took larger strides. Xena's feet glided over the tree limbs as she caught up to her prey.

Sierra was coming upon a rather large Oak tree. Left or right? What the...left! She veered left and continued to run past the tree.

?YIYIYIYIYIYI!? Xena cried out and flipped toward her.

Oh no, the war cry.... Sierra glanced back and realized that Xena was flying toward her. In the name of Zeus...WHY?

Xena tackled her. Your mine now! They stopped rolling as Xena won the upper hand. She held Sierra's wrists to the ground and climbed on top of her. ?Didn't think I could catch you, huh?? she smirked.

?Well, no...? she grumbled, struggling to get free. You know...I love the way your eyes have that twinkle when... ?Xena, can't you just wait?? she whined.

Xena shook her head, ?No...? I love it, when you're the passive one... She leaned over and kissed Sierra on the lips. ?I caught you fair and square,? she stated and added, ?Now gimmie...gimmie...gimmie!?


?SNAP!? the sound of a branch that broke in two.

Sierra glanced up. ?Xena...? she whispered as a smile crept upon her face.

?Sierra, I'm not falling for that...? Xena firmly stated as she let go of one of Sierra's wrists. Do you really think I'm that gullible? Her hand traveled across Sierra's chest, towards the pouch.


Gabrielle bellowed, ?I'M SLIPPING!?

?I'VE GOT YOU!? Ephiny assured.

?SNAP!? the sound of another branch that broke in two.

?HOLY CENTAIR DUNG!? Ephiny roared and lost her balance.

?NOooo!? Gabrielle cried out.


A half naked, Gabrielle and Ephiny fell from the large Oak. They landed hard on top of Xena and Sierra. Their bodies were, intertwined together on the ground.

?Sierra, I love where your hand is at....? Xena grinned and added, ?But, this isn't the time.? Well, maybe later... She squirmed from underneath Gabrielle's body.

?A..a...a...? Sierra took a shallow breath, ?It's...? another breath and gasped, ?Not me!?

?Well, who then?? she grumbled.

?Oh, sorry...Xena!? a blushing Ephiny apologized and removed her hand.

?Can...? a breath, ?Someone...? another shallow breath, ?Please...? a breath again, ?Move...? then another, ?Their elbow!? Sierra sighed and tried to move but was pinned down.

?Oh, sorry!? Gabrielle replied as she moved her arm.

Ephiny roared, ?OUCH!?

?Whoever's on top...? Xena politely inquired and growled, ?Please move!?

?That would be me...? Ephiny responded with a giggle and slowly got up.

?Excuse me,? a male voice interrupted and asked, ?Do you ladies need any help??

?No, we're fine...? Gabrielle replied, trying to cover her exposed breasts, ?Really.?

?Just fine,? Ephiny grinned, handing her a green top and started to button up her own top. We need a little more practice...

?Thanks, Ephiny.?

?Okay,? nodded the young Page. All the while, his eyes were still focused on the Gabrielle's chest.

?Is there something we can do for you?? Xena drearily stated, rising to her feet and held out her hand for Sierra to take.

The Page turned toward the tall dark warrior and swallowed hard, ?Y.y.yes...?

Sierra grabbed her hand and pulled herself up. She glanced over at their new guest and dusted herself off.

?Well?? Xena impatiently asked.

?I have a message from the king,? he informed, pulling out two scrolls. ?One is for a Xena and the other is for a Sierra.?

?I'm Xena,? she revealed and pointed back, ?That's Sierra.?

?Here you go,? the Page stated, handing a scroll to her.

Sierra walked up to him and flashed a grin.

?And for you,? he bowed and held out another.

?Thank you...? Sierra acknowledged, unrolling it and read it to her self.


Your presence is needed at the court of King Tobias. He wishes to speak to you in person, about this private issue.

From the Royal desk of the King,

King Tobias

?A private issue?? Xena repeated as she rolled hers up.

?Let me see,? Gabrielle stated and held out her hand.

?I guess so...? Sierra nodded, handing the scroll to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle began to read it as Ephiny leaned over and read it too.

?Is he sick?' Xena inquired and stepped toward the Page.

The Page shrugged, ?I don't know...? then retorted, ?I'm only a messenger, Ma'am.? He turned and ran back to town.

?Humm...? Gabrielle expressed and handed the scroll back.

?It sounds like you two are going to be busy for awhile,? Ephiny illustrated. Good...more time for us to have some fun! She grabbed Gabrielle by the waist and pulled her closer to her.

?I guess so...? Sierra responded.

?I don't like surprises,? Xena revealed.

Sierra shrugged, ?Well...you never know.?

Xena glanced back at Gabrielle and Ephiny. ?Don't get into anymore trouble, ladies...? she warned and smirked, ?And stay out of the trees.?

Gabrielle blushed, ?Sure, Xena...?

?Good,? Xena nodded and headed into the town.

?Be careful, you guys...? Ephiny advised.

?Oh, we will...? Sierra grinned, waving back.


Xena and Sierra entered the castle's courtyard.

?This brings back memories...? Xena relayed and observed the courtyard full of warriors.

A huge uncleansed warrior shoved Sierra out of his way and growled, ?Get out of my way, little girl!?

?Excuse me?? Sierra remarked as the stench of him over powered her thoughts. What in¼ he smells like a Hydra's den... ?Been playing in a pile of Hydra dung lately??

He turned toward her and glanced down, ?What did ya say??

Sierra repeated, ?I said-?, then got a big whiff of his even nastier breath and coughed, ?Haven't you heard of bathing??

The dirty warrior grumbled and threw a right at her. Sierra leaned back, grabbed his wrist and used his own momentum to pull him off balance. She twisted his arm and watched as he fell flat on his face.

?YOU WHORE!? he roared.

Sierra placed her foot on the back of his neck and twisted his arm again. ?Now, that's not a nice...? she scolded and applied more pressure to his neck.


?HEY!? another grungy warrior shouted, ?What's going on here??

Xena stepped forward then, began to fan herself from his stench. Ye gods...they must ride together... ?Oh, just a little disagreement...? she informed.


?Sure, Straith!? Griz nodded, taking step toward Sierra.

Xena blocked his path and warned, ?I wouldn't, if I were you.?

?Oh, really...? he chuckled and gestured for his comrades at arms, ?See, I think your a little outnumbered.?

Three large men wearing mismatched armor came up from behind Griz.

?What? Four to one...? she shrugged. My juices are starting to flow, now! ?I love those odds!? Xena smirked.

?Well, the odds could be better...? Hercules asserted, ?Don't you think Morgan??

?I think so,? Morgan affirmed.


Hercules stepped forward and greeted, ?Hello, Xena.?

?Hello,? Xena grinned back.

?Y..y..you're Hercules?? Griz fumbled out and added, ?And you're Xena??

Hercules revealed, ?The one and only...?

?Let's get outta here!? one warrior shouted, running away and the other two followed him in tail.

?A..a..a..? Griz muttered as he took a step back and bolted.

Hercules turned to Sierra, ?Sierra, what are you doing??

?Oh, hi Herc...? Sierra greeted and informed, ?I'm teaching him some manners.?

The warrior's stench reached his nostrils and gasped, ?Oh, let the stinky man go.?

?All right,? she sighed, letting go of his arm. ?Be nice next time.?

Straith grumbled inchoately as he got up and ran away.

?My little niece has grown up,? Hercules expressed, picking Sierra up and gave her a big bear hug.

?I missed you too!? Sierra exclaimed as a large grin formed.

He put her down and held out his hand towards Xena. ?Xena, it's always good to see you.?

Xena shook his hand, ?Likewise, my friend.?

A beautiful red head to the right of Hercules silently stood there. Her short hair, fair complexion and Celtic attire affirmed that she was a foreigner.

Sierra noticed this beauty and inquired, ?So, Uncle Herc...who's the beautiful creature on your right??

"Sorry...Sierra and Xena this is Morgan,? he introduced, ?Morgan, this is Xena and my niece Sierra.?

?Hello, Morgan...? Xena greeted and held out her hand.

?Nice to meet you, Xena...? Morgan grinned, shaking it and turned to Sierra. ?Well, it's a pleasure to finally meet a member of Hercules' family.?

?Why thank you, Morgan...? Sierra held out her hand.

?Your welcome,? Morgan nodded and shook her hand also.

Hercules turned to Xena, ?So, I assume you two were summoned also??

Xena nodded, ?Yeah...so, do you know why??

Hercules shook his head, ?No, but we'll find out soon.?

Sierra turned to her, ?Morgan I take it that your not from around here...?

?No,? she replied, ?I'm from Eyre.?

?Eyre, huh?? Sierra repeated. ?Never been there, but I've heard about.?

?It's a beautiful place...? Morgan illustrated further, ?You should visit there, sometime.?

?I will...?

The King's Cryer stepped forward and greeted, ?Welcome to King Thadius's castle.? He walked up to them and informed, ?He's pleased to see that your all are here. Now, if you all would just follow me...?

An earthquake began to shake everyone and everything in sight. The tremor suddenly stopped as fast it started.

?What was that?? Sierra uttered.

?An earthquake...? Xena informed.


On grassy patch of a rolling hill, the large crack grew bigger. A green mist rushed out from the Earth's center and the smell of decay came with it.


King Tobias was sitting on his throne with his head in his hands. ?Please, I haven't done anything wrong...? he pleaded and prayed, ?Zeus, the king of all the gods...please help me.?

?If I know my father...? Hercules sighed and revealed, ?He won't get involved.?

King Tobias recognized Hercules's voice, ?Hercules??

?Hello, your majesty...? he greeted, bowing his head.

?Hercules, you don't have to that,? King Tobias expressed, rising from his throne and walked over to his guests. ?I'm so happy to see you all.?

?King Tobias, this is Morgan...? Hercules introduced, ?Morgan this is King Tobias.?

?Hello, your majesty...? she greeted, bowing her head.

?Nice to meet you, Morgan...? he grinned.

?It's been awhile, your majesty...? Sierra expressed and held out her hand.

?Sierra, you've grown into a beautiful Queen!? King Tobias remarked, pulling her closer. Then he gave her a long hug and inquired, ?How's that beautiful Mother of yours??

?She's fine...?

?Hello, King Tobias...? Xena greeted and inquired, ?So, what's this about a private issue??

?Still the same old Xena...straight to the point!? King Tobias sighed and replied, ?Well, Catherine has been kidnapped...?

?CAT?? Sierra exclaimed, ?When??

Xena turned to her lover and raised a brow. Humm...I've got to find out more info on this.

?I'm afraid so...? King Tobias nodded and informed, ?This morning.?

Hercules asked, ?Do you know who did it??

?No...? King Tobias replied and added, ?Her personal guard found her necklace on a grassy hill just south of here.? He held the Amazon necklace up.

'Hey¼? Sierra spoke up, recognizing it. ?I gave that to her.?

Xena raised another brow, ?Oh, really??

?He didn't see anything?? Hercules frowned.

?Well, someone...? King Tobias eyed Sierra and continued, ?Taught her how to evade him. He finally caught up with her and found it next to a small crack in the ground.?

?A crack?? Xena repeated.

?There's something else too,? he divulged, ?He said that there was this stench of decay coming from it.?

?Tarterus...? Hercules revealed.

King Tobias pulled out a small scroll and handed it to Hercules, ?Earlier today, I received this.?

Hercules unrolled it and began to read it out loud, ?One who was banished will soon be free...find one who is single and alone with a crest as it's marker.?

Sierra shrugged, ?A clue??

?Yes,? Xena acknowledged, as she turned to him. ?Something banished...has to do with that crack in the ground...? she enlightened.

?Yeah...? he nodded and rolled the scroll up, ?Someone knows about your daughter's disappearance.? Hercules handed the scroll back, ?We need to examine it.?

King Tobias remembered something, ?Where are my manners...will you ladies and gentleman care to join me for dinner??

?Sure, I'm famished...? Sierra expressed with a rather large grin. That chase made me hungry...

?We really should go...? Hercules advised, shaking his head.

?One should always eat dinner, for it keeps the body strong and healthy...? King Tobias illustrated and finished, ?Besides, it's getting dark...?

?True...? Xena remarked, ?I'm craving for some port right now.?

?Yeah, Herc!!!? Sierra agreed with a touch of whine. A low and deep growl erupted from her stomach.

Everyone silently turned toward Sierra.

?Excuse me...? she blushed.

?I could use some food,? Morgan acknowledged and nudged him, ?Come on...?

?Sure...? Hercules sighed as a small smile formed, ?I'm kind of hungry...?

?It's settled...? King Tobias decreed, ?Your my guests tonight!?


The servants were clearing the large dinning table.

?So, lets try and solve this riddle...? Sierra stated, lifting her mug and took a sip.

?Sure...? King Tobias nodded.

?Something is trying to get out and Tartarus is its prison,? Xena revealed and added, ?Whatever it is...I have a bad feeling that it's powerful.?

?Me too...? Hercules agreed, taking a sip from his port.

?Do you know who?? Morgan inquired and sat her mug down.

Sierra took another sip and began to softly hum a childhood song.

Xena turned and whispered, ?Bored are we??

?Actually no...just thinking,? she sighed and enlightened, ?My Mother would sing the spider song...it gave me that warm glow inside.?

?Oh really...? Xena responded, ?Well, I thought I gave you that warm glow.?

?What about a god?? Morgan shrugged.

?There's Hades,? Hercules answered and continued, ?Immortals...Titans...?

?An immortal...? Sierra mumbled, taking another sip and whispered back, ?You do...?

Xena began to grin, ?A Titan...?

?Zeus banished them to Tartarus after he took over,? Hercules enlightened, ?It must be...?

?Alright, one who is single and alone...? Morgan reiterated, ?That must mean a person.?

?A hermit,? Hercules replied, ?We have to find a him.?

?I remember a cranky, unfriendly man...? Sierra disclosed, finishing her port. ?Cat and I came across him one day in the forest.?

King Tobias sat his goblet down and agreed, ?I remember Catherine telling me the story...I believe it's north of the castle.?

Xena finished her port and expressed, ?Good, now all we have to do is find out who sent you this scroll.?

?Well, if the hermit is a clue then he might know who wrote it...? Sierra illustrated.

?True...? Hercules nodded and yawned.

?It's getting late,? King Tobias informed and stood up, ?I'll have Arron show you to your rooms.?

Everyone got up from their seats and waited for Arron.

A gray haired servant hurriedly came to the King's side, ?Yes, Sire.?

?Arron, can you show our guests to their rooms.?

?Yes, your majesty...? Arron nodded and turned to them, ?Please, follow me.?

?Good night, everyone...? King Tobias expressed, watching them leave.

?Good night!? everyone replied back as they followed Arron up a flight of stairs.

Arron led them down a large hallway toward the guest rooms. He stopped at a large door to his right and opened it, ?Sierra, this is your room...?

?Thank you, Arron...? she smiled and entered the room. This is nice... Sierra took off her sword and laid it next to the bed.

Xena started to follow her into the room.

?Wouldn't you like a room to yourself?? he inquired.

?Nah...I'll be fine,? Xena informed and whispered, ?Does it have a big bed??

Arron nodded and raised a brow, ?But of course!?

?Good...? Xena grinned, patting him on the back. ?My Queen just adores them so!? She examined the room and nodded, ?This will do...oh!? She remembered something and whispered again, ?By some chance, do you have any body oils-?

Sierra shoved her to the side and finished, ?That will be all, Arron.? she looked over and waved, ?See you in the morning, Herc!?

?LATER!? Xena picked Sierra up and kicked the door shut.

?Good night guys...? Hercules waved back as a grin formed.

?Across the hall is your room, Hercules...?

?Thank you, Arron...? Hercules opened the door and waited for Morgan to enter.

?Body oils, huh...? Morgan repeated as she entered the room.

?Ahh...they make a cute couple,? he remarked and shut the door.


?HEY!? Sierra shouted, struggling to get free.

?My Queen, you shouldn't shove a warlord like that...? she advised, shaking her head. ?I guess I'll have to punish you now.? She carried her over to the large bed and tossed her upon it.

?I don't think so...? Sierra replied, turning away.

Xena climbed onto the bed and seductively crawled towards her, ?You don't huh?? She laid down next to her and wrapped her arms around Sierra's waist. ?Is my Queen afraid of a Warlord's touch?? she whispered, ?Or are you afraid you might like it?? Xena began nibbling on her earlobe and waited for the answer. Gods...I hope she's willing to do this...it's part of me that hungers for freedom.

Sierra glanced back and retorted, ?I'm not afraid...? A vision of Xena holding a large sapphire flashed before her eyes. She suddenly fell to the ground as the gem absorbed her life. A flash of bright light blinded me... Suddenly, she pulled away from Xena and climbed off the bed. She walked over to the balcony and stared into the moon lit sky. What in the name of Zeus....

?What's wrong, Love?? Xena inquired and got up. ?Did I do something wrong?? she asked and sat on the edge of the bed. I did...I shouldn't have brought it up!

?No sweetheart, you didn't...? Sierra replied as she pulled out the small pouch. She opened it and emptied it into her hand. A gold ring shined in the moonlight. Sierra picked the ring up and stared at it. You called to me...told me that you were meant for the one I love.

?Then what is it??

Sierra leaned against the wall and revealed, ?Xena, I had a vision...?

?Do you want to talk about it??

Sierra shook her head and sighed, ?Nah....?

Xena walked up to her and wrapped her arms around her waist. ?Maybe your tired...? she stated and added, ?Sometimes the mind plays tricks on you.? What's wrong Love...you're acting very strange.

Sierra hid the ring from her and nodded, ?Maybe...? She leaned against Xena's body and felt her warmth and her essence. Ahh...if only we could spend our days like this. ?I have something for you...?

?What is it, Love??

Sierra stared into her crystal blue eyes and enlightened, ?I never stopped loving you over all these along winters. Since the Fates brought us together once again...? she paused and continued, ?They showed me that my heart and soul was met to be yours.? Sierra fell to one knee and held Xena's left hand. ?Xena, will you be my wife?? she asked and placed a ring on her ring finger.

Xena was speechless as she looked into her Lovers big brown eyes. By the gods... A large grin formed as she answered, ?Yes, Love...I will.?

?You will?? Sierra excitedly repeated and stood up.

They passionately kissed as their arms held each other close. The kiss finally ended and they stared into one another's eyes.

?Since you beat me to the question...? Xena sighed, pulling out a small pouch and emptied its contents into her hand. ?I might as well give this to my beautiful Queen...? she revealed, placing a gold ring on Sierra's finger.

?Does this mean that you're my personal Warlord now??

?But of course!? she exclaimed. ?I think should consummate our deal...? My hunger for this beautiful creature overwhelms me so...Oh, I need to taste your nectar,Love. Xena mischievously grinned as she removed her armor and leathers in two quick moves.

Sierra slowly undressed, alluringly stared at Xena and advised, ?Well, maybe we should abstain from our love making for awhile...?

Xena's eyes bulged and her jaw dropped at the thought. ?YOUR NOT SERIOUS!!!?

?Why not?? Sierra replied, removing her boots and sat them against the wall. Then she pulled her pants off and laid it to the side.

?Because you've never dealt with the warlord in me...? Xena disclosed as she stepped forward and roughly caressed Sierra's cheek. ?No one's ever denied me before.? This Warlord's gonna have fun conquering a mighty Amazon Queen... Then she lustfully traced Sierra's lips and hungrily licked her own.

?Oh really...? Sierra half-heartily acknowledged, ?Well, I guess I shall be the first then.? I guess this must be her other persona...humm this might be interesting. ?I take it that your the mighty Warlord...the Destroyer of Nations,? she apathetically stated.

Xena nodded and smirked, ?I take it that you're not afraid of me...?

?Should I be??

?An Amazon Queen, no...? she nodded and continued, ?But, we're not on a battle field now are we?? Xena lustfully examined her and further added, ?Maybe you should...because I'm going to show you who's really in control here.?

?Oh...that's easy!? she uttered, ?That would be me.? Sierra moved away from her, when Xena grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back.

?I didn't say you could leave...? Xena growled and roughly grabbed her face and turned it toward hers. ?Rule number one is...when I tell you to do something do it,? she advised and aggressively kissed her.


Xena roared, ?WHO IS IT??

?Helga,? a soft voice replied from behind the door. ?I'm here to give Sierra her evening tea.?

?She's my friend,? Sierra informed and revealed, ?We always had tea before we go to bed.? She struggled to get free from Xena and sighed, ?Come on, Xena...I'll do whatever you want me too.?

?Alright...? Xena acknowledged and let her go.


A topless Ephiny was laying on her bed moaning in pleasure. ?G..G..GABRIELLE!!!? she cried out and exhaled deeply.

?Yes, sweetheart?? Gabrielle whispered, ?I love the way you call out my name...? She crawled out from the blankets and laid down on top of her.

Ephiny ran her fingers through her sandy hair and whispered back, ?I love crying it out...hon.?


?YES?? Ephiny shouted, climbing out of bed.

?My Queen, it's me Ariel...?

?Hold on...? Ephiny informed as she threw on a nightshirt and tossed one to Gabrielle. She opened the door, ?Come in, Ariel...?

An Amazon Shamaness was dressed in leather and wearing a headdress, which was made from the head and pelt of a wolf. She entered the hut and glanced around the room. Her dark eyes revealed ones of worry and sadness. ?I'm sorry my Queen's but there's something upsetting the balance between both worlds...?

?What is it?? Gabrielle inquired.

?Well, had a vision of an ancient power...? she revealed and continued, ?It broke free from it's prison and the destruction of everything was left in it's wake. I woke from it and went for a walk. I was lead by the holy Spirits to a hill that had a large crack at its base.?

?Take us to this hill,? Ephiny stated, putting her boots on and a cloak.

?Sure, follow me...? Ariel nodded and exited the hut.

?Let's go...? Ephiny turned to Gab and held the door for her.

Gabrielle stood up, put her boots on and grabbed her cloak too. ?Thank you, sweat heart...?

?Your welcome,? she smiled and exited too.


Ariel, Ephiny and Gabrielle stood in front of the hill. They just stood there speechless at the sight of it.

The hill seemed to glow as the crack at its base emitted red rays of light. White translucent entities seemed to escaping from it as they swarmed around the hole. Every now and then a red entity would fly out and go back in.

Gabrielle fanned herself, ?The stench...?

Ariel revealed, ?Death...?

?Tartarus,? Ephiny decreed. ?It's another doorway...?

?Is there anything we can do about it?? Gabrielle asked.

?I'll look at all my scrolls and see what I can do..? Ariel informed.

?Good,? Ephiny stated, ?Have someone keep an eye on this.?

Ariel nodded, ?Yes my Queen...?

Gabrielle turned to Ephiny and whispered, ?Hon, I think we should tell Xena and Sierra about this...?


?Good night, Helga...? Sierra smiled, opening the door for her.

?Night...? Xena waved, ?It was nice to meet you Helga.?

?You too dear...? a gray haired woman waved back and turned to Sierra, ?I've missed you Rai...? She planted a kiss on Sierra's cheek and advised, ?You need to visit more often...?

Sierra blushed, ?I will...I promise.?

?Sweet dreams...? Helga smiled and exited the room.

?You too,? Sierra acknowledged and closed the door.

Xena bolted out of her chair, picking Sierra up and carried her toward the bed.

?Hey...? Sierra gasped, ?You don't waste time do you??

?No, I don't...? She abruptly responded, laying her on the bed. ?You're all mine now!? Xena decreed and climbed on top of her. ?Rai, huh??


The early rays of dawn, shone into the lover's room as the early birds chirped a mornings greetings.

Sierra opened her eyes and tried to focus on her lover, who was still asleep on her chest. My mighty Warlord is sleeping like a baby... She removed some hair, which covered her lover's face peaceful face. ?I love you...? Sierra whispered and kissed her forehead.

?I love you too...? Xena whispered back as her eyes glimmered in the morning light. ?I hope I didn't scare you last night...?

?Oh, the Warlord thing...? Sierra shook her head and revealed, ?No, you didn't....and I kinda liked it.?

?Kinda?? Xena raised a brow, ?Seven times...?

?Alright...? Sierra sighed. ?I loved it!?


?WHO'S THERE?? they both shouted out.

?It's Morgan, Hercules told me to come and get you two.?

?Alright,? Xena informed, ?We'll be down in a few.?



Hercules was talking with the King and munched on an apple.

King Tobias stated, ?If you need anything-?

?Thank you, but we'll be fine...?

Morgan came down the stairs, approached to the table and picked up an apple. She turned to Hercules, ?They'll be down in few...?

?Okay...? Hercules nodded, taking a large bite from his apple.

Xena walked down the stairs and advised, ?Lets get moving!? She headed out of the room and into the courtyard.

?What about breakfast?? King Tobias uttered.

Sierra followed behind her and waved, ?Morning, everyone!? She stopped at the table, grabbing two apples and acknowledged, ?Thank you, King Tobias. Oh, we'll find Cat and bring her back.? She turned and walked out of the room.

Hercules and Morgan shrugged and followed her out.

King Tobias waved, ?Thank you all!?


Xena scanned the forested area and waited for the rest of the group.

?Heads up!? Sierra shouted, tossing an apple to her.

Xena caught it with one hand and flashed a smile, ?Thanks Love...?

Hercules and Morgan approached them.

?Are we ready?? Hercules asked.

Xena nodded and took a bite from her apple.

?It's just north of here,? Sierra pointed and led the way. ?Come on...?

He gestured, ?After you Morgan.?

?Thank you...? Morgan smiled and followed Sierra.

?Your such a Gentleman...? Xena chuckled as she followed Morgan.

?Thank you...? Hercules grinned, walking along side Xena and inquired, ?So, how did you two meet??

?At an Amazon camp ten winters ago...? she revealed and disclosed, ?I love her, Hercules...and I wouldn't hurt her.?

?I'm sorry...? he sighed and added, ?I didn't mean-?

?I understand...? she nodded, ?You were just looking out for your niece.?

Hercules noticed the ring on her finger, ?So, when's the bonding ceremony??

Xena chuckled, ?Well, we haven't planned on a date yet...?

?So, when did you pop the question??

?I didn't...?

Hercules laughed, ?I thought you were the aggressive one.?

?Well, I am...? she sighed, ?But she beat me to it.?

?Congratulations,? Hercules patted her on the back and expressed, ?I'm happy that you found someone to love.?

?Thank you...? Xena grinned. ?So, are you and Morgan an item??

Sierra looked back, noticing Hercules and Xena talking. The two people in this world that I care about the most...

Morgan rushed up to her and walked along side of her. ?So, Sierra...Hercules tells me that you're part god.?

Sierra nodded, ?Yes, my mother is Artemis...the goddess of the hunt.?

?We have a lot in common,? she stated, ?I'm part god too.?

?Really?? Sierra smiled back, ?I haven't met many people like us...?

?I understand, we've got to stick together though.?

?How true...? Sierra stopped and noticed the hermit's cabin. ?Well, we're here...? she notified and approached the cabin.

The cabin was in rather good condition for being so old. Wind chimes in every shape and size were hanging everywhere around the little cabin. They were all still and silent at the lack of a morning breeze.

?It's quite...? Morgan shrugged.

?A little too quite...? Xena scanned the cabin and the grounds around it, ?I don't like it...?

?Morgan and Sierra stay back,? Hercules decreed and stepped forward, ?Come on Xena...?

Morgan took a step back.

?What?? Sierra gasped and commented, ?I'm not a little kid-?

Hercules turned to her and asserted, ?I know...but I promised your Mother that whenever I'm around I would make sure that you're out of harms way.?

?Fine...? Sierra grumbled and took a step back. For once...just let me be. I'm a Queen and adult. She glanced around the forest for anything odd.

Hercules and Xena slowly came up to the door.

The door was marked with a large crest and three small circles within the crest.

Suddenly, two red entities flew through the door and zig-zaged past them. ?AHHHHHH!!!? roared the entities as they disappeared into the forest.

?What the...? Sierra mumbled and watched them leave. A tingling sensation erupted through out her body. ?We're being watched...? Sierra calmly revealed as she scanned the area for who it may be.

?He...lp..help me pl...please...? a withered voice called out from the cabin.

Hercules entered the cabin and disappeared within it. A moment later, carrying out an elderly man and laid him gently on the ground.

?You've got to find...? the hermit coughed up some blood.

?Take it easy...? Hercules advised and turned to Morgan, ?Can you find some water??

?Sure...? Morgan turned and entered the cabin.

?NO!? he roared and continued on, ?You must find the Keho...she's the key.?

?Hercules's right...stranger, you need to calm down...? Xena asserted and assessed his damage. There's too much internal damage...he's not going to make it. Then knelt down next to him, turning to Hercules and shook her head.

Morgan came back with a cup and repeated, ?Keho?? She handed the water to Hercules, ?Here you go.?

?Thanks,? Hercules took the water; lifting it to the old man's lips, ?Drink...?

The hermit took a small sip and nodded, ?Thank you...You must protect her...? He gasped one last time and slumped over.

?He's gone...? Hercules sighed and gently laid him down. ?If only...?

?We couldn't do anything...? Xena advised and stood up, ?Now we have to find Keho...?

Sierra noticed someone ducking back down behind a large rock. She turned toward the Stranger and waited for another glimpse of them.

The cloaked Stranger peeked out from the rock and observed the old man on the ground. ?No...? the figure gasped and stood completely up.

?I think I found Keho...? Sierra whispered, ?By the large rock.?

?Where?? Xena asked and scanned the area.

The stranger realized that the dark haired warrior was staring right at her. The cloaked figure turned and ran further into the woods.

?WAIT!? Sierra shouted, bolting after her.

Xena got a glimpse of the figure and followed in the chase.

?Hey!? Hercules and Morgan spoke up and followed in tow.

The stranger was zig-zaging further into the forest. I've got to get away from them...they killed my friend!

You're not getting away from me... Sierra leapt into the trees and continued the chase from there. She was gliding over the limbs and catching up to her.

Xena watched her lover disappear into the trees. I wanted to do that! She jumped over a log and proceeded to follow her on the ground.

The Stranger glanced back and noticed a taller warrior was catching up to her. What the...

Sierra ran past her in the trees; vault herself out from the trees and landed a few yards ahead of the stranger. She leaned against a tree and waited.

?YIYIYIYIYIYI!? Xena cried as to distracted him.

The hooded figure turned back as to see what was going on and tripped over a small log. The Stranger fell flat on their face and grumbled, ?Tartarus...? She removed her hood, revealing a beautiful woman with curly red hair and gray eyes. She noticed a pair of black boots walking toward her and gasped, ?How did-?

Sierra walked up to the fallen stranger and smiled, ?The trees...?

?Oh...? the young woman sighed and got to her feet. She turned and ran into the breastplate of the other warrior. ?Sorry...? she apologized and looked up. This one wasn't as tall as I thought... Her gray eyes stared into ones of blue and asked, ?Who are you??

?I'm Xena,? Xena revealed and gestured, ?That's Sierra.?

?Hello...? Sierra grinned.

The young woman glanced over and said, ?Hi...?

?Mind telling us why you ran away?? Xena inquired.

Hercules and Morgan approached them and noticed a young girl with them.

?I was scared...? she replied and added, ?I thought you killed my friend...?

Hercules asked, ?Are you Keho??

?Yes,? she nodded, ?How do you know my name??

?Well, I'm Hercules and this is Morgan,? he gestured and informed, ?The elderly man told us to find you...I'm sorry about-?

Keho lowered her head and expressed, ?Fredrick, was the closest person to family I had.?

?Are you the one who sent the scroll to King Tobias?? Xena interrogated.

Keho nodded and sighed, ?Yes...?

?Can you tell us who has Princess Catherine?? Hercules questioned.

?Follow me...? Keho gestured and continued, ?I'll tell you what I know along the way. We haven't got much time.?

?Where are you taking us?? Morgan interrupted.

Keho revealed, ?To the hills, it's a half day's journey...?

All of a sudden, the ground began to quake and rumble.

?What was that?? Morgan shouted.

Xena replied, ?Another earthquake...?

?One more quake and he'll be free!? Keho decreed. ?We have to get there fast.?

?Come with me...? Sierra waved to them and suggested, ?The Amazon's are nearby, we can borrow some horses and get there quicker.? She ran deeper into the forest toward her tribe.

?Amazons?? Morgan and Keho repeated.

?Warrior woman who worship Artemis and nature,? Xena explained and bolted after Sierra, ?Come on!?

?You'll soon find out...? Hercules acknowledged and followed along.

Morgan and Keho shrugged and followed him.


Ariel was pouring grain around the ever-expanding hole. She placed four burning bowls of sage in each direction north, south, east, and west. ?AYA...aya...AYA...aya!!!? she began to chant and raised her hands toward the sky. ?ARTEMIS, GODDESS OF THE HUNT, I CALL TO YOU FOR HELP!? she shouted. Her hood slipped off, revealing braided long brown hair with a feather of an eagle attached to it.

The whole tribe were watching; from a distance at this attempt to call their Mother.

Ephiny inquired, ?Anything??

Ariel shook her head, ?No, the hole is getting bigger.?

Gabrielle uttered, ?At least it smells better... ?

?Whatever it is...? Ariel sighed and decreed, ?It'll soon be free.?

?I think we should find Xena and Sierra...? Gabrielle advised.

Ephiny nodded, ?I agree...?


Sierra detected the aroma of sage in the air. Ahh...Sage, the cleansing herb. I love the smell of it! She scanned the clearing and noticed a large group of Amazons huddled around someone. What's going on? Then she left the forest and headed toward them.

Two Amazons were talking amongst themselves.

Sierra came from behind them winded and out of breath. ?Excuse me, can you tell me what's going on??

?Hello...where have you been?? one gasped as she continued to stare over at the hill.

Sierra raised a brow and stayed silent.

The other Amazon answered, ?Something's trying to break out from Tartarus...? She turned and recognized whom she was talking too. She fell to one knee and apologized, ?My QUEEN...I'm so sorry!?

The first Amazon fell to one knee and lowered her head, ?I'm so sorry for being so rude...?

?It's alright...? Sierra sighed, ?You can get up...?

Xena came up to her and noticed all commotion, ?What's going on??

?Something's breaking out of Tartarus...? Sierra explained.

Suddenly everyone else turned and recognized their Queen. They too fell to one knee, saluted her and greeted, ?WELCOME MY QUEEN!!!?

Sierra turned around and realized that everyone was on one knee. She made a fist and hit her chest and held it up, ?Thank you...?

Ephiny and Gabrielle rushed up to her, ?Sierra, we have problems...?

?I know...? Sierra nodded.

?We need our horses...? Xena informed and added, ?We also need the fastest horse you've got.?

Ephiny pointed towards a young Amazon, ?You...?

?Yes, my Queen!? the young Amazon shouted, ?Let's go..? She then grabbed her friend and left.

Hercules, Morgan and Keho entered the clearing and noticed everyone was kneeling.

Keho gasped, ?I've never see so many Amazons before...?

?I have...many times...? Hercules drearily revealed, ?Good and bad.?

?Xena, we've got to do something...? Gabrielle explained and pointed, ?The hole is getting bigger!?

?The doorway...? Keho spoke up.

?Where?? Xena inquired.

?Follow me...? Gabrielle instructed and led them to the hole. ?It's this way...?

?Please, everyone...thank you!? Sierra acknowledged. ?Now rise my sisters!?

Everyone got to their feet and continued to watch the spirits exiting the hole.

?I'm sorry for treating you like a child,? Hercules informed and placed his hand on Sierra's shoulder, ?We should treat you like adult that you are.?

?That's alright,? Sierra nodded, ?I know how my mother is.?

The stench of Death and Sage was abundant and overpowering. Entities were flying around the hole trying to break out from the circle.

?There it is,? Gabrielle enlightened and pointed to it.

?I've tried my best...?Ariel sighed and added, ?But the stronger ones can go through.?

?That's fine,? Keho acknowledged. ?What we have to worry about is Gyges breaking free.?

?Gyges?? Gabrielle repeated and questioned, ?And you are??

?Sorry, Gabrielle and Ephiny this is Keho...? Xena introduced and turned to her right, ?And this is Morgan.?

?Hello,? Gabrielle greeted towards them both.

?Hello,? Ephiny smiled over and waved.

?Nice to meet you,? Morgan smiled back.

?Hi,? Keho replied and continued on, ?Gyges is one of three Hecatoncheives, the first offspring of Uranus and Gaia. They have one hundred hands and fifty heads.?

?Is that all?? Gabrielle sighed and questioned further, ?Do you know how to stop it??

?Yes, we need the Eye of Rhea...?

?The Eye of Rhea?? Hercules reiterated.

?It's a weapon that Cronus created for this such purpose,? Keho illustrated and expressed, ?It's our only chance at stopping him.?

Xena decreed, ?Well, let's go get this weapon...?

Keho turned toward the hole and revealed, ?We also need help from the gods.?

?I've been calling Artemis all morning,? Ariel informed and shrugged, ?But to no avail.?

?The gods...? Xena repeated and growled, ?How many?? Great...I have a disgusting feeling that Ares will be involved...

?Three at the most...? Keho replied and blurted out, ?Maybe someone should pray for a miracle.?

?Maybe not...? Sierra whispered and stepped away from the group. She fell to one knee and bowed her head. Mother, I'm sorry for not talking to you sooner...but we need you help.

Morgan inquired, ?Where's the nearest temple??

?A half days journey,? Ephiny shrugged.

?Is she praying?? Keho asked and sighed, ?I didn't mean-?

?Out of all the gods, her Mother is the only one that will listen...? Xena divulged as a smile grew.

Keho shrugged, ?What??

A bright ball of light appeared before Sierra. Artemis stepped out from the light and greeted her, ?Hello, little one.?

?Hello, Mother.?

Artemis held her hand out, ?Come here baby...? Sierra took her hand and they embraced for a moment. ?Your becoming a beautiful woman and Queen.?

Sierra blushed a bit, ?Aww...Mom.?

Artemis turned to the large group around her and greeted, ?Hello everyone!?

All the Amazons were in awe; falling to one knee in honor of the Mother herself and greeted back, ?Hello to you too, holy Mother!?

Artemis turned to Ariel and apologized, ?Sorry, Ariel...I was trying to persuade my sisters and brothers to help.?

?Holy Mother, I'm sorry for being impatient...?

?So, you know what's going on then?? Xena inquired.

?Yes, Xena...? Artemis nodded and added, ?And I know how you feel.?

?Do you need any help?? Hercules asked.

Artemis shook her head, ?It's alright, little brother..? She turned back to the ball of light, glancing back and stated, ?Just give me a few and I'll meet you back here, okay??

?Okay,? Hercules waved back, ?Let's go get the Eye of Rhea.?

?Wow...? Keho gasped and expressed, ?I've never seen a goddess before...?

Gabrielle leaned over and whispered, ?Hang out with us more often and you'll see all kinds of things.?


The young Amazon came back carrying the reins to Cronus and Argo. Another Amazon followed her carrying the reins to a gray horse with black spots.

?Hello, boy!? Sierra whispered as she took the reins to Cronus. She rubbed his head and climbed onto him, ?I've missed ya...?

?Keho, can you ride?? Xena asked and took the reins to Argo.

?Of course!?

?Good, take the gray one...? she turned to Hercules and handed him Argo's reins, ?Here, take her.?

?Thank you, Xena...? Hercules grinned as he mounted Argo.

?Don't mention it...?

Hercules turned to Morgan and he held out his hand, ?Let me help you up...?

?Thanks,? she replied and climbed up behind him.

Keho mounted her horse, turning to Gabrielle and smiled down, ?An army of skeletons will be first...? She then nudged her horse to go and he bolted.

Hercules tapped Argo in the sides and she too galloped off.

?Thank you, Keho...? Gabrielle smirked and turned to Xena, ?Xena, is there anything else??

?Here you go, hon...? Sierra said, holding out her hand for Xena to take.

?Thanks, Love¼? Xena grinned. She took it, climbed onto Cronus and wrapped her arms around Sierra's waist. She turned to Gabrielle, ?Keep them busy, till we get back...?

Sierra nudged Cronus twice and he bolted forward, after Argo.


Keho was leading the group toward the hills. She glanced back, noticed Hercules and Sierra was still following right behind her. I hope I can remember everything Fredrick taught me...

Xena pulled herself closer to Sierra. Your so withdrawn...I hope you're not having second thoughts. She whispered, ?You're awfully quite today...?

?Sorry, hon...? Sierra replied and glanced back at her, ?I didn't realize it.? That vision...I won't let that happen to her. ?So, how was the little talk with Herc??

Keho pulled her horse to a complete stop and shouted out, ?This is it!!!?

The ground began to shake and rumble and it suddenly stopped.

?In the name of Zues...? Keho grumbled, ?We've got to hurry!?


The crack started to spider web, while its center grew larger and wider. The entities finally broke free from their temporary prison and began to swarm the onlookers.

Gabrielle ducked just in time as a large entity flew by her. ?GET READY TO FIGHT!?

The Amazons instinctively drew their swords at their new enemies.

The entities hovered above them for a moment and abruptly flew back into the hole.

?Is that it?? a blond Amazon inquired.

?No...? Ephiny replied, ?Gab, here...? She handed Gabrielle her staff, turning to her amazons and warned, ?BE READY FOR ANYTHING!!!?

A deep growling roar echoed out from the pit, ?ERRRRROLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!?

Entities streamed out of the hole, each carrying with them a skeletal figure. They flew over the clearing dropping their soldier and returning back to the hole. The skeletal soldier's wore tarnished armor and wielding a rusty sword. They advanced toward their living counterparts, the Amazons.

?THIS IS IT!? Gabrielle yelled and ordered, ?AMAZON'S ATTACK!?


Morgan shrugged, ?Looks like a stone wall to me...?

?Are you sure this is the place?? Xena inquired and glanced around them, ?They all look alike...?

?Maybe...? Keho shrugged, ?Well, we could all spread out...?

Xena turned to her right and stared at her patch of the wall.

?Morgan, do you wanna come with?? Sierra gestured, heading toward the other wall

?Sure...? Morgan followed right behind.

Hercules was standing on Keho's left and he too inspected his part of the wall.

?Look for a hand imprint!? Keho exclaimed and continued to examine her wall. I know what I'm doing... I hope, they kinda do look alike.

Xena drearily asked, ?So, what task do we have to do??


?Yeah, we always have to do something-? Hercules acknowledged.

?Oh...? Keho sighed and thought for a moment, ?Nope!?

Xena raised a brow, ?Are you sure??

Keho remembered a minor detail and looked up, ?Well, the one who touches it...must sacrifice something.?

Hercules turned to her and decreed, ?When were you going to tell us this??

?I'm new to this...? Keho shrugged and revealed, ?Fedrick, would tell me these tales and I really never thought it would actually happen.?

?It's alright...? Xena assured and inquired further, ?Is there anything else??

?Well, he said that the stones possessed a power from Cronus himself.?

?Go back to this sacrifice something...? Hercules reiterated.

?Just that...he didn't tell me what.?

?HEY, I FOUND IT!? Sierra shouted back.

?Cool!? Keho turned and ran to Sierra. ?Where is it??

Morgan pointed to it, ?Right here.?

Hercules turned to Xena, ?I'll be the one...?

?I don't think so...?

?Come on Xena, let's not do this again...? he enlightened and warned, ?I'll stop you.?

?Then try...? Xena started to walk over to the rest of the group, ?But I'll win.?

A single handprint was burned into the stone wall. It was barely noticeable if one wasn't paying attention to it.

Keho placed her hand on the imprint, ?Here we go...?

The handprint began to glow red, then pulsated to the rhythm of her heartbeat. The whole wall to the right of the print rumbled open, revealing a dark cave behind it.

?Wow!? Keho gasped and removed her hand.



?What the...? Sierra voiced.

Everyone heard the shouts and scuffle. They turned around to see what was going on. Hercules had Xena in a bear hug, from behind. She head butted him until he loosened his grip and dropped her. Xena elbowed him in the groin, he doubled over and she backhanded him. He flew back and landed hard on his back.

?What's going on?? Morgan inquired as she blocked Xena.

?Morgan, stop her!? Hercules proclaimed, leaping back up and revealed, ?She's trying to get the stone...?

?Stop-? Sierra's vision flashed before her eyes again. Xena was holding sapphire...her falling to the ground...

?Get out of my way Morgan...? Xena calmly decreed.

?No, Xena...? Morgan took another step toward her and advised, ?You'll just have go through me...?

?Fine by me...? Xena shrugged. She flipped over her, landing on her feet and continued toward the cave.


Hercules tackled Xena to the ground, pulling both her arms behind her and pinned her to the ground. ?I'm not going to let you do this...? he decreed.



?No way...?

Sierra ran toward the cave.

Xena glanced up, noticing Sierra heading to the cave and roared, ?SIERRA, NO!!!?

Hecules looked over and realized it too, ?SIERRA!? He let Xena go, got to his feet and ran after her.

Sierra glanced back at them and flashed a grin. She entered the cave as the darkness overwhelmed her.

Xena quickly got to her feet and followed him.

Keho blocked their path and informed, ?Only one can enter.?

?We'll see about that...? grumbled Hercules, picking Keho up and sat her to the side. He started to enter the mouth of the cave, when an invisible barrier blocked his path. He pounded on the barrier to no avail and bellowed out, ?NO!!!!?

?LOVE, DON'T DO THIS!? Xena begged and pounded on the barrier too.

Morgan inquired to them, ?Why??

Keho shook her head and replied, ?Whoever touches it, must sacrifice something.?

?Why weren't we told?? Morgan growled and realized, ?You guys weren't going to tell us!? She shook her head, ?Hello...we're not virginal maidens here.?

Hercules turned to her, ?I'm sorry, Morgan...?


Sierra turned back to her, ?I had too, hon...? She turned and further entered the cave. She noticed that there were torches along the walls. A little light would be nice...

All the torches ignited, lighting a path deeper into the cave.

Sierra followed the lit torches further into the cave. She passed a large archway and entered a room.

Two large torches on her left ignited, unveiling a huge stone face of a woman. Set within each of her eyes was a gem, a Sapphire to the left and a Ruby to the right. The stones reflected the torches' light and began to glow.

?In the name of Zues...? she sighed. Okay, there's two...Xena had the Sapphire in my dream. ?The ruby it is!? Sierra exclaimed, reaching up and removed it, ?There that wasn't hard...? Then she placed the Ruby in a hidden pocket within her shirt.


Xena was pacing back and forth.

?We've got leave as soon as Sierra comes out with the stones,? Keho advised and tightened the reins to her horse.

?We were wrong...? Hercules reiterated, shaking his head.

?I don't know what to say,? Morgan shrugged and turned away.

Xena stopped pacing and turned toward Keho, ?Did you say stones??

Keho nodded, ?Yes, why??

?Because you described only one to us.?

?I did?? Keho realized her mistake, ?BY THE GODS!!!? She took a deep breath and exhaled, ?I'm so sorry Xena...?

?In the name of Zeus,? Hercules sighed and rubbed his temples, ?Is there anything else we should know??

?I kinda remember Fredrick telling me...? she thought for a moment and revealed, ?That one takes your power and the other gives you power. If you put them together they will amass great power.?


?EEEERRRWWWLLLLLLLL? the sound of a low-pitched growl echoed through the cavern. A red Entity passed through the wall and flew around the stone head. It glared over at Sierra and snarled.

Sierra pulled out her sword and warned, ?Don't go there!?

The Entity turned back to the stone head and pulled out the gem. It carried with it the sapphire as it flew out of the mouth of the cave.

Sierra sheathed her sword as she ran out after it.


The Entity flew past Xena and continued on its journey back to the gateway.

?What the...? Xena voiced, noticing the sapphire.

Sierra ran out of the cave, ?It has the other stone!?

Hercules turned to her, ?Sierra, are you alright??

Sierra nodded, ?Yeah, I'm fine.? A warm sensation erupted and overwhelmed her entire body. What's going on? Her energy was being drained from her. I'm so tired all of the sudden...

?We don't have much time!? Keho advised and mounted her horse. ?They'll need our help...? she reminded and bolted off.

?Let's go!? Morgan shouted as she mounted and waited for him.

Hercules climbed up behind her, ?We'll meet you there!?

Morgan nudged Argo on as they followed Keho back.

Sierra took a step and fell to her knees in exhaustion.

Xena was instantly at her side, ?Sierra, what's going on??

?I'm worn out...?

?Oh, Love...? Xena sighed and caressed her cheek, ?It's the stone.? She stared into her lover's big brown eyes and found the answer. Then she glanced over at Cronus and whistled.

Cronus galloped towards her, stopped and neighed.

?Can you stand??

?I'll try...? Sierra nodded and slowly got to her feet.

Xena wrapped her arm around Sierra's waist. ?I've got you Love,? she assured and stated, ?Now the hard part...?

?Oh, this is the easy part...? Sierra smirked and used all her remaining strength to mount him.

Xena climbed up behind her, with one hand she took the reins and the other was wrapped tightly around her lover's waist. ?Lean against me, Love...? she advised and whispered into her ear, ?You know you didn't have-?

Sierra grinned and leaned back. ?I love you too,? she replied and gave her a peak on the cheek.

?Why don't you meditate, it'll slow the process.?

Sierra nodded, closing her eyes and took a long deep breath. She cleared her mind and proceeded to enter the first level of meditation.


A skeleton swung its sword at Gabrielle's head. She ducked just in time and swung her staff in retaliation, which knocked its head, clean off.

?Awesome!? Ephiny shouted out and ran to her side.

The ground began to vibrate and rumble. The crack grew larger and extended further in each direction.

A red Entity flew past them carrying a sapphire.

?GODS!? Gabrielle uttered and grabbed Ephiny for support. She turned and noticed it, ?Did you see that??

The Entity flew back into the ever-growing hole and disappeared within it.

Ephiny nodded and impatiently grumbled, ?Where are they??

The battlefield was littered with the remains of hundreds of skeletal body parts.

Amazons were searching for and helping their fallen friends. They carried them off the field, while others limped back to the village.

Keho arrived, climbed off her horse and ran up to Gabrielle and Ephiny. ?Just in time!? she shouted and inquired, ?Did you happen to notice an-?

?Yes!? they replied in unison.

?TARTARUS!? she roared, glancing around.

Gabrielle raised a brow, ?Why??

?Oh, it has one of the stones...? she shrugged and rolled her eyes.

Morgan and Hercules rode up them and dismounted.

?Where's Xena and Sierra?? Ephiny interrogated.

Hercules informed, ?They should be here any minute...?

Eponin ran up to the Ephiny and reported, ?Ephiny, there's twenty minor injuries, ten major and zero loss of life.?

?Good,? Ephiny nodded and ordered, ?Eponin, gather the rest and get them ready...?

?Alright,? Eponin replied and executed the order. ?GET THE WOUNDED TO SAFETY!? she shouted and ran off.

Xena rode Cronus hard as she held Sierra close. She pulled on his reins and halted him a few feet from them. Cronus skidded to a stop and neighed. ?We're here, love...? she whispered into Sierra's ear.

Sierra was silent and motionless.

?Sierra?? Xena called again and shook her.

Sierra's head fell to one side.

?Come on,? Xena spoke up and warned, ?Don't you leave me now...? She felt for a pulse and found a weak one.

Morgan asked, ?Is she-?

?NO!? Xena barked back and enlightened, ?Her pulse is weak...?

?It's the stone...? Hercules sighed and advised, ?Xena, here let me help you.? He reached up, pulling Sierra off the saddle and held her close to his chest. I'll never forgive myself...if anything happens to you. ?We need to take her to a safe place,? he suggested.

?There's a patch of trees over there,? Morgan pointed out..

?Good...? Hercules nodded, heading to the trees.

Xena leapt off Cronus and was instantly at Hercules' side.

A loud thunderous roar echoed from the pit. Suddenly, a large cloud of white smoke discharged from it.


Everyone turned toward the ever-growing hole.

?WHAT?? Hercules uttered and noticed the smoke. ?Xena, take care of her...? he advised and laid her on the ground.

?Of course...? Xena nodded and held Sierra close. ?You're going to be fine...? she whispered and kissed her forehead, ?I know it.?

The smoke materialized into a colossal form of a Titan. A hundred arms protruded from Gyges torso while his whole head was covered with fifty tiny faces. He opened his eyes and began to stretch out all his arms. ?AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!? he yawned and praised, ?FREE AT LAST!!!?

?By the gods...? Keho gasped and took two steps back. She turned to Hercules and advised, ?We have to bring the stones together.?

?I figured as much...? he sighed.

Ephiny spoke up, ?How are going to fight this thing??

?I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE ON YOU ZEUS!? Gyges roared as he raised his fists to the sky. ?BRING THE GIRL!? he commanded back to his entities.

Two entities flew out, carrying Catherine and dropping her a few feet from the ground.

?NOOO!? Catherine shouted, landing on her rear and groaned, ?OWWwww...?

?CATHERINE!? Hercules called out.

Catherine got to her feet, looking over and shouted back, ?HERCULES!? She took a step forward, noticing Xena was holding Sierra close to her. What the... ?SIERRA!? she cried out.

?I didn't say you could leave!? Gyges growled with a wave from his hand and the remains of dozen skeletons formed a cage around her.

?Hey!? Catherine grumbled as she pulled on the bones, but they wouldn't budge.

Gyges noticed a warrior clad in black laying on the ground. He felt an ancient power flowing within her body. ?Ahh...I see that mortal has the second stone,? he revealed and enlightened, ?It's taking her power...which means that I possess the right stone!?

The red entity glided up to Gyges and dropped the sapphire into his waiting hand.

?With this Stone,? Gyges held it up and continued, ?I shall overthrow the gods and rule the Earth!?

?I don't think so!? Hercules warned.

Gyges glanced down and recognized who it was, ?Aww...the immortal son of Zeus!? He laughed at the thought and inquired, ?Your going to stop me??

?I will...?

The ruby in Sierra's shirt began to vibrate and glow, as did the sapphire.

Gyges' Ruby commenced to drain him of his powers, as well. ?WHAT'S GOING ON?? he roared and fell to one knee. The pain...something's wrong...

?I believe that you have the wrong stone...? Ares remarked, appearing to the left of Hercules.

?The god of war...? Gyges' sighed and inquired, ?Come to greet your new king??

?Ares...? Hercules sighed and growled, ?What are you doing here??

?I'm glad to see you to brother...? Ares smirked and replied, ?I couldn't pass this up.? He turned to Gyges and retorted, ?I don't think so...?

?NOOOO!!!? Gyges bellowed and tried to rise, but couldn't. The numbing sensation of his limbs overpowered all his thoughts. His arms glowed one last time as they disappeared from his torso. ?MY ARMS!? he cried out, watching in horror as each one left.

Sierra breathed her last breath and died.

?SIERRA, NO!? Xena shouted as she laid her down, ?BREATHE!? She pounded on her chest, clamping Sierra's nose and blew air into her lungs. ?Don't you do this!?

Artemis appeared in front of them and kneeled down. I can't keep this from them any longer... ?Xena, you can stop...? she advised.

?What?? Xena gasped as tears fell from her eyes, ?Are you crazy?? She continued to resuscitate Sierra and ignored Artemis. I'm not going to give up on you!

?Xena, please...? Artemis implored.

Athena appeared on Xena's left and acknowledged, ?What my little sis is trying to tell you is that Sierra here is...an immortal.?

Xena stopped what she was doing and looked over at Athena. ?Is this true?? she growled and turned to Artemis.

Artemis nodded, ?Yes...she can't die.?

Xena read the truth in her Artemis' eyes and inquired, ?Then what about the Ambrosa??

?I gave it to her for the effect,? she revealed and continued on, ?She did die in your arms, but she came back on her own. I knew she didn't want to be an immortal, so I just told her that to make her happy.? Artemis' glanced down at her little one and added, ?I should have of told her...?

A huge gray owl flew up to Athena and landed on her outstretched hand. ?Any minute now...? she informed and petted him.

Sierra sat up and gasped out for air. She opened her eyes, recognizing everyone around her and greeted, ?Mother, Athena, Xena...?

?Love,? Xena expressed, ?Your alright...?

?Yeah...? Sierra grinned and hugged her. ?One minute I was meditating,? she disclosed and started to get up.

?Here, let me help you...? Xena wrapped her arm around Sierra's waist and hauled her up.

?Thanks...? Sierra grinned and continued, ?Then everything went dark and I passed out.?

?Love, you died...?

?I did??

Xena shook her head and replied, ?Yes.?

?That must mean that I'm a...?

?Immortal, yada...yada...yada...? Ares gestured and suggested, ?Sorry for interrupting this inspirational moment, but we have a bigger problem on our hands.?

Gyges glanced over at Sierra and roared, ?NO, it can be...? The stone changed him into a Titan with only two arms. ?I'm ugly!? he cried and got to his feet, ?I'm going to kill you all for this!?

?I highly doubt it...? Sierra shrugged and walked up to him.


One form began to materialize to his right and one on his left. They each turned into a large bone Dragon, one white and one black, both with red fiery eyes.

Keho gasped, taking a step back, ?Ahh...Fedrick, didn't tell me about this!?

?Stay with Ephiny and Gabrielle!? Hercules ordered.

The white Dragon, Ying rose to its hind legs and a mist of gas escaped from his nostrils. He then turned toward the Amazons and roared.

?SPREAD OUT!!!? Ephiny ordered.

Ying opened its mouth and blew a stream of gas at them.

The Amazons bolted into different directions, just before becoming a blistering appetizer.

The black Dragon, Yang extended its wings and took off. He hovered for a moment, scanning for a target and found Gabrielle and Keho.

Gabrielle pulled on Keko, ?RUN!? She pulled her towards the safety of the trees.

Yang swooped down as its claws reached out for them.

?YIYIYIYIYIYIYI!? Xena cried out, leaping into the air and landed on the Dragon's back. ?You shouldn't mess with my friends...? she growled and pulled out her sword. She sliced both of its wings off with in two quick swipes from her sword.

Yang shrieked as its wings was severed from it's body. The missing wings caused them to tumble out of control.

?This is my stop...? she enlightened and jumped off. Xena landed on her feet and observed the Dragon as it tried to stay air born.

?Archers, light your arrows!? Eponin barked and turned to Ephiny. ?On your command Ephiny...? she informed.

The Archer's lit their arrows, drew back their strings and waited for the command.

Yang crashed to the ground and skidded to a stop.

?NOW? Ephiny yelled out.

The Archer's let their arrows fly, observing as they hit the downed Dragon. Thirty arrows struck him, which caused him to burst into flames. Yang roared again and slowly got to his feet. They shot off another round of flaming arrows at him. The Dragon fell to its knees as the arrows assaulted him once more. The flames engulfed his ancient bones in matter of seconds. He roared once more and lowered his head in defeat.

?NOO!!!!!!!? Gyges bellowed out, ?Ying, KILL them all!?

Ying nodded her head and turned toward the Amazons. She got air born and flew relatively near them. She aimed and blew a stream of poison gas upon the Archers. Most of them leapt out of the gas' reach, but the unfortunate few were too slow. Their bodies were swallow up by it. They began to scream in pain as their skin blistered and burned.

?As for you...? Gyges grumbled and looked down at Sierra. ?I'm going to squash you like an ant!? he laughed and threw the stone down. He lifted his leg and lowered it upon her.

?Sierra, move!? Hercules shouted as he took her place.

?I'm gone..? she replied and jumped out of the way.

Gyges grinned and sat his foot down upon her. He anticipated the feeling of human flesh under his boot. I've miss the days when a good squashing... His foot was stopped in mid stomp, ?Hey...what's going on??

Hercules held his foot in the air and advised, ?You should look before you stomp.? He pushed Gyges' foot back, which threw him off balance.

Gyges fell onto his back, ?THUMP!!!?. There was a loud rumbling aftershock from his impact.

?HELP ME!? Catherine shouted, waving for anyone to notice her. ?ANYONE??

Morgan ran up to her, ?I'll help you out.? She examined the cage and stated, ?Stand back...? She lightening punched the bone bars causing them to shatter into dust at her feet.

?Wow...? Catherine gasped.

?Come on let's get you to a safe place.?

?Thank you!? Catherine smiled as she stepped out, ?I'm Catherine...?

?Nice you meet you,? Morgan grinned back and held out her hand, ?Morgan...?

?Get the stone!? Hercules advised and noticed Ares and Athena just standing there.

?Gotcha...? Sierra replied and headed toward the stone.

Gyges slowly got to his feet and growled, ?Immortal or not...I'll destroy you!?

?You know...we could use a little help,? Hercules informed.

?All you had to do was ask...? Athena disclosed and raised her hand out. A bolt of light left her and struck Gyges. The bolt wrapped itself around his torso two fold and began to tighten.

Artemis was healing a wounded Amazon, ?You're going to be fine.?

Ying swooped down again, spraying a mist of gas upon a group of wounded Amazons.

Xena warned, ?WATCH OUT!?

Artemis raised her hand and a dome barrier shielded them all from the gas.

Ying circled around for another shot at them.

Sierra picked up the Sapphire as it started to glow. She pulled out the Ruby with her right hand and held the Sapphire in the other. The stones commenced to pulsate with each beat from her heart. An ancient power raced through her veins and collided with her center being.

?Enough of this...? Artemis grumbled and faced Ying. She waited and watched as Ying swooped down to attack her.

Ying roared out as she came closer to her next victim.

Artemis raised her hand up just as her attacker was upon her. Ying collided into an invisible wall. Her large skeleton smashed itself further into the barrier and fell to the ground in a pile of dust. Artemis glanced down and smiled, ?Bite my dust!?

Gyges bellowed out, ?NOT YING!? He broke free from Athena's bondage and pointed his finger at her. ?You're going to regret that one missy...? he growled as a bolt of red energy shot out.

Athena was struck in the chest and thrown back thirty feet. ?UUUMMPH!!!? she uttered as she landed on her back.

?You shouldn't hit a women...? Hercules advised and punched Gyges in shin.

?OWWW!? Gyges cried out and grabbed his shin.

Ephiny ordered, ?ARCHERS, NOW!?

The Archers let their arrows fly. Thirty flaming arrows bombarded Gyges' as he tried to cover his face.

Sierra glowed as she started to grow larger and larger. ?What the...? she gasped and noticed everything growing smaller.

Gyges held out his hand as a large ball of fire formed. ?Pesky little Amazons...? he sighed and threw the ball at them.

The Amazons bolted into every direction. The flaming ball flew towards them and exploded on impact creating a large creator of fire.

?Why don't you pick on someone your own size?? Sierra decreed and threw a punch.

?What?? Gyges turned around and was struck in the face. His head jerked back and his eyes grew larger. He perceived a now titan Sierra and gasped, ?How??

Sierra shrugged, ?An act of god??

Gyges swung with a right. Sierra ducked and threw another punch to his gut, which doubled him over. She kneed him to his face and he flew back. Gyges landed hard on his back as the ground quaked on impact.

Xena ran up to Artemis and the other gods, ?Do something!?

?I kinda like watching...? Ares disclosed.

?He's gonna pay for-? Athena grumbled as she dusted herself off.

Keho stepped out from behind a tree and shouted, ?WE'VE GOT TO SEAL THE DOORWAY!?

Artemis gestured to them, ?Come on...let's seal this.? She walked up to the crack and held up her hands toward it. The crack began to slowly seal up as entities tried to escape.

Athena nodded and followed her. She held up her hands too and a stream of light left them. The light struck the hole and created a web over it.

?Ares, we need your help...? Artemis sighed and rolled her eyes.

?Sorry...just watching the fight,? Ares grinned as he walked up to them. He held out his hand and a ball of red light shot out.

The ball struck the hole and created another web over it. The hole began to glow as it sealed itself up, within a moment; dirt and grass formed and everything was as it was.

Gyges' eyes glowed red and bolts of light shot out.

Sierra was hit point blank in the chest and was thrown thirty feet away. ?THUMP!? sounded on her impacted with the ground. The ground shook as she slowly got to her feet. The bolts of energy shocked her entire system and she began to shake from it. WWWHHaat'sss gggooiinnng onnn...

Gyges leapt to his feet and formed another ball of fire within his hands. Then he threw the flaming ball at her.

The ball hit her in the chest once more and exploded. Sierra flew back and landed hard on the ground again.

?USE YOUR POWERS, THAT I GAVE YOU!? Ares bellowed out.

Sierra shook her head and jumped up. ?What are you talking about?? she retorted, turning to Gyges.

Gyges threw a series of punches at her. Sierra blocked them all and leg swiped him. He fell flat on his back as the ground rumbled again.

?Hello, your a goddess...? Ares informed and continued, ?Destroy him and make your father proud!?

?HUH?? Sierra uttered, raising a brow. ?My father??

?Yes, I am...?


?WHAT?? everyone gasped at the news.

Artemis retorted, ?That can't be!?

?EEEWWWWW....? Athena frowned and lowered her head, ?Tell me you didn't...?

Artemis glared over at her, ?I DIDN'T!?


?Enough of this...? Gyges growled, charging at Sierra.

Sierra flipped over him and landed right behind him. She gabbed him from behind and gave him a big bear hug. Then she started to consume all his god powers.

?NO!? Gyges bellowed as he struggled to break free. He felt his powers being drained from him. This can't be happening....no!

?Now, your just another titan...? Sierra laughed and let go of him.

Gyges fell to the ground in a heap. He felt for the first time a stinging sensation of pain.


?Oh, really?? Ares reiterated as he changed into a human form. His good looks along with his dark eyes, short black hair and average build made him desirable. ?I've never loved anyone...? he repeated as a sly smirk grew.

?NO....? Artemis uttered in shock, recognizing him as tears fell from her eyes, ?It can't be true...? He looks like him...gods, it can't be!

Ares placed his hand on her shoulder and stated, ?We both wanted the same thing...a child.?

Xena glared over at Ares and revealed, ?Let's talk about this later...but first we need to imprison Gyges somehow.?

?I'm all for that!? Athena acknowledged.

?There's a worm hole between this world and another,? Hercules informed and continued, ?If we could imprison him there...?

?Or we could put him in that prison that Calesto and I sent you,? Ares grinned and added, ?That's perfect!?

?Well, whatever you do...? Xena sighed and continued, ?Make it fast!?

?Follow my lead...? Ares informed and held out his hand.


Xena pulled out her sword and impaled it into the ground to its hilt.

A stream of light shot out from his hand as a hole formed in the air. Two more streams of light joined as the hole grew larger and wider.

The Amazons grabbed for the trees or anything heavy they could get their hands onto.

Gabrielle held onto a trunk of an Oak, ?Keho, grab ahold and don't let go.?

Keho wrapped her arms around it too and nodded, ?Okay...?

Gyges laughed and threw a right. Sierra grabbed his wrist and flipped him onto his back. The impact created another tremor throughout the area. He landed hard on his back, which knocked the wind out of him.

The large hole began to suck everything into it small trees, bushes, rocks and anything else that wasn't weighed down.

?HELP ME!!!? Catherine shouted as she lost her grip on a small tree. ?I'm slipping!? she screamed out, just as she was yanked toward the hole.

Hercules heard her cries and used every muscle in his body to take a step away from the hole.

?NO!!!!? Gyges roared and slid closer into the hole.

Xena held onto her sword as her body lifted off the ground.

Sierra was pulled toward it too and tried desperately to break free from its hold.

Morgan ran at lightening speed towards Catherine. She grabbed her hand and started pulling her away from it. ?I've got you, ? she assured and added, ?Hold on tight.?

Catherine nodded and placed her other hand over Morgan's.

Morgan noticed a meduim sized boulder to her left and pull her toward it.

He tried to get up, but the suction from the hole overpowered him. ?I'LL GET YOU ALL FOR THISSSSS!? Gyges decreed, flying back into the hole and disappeared.

The gods broke the connection and the hole sealed itself shut. The wind calmed itself down and gently blew upon this ravaged land.

Xena fell flat on her face and grimaced.

Hercules helping Catherine up and inquired, ?Are you alright??

?Yeah, just bruised a bit...?

He turned to Morgan and flashed a grin, ?Thank you Morgan...?

?Your welcome...? Morgan acknowledged as she dusted herself off.

Sierra changed back and the stones were once more in each hand. The stones gleamed in the Sun's late afternoon rays. ?Well, that was intense...?

?You did it!? Keho expressed, running up and hugged her. .

?I had a little help...? Sierra grinned.

Xena sheathed her sword, walking up and asked, ?Are you okay??

?Yeah,? Sierra nodded as she handed the stones to Keho. ?These belong to you.?

?Thanks,? Keho smiled back and left them alone.

They hugged for a moment. Sierra whispered, ?I'm sorry-? Xena hushed her, ?Shhh¼its alright.?

?Aaawwww...? Ares expresses, wiping an invisible tear from his eye, ?This is just so touching!?

Xena turned to him, ?Isn't there some rock you need to crawl under??

?Shut up Ares...? Athena advised, just as her owl perched itself on her shoulder. She looked around and didn't see any sign their sister, ?Where's Artemis??

?Why don't you give your Father a hug??

Sierra stepped forward and retorted, ?Your not my Father!?

Ares saunter up to her and stared into her eyes. ?Oh, but I am...? he informed and added, ?That's why your the best. My daughter, it's all in the blood...?

Sierra glared right back at him and stood her ground. ?My father died a long time ago...? she revealed, ?And I worked my ass off to get where I am.?

?ENOUGH!? Hercules shouted. ?There's only one person who would know-?

Two large balls of light appeared to his left. They glowed bright then, died out revealing Artemis and Zeus.

Zeus greeted, ?Hello, Hercules...?


Zeus turned to Sierra and held out his hand, ?Take it...? Sierra reached out and took it. An energy of light passed through him and entered her. ?Ahh...? Zeus sighed and let her hand go.

?What is it Father?? Artemis worriedly inquired.

?Within her, the blood of a god flows....? he revealed and continued on, ?And it's mixed with a mortal's.?

?WHAT?? Ares bellowed and added, ?That can't be!?

?YAHOO!!!!? Athena exclaimed and sighed, ?I knew sis wouldn't lower her standards...?

?She's an immortal...? Zeus decreed and turned to Ares, ?Maybe you were too late...?

?NO!? he roared, ?I was there, remember?? Ares grumbled, ?Maybe your the one that's losing it...?

Zeus glared at him, ?Excuse me??


?Thank you, Father...? Artemis whispered and gave him a hug.

Zeus whispered back, ?Don't mention it...? He glanced over at Sierra, ?You did all right.? Then he disappeared in ball of light.

Sierra raised a brow, turning to Xena and shrugged.

Xena sighed, ?Gods...?

?This isn't over...? Ares muttered and decreed, ?Your my daughter-?

?Get over it!? Athena roared.

Ares glared over at Athena and disappeared in flash. ?It's not over between us..? he whispered into Sierra's ear.

?Whatever...? Sierra sighed.

?Are you all right?? Xena whispered.

Sierra nodded and replied, ?Ares...?

Artemis turned to Sierra, ?I'm sorry for not telling you-?

?It's alright Mother,? Sierra grinned and continued, ?You did what you had too.?

?GROUP HUG!? Athena shouted, grabbing Artemis and Sierra. ?I miss this...? she whispered to them and squeezed them tighter.

?Me too, sis...?

Sierra turned toward Xena and mouthed, ?Help me...?

Hercules grinned, ?Awww...?

?Can't forget our little bro...? Athena grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into the group.

Sierra sighed, ?I can't breathe...?

Xena chuckled at the sight of them all squished together. My lover is somewhere in the middle of it too...

Sierra glanced over at Xena and noticed her enjoyment. If I have to be here, so do you...

Xena realized what her Lover was thinking about, ?Oh, no you don't...?

?I think there's room for one more...? Sierra disclosed with a mischievous grin.

?I think so too!? Hercules turned to Xena and pulled her into the center of the group.

Xena wrapped her arms around her Love's waist, pulling her closer and gently whispered, ?I'm going to get you for this...?

?Oh you will, huh?? Sierra whispered back and delicately placed a kiss on her lips.

Athena expressed, ?Can't ya just feel the love!?

To be continued in Bondings.

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