~ A period of Adjustment ~
by Larisa

Disclaimer: Is in part one if your interested. Sequel to Weekend bliss.

A month had gone by since Jo and Blair had become a couple, Blair's parents were due back the coming weekend and had sent a post card saying that they had accepted on her behalf an invitation to attend the annual country club gala. She tossed the post card on her desk and closed her eyes.

"I hate when they do shit like this! They never ask me what I want to do!"

"You know that talking to yourself is not really normal." Jo stood in the doorway with her hands in her pockets. "But I love you anyway."

"It's my parents!" She searched for the invitation and handed it to her lover. "They didn't even ask me if I wanted to go!" Dropping down onto the queen size bed that they had squeezed into the spare room, she pulled a pillow over her face and screamed.

"Are you going?" Jo asked her screaming lover.

Groaning into the pillow she answered. "I have no choice." She flung the pillow across the room. "What is worse is that they'll expect me to hang around with some dweeb that they think will make the perfect husband for me!"

"So what are you gonna do?"

"Leave the country. Want to go to say...Brazil?" She leaned up onto her elbows. "My parents hate it there, so they would never visit."

Sitting down on the edge of the bed Jo looked down at her worn boots, her voice low and controlled she spoke.

"You could just tell them that if they want ya ta come that you'll bring your own date." She looked over her shoulder, when her eyes saw the huge grin on her lover's face her heart beat got faster. "What have I got myself into now?" She asked.

"You would go with?" She jumped Jo and rolled her over onto the bed. Her brown eyes sparkled with joy, leaning down she gave Jo a deep kiss.

"I thought maybe you could take Mrs. G and tell them that you prefer older women." She busted up laughing when Blair's jaw dropped open. "Of course I'd go with you. Now don't get me wrong, I hate things like that and I'll feel like a leper. But if it'll make you happy, then it's ok." Wrapping her arms around Blair's neck she pulled her down so that they touched noses. "And NO, I will not wear a damn dress!"

"But baby Joey, how am I supposed to drool all over your body if I can't see it?"

"Use your dirty imagination, I ain't wearing one!"

Blair ran a fingertip across her lover's dark brows and watched how Jo wiggled them trying to get her to stop. "How about a tux?"

"Black with tails?"

"You could wear a green one and still look beautiful."

"Only one problem, I don't have one."

"That's ok, we'll go tomorrow after work and get you one."

"Blair, they're not cheap ya know."

"Price is no concern, you should know that."

Jo's eyes narrowed, her face got her well-known stubborn look on it. "Baby, I'm not letting you buy me a tux, that is out of the question!"

"Ooohh don't worry about it my baby Joey, Daddy is going to pay for everything! Paybacks cost Daddy big bucks," she giggled when Jo moaned. "Armani is going to be sooo happy after tomorrow."


"Only the best for my Joey."

"Why do you keep calling me Joey?"

"It's easier for me to whine Joey than it is Jo," She licked Jo's chin and lips. "Plus it's easier to scream."

"Oohh, gotcha!"

And scream she did, many times! In fact so much that when they ventured downstairs she couldn't even speak when asked a question.


"I hope your not getting sick Blair." Mrs. G said when she put a cup of tea in front of her. "But just in case I put some honey in your tea." Jo turned a deep red and caught Blair looking out of the corner of her eye.

"Ohhh she's sick all right!" Jo mumbled, her mind went to the positions that Blair had them in.

"Yeah, so sick that Joey will be sleeping in our old room with Nat and Tootie tonight!"

Jo's blue eyes grew wide at what her lover had just said. "Baby, what I meant was...that you're so sick that I'll...ahh I'll have ta baby you all night."

"Knew you would see it my way." Her voice still a little rough sent tingles up Jo's spine.

Jo gave her a smoky look and winked. "I'll even give you some special medicine for your throat."

"Special medicine Jo?" Mrs. G asked.

"Ahhh yeah, home made."

"You'll have to give me the ingredients so I can make some."

Jo's face turned a beet red; she cleared her throat and excused herself from the table, she hoped to god that Mrs. G forgot all about the 'Special medicine' she was not about to tell her where this stuff came from.

Mrs. G refilled Blair's cup, she was thinking of all the recipes that she knew of for sore throats. "Blair, Jo has never mentioned anything about home remedies before, where does she get this stuff?" It was Blair's turn to change colors. "Uuuhmm...she found out about it a month ago." She jumped up from the table in a big hurry. "I have some work to do, thanks for the tea."

"Ok Blair, give a yell if you need anything." She sat back in her chair and began to think. "About a month ago?" Then it hit her what Jo and Blair were talking about. "Oohh my!!!!" Her face turned pink, she sat with her mouth hanging open. "Those two will be the death of me!"


The next afternoon Jo was trying her damnedest to not get jumpy at the thought of trying on tuxedoes for the gala, her nervousness caught Nat's attention and Nat being ever so nosy kept giving Jo funny looks.

"Will you stop already?"

"What?" Nat showed nothing but innocence.

"You keep giving me funny looks, that's what!"

"That's 'cuz you look like your ready to jump right out of your skin, wanna talk about it?"

"It's nothin," she looked at Nat's unbelieving face. "Ok, there's this gala thing that Blair and I are going to and whenever she gets down here we're going so that I can get a tux, Alright, ya happy?"

Nat clapped her hands together and smiled. "With tails?"

"Maybe, what cha think?"

Nat closed one eye in thought. "Nah, no tails, they hide to much."

"Hide to much?" Jo questioned.

"Well, maybe you should get them, that way when Blair grabs your ass no one will see."

"OOhh well gee thanks for helping my nerves! Now I have ta worry about Blair grabbing my ass in front of her parents!"

Nat started to laugh. "You'll be there with her parents!"

"Yeah," Jo dropped her head down on her crossed hands. "I don't know if I'll live through this."

"Blair's second coming out party, oohh to be a fly!" Nat chuckled as she left the room. "Tootie! You'll never believe this!" She yelled through out the house.

Blair came into the room dressed like she was a contestant for Miss America. All she needed was someone to announce her and she would be all set, she came to stand behind her lover who was still sitting with her head down. Dragging a long nail across the back of Jo's neck she watched as goose bumps rose on her skin.

"Joey are you ready to go?" She leaned down and blew into Jo's ear.

"Keep doing that and we'll never get out of the house."

"It'll be much better with you in one of those crisp white tux shirts with diamond cuff links and nothing else."

Jo's head shot up, her blue eyes darkened from the wicked thoughts running through her dirty mind.

"What are ya gonna have on?"

"Oohh I thought I'd model the new silk stockings and garter belt that I'm going to get today."

Blair didn't get to finish what she was going to say before Jo pulled her out the door, they practically ran to Blair's car and almost got a speeding ticket on the way. They spent what felt like hours looking at dresses for Blair and a whole 20 minutes to get Jo her tux. Once they were done, Jo was tired and cranky and Blair was ecstatic over her purchases. Jo knew that she would be tortured that night while Blair modeled everything at least twice, but she had leaned years ago to tell Blair that she looked good in everything. If she didn't, Blair would start all over again. They pulled into the drive and Jo got out and opened the door for Blair, who was still trying to get used to the fact that someone would do that for her. Jo even held doors open for her when they went places and that was something that she always had to remind the men that she had dated to do. Jo collected all of the bags and the two hanging bags from the back seat; she could hardly see where she was going.

"Baby could you like help out here?" She was stumbling across the yard.

"Oohh geez, I'm sorry Joey let me help you." She put her hands on Jo's shoulders and steered her in the right direction.

"That's not exactly what I had in mind Blair."

"I know but I just couldn't help where my hands wanted to go." When she stepped in front of her lover the seductive look on her face caused Jo to moan.

"I just keep thinking of you in those tight tux trousers and how much fun it's going to be getting them off of you."

"I just hope you wait until we leave the gala."

"Will the parking lot be too soon?" She rubbed against Jo. "Did I tell you that I rented a stretch limo for the night?"


Jo paced the bedroom floor until she thought that she would have to replace the carpeting in that area. She was waiting for her lover to come out of Mrs. G's room, they had all been in there for two hours and she was getting impatient. They had less than a half hour before the Limo would be there to pick them up for the gala. She had gotten ready without the help of everyone and just couldn't understand why it took three of them to get Blair ready!

"I'm gonna go nuts waiting for her, my luck I fall in love with a high maintenance woman." She clenched her fists and walked faster back and forth. "One more minute and I'm pounding the door down!" Chewing in her bottom lip, she turned and strode towards the door. Sounding like a German storm trooper as she strode down to Mrs. G's room, she got to the door and raised her hand to pound on it. Bringing her hand back she used a good amount of pent up energy to hit the door but ended up stumbling forward and falling into Mrs.G.

"Jo! What are you doing?"

With a sheepish look on her face she looked at the older woman. "I was going to..." Her words froze in her mind, standing before her was the most beautiful vision she had ever seen. Dressed in a sky blue satin ball gown was her lover, her dress was low cut and off the shoulders and dropped daringly down to show her ample breasts. A thin gold chain surrounded her neck with a small J encrusted with diamonds hung down to nestle between her breasts. They had curled her hair and piled it upon her head except for tendrils surrounding her face and falling across her shoulders. Her make-up was flawlessly applied with jet black eye liner to emphasize her brown eyes. When she smiled, all the air left Jo's lungs, She grabbed onto Mrs. G to keep from falling.

"You are breathe taking!" She wheezed.

"Why thank you Joey," taking small steps she came to stand in front of her lover. "You look beautiful." She ran her fingers down the lapels of the tux jacket that Jo was wearing. "A tux never looked better on any one." She took one step back and took in her lover. Jo's black tux was accented with a sky blue cumber bun that matched Blair's dress, her banded shirt was held together at the throat with a sky blue preachers collar and sapphire cuff links fit perfectly in the French cut sleeves. Jo let Blair pick every thing out except for the shoes, she insisted on shiny black cowboy boots and had won after she promised to have one dance with her lover at the gala. She eyed the way Jo had pulled her hair back at the sides and had it held with a sapphire and diamond barrette and sapphire earrings adorned her ears to finish it off. They all looked very familiar to Blair.

"You forgot something when you put my barrette in your hair."

Jo drew her brows down. "What did I forget?" She looked down at herself, felt her chest and nodded her head. "Nope, everything's in place."

"Baby Joey, that's not what I meant," Blair pulled a matching bracelet from her clutch bag and fastened it around Jo's wrist. "Now you're all set." Placing a kiss on the inside of Jo's wrist, she then laced their fingers together and turned to the others. "Well?" They turned to see three pairs of tear filled eyes.

"You two are perfect together!" Tootie leaned into Nat and sobbed, Nat quickly moved away when Tootie wiped her face on her sleeve. "Your going to turn everyone's heads at the gala, not that Blair hasn't done that before but this time...lets just say that no one will forget it for a looong time!"

Mrs. G stepped forward and offered a blue silk wrap with tiny silver strands running through it to Jo to place around Blair's shoulders. "I've had this in my dresser for years and never had a chance to wear it, it would look beautiful on you Blair."

Jo draped it over Blair's shoulders, gently kissing the side of her neck, she whispered into her ear. "You really are beautiful and I'll be the proudest guy there."

"Thank you Mrs. G, it's beautiful."

"The Limo just pulled up, we better get going." Jo said as she took Blair by her elbow. "We'll see you all when we get home."

The others stood outside and watched Jo help Blair into the long white Limo, they waved goodbye and wiped the tears from their eyes.

"Blair is such a lucky woman." Tootie wrapped her arms around Mrs. G "She finally found herself a gentleman, who would have known it would be our Jo."

Mrs. G wrapped her arms around her girl's shoulders and pulled them close. "At first I didn't know what to think of their relationship but now I can see that they belong together."

Blair sat cuddled up against Jo in the back seat of the Limo, Jo was speechless, she had never been in a Limo before and the size of it reminded her of the small apartment that her Aunt lived in. "Ya know baby, this thing back home could house a family of four."

"In my family it did, I swear that I've been in one of these things so often that it was like a second home." She kissed Jo's palm and brought it up to her cheek, her eyes were soft and loving as she looked at her lover. "But right now with you beside me, it's a whole new experience."

"With you beside me everything is a new experience." Jo replied with a low throaty purr. "I love you Ms. Warner, even if you made me wear a bra ta this thing."

"Your awful," She pushed on Jo's shoulder with her own. "I couldn't very well have my fathers geezer friends drooling over you going bra-less!"

"But I have a jacket on, how would they be able ta tell?"

"Joey, once all those bags of hot air get in there, it will be like being in a boiler room. And you'll loose the jacket or dehydrate and die."

Jo looked at the low cut gown and shook her head. "Don't even think of taking anything off tonight."

"OOhh my little Joey is getting possessive."

"Have a problem with that?" She raised a dark brow and smiled.

"Nope, because I feel the same way."

The Limo slowed, the driver pulled up to the front doors of the country club and got out to open the door for Jo. She reached in and took Blair's hand and helped her out. Blair hooked her elbow through Jo's and they made their entrance. Jo could swear that her knees were banging together; she had never been to a place with so many uppity people before.

"Is there a coat room around here?" She asked with a slight stutter.

"Near the front door why?"

"Because I'm gonna go hide in there until this is over."

"Oohh nooo your not!" She grabbed onto Jo tighter. "I have handcuffs in my purse, and I'm not afraid to use them."

"You wouldn't!?!" Her blue eyes widened at the smirk on her lovers face. "Yeah ya would, Ok. baby lets mingle or what ever it is ya do at these things."

They walked around the room arm in arm most of the time unless someone approached Blair and wanted a hug. Jo was getting pissed at all the young men that seemed to gravitate to her lover. She swore that Blair sent out silent signals that all the single men could hear. "Baby." She leaned in close to Blair. "Is every single guy here after you?"

"Pretty much. They want Daddy's money." She moved closer to Jo. "If one of them was to marry me, then they would get a huge amount of money." Jo pulled back and searched Blair's eyes.

"You don't think that about me do you?"

"No, you get mad when I want to pay for ice cream." She placed a soft kiss on Jo's lips. "You're nothing like these vultures." Jo smiled then it left within a second when an unmistakable voice reached her ears, she cringed and looked for a place to hide.

"Take it easy baby, it's only my mother."

"Exactly! Now throw me under a table or something."

She tried to move past Blair but found two strong hands spinning her around as Mrs. Warner came floating up to them.

"Blair darling, we didn't know that you had arrived." Mrs. Warner completely ignored Jo, which didn't surprise her a bit.

"Where's the young man that came with you?"

Blair rolled her eyes at her mother. "Mother, I did not say that I was bringing a man." She linked her arm through Jo's and pulled her closer to her side. "Jo is my date tonight."

"Why Joanna, I didn't see you there." She acted her normal snooty way that she always did around Jo. "Blair, I hear that Gregory is here tonight, you should go and talk to him."

"I don't want anything to do with that...ego maniac!" She looked right into her mother's eyes without flinching. "I'm here with Jo and that's all there is to it, I don't want a man."

"Then how do you expect to find a husband if you hang around her all night, really darling this just won't do?" She reached out to take her daughters hand but found her backing up a step. "Come with me so that I can introduce you to some of the nice young men I've met tonight."

"Mother! You don't get it do you, I told you I'm here with Jo, we are a couple, you know as in dating?"

"You can't date Joanna, she's a woman!"

"Oohh for gods sake Blair, tell her." Jo insisted in a low whisper. "We might as well face the tornado now while there's all these people to keep her from causing a scene."

"I can and we sleep together, Jo and I are lovers."

In a blink of an eye Mrs. Warner fell straight back and crashed in a heap on the floor, Blair dropped down beside her and started patting her cheek.

"I'll go find your Dad, be back in a second." Jo scanned the crowd, after a few minutes of looking and asking people, she found Mr. Warner out on the balcony talking to some older men. She approached him and whispered into his ear, he looked at her then nodded. When they got to where Blair and her mother were, Mrs. Warner took one look at Jo and passed out again. Mr. Warner swept his wife up into his arms and carried her to one of the rooms off to the side of the ballroom that they were in. He settled her down on a chase and kneeled beside her with worry showing in his brown eyes.

"Blair what happened?"

Jo covered her face with her hands and lowered them just enough to see her lover.

"Well, Daddy it's like this." She pulled Jo over to her. "Mother kept trying to get me to meet some men and I told her that I wasn't interested because I was all ready dating someone."

"Really?" He smiled at his daughter. "Who are you dating?"

Blair smiled at Jo then faced her father.


"Jo who?" He patted his wives cheek trying to bring her around and paid no attention to his daughter or Jo.

"Joanna Polniaczek."

Mr. Warner froze; he turned his head from his wife to give his daughter a shocked look.

"Blair, what exactly did you tell your mother?"

"That Jo and I are lovers."

He groaned rubbing his face with both hands in a way that he hoped it woke him up from a bad dream. "What are you trying to do to this family, cause a scandal?"

"Daddy, I don't give a damn what people think of me, if I'm to be happy it will be with Jo a no one else."

"You know that your mother may never talk to you again don't you?"

She sighed. "Yes, but this is MY life not anyone else's and I will live it the way I want."

Jo squeezed her hand giving her strength. "Mr. Warner, I know that you don't approve of our relationship, but I want you to know that I'm in love with Blair and that I'll do everything possible to make her happy."

He looked at both of the women and saw how much they meant to each other, he had never seen his daughter this happy nor defiant. Like it or not, she was an adult and had a very strong streak of Warner stubbornness in her.

"Yes Joanna, I can see that." He looked down at his wife when he heard her moan. "I'll talk to your mother, I'm sure in time she will come to see what I do. It won't be easy nor will it be over night, just give her some time." He gave both of them a small smile. "Now go have some fun, I'll worry about your mother." He stood up and gave them both a quick hug. Jo was beyond shocked; she thought that the biggest fight would have been with Mr. Warner. She underestimated the man, something that she would never do again. From that moment on the night went easier, Jo relaxed a bit and was having fun talking to some of Blair's friends. She was amazed that they weren't all snooty bitches and generally liked them.

"Are you ok Joey?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I was just wondering, you know with all that's happened tonight."

"I'm fine, how about you?"

Blair gave her one of her sexy smiles; rubbing up against the front of her, she ran her fingers across Jo's chest. "I'll be doing a lot better when we get home tonight." She rested her head in the crook of her lover's neck and shoulder. "I never said this but my feet hurt like a bitch!" Jo chuckled and hugged her tight.

"Give me your shoes."


"Your shoes, give me 'em."

"What are you going to do with them?"

Jo winked at her. "Fill them with that shitty punch they've been trying to get us ta drink." She chuckled at the expression on her lovers face. "Come on, I'm kidding. I'm gonna put them in my jacket pockets." She held onto Blair as she slipped off her shoes, once she was barefoot she sighed with relief.

"That is sooo much better!"

"Good, now Ms. Warner, I do believe that I owe you a dance." She did a small bow and offered her hand to Blair. "Shall we?"

The orchestra had left all ready so the music being played was more modern and coming from the sound system. Jo had no idea what the song was but it was slow and romantic. She pulled Blair into her arms, placing one hand on her lower back she placed the other at the back of her lover's neck and caressed the soft skin beneath her fingers. Blair snuggled up against her so that they were so close that they could barely move on the floor, her arms were wrapped around Jo's neck and her face was resting between shoulder and neck. With small nips, she bit the warm flesh beneath her lips as they moved across the floor. With each kiss or nibble, Blair could feel Jo tremble against her. She also knew that she was treading in dangerous waters with her lover.

Jo looked at the people surrounding them, some looked on with disgust while others showed nothing at all.

As soon as the music ended Jo collected their things and pulled Blair out to the waiting Limo. When they were inside the limo and on their way, she raised the privacy window, turned on the stereo and showed Blair just what she had caused while they were on the dance floor. They kissed with a hunger of a couple separated for months, hands moved under clothes except for Jo who was having trouble with all the layers of satin.

"Baby?" Jo said with deep gulping breathes. "You look beautiful in this gown but I can't find you under here!" She struggled her way from under all the layers of satin; she dropped her head into Blair's lap and broke into a contagious laughing fit.

"Next time we go out somewhere it'll be a bar." Blair ran her fingers through Jo's hair releasing it from the barrette. "And I won't be all bound up in clothes."

Jo's face brightened. "Are ya saying that you'll go ta a bar with me?"

"Yeah, but nothing racy or where there's a bunch of perverts wearing nothing but tiny little tea bags and socks on their dicks."

"I don't think I would wanna see that either." Jo shuttered at the thought of men running around with nothing but little bags and socks on their dicks and nuts. "EEEEWWW!!! Thanks for the gross picture, if I wasn't all ready a dyke, seeing that would throw me over the fence!"

The Limo pulled up in front of their home, Jo beat the driver out of the car and offered her hand to her lover. When Blair got out her gown was a tangle of fabric.

"I can see now why you dress so simply. This is a pain in my ass!" She tugged and pulled until her gown was back in place. "I can't wait to get out of this thing."

"I can't wait until you out of it either! Come on lets go in and tell our little snoops what happened." Jo pointed to the window where their friends where looking out.

The girls and Mrs. G were practically jumping up and down wanting information on how their night went, Jo motioned for Blair to go change and she would fill them in on the basics. She pulled her jacket and shirt off and sat down with just her trousers and tank top T-shirt on. Sighing she stretched her legs out at angles in front of her.

"My legs are killing me," She rubbed her knees and upper thighs. "That was too many hours standing around listening ta all those snots run their gaps about nothing."

Nat dropped down beside her; gripping her hands together in front of her she gave Jo a child like look. "Tell us what it was like?" Her three friends bounced around in their seats with excitement, she told them in her three word sentences but she left out the part in the Limo. She didn't want them knowing that she had gotten her head caught in all the satin trying to pull Blair's silk panties off with her teeth.

Jo had finished telling them the part about Blair's parents when her lover came into the room wearing her old faded football jersey. Blue eyes sparkled when she saw the muscular legs showing from beneath the hem.

"Uuhhmm guys, I'm kinda tired, can we finish this in the morning?" She looked to their friends.

"Ooohhh we know that look!" Tootie laughed. "We got the hint you two." She pulled both Mrs. G and Nat up from their seats and all three of them went to their rooms for the night.

"What's that about?" Blair asked as she watched everyone get up and leave.

"Oohh nothin, I just wanna spend some time with my lover." She turned the stereo on and offered her hand to Blair.

"Dance with me."

They danced close together to a couple of songs then retired to their room where they striped out of their clothes and cuddled together until sleep took them to the lands of dreams.

Everyone else had rose early to get a head start on getting Edna's Edibles going, Jo and Blair where still in bed sleeping or comatose which ever was closer to the truth. Mrs. G decided to let them sleep and have them help out later when they woke up. They were so busy in the kitchen that they never heard the front door open or the rushed footsteps up the stairs.

Jo lay on her stomach with her arms under her pillow; Blair had her own type of pillow that she preferred over anything else, Jo. She lay with her head in the center of Jo's back and her arms entwined under the pillow with Jo's. To see them like this, one would wonder how either one of them was able to move when they woke up. But no matter how many times Jo rolled her lover off her back, she just crawled right back to snuggle down like a big cat.

Jo was in the sleep level that she was on the verge of waking. She had the feeling that she was being watched but knew it wasn't her lover. Blair would wake and lay and watch Jo sleep for minutes before waking her up in the most loving ways. But this was not one of those times. She opened one sleepy blue eye and searched the room, stopping at the door she let out a gasp.

"Blair?" Her voice rough with sleep. "Baby we have unwanted company." She wiggled until she heard her lover groan. "If you don't wake up, I'll have to knock his teeth out." Blair burrowed deeper into Jo's back. "He'll see me naked." Blair stopped all movement; she raised her head and forced her eyes open. She looked down at the side of her lovers face and saw which direction she was looking then let her eyes follow. A loud gasp came from her mouth then something that Jo would never expect.


"So you weren't lying to me!" Gregory yelled. "You two really are lesb...dyk...Lovers!!!" He stomped into the room and yanked the blanket off of them.

"Why does everyone wanna see us naked?" Jo whined right before she rolled Blair off her back and jumped Gregory. They both hit the floor and ended up with Jo straddling his hips with both of his hands pinned over his head.


It couldn't have been a minute before Jo heard.

"OOHH MY!!!"

Jo looked up to see Mrs. G and the girls standing in the doorway. Nat stepped over the two on the floor and grabbed a blanket to cover Jo up with.

"What is going on here?" Mrs. G asked.

Blair pulled the sheet around herself and answered. "Gregory took it upon himself to come into our room and wake us up by being a peeping bastard!"

"Well, young man I hope what you saw was proof enough!" Mrs. G helped Jo up then leaned down and gave Gregory an angry glare. "Because as of now you are unwelcome on this property! Don't make me let Jo hurt you." She said with a low voice. "Now get out before I turn her loose!"

Gregory jumped up and ran from the room, they heard the front door slam then tires peeling out of the drive.

"I can't believe he did that!" Jo growled. "What the hell is wrong with people these days?" She dropped down onto the edge of the bed. "Blair, we're getting a burglar alarm for the bedroom door."

"You don't need one of those, we have Nat." Tootie pushed on her friends shoulder. "She heard Blair yell from all the way downstairs."

"Oohh yeah! Heard that loud and clear! What language from our little princess, if it wasn't for the loud bang and Jo yelling we would have thought that you two were..." She wiggled her eyebrows at them.

"Ohhh come on, we ain't that loud...are we?" Looking over at Blair she noticed that her lover was a pink color and had found the swirled patterns on the white ceiling interesting. "Is it that bad?" Her face turned a deep shade of red when she realized that everyone in the entire house had been hearing them making love at all hours of the day and night. Pulling the blanket over her head, she dropped back onto the bed and mumbled a "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it girls, we all have ear plugs now and radio's. Now get dressed, we have work to do." Mrs. G grabbed both Nat and Tootie by their hands and pulled them from the room.

"Come on you two, let them get dressed."

"Two words Baby." Jo peeked out from under the blanket. "Sound proofing." Blair rolled over and slipped under the blanket with her.

"One word, gag bit."

"You're kinky!"

"If you only knew."


Jo stood with the refrigerator door open searching for something but she had no idea what, it was one of those days when she wanted something but didn't know what it was she wanted.

"Jo, are you trying to cool the kitchen off?"

"No Mrs. G. I'm hungry and I don't know what I want."

"Do like I do when that happens, let someone else pick something for you." A wicked grin came to Jo's face, calling for her lover, she knew right then what she wanted.

"Blair, help!"

"Find something for me ta eat."

"But you just ate."

"I know but I'm eating for two."

"What?" Blair's voice shot up two octaves. "What are you saying here?"

"Huh? Oohh this." She spun and shot Blair in the face with whipped cream, running around her, she took off out the back door where Tootie and Nat were catching up on their gossip. When she ran past them, she shoot each one of them with the whipped cream, ran around the front of the house and in the front door. Sneaking back into the kitchen, she waited at the side of the back door. Within a couple of seconds, her friends and lover came rushing by looking for her and received whipped cream all over their backs. They slid to a stop, turning they saw her and reversed their chase but not before arming themselves with cans of whipped cream. Mrs. G heard all the commotion and came out into the kitchen to see the remains of Jo's attacks.

"Now what has she started!?!" She went to the back door and saw her girls chasing each other all around the back yard spraying each other with whipped cream.

Jo tried to spray Nat and found out that her can was empty; dropping the can, she sprinted past to come to a screeching halt in front of Tootie. She slipped in the grass and slid into her causing them both to end up in a heap. Blair and Nat ran over and started spraying both of them until their cans were empty. Jo got away from Tootie and tried to crawl away only to be pounced on by her lover. Mrs. G watched as everyone piled on top of Jo and rubbed whipped cream all over her. When they had worn themselves out they all looked like walking grass stains, Jo lay in the yard on her back breathing hard and trying not to laugh at her friends.

"Guess we fixed her huh?" Tootie wiped grass and whipped cream from her face and shook her hands over Jo.

"I think she needs more torture." They looked to see Mrs. G with the garden hose in her hand.

"Good idea Mrs. G!" Nat pointed at Jo. "Get her!"

She turned the hose on all of them and once they were soaked she dropped the hose.

"You girls didn't think you were going to drag all that stuff in the house did you, now get in the laundry room and strip!"

Three sets of eyes turned to a laughing Jo. "What?"

"It's all your fault!" Tootie ran for the hose and sprayed Jo in the face. She quickly dropped it when Jo came after her. "I didn't mean it!"

"Right!" She grabbed the hose up and sprayed all three of them when they tried to get close to her. Circling her they each tried to get the hose away from her but only succeeded in get drenched further.

Nat dropped down to sit on the ground. "Ok I give."

"So do I." Tootie sat down beside her. Blair stood with her hands on her hips, one eyebrow raised she looked Jo dead in the eye.

"How fast can you run?"

"Fast enough ta get away from you?" Her voice rose when she saw the deadly look in her lovers flashing brown eyes.

"Uuuhhh oooohhh!" She scrambled but didn't make it; Blair was on her in a couple of feet. She threw a leg tackle and down they went, Tootie and Nat started cheering for Blair and when they saw that Blair had other things in mind for her lover they ran into the house.

Blair flipped Jo over; she covered her lover with her own body. Keeping her pinned to the ground she growled deep in her chest.

"You forgot the cherry."

Jo wiggled her eyebrows at her lover. "I all ready gave you mine."

"Lets pretend that you didn't."

"Right here?"

"Yep, right here and now."

Mrs. G looked out the door to see them rolling around in the grass, when Jo's shirt went flying through the air she closed her eyes and the back door. "I can't believe them!" She said to herself. She smiled at the thought of being young and in love.

Five minutes later Blair came running through the kitchen door with all of Jo's clothes clutched in her hands. Mrs. G turned to see her bracing the door with her back trying to keep it from opening.

"Blair, what are you doing?"

"Paybacks Mrs. G." She slid across the floor as the door was forced open. "Oooohhh shit!" She was propelled across the kitchen as Jo shoved the door wide, Jo stood in the doorway in just her boxers.

"WARNER!" She yelled at her sliding lover. "You are in big trouble when I catch you!"

Mrs. G covered her face with her apron; she didn't want to see any of this or what Jo was going to do to her scurrying lover.

"Joey, it's paybacks for the whipped cream bath." She grinned from across the kitchen.

"Just you wait Warner!" She narrowed her blue eyes. "You realize that because of this I'm getting married."

Blair's hands went numb causing Jo's dirty wet clothes to hit the floor with a splat.

"What? Married?"

"Yeah, the UPS driver just dropped off a package and asked me ta marry him!" Crossing her arms over her bare breasts. "Said he would make sure that our packages would come every nine months! And that, even though whipped cream was ok, he prefers chocolate syrup! Now give me my clothes, he's waiting for me."

Brown eyes blazed with murderous intent. "Over my cold dead body!" Blair stomped out the back door to confront the UPS driver. Jo winked at Mrs. G, picked up her clothes and left the kitchen.

Blair rounded the side of the house and saw the UPS truck just backing from the drive. She ran up to it and jumped inside the truck, grabbing the man by his collar she made him stop the truck. With out looking at him she tore into him like a rabid pit bull.

"You can forget your marriage proposal! Jo is mine!"

"Listen lady, I've got no idea what you're talking about but I have deliveries ta make, so get outta my truck!"

The man had to be close to 70 and obviously had no intentions towards Jo. Blair's mouth fell open; she knew that Jo had gotten her and good. Straightening the mans shirt, she mumbled a sorry and got out of his truck.

"I can't believe that I fell for that!" She mumbled to herself on the way back to the house. "Am I that hooked? Yep, sinker and all!" A smile came to her face, she knew what she would have to do and soon.

After Edna's Edibles had closed for the night and everything was cleaned up everyone made their way home and to the living room. Jo took a seat at the end of the couch, propping her feet up on the coffee table, she rested her head back on crossed arms.

"I'm worn out, my feet hurt and I have this rash all over my body from rolling around in the grass." She gave Blair a sideways glance. "Wonder how that happened?"

"You started it," Falling over onto her side she put her head in her lovers lap. "I want to go out tonight."

"After all that running around and work you two are going out?" Tootie asked then gave a big yawn.

"If Joey doesn't want to go, I'll go by myself." Blair stated.

Groaning Jo agreed to go out with her lover. "I'm not staying out all night though, I need ta get some sleep sometime this week."

"I promise Joey, we won't be out all that long, in fact we can go as is."

"You're not going to take hours to get ready?"

"Nope, now get your lazy ass up and let's go."

"Lazy, who's laying in my lap?"

"Point made."

Jo was driving Blair's car, she loved to put it through it's paces and see if her lover would scream for her to put it back on all four of it's wheels. But this night she drove like she was civilized and Blair gave her a funny look because of it.

"Is something wrong Joey?"

"Uuhmm I was just thinking of something?"

"About me I hope." She flashed her a smile. "After all I'm the only thing worth thinking about."

"You are soo full of yourself." She threw a quick look at her. "But you're right, where are we going anyway?"

Blair looked around at where they were and noticed that they were by the campus football field. "Pull in there!" She pointed towards an open area by some trees.

"What ya plan on having the campus police haul us away?"

"Nope, that would ruin a perfectly good night."

Jo pulled the car under the trees and watched as her lover got out and strolled to the field. She loved the way Blair walked, so straight and proud, like she really was royalty. She crawled over the door of the convertible and followed at a short distance.

"Now what my Queen?"

Blair flashed her the most beautiful smile that quickly changed to a pensive stare. "I...uuhhmm...God this is hard!" She covered her face with her hands and stood still. Jo saw the deep breath her lover took and knew that when she did that she usually had something very heavy going on in her mind. Her heartbeat picked up and she felt her palms starting to sweat, panic set in as she thought that maybe Blair was having seconds thoughts about their relationship.

"Blair?" Her voice cracked, tears started to fill her blue eyes. "Baby what's wrong, is it us?"

From beneath her hands she replied yes, Jo's knees gave out and she sunk to the ground. Her head hanging down she looked at her clasped hands before her and to the simple gold band she had bought earlier that week. She had been waiting for the best time to give it to Blair but now all was lost. She felt a hand come under her chin and let it tip her head up; she looked through blurry eyes at her lover.

"It's over isn't it, you don't love me anymore?"

Blair dropped to the ground in front of her with a shocked look on her face.

"Joey, what are you talking about?" She cupped her face between both hands. "Of course I still love you, what are you talking about?"

Tears falling down Jo's cheeks she sniffled and broke down into sobs, for long moments Blair held her lover and comforted her.

"Joey, tell me what this is about." Jo collected herself and sat up. "You acted like you had something to tell me and I..."

"Stop right there, I don't have anything to tell you except that I love you with all my heart. But I do have something to ask you." They both took deep breaths and held them. "In case you didn't know this, I'm not a very secure person and with all that's happened lately I've become more insecure." Jo placed her hands on top of her lovers; giving them a small squeeze she pulled them up to her lips. Placing a kiss on her lover's hand she cleared her throat.

"Baby, I'm not going anywhere. I will always be by your side, you have my word on that."

Brown eyes locked with blue, Blair spoke soo softly that Jo could hardly hear her.

"Baby talk to me." She pleaded, Blair looked down at Jo's hands and saw the gold band, she ran her finger across it then looked up at Jo.

"What's this?"

Jo's face turned a pink color, she tried to hide the ring but Blair wouldn't let her.

"Joey, that's a wedding band."

"Yeahh, it is. I...geez this is hard," she slipped the ring from her finger and looked at it. "I was hoping that you'd wear it."

"Oohh Joey." Blair broke down into sobs, Jo was ready to find the nearest bridge and jump off.

"I knew this was a mistake." She tried to get up but her lover grabbed onto her and hauled her back down. "No, you're not leaving me until I explain." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a gold band. "I was thinking the same thing and I didn't know how you would take it." She looked deeply into blue eyes, before she could say a word; Jo placed a finger against her lips.

"Let me?" She stood then pulled Blair to her feet. "I pictured doing this on one knee and all but I want us on even ground." Taking Blair's hands in hers she looked into teary brown eyes. "Blair, you are the most important person in my life, the first time we fought, I fell in love with you right then an there. I've been in love with you for years." She raised the ring so that it was between them. "Will you marry me?"

Blair broke down into sobs as she let Jo slip the ring onto her finger; she clutched Jo around the neck and held on for dear life, her life was almost complete. Pulling back from her lover, she held out the gold wedding band between her fingers. "Joey?" She asked with a soft voice. Jo held out her hand and let Blair slip the ring onto her finger; a wicked smile came to her lips. "Who would have ever imagined me being married ta Lady Blair Warner." She kissed her wife with everything that she was feeling and then some, when the kiss broke Blair kissed Jo's ring finger then held her hand against her chest over her heart.

"I'm the lucky one. I won Joanna Polniaczek's heart." Kissing her again she led her back to the convertible. "Lets go home and celebrate."

Jo helped her into the passenger seat then jumped over the door, started the car and took them home. The entire way home they had huge smiles on their faces, Blair clutched Jo's hand so hard that she lost feeling in it. They both knew what they were going to do when they got to their room and they hoped that the others had their earplugs ready.

In their room, Jo was holding her wife close to her body in a tight hug. She felt Blair moving against her, she looked down to see white teeth biting off the buttons to her flannel shirt.

"Why'd ya do that?"

"Felt like it, does this mean that you no longer want to park your bike on my face?" She held up her hand with the wedding band on it.

"Actually baby, I wanted ta plant the same thing on your face back then as I do now."

"What would that..." She saw the wicked gleam come to her wives eyes. "Oohh!"

They took their time removing each other's clothes, as flesh was exposed it was covered by soft lips or tongue. Soft moans filled the room, as they loved each other's bodies, fingers caressed soft skin as though to memorize every small detail. Jo ran her fingers through Blair's soft blonde hair, loving the feeling of it as it fell over her hardened nipples when Blair kissed her just below her right breast. Blair came back up to capture Jo's soft lips in a kiss that rivaled all others that they had shared together. When it broke, Jo flipped Blair over, turning around; she dropped her face down to nuzzle the soft dark curls at her wives apex. The scent of her arousal tickled Jo's nose and made her mouth water. She could smell strawberries and a scent that was all Blair, licking the hardened bundle before her, she watched as her lover opened her legs wider for her. She felt a leg come up over her back and she fell to her side when Blair over powered her. Jo moaned deeply when she felt a warn tongue snake it's way between her throbbing lips. They licked and suckled, sending each closer to the edge. Jo pushed her hips forward when she felt two fingers slip inside, she copied and soon they were moving their hips in sync with each other.

Blair flicked her tongue back and forth over Jo's hardened nub; she could feel silky walls start to grip her fingers. When Jo's attentions stopped Blair new that she was close. Sucking the nub into her mouth she sucked hard. She felt her lover push her fingers into her deeply and hit the spot that sent her over taking Jo with her when she screamed against her throbbing lips. It felt like the world had been tipped upside down for them and they were tossed into open space. Each felt a light headedness that had never happened before, a loud buzzing in their ears was diminishing with time as they lay gasping for air, ripples washed through their bodies with the last of their shared climaxes. Jo crawled up to her wife; kissing her gently she looked down into teary eyes.

"Baby, did it feel different for you this time?"

Blair pulled Jo back down for another kiss and tasted herself. "God did it!" She wrapped her arms around her wife and hummed when their sweat dampened bodies pressed close. "I can still feel something, It's like I've finally found a puzzle piece that's been missing."

"Not missing, hiding right out in the open." Jo rolled them over and spooned up against her lovers back. Wrapping her arms around Blair, she pulled her tightly to her chest, she buried her face into blonde hair and sighed with contentment.

"I love you baby." She kissed the back of Blair's neck.

"I love you to Joey." With in minutes they both fell into a deep sleep.


The next morning everyone was in the kitchen rushing around trying to get ready for classes. Mrs. G had already left to run errands so that let the girls to fend for themselves. Blair was at the stove making scrambled eggs and bacon while Nat and Tootie squeezed orange juice for everyone.

"Where's "Joooooey?" Nat asked in a perfect imitation of Blair whining.

"Looking for my shoes, what's it to ya?" She said from the doorway.

"Oohh someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Tootie mumbled to Nat.

"I heard that! And nooo I didn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I itch all over and I have hives!" She scratched her arms and stomach and was rubbing her shin with the heel of her shoe, Nat and Tootie looked at her with alarm.

"Let me see." Nat asked.


"I said let me see?" She stepped in front of a wide-eyed Jo. "Joooey let me see." Jo reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and that's when Nat saw the wedding band.

"What's this?" She asked as she lifted Jo's hand up. "Tootie, look what Jo has!"

"Damn! Baby help me out here." Jo pleaded. Blair stepped behind her and crossed her hands over her lover's chest.

"What's the problem?"

"Nat's eyes grew wide, her brows buried themselves into her hair line. "Oohh my, Tootie, they're married!"

"To who?" Tootie asked from where she was still squeezing oranges.

"Dorothy! WAKE UP! To each other!"

"Hey, you used that name!" She threw a piece of orange at her friend. "How am I supposed ta know, yesterday Jo said a UPS man."

"Don't mind her, she's still asleep." Nat's smile made her eyes small specks in her face. She hugged both of her friends and couldn't wait to tell Mrs. G when she got home. "I'm soo happy for you two." She ran out of the kitchen to get her books.

"Well, ya old married woman is breakfast done?" Jo asked her wife.

"Who's an old married woman?" Tootie looked at them like she hadn't been there the entire time and heard everything that had been said.

"Guess she's awake now." Blair pushed Jo over to a chair and shoved her into it. "It's done and I'm not old." She kissed Jo on her forehead then went to get their breakfast.

Nat sat next to Tootie; every time she looked across at their friends she nudged Tootie in her shoulder. "They're married!" Tootie nudged her back. "I know! I heard you the first fifteen times!"

"I just wanted you to remember."

"Believe me, it's something that I'll never forget."

Jo watched the two of them with an amused look on her face. "Ya know Baby, they sound like us."

"Are we that bad?"

"You're worse!" Tootie remarked. "But I've learned all kinds of snappy remarks because of it."

Rolling her eyes Nat got up from the table with her empty plate. "Now if she could learn to use them in the proper context of a sentence."

"I use them right!" Tootie hit Nat in the back of her head with a wadded up paper towel."

"Oohh yeah, like "Shudup before I break your legs and then ya won't be able ta talk!" Tootie blushed at Jo. "And that was when some man asked what the special for the day was."

"Ain't that cute, Joey's first groupie?" Blair chuckled.

"Cute, just what I need." She got up and put her plate in the sink. "Come on guys were gonna be late for class."

"If I was you Jo." Nat said as she scooped up her books. "I'd stay home for the day, that itchy rash you have is poison ivy."

Jo dropped back into her chair; crossing her hands on the table she rested her head on them. "Just my fucking luck!" Her head popped up and she looked to Blair. "Ohh my God, Blair?"

"Don't worry, I don't get poison anything." Tossing her car keys to Nat, she told her to go ahead and go to class that she was going to stay home and take care of Jo.

"During break I'll bring ya some of that pink stuff for the itching."

Tootie started laughing at the picture that formed in her head. "Joooey all pink!" She stopped laughing when Jo gave her an evil look. "Sorry."

"Go on get before you're late for class." Blair turned to Jo. "And you, upstairs right now, I have some cream that may help." She wiggled her brows. "This is gonna be sooo much fun!"

Later that day, Jo lay on the couch in her boxers and T-shirt and covered in Calamine lotion. She was miserable and every time she tried to scratch Blair hit her with a fly swatter. Mrs. G told Jo under no circumstances was she to come in and work. Jo couldn't agree with her more, she was not about to walk around covered in pink stuff in front of customers. Blair came into the living room and sat on the back of the couch and brushed the hair from her lover's forehead. Jo was snoring softly, one hand tucked up under her chin and the other hanging off the edge of the couch. Blair ran one fingertip across her parted lips, then across her dark brows. She loved to watch her sleep, she looked so innocent and at peace.

"What are you doing?"

"Watching you, I brought you some supper are you hungry?"

"A little." She reached up and pulled Blair down on top of her. "You gonna feed me?"

"If you want, and no you're not getting that until all the poison ivy is gone, besides you smell like bleach."

"But baby!"

"And pouting won't help."


When Jo woke up the next morning she looked down at her hands in confusion.

"What the hell?" Turning her hands over she raised her left eyebrow and smirked. "Baby, what have ya done ta me?" Blair snuggled up to her side and mumbled.

"Stopped your scratching." She pulled the socks off her hands and looked at her arms. "It's all gone."

Blair opened one eye. "What's gone?" Jo rolled over onto her side; nose-to-nose with her lover, she told her that the poison ivy was all gone. "Good now go back to sleep."

Sleep was the last thing on Jo's mind and Blair found out real quick.


Blair dropped down at the kitchen table, her eyes half closed and puffy from lack of sleep, she tried twice to get the coffee cup to her lips but her yawning stopped her.

"Blair, what are you doing up so early." Mrs. G looked at the clock over the stove. "It's only 5am."

"Joey's taking up the whole bed."

"Blair, you two have a huge bed, just roll her over."

"Can't. She's tied to the bed posts."

Mrs. G's face turned a beet red at the thought of why Jo was tied down. "Blair, I don't think I need to know about that."

"Ohhh it's not what you think at all." She yawned again. "She still has poison ivy on area's of her body and she thinks that...you're right, that's something you don't need to know about. But anyway, I tied her down to keep her from scratching."

"Did you try socks on her hands?"

"Yep, that's what I used to tie her up with."


Jo struggled against her restraints; she would never under estimate her wife again. Now if she could either get loose or get someone in there to untie her. She started yelling for Nat and Tootie knowing that they were just down the hallway.

Nat rolled over and covered her head with her pillow. "God will she stop already!" She screamed into her pillow and heard Jo yell again and sat right up in her bed with a wide-eyed look on her face.

"GET OFF! DAMN FINGERS ARE SQUISHED!" Wild images went through Nat's mind. "NATALIE!!" Jo yelled so loud that Tootie woke up.

"Why the hell is Jo screaming your name?" Tootie peeked from one bloodshot brown eye. "You three ain't into that kinky stuff are you?"

"Tootie! I can't believe you said that and I have no idea why's she's screaming my name."

"Well, go see!" She fluffed up her pillow. "So I can get some sleep."

"OOhhh nooo you're going with me!"

Jo was bucking against the bed, twisting every which way she could trying to get her hands and feet free from her bindings. Nat and Tootie snuck down the hall, peeked around the doorframe into the bedroom and busted up laughing at their friend.

"Shudup and untie me!" She thrashed around getting madder by the minute. "Damn her, I can't believe she did this and left me here!"

Blair's head popped up from where she lay on the couch napping when she heard the unmistakable sound of her lover's feet running down the stairs. She pulled the blanket up over her head and prayed that Jo didn't see her. A gust of air burst from her lungs when Jo landed on top of her.

"Didn't think I could get loose huh?" She started tickling Blair through the blanket. "I can't believe ya tied me ta the bed!" She pulled the blanket off her lovers face. "And left me there!"

"Joooooey." She pouted hoping Jo would fall for it.

"Don't even try that with me." Dropping her head down beside Blair's, she nipped her in the neck. "I'm just glad ya didn't use handcuffs." She snuggled against Blair and sighed. "I promise I won't try anything, can't sleep without you." She dozed off and started to snore softly against Blair's neck.

"Your just a big baby Joey." She wrapped her arms around her lover and joined her in sleep.

Days later with everyone wanting to tie Jo up somewhere, preferably in another state; they ran every time she came into the same room with them. All she did was growl and stomp around the house. Nat pulled Blair to the side and pleaded with her to do something.

"Blair! She's driving us all nuts, DO something!!!"

"What am I supposed to do, I don't know what's wrong with her and all she does is growl at me."

Nat rubbed her face with her hands. "Get her drunk, anything! Just get her outta that shitty mood she's in!" They heard her bellow Blair's name through the house. "PLEASE! Just do something, take her out, and shot her, something!" Nat was all but on her knees begging when a wide eye Tootie came running up to them.

"You have to stop her!" She grabbed onto Blair's shoulders. "She's outside and she's trying to kill the guys playing basketball."

"She likes to play rough with the boys." Blair shrugged her shoulders.

"Blair! She's playing with toddlers!"

They ran outside and sure enough Jo was wrestling the ball away from a six-year-old boy, he was in tears and yelling for his mother when Blair ran up to her and took the ball from her hands.

That's enough." She gave the ball back to the little boy. "What is wrong with you!?!" Jo covered her face with her hands and groaned, she looked at her wife and threw her hands in the air.

"I'm frustrated ok?" She came nose-to-nose with Blair and growled at her. "I'm going to combust if I don't get "some" soon!" Her eyes flashed like lightning.

"So that's what this is about?" She chuckled, and then stopped when she saw the look that Jo was giving her. "Joey, you still have poison ivy."

"I do not! It's been gone for days now!" She dropped down onto her knees and wrapped her arms around Blair's legs. "Please baby, just five minutes, that's all it'll take."

"I have a better idea, come on lets go out." Blair walked towards her car leaving Jo kneeling on the ground.

"OUT? Warner!" She got up and ran after her. "I don't wanna go shopping!"

"Who said anything about shopping?"

"Baby when you go out, it's to the mall and that means shopping."

Giving Jo a smirk she said. "Not this time, we're going to a bar."

"A bar." She spoke softly to herself, jumping over the door she sunk down into the passenger seat. "I could go for a pool cue right about now!" Blair gave her a sideways glance.

"You are sick!" Jo gave her a toothy grin.


The bar was dark; music throbbed from all directions along with the twisting bodies on the dance floor. Blair looked around her and couldn't believe her eyes, the pairings of the couples were all the same sex. She shouldn't have been surprised since they were in a lesbian bar with just a few gays wandering around. Clutching Jo's hand, she pulled her to the bar and ordered them each a beer. Jo took small sips as she looked around them. She had never been in a place like this before; she decided that she kind of liked it. She didn't have to worry about any guys hitting on her and more importantly on her wife. They moved away from the bar to a small table in a corner where they could see the dance floor. Jo pulled Blair back against her and started to move to the beat of the music. She knew the effect she was having on her when Blair pulled her out onto the dance floor, they danced close together to the house beat, hips grinding and hands exploring. Jo could feel a fire scorching her body every time Blair touched her; she was ready to combust right there on the dance floor.

Blair watched as Jo's face turned a deep red and sweat started trickling down the sides of her face, she raised and eye brow at her and grinned. "Problem Joey?" Jo ground out

"No." Between clenched teeth.

"Come on, I need some air." Blair grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the bathrooms. Inside the dimly lit room, she saw two sets of feet under each stall door until she reached the last one. Pushing the door open she slipped in and pulled Jo after her.

"Baby what are you doing, you said you wanted air?"

"I lied." She pushed Jo up against the stall door and attacked her lips like a fiery storm. Teeth gnashed as hands pushed clothes away from sweat-dampened skin, Jo couldn't help the loud moan that came from her when Blair's hand cupped her throbbing crotch through her Levi's. Blair unfastened Jo's Levi's and slipped her hand inside, her fingers swam in her lover's wetness causing her own body to react. She could feel Jo's knees start to give out on her when she pushed two fingers into her, slipping one thigh between her lovers legs, she held her up against the door. Jo ground her hips against Blair's thigh with a fury. She buried her face into her lover's neck and wrapped her arms around her shoulders, pushing as hard as she could, she went over the edge and took Blair with her. Their screams were muffled against each other's necks but everyone in the bathroom knew what had just happened. They couldn't ignore the fact that every stall shook in their supports and then the muffled screams that echoed through the bathroom. The small room sounded like a sports stadium when they all started yelling and clapping for them.

Both of them were a deep crimson color when they stepped out of the stall, Jo dropped her head but Blair walked proudly past everyone, until she was stopped at the door by a familiar face.

"Blair Warner?" A small red head looked up at her. "It is you isn't it, well, I'll be!" She laughed and clapped Jo on the shoulder like they were old friends.

"Sylvia?" Blair searched for a last name but it escaped her.

"Yep, remember we meet at your debutante party a couple years ago." Closing one eye in thought. "You danced with my brother most of the night, damn if I knew you were on this side of the fence I would have chased after you then."

Blair was speechless, she kept stuttering trying to get some words out.

"So what do you say I buy you a drink and get to know each other better since you're done with your butch toy there."

Jo's temper blew; she stepped in front of Blair and put her hand against Sylvia's chest. "I ought ta knock your scrawny ass out, that's my wife you're hitting on!"

The smaller woman broke out laughing; she wiped tears from her face and looked at Jo like she was crazy. "Wife? Like that would stop Blair, Hell, she's slept with everyone!"

Jo's eyes darkened, her teeth bared as a low rumbling growl came from deep inside of her. She drew back her right fist and punched Sylvia square in the face, Blair watched as the smaller woman fell straight back onto the floor in a heap.

"Come on Joey, let's get out of here." They quickly made their way to the front door of the bar and out to Blair's car. Jo sat in the car holding her right hand and flexing her fingers.

"Joey are you all right?" Blair had tears flowing down her cheeks; she was scared to death that Jo would believe what Sylvia had said about her.

"Yeah, I think I may have broke something...like her nose! Fucking bitch!" She turned to see Blair breaking down into uncontrollable sobs.

"Come here." She held out her arms to her lover. "I'm ok, my hand has hit worse things." Blair clung to her like a life raft, her sobs getting worse each second. "Baby, your not mad at me 'cuz I hit her are you?" Blair pulled back; trying to get herself together she wiped her face.

"You don't believe what she said about me do you?"

Jo rolled her eyes. "Baby, I know I was your first, I also know that you're the worlds biggest flirt when it comes ta men. So no, I didn't believe a word that little bitch said." Blair dropped her head, which had Jo worried. "What?" She asked.

"She's Gregory's sister."

Jo busted up laughing at the news. "Damn! I almost got the whole family whipped!"

"Bigger problem, she has a big mouth." Blair rested her head on Jo's chest. "She's going to run right out and blast off at the mouth about what happened.

"That's ok, I'll close it for her."

"Bigger problem, her mother is best friends with mine."

"OOhh shit!" She fell back against the seat. "Lets go home, I need two ice bags." Blair looked up at her.

"Why two?"

"One for my hand and one for a lower part."

"Nope, only one, I have a remedy for the lower part." She kissed her and showed her what she meant by remedy. "You have nooo idea what you do to me when you get all butch."


They crept into the house that night with out waking everyone; Mrs. G was nowhere to be seen, unlike other nights when she was waiting up for them. They made love that night slowly, expressing their love for each other in many ways until the late hours of the morning. They lay wrapped around each other sleeping so deeply that they never heard the commotion coming from downstairs nor when it made it's way to their bedroom.


They both almost had heart attacks from the yell, Blair looked over Jo's bare shoulder to see a whole group of people standing in the room.

"Son of a bitch!" Jo yelled. "Baby, this had got to stop!" She rolled over and flashed everyone when she got up to get dressed. "Who the hell are you people!?!" She stood stark naked in front of them with her hands on her hips, she spied two familiar faces an evil grin graced her face. "Ohhh I know who you assholes are! Ya come over so I can kick the shit outta the rest of ya?" She bent down and picked up her sweat pants and flannel shirt. "Ya know baby, what ever modesty I had flew out the window." She pulled her clothes on and was ready to push them all out of the room when Mr. and Mrs. Warner came in. "Oohh man!" She scratched the side of her face, turned to her wife and groaned. "Is this how your family and friends get together?" Blair dropped back on the bed and pulled the blanket over her head.

Mrs. G and the girls started pulling people from the room and telling them to go down stairs and give the girls some privacy and when they were ready they would come down and they could straighten every thing out. Jo fell back across her wives stomach in a fit of laughter.

"This is just to good." She rolled over and pulled the blanket off Blair's face. "Is Brazil still an option?" They lay laughing until Tootie pounded on the door to tell them that the natives were getting restless.

"Come on baby, I got some legs ta break."

Hand in hand they came down the stairs to see that the group of people were arguing amongst themselves. Sylvia was in the middle with her swollen nose and black eyes pointing her finger into Mr. Warner's face.

"Your daughters a slut, she's slept with everyone! And when I saw her at the bar she had just got done screwing that butch thing she was with, then Blair hit me!"

"That's bullshit!" Jo yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "I punched your ass out not Blair and if ya don't shut that yaw up I'll close it for ya!"

She came to stand in front of the group, her hands planted on her hips in defiance.

"I don't know how you people were raised but my Aunt would've kicked my ass if I went barging in ta her bedroom." She put her hand out behind her to pull Blair to her side. "I don't know what the problem is but you people need ta accept the fact that me and Blair are together, so just get over it and leave us alone already!"

Blair leaned up against Jo and wrapped her arm around her waist; she looked right at Gregory and his family with eyes flashing and a raised eyebrow. "You need to get a life Gregory and leave us alone, you never had a snowballs chance with me to begin with. And you Sylvia, your lucky I didn't hit you, because I would have kept pounding on your slutty ass!" She took a deep breath, let go of Jo and walked towards the front door. "Now get the hell out of here before I turn my wife loose on your stupid asses!"

She heard a loud thump and was afraid to look.

"Baby, your Mom's done it again!"

Blair turned to see her mother being slapped in the face by Nat, who looked like she was enjoying herself a little too much, then Tootie poured a whole flower vase of water on her and almost drowned the unconscious Mrs. Warner. With a sheepish look she approached her father.

"Dad, I know this looks really bad but Sylvia had it coming." She turned to Jo for support. "She called me a..."

"It was untrue what she called and said about your daughter sir." Jo interrupted. "She was out of line and I put an end to it, story over. What I want ta know is why every body wants ta see us naked?" She shook her head. "I mean I've lost count of how many people have come busting in ta our bedroom."

"Joanna, we didn't know they were here. Mrs. G. was in a panic and sent us up there hoping that we could help in some way."

"Oohh." She dropped her head and looked at Blair from under her eyebrows. "Baby, help?"

"Daddy why are you here and why did Mom pass out again?" He turned to see his wife taking a nap on the floor. "Ohh I forgot all about her!" He bent down and slapped her in the face and her eyes opened to stare blankly at him. "I think it was the part where you called Joanna your wife." They heard Mrs. Warner groan and out she went again.

Nat threw her hands in the air. "I give up on waking her!"

"Me too, this is much more interesting anyway." Tootie dropped down on the bottom stair so that she could absorb everything. Mrs. G rung her hands, mumbled something about making a pot of tea and left them to their talk.

"Oohh!" She ran her fingers through her hair trying to put it in some kind of order. "Daddy, Joey and I exchanged rings, it's the only kind of marriage we can have." She took Jo's hand in hers, looked into her eyes with all the love she felt in her heart, then back to her father. "This is forever, so you might as well forget about trying to talk me out of having a relationship with Joey."

"Blair, that's not why we came here." He pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to her. "We came to give you these." He gave them a huge smile. "It's the least we can do for you two," he turned to Jo and offered her his hand. "You make my little girl happy and that's all that matters." He bent over and picked up his still unconscious wife. "Have fun girls." He mumbled under his breathe about his wife needing to see Jenny Craig if she thought he was going to carry her around all the damn time.

Blair opened the envelope and pulled out two first class plane tickets to Paris.

"Joey?" Tears filled her soft brown eyes. "Paris!"

Jo was stunned; she'd never been out of the area let alone to a foreign country. "Paris as in France not Texas?"

"France!" She jumped into Jo's arms and wrapped her legs around her waist. "We're going to Paris!" With the kiss she gave her wife it was enough to knock her off her feet, they lay on the floor laughing and sharing breath stealing kisses. Nat and Tootie sat on the step crying out of happiness for their friends.

"Just think Tootie, no ear plugs until they come home from Paris." She sniffled and wiped her face on Tootie's sleeve.

"No more gossip!" Tootie broke into sobs and fell into her friend.

Mrs. G came into the room and turned back around deciding that she needed to make more tea. "I need a vacation." She said to herself out loud. "These girls are going to give me an early grave."

The end

A period of adjustment
By Larisa

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