~ Make Me Quiver ~
by Kandis Glasgow


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Eden Delaney stood at the line and took a deep cleansing breath as she faced her target. With her peripheral vision she did a subconscious check once again to be sure the line was clear. She had checked before she had knocked her shaft, but it was a safety habit she would never break. She pulled the bow to place and gazed solidly down the shaft and out through the sight. She saw her target and made it everything in her mind. The red center was all there was in the world. She drew the string back and once again reveled in the seductive tension she felt at the draw. She settled her heart and her breath, the calm swept her away and she loosed the aluminum carbon Kinetic shaft. It was a tad heavier than most arrows, but the mass increased the velocity causing a more sure strike to the target. There was a sharp snap as the string hit her arm guard and then a very satisfying 'Thwack' as the shaft struck the target. It hit the ten spot and that put a smile on her face.

"Nice shot."

A woman's voice spoke softly from behind her. For some reason the timber of the voice sent shivers up her spine. She turned to face the voice and was struck by the appearance of her complimentor. The woman was standing with her arms crossed leaning on the stand behind her. She was shorter than herself, but that wasn't saying much considering her six-foot frame. The woman was perhaps five foot five with short honey golden hair crowning her head. The thing that caught Eden's attention, above the obvious sexiness of the body standing before her, were the woman's eyes. They were a translucent green-blue color she had never seen. If one could choose a color, aquamarine was the closest to true. She was slightly mesmerized.

"Thanks. I try." Eden inclined her head to pull another shaft from the quiver behind her.

"Well, it would seem that you succeed." The smaller woman smiled brightly, showing white straight teeth. It was a smile that could break through clouds. She dropped her hand and offered it in introduction.

The tall brunette accepted it. "Not always. I have had my share of failures. Eden Delaney." She quietly observed the shape of the woman. Her sleeveless shirt was tight to her skin, showing off well defined shoulders and muscular arms. The shirt pulled in to a slim feminine waist. Eden was pleased she wearing glasses that covered the desire in her eyes when the bright blue of them caught the ample breasts straining against the dark fabric of the woman's deep purple shirt. The curve of them led to a very flat stomach and she knew she wanted nothing more than to run her tongue across that flat plane. But first things first.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Caprice Riley. Reece for short." She nodded her head slightly.

"Well, Reece for short, are you shooting or just watching today?" She teased her to test the waters.

"I'll just watch if I find the view interesting enough." The words were obviously flirtatious and it seemed the water was just right..


"And what?" Reece knew the question, she just wanted to draw out the interest. The woman shooting was stunning in her book. Well, in anyone's book was closer to the fact. She was easily six foot tall with incredibly broad shoulders Reece could imagine wrapping her arms around during the throes of passion. Her long black hair was pulled back in a tail. The blonde couldn't see behind the glasses but she had seen the woman before and knew her eyes to be the color of blue that one tended to drown in. High cheekbones defined the strength of her gorgeous face. Just looking at her made her trickle with want.

"Are you finding the view interesting?" She smiled brightly and her blue eyes shined behind shades.

"Quite." In her thinking the trap had been laid.

"I see. Do you often hang out at the range just to watch?"

"No, I came down with my sister today. She's in the shop I think." She reclined again and crossed her arms. She pointed her head in the general direction of the pro shop.

"Do you shoot?" Eden tilted her head in question.

Reece didn't answer, she just shrugged.

"Would you like me to show you?"

A winning smile crossed Reece's face. She was so good. "Sure." Was the enthusiastic answer. She sat where she was and nodded.

"You need to be over here if you want to learn this." She smirked and motioned with her hand for the blonde to join her at the line.

Reece stood straight and walked the few feet to the line and stood dangerously close to the tall woman, purposely invading her space while looking at her bow. "This looks powerful."

"You have no idea." Eden leaned into the woman slightly in repercussion for the blonde's invasion. Two could play this game.

Reece shook and smiled at the sound of the voice in her ear. "So you think you can teach me?" Mischievous aqua eyes played with her temptress.

"Oh, I'm sure of it." Eden grinned back.

"You know, you have to be very good at it to be able to teach well." She prodded for a response.

"My skills are legendary." The blue eyed woman's voice dropped to a seductive whisper.

"You seem very confident." Reece's self confidence was just as high in certain areas as well.

"With very good reason." Eden leaned in and almost growled.

"I see. And if I learn this, just how far can it take me?" She raised her eyebrows.

"If you become skilled enough, it can take you anywhere you want to go." She smiled down at the blonde.

Aqua eyes glanced up at her knowing they weren't talking about archery any longer. Good. "Are you gonna teach, or talk?"

"Pushy. You could get in trouble with the teacher for that. Now pay attention."

"Yes, ma'am" She saluted and giggled.

Eden smiled at the sound. "Two rules. First, no loose clothing, which I see won't be a problem today." Reece started to speak but was quieted with a word. "Aaah. I'm not finished. Second, always check the line to be sure it's clear and make sure you are facing your target before you ever knock your shaft. Understand?"

"Face my target. Got it." And she turned to face Eden.

"That target." Eden pointed out and thought her knees would buckle before they ever got the arrow in the rest.

"I was waiting for the next instruction, Eden." *Knock you down a notch to keep you interested.*

"Right." *I am not biting.* "Turn and take a comfortable stance. Your right handed I hope." Reece nodded. "Good. Here, take hold of the grip. Oops wait." Eden reached to her left arm and removed her leather arm guard. "Put your left arm out."

Reece did as she was told and the tall woman wrapped the warm leather around her wrist and forearm. She clicked the fast clasps and tugged on the cords. The fit was secure and she let loose of Reece's arm.

The small blonde pulled the guard up to her face. "Wow! This is beautiful work. Look at the tooling in the leather. Where did you get it?" Innocent aqua eyes asked a very dangerous question.

"I have a friend that does custom work for me on occasion. He made this for my birthday." She tried to be nonchalant in her comment and hope that the blonde wouldn't ask questions she wasn't ready to hear the answers to.

"I see. Well, he does very nice work." She knew there was more to it than the dark-haired woman was letting on but she'd ask her when she was ready to answer those questions.

"Yes, he does. OK you have the grip. Now, take the arrow and knock it here. Right the split goes on the string."

"Duh." Reece elbowed the woman gently in the ribs.

"I don't know how much you know here. Gimme a break. One more time, check the line." Reece made sure there were no other archers in her line. "Now, take a comfortable stance." Eden stepped behind the blonde and pushed her front against the small woman's back. She ran a hand down her arm to where the blonde's hand held the grip. Slowly the tall woman raised the bow up to Reece's line of sight.

Reece couldn't control her reaction to the contact. Her large nipples jutted out proudly against the fabric of her tight shirt. There was nothing she could do to hide her exposure. She breathed deeply hoping Eden wouldn't notice her need. She couldn't ignore the growing pressure between her leg, that was for sure. If the tall woman noticed she didn't do anything to indicate it. Reece blushed and hoped Eden didn't notice that either.

Eden leaned in closely taking in the sight down the shaft and down the blonde's breasts. The hard nipples displayed to her were inviting and exciting. Oh, she was going to have such fun with this one. She smiled and the smile was evident in her voice. "Very nice view." The words were spoken softly directly in the dainty ear at her mouth.

Reece shuddered minutely at the sound and knew the blue eyed goddess wasn't talking about the sight down the arrow. God, she was wet.

"Now, pull up your other hand to the string." Eden caressed the right hand gently guiding it to the small cord. "Good, use three fingers. Pull with the second and third and guide with the index. Draw back slowly." Reece struggled with it a little. "The tension may be too high for you. I'll help." She assisted her in the draw to her cheek. "And release." The woman let go and the arrow flew missing the target by about a foot.


"Hey, it wasn't that bad."

"It wasn't good though." She stomped her foot causing Eden to laugh.

"Calm down. I'm a very good teacher. Tell you what, if can get you to hit the target within an hour, you can buy me dinner."

"I can buy you dinner? I have a better idea. If I can hit the red within the hour you can fix me dinner."

"The red? Right." She thought for a moment. *Why not?* "Alright, you're on."

"Hand me the bow." Reece put her hand out and Eden put the bow in her hand. Reece looked at the machine and made a slight adjustment. "Shaft." The tall woman frowned a little but handed her an arrow from her quiver. Reece stepped to the line and did her check and faced the target. She knocked the shaft and pulled the bow to a little more than shoulder height. She brought it back down and settled her feet. She pulled her right hand up and put her fingers to the string. She did a slow draw and let out her breath. Her eyes concentrated on the red center and she let the shaft fly. The snap hit her arm and the shaft hit its target soundly and almost dead center.

The tall woman stared for a short while and then looked at the beaming woman before her.

"I think I've been had." The tall woman shook her head.

"Oh, not yet. I believe you owe me dinner." Her eyes dance with desire.

"You said you didn't know how." Eden was incredulous.

"I shrugged and never answered. You assumed I didn't know." She laughed liltingly.

"Where's your bow?" She crossed her arms.

Reece thumbed over her shoulder. "My sister took it to the shop to having it re-strung for me. I hate doing it."

"I see. Well, it seems I made a fool of myself." She lowered her head and shook the stray hairs of her bangs away from her eyes.

Reece walked back to her and handed her the bow. She put a delicate hand on the long arm of the tall archer. "Not hardly. You were very gracious, not to mention cute."

"Really?" She smiled brightly.

Reece nodded.

"Cute. Not many people call a six foot tall Amazon like me cute, but thank you."

"My pleasure." A blonde head leaned in closer and her body invaded Eden's space again. "Would you prefer I call you sexy?"

Eden removed her glasses and bright blue eyes shone on the smaller woman. "Definitely."

"You make that very easy. Because you are very sexy." Aqua eyes devoured the tall frame before her and her desire for it heightened.

With the obvious look of desire crawling across Reece's face, Eden felt an aching grow in her belly and she cleared her throat. "That is always nice to hear, especially from very beautiful women." She went to her bag and dug around for a minute. She returned with a business card. "Here is my address. Do you have plans for this evening?"

"You have no idea." She used the same line and same tone of voice Eden had used on her earlier. She smiled and added, "No, I don't have plans."

"Is tonight good for dinner?" She looked expectantly at the beautiful blonde. Her eyes wandered slowly over her body and she did not hide her desire.

"Tonight is good for any number of things, but dinner is a good start." She looked at the card. "I know how to get there. I'll see you at?" She put her hand out asking for the time.


"Fabulous. See you then." She gave Eden one last promise with her eyes and turned, walking away with sex oozing from her pores.

"Fuck me! I hope I live through this." The tall attorney turned back to her target with a very large grin on her face.


Eden was sipping on her wine while stirring vegetables when the doorbell rang. She set the wooden utensil on the holder and took a deep breath. Strangely enough she was nervous. Reece was a gorgeous woman and she wanted to make a good impression while at the same time not turning the woman off. She was simply clad in soft faded Levi's and a pressed white 'V' neck 'T' shirt. Her feet were bare but the nails were painted. She knew it was one of the few feminine attributes she had, but it looked better by the pool. She hoped she was not under-dressed, but she liked to take advantage of the comfort while she could. Suits were the attire for her usually.

She put her glass on the end table on her way to the door. She checked to be sure that the great room was set and then opened the door. The sight before her put a bright smile on her face. Reece was perfect. She was dressed in all black and it looked good on her. Tight polyester spandex on the bottom with a long chenille sweater covering the top. The sweater hit her about mid-thigh and had it a zipper at the high collar. Her feet were shod in stylish lace up boots, black leather. She looked hot.

"Wow. You look great! Come in."

"Thanks. Whoa. Nice place. I love the light hardwood floors. This rug is beautiful. Persian?"

"Close enough. My interior decorator bought it. I couldn't tell you to be honest. It's wool, I know that much."

"Your decorator has very good taste." The blonde smiled as she gazed around the room. "Oh! Here. I wasn't sure what dinner was so I brought White Zin." She handed the bottle to the tall woman.

"Perfect. We're having grilled salmon. Is that good with you?" Reece nodded her approval. Eden picked up her glass and carried it into the kitchen. She stirred the vegetables again and removed them from the heat. "Would you like a glass? I have Chardonnay opened now. That or the Zin."

Reece wandered around the finely decorated room admiring the artwork and the furniture. "The Chardonnay is fine thanks. Your home is just fabulous. The art really flows with the open air of the room. Parker?"


"Is it Parker?"

Eden shrugged. "Ask my decorator. Here you go." She held out the glass and Reece accepted it from her. Her delicate fingertips brushed the tall woman's and the tension filled the room again.

"Thank you, Eden." She set the wine down on the nearby table without breaking the eye contact they had attained. Reece looked seriously into deep blue eyes. "May I kiss you?" She was tired of waiting.

Eden almost spit her wine across the room. Instead she choked on it and started coughing.

The small blonde jumped to her hosts side and patted her on the back. "God! I'm sorry. Are you OK? Can you breathe?" Reece secretly smiled at the effect she was having.

Eden nodded and wheezed. "Fine. I'm fine. Hang on a second." She shook her head and swallowed another sip of wine. She breathed deeply and let the air settle in her lungs before she tried to speak. "You want to kiss me?" She was surprised by the boldness of the blonde, but she could handle it. Maybe.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't." Aqua eyes spoke volumes of truth to the dark-haired woman. She moved in close and placed a soft touch to Eden's strong chest. Her hand wandered up and around a muscular shoulder. Reece watched as her finger drew a line down a long arm to the large strong hands. They were the very hands she would later beg to touch her body in possessive passion.

The tall woman set her wine down and Eden's strong hand reached behind Reece and placed it controlingly on her lower back. She pulled the small tight body into her. The blonde's breasts pressed into her temptingly and her self-control almost went out the door. Soft hands rested on her broad shoulders making her smile. The feel of the heat radiating between them was mesmerizing and magnetic. Eden bent her tall body slightly. Reece stood on her toes to meet yielding lips half-way. Eden whispered so close to her lips the breath tickled the small hairs on Reece's upper lip.

"Are you sure this is what you want? It could be risky." She taunted her daringly, moving her mouth around toward the blondes lips, but never fully touching her.

"I live for risk." The blonde snaked the tip of her tongue out and teased Eden's full bottom lip with a light lick. One soft feminine hand moved up the broad shoulder to capture the back of the attorney's strong neck. She pressed in and caught Eden full on the mouth. The taste on her mouth of the sweet breath and the wine flamed her desire. She pressed her mound against a solid thigh and ground it ever so lightly. She caused her own desire to mount and she moaned in Eden's mouth. She felt the smile cross the lips of her soon to be lover.

Eden touched Reece's lip with her tongue and the blonde passionately opened her mouth in allure. She pulled back and turned her head pressing in tighter. While their tongues danced softly, sure strong hands moved down to a hard round bottom and pulled hard pressing the blonde's mound to her even tighter. She stopped kissing her and the blonde head rested on her shoulder as they undulated as one. Eden spoke softly in Reece's ear.

"Reece, tell me. Do you want to come now," She pushed her thigh in a long stroke against the smaller woman's desire. She felt the small body shudder in response to her move and her question, "or do you want to wait?"

Passion hazed aqua eyes gazed up "Mmm. If we wait, do you promise there will be an opportunity later?"

"For you?" Eden pulled the long black sweater up and teased at the skin on the strong back of the blonde. "There will be an opportunity for as long as you like." Her strong hands wandered around front and she ran the backs of her long fingers across Reece's flat stomach. Reece jumped at the touch.

"Oh my God! We need to stop, or I will certainly change my mind." She pulled away slowly and smoothed her sweater.

The smile on Eden's face reached her eyes. The electricity between them was like nothing she had ever felt. She hoped the small blonde understood what she was in for.

"The salmon's almost done. Pick some music and meet me out on the deck." She pointed in the direction of the stereo and then patio. Reece's head followed the directions and then she looked back to Eden. "I'm going to finish up the salad." The tall lawyer started toward the kitchen.

Reece followed closely behind her. "Do you need any help?" The question was innocent but the reply was not.

The tall woman turned to face her. "Not with dinner." Eden's smile carried the intent of her desire. "I'll be out in a minute, you just relax by the pool."

"I'm convinced. Relaxation is a good thing." She placed a sweet hand on the cooks arm. "I'll be waiting." She gently kissed the woman on the lips and then walked to the stereo.

Eden smiled and thought she could get used to that kind of treatment. She walked to the kitchen while the petite golden haired woman in her great room decided the mood. She grinned at the selection of Guitar Reflections. It was a great soft sound and a personal favorite. She wouldn't ask what other music was selected, let it surprise her.

The dark woman carried the food to the table and observed the form of the blonde leaning against the railing of the short deck. Her heart and her desire raced at the view. The long sweater had hiked up and was presenting to her the most delectable ass she had seen in a very long time. It was high and firm, begging to be ravaged. The butt was her very favorite body part and Reece had a very attractive one. She walked up behind her and gently grabbed her by the hips, pulling that delicate roundness into her mound. She pushed slightly. The innuendo was not lost on the woman of aqua eyes.

"Are you sure about that?" Reece smiled at the contact. She stood and wrapped her arms around the neck behind her. She stretched against Eden's front with her back. It made her shiver with heated desire. If they finished dinner she would think it a true act of God.

"I am positive." She whispered in her ear. "Let's eat."

The dinner was perfectly light and satisfying, and the conversation stimulating.

"So you mean to tell me that after all that he got off on a technicality? Go figure."

"It's the American justice system. It's wonderful but can be devastating at the same time. If I recall, he was convicted of an unrelated charge just few months later. He's off the streets, but still." She left the comment hanging. "You know all this talk about me and I still don't know what you do for a living. What is it that keeps you occupied?" Eden wiggled her eyebrows and sipped her wine.

"Strangely enough I do interior design. The rug, by the way, is Persian and the painting is Parker. If anyone ever asks again, you'll have the answer right on the tip of your tongue." She grinned broadly at her host.

"Well, I can certainly think of other things I would rather have there, but I'll remember the information." She wanted this woman desperately, but it needed to be at just the precise moment. She stood and gathered the plates from the table. Reece followed suit carrying some of the empty serving dishes and the water glasses. Between the two of them they cleared the table in one shot. Reece started to clean the plates and run water but she was stopped by gentle persuasion. "Don't worry about these. The cleaner will get them tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? Your maid comes on Saturday?" They walked to the great room.

"Well, I can't be sure, but she cleans for me and that's all I ask." She laughed at her own bad joke and got a light push for her effort.

"You are awful." Reece laughed in spite of herself.

Eden captured her in strong arms. "You really think so?" She held the blonde close.

Reece put her arms around Eden's neck. "No, just slightly depraved."

"You have no idea." It was the same remark, same inflection and it got the blonde's attention.

"Oh, I think I can make pretty good guess." The water was about to get deep and she hoped she could swim.

"Really? Tell me, Reece. Do you like to...play?" It was the moment of truth.

Aqua eyes looked at her from the corners and a smile crossed a seductive mouth. "Play is my middle name."

Eden wanted to make sure the smaller woman understood. "I mean play as in blindfolds and.....well you can take it from there."

Reece smiled slyly. "Honestly, I have never played those games before, but I am more than fascinated by the concept." She pulled the tall body to her. She placed a small kiss at the very bottom of the 'v' on Eden's shirt. It was just the right move.

The tall attorney removed both of Reece's arms from her neck and held her wrists tightly but not painfully. She put both hands behind Reece's back and held them there firmly with one hand. She ran her thumb a little roughly along Reece's mouth and then placed a searing kiss on the smaller woman's lips. "I want you to be sure this is what you want. Do you understand?"

Reece's heart began to pound strongly and she shook her head affirmatively.

Eden still held the woman captive and she let her eyes roam across her body undressing her as she went. "There are rules to this game and to get the most pleasure from it you must follow them. First, I am in charge here. You do what I say when I say. Understand?"

"Yes." Blue eyes bored into her and she swallowed hard.

"Second, you are not allowed to touch me or yourself without my permission. If you do there is always a punishment. Remember that you belong to me. I can and will touch you in any way that pleases me. I will never do anything you don't want me to, but to say 'no' is not enough. There are times when saying 'no' becomes a part of the game. If you really want me to stop or not do something, say alabaster and I'll stop. I swear to you, I will never hurt you beyond what you desire nor will I ever humiliate you. That's not my style. Do you still want this? Do you trust me?" Her sapphire eyes lit a serious fire.

Reece thought and swallowed hard. She was so wet it was soaking her pants. Her mind may be indecisive but her body knew her most secret desires. "Yes. I want this."

"Excellent." Eden released her hands. "Stay here." She wandered to the light panel and lowered the lights. At the same time she hit the switch that ignited the fireplace. A slow seductive sax piece was playing over the speakers and Eden sat on the leather loveseat.

"I want you to strip for me, just to your bra and underwear. Dance." She had picked up her wine and took a slow sip. She let her sparkling blue eyes float over the small blonde. The fire in her loins was evident in her unabashed glare. She wanted the tight blonde badly.

Reece cleared her throat. She could do this. She began to sway slowly in time with the music. Her hips gyrated in a circular pattern and her hands moved painstakingly from her knees up her legs to the bottom of her sweater. She grasped the soft material on either edge and undulated it up and down her sides. She lifted it leisurely past her stomach and revealed her very toned stomach to the observer. Blue eyes shone in complete appreciation for what she was witnessing. Reece squatted to the floor and gyrated her way back up taking the shirt up and over her head with the move. The upper body exposed to Eden was magnificent. Many hours of work were evident in the muscles playing together under the smooth skin. Reece's bra was black and lacy and it barely contained the abundant breasts. The tanned skin pressed forward causing a brown nipple to peak it's edge out. Reece was teasing her and she wasn't even aware. Eden clenched inside.

Reece bent straight over and looked into Eden's sparkling eyes, making sure her swaying cleavage was the obvious center of attention. She didn't need to worry. She undulated her petite body around so that she was bent over with her backside facing the woman in control of her. She heard a moan and suddenly wondered who was really in control. She untied the boots at her feet. She kicked one to the side and then the other. Still moving with the music, she turned while teasing at the button of her pants. Grinding, she let the button loose and then pulled at the zipper. It's slow descent was agonizing. The bottom of the zipper was so close to her clit she could strongly sense the aching draw to her need. She had made a deal to follow the rules and she moved her hand away. The placket of her spandex was open showing off the top of her matching lace underwear. She knew she couldn't touch herself but there was no rule about coming close. She placed her hands on the inside of her knees and drew them up the inside of her thighs. She reached the apex and framed her sex with her hands, pausing and pushing out grinding forward. She looked into Eden's eyes and the tall woman nodded her approval. Reece dance her body forward to the point where she was knee to knee with Eden. Her body ground circles while she put her hands in the waistband of her pants and pulled them down just a little. She circled around and made sure her back was to the seated woman. She pulled the material slowly down the heated flesh of her legs, over her feet and off. She was bent at the waist and she knew the entire flesh of her bottom was showing due to nature of her thong underwear. The small patch of silken material covered her sex but she was very aware that her need was seeping through and it had to be obvious to the woman on the couch behind her. That knowledge made her more wet than she thought she could ever be.

Eden was in her ver own paradise with the perfect bottom presented to her so sweetly. She couldn't help but note the telltale patch of moisture on the silky material of Reece's covering. She couldn't refuse the gift. She reached out and ran her large hands up the back of the tight thighs to the tight bottom before her eyes. She ran a large thumb slowly across the material of the tiny silken panties, reveling in the feel of the swollen flesh beneath her finger. She delighted in the abundant moisture under her touch. She pressed harder, running her thumb across it again.

Reece couldn't stand it. Eden touched her center and without thinking she moved her hands to her breasts. She kneaded for a short second before her hands were captured.

She was pulled to stand. Eden stood with her and clasped Reece's small hands tightly behind her. The tall woman whispered hotly in her ear. "You know the rules. Are you prepared for the punishment?"

She was shocked, but she had agreed. "Yes." It was little more than a whisper.

"Let's hope so. Move! Up the stairs." Eden pointed to the staircase and released the small wrists. She was so turned on already she hoped she would last through the punishment.

Reece walked to the stairs and traversed them knowing Eden was watching her every move. The wetness of her desire was now soaking through her underwear and coating her thighs with slickness. She was directed to a doorway and she stepped into the dark room. Eden adjusted the lights to a low glow. There was a gas fireplace at the end of the large room that she lit as well.

In the center of the room was an exquisitely designed rod iron and brass bed. The metal work was detailed and the lines curved seductively. The bedding looked soft and inviting with a few pillows thrown around to match. It was perfect. There was a large armoire set in the corner. It was faux finished to match the coloring of the bed. There were two floor to ceiling mirrors three feet wide. One behind the bed and one in front. The rest of the room was sparse but fine in its decor. A large rug sat in front of the fireplace with what looked to be a liquor cabinet. There was little else in the room save the end tables and lamps.

"Stand here." Eden placed Reece beside the bed and the blonde stayed where she was. "Are you cold?"

Reece was shaking but not from the air temperature. "No. I am fine. Thank you."

"I'll turn the heat up a bit if you need. Just ask me." She walked to the cabinet and pulled out a long strip of cloth. She walked back to Reece. "Turn around and face the bed."

The blonde did as she was instructed. The room went dark as the blindfold was placed over her eyes and the Velcro was tightened to fit. She started to panic when she felt the long form of her captor press against her back. "Relax." She sensed finger at the hooks of her bra and the kiss of the air along her excited skin let her know it was being removed. The straps played along her arms and rhen material was then gone. She shook in her being as the large nipples that had exposed her desire earlier in the day betrayed her once again. They were engorged and straining against themselves seeking relief. She had never felt them as hard and as tight as the were at this moment. She needed touch so badly it was aching.

Eden openly admired the view in her eyes. Large silken breast jutted proudly from Reece's perfect chest. And her nipples. Oh, the sweet, large, thrusting nipples. They drew lines of passion up and down as the small blonde's breathing increased. Her hands couldn't stay away. With her thumb and forefinger she pinched them tight and pulled them straight out firmly toward the bed. With a slight twisting motion she released them to snap back to place. Reece cried out.

"Oh! Mmm." She smiled widely. She loved her nipples manipulated a little more roughly than most. It seemed Eden knew just how to play them.

"You like that, I take it." Eden grinned. She knew she was going to have to get a grip on her own libido. Looking at the perfectly formed breasts jiggle at Reece's every move was lighting a slow burn in her center.

"Yes." Her voice was now a harsh whisper.

"Good. Put your hands in front of you. Clasp them, wrists together."

She did as she was told and she sensed the leather being wrapped around her wrists. With a swift motion the leather was tightened and she heard a clinking sound and a chain was attached in a fashion she couldn't see. She strained at the leather bonds and realized she was indeed in bondage. There was no loosening these restraints. She tested the chain and knew she was attached to the bed.

"Stop. You are there for a reason. Do you know what that reason is?"

"Yes." Reece felt a small trickle of fear pulse through her and she wasn't sure if she could go through with this game. But the throbbing between her legs wouldn't let her abandon this fantasy.

"Tell me, Reece. Why are you bound? Why do I have to punish you?" Her voice was deep and in control.

"I broke the rules." It was a simple answer.

"Yes you did. What did you do that broke the rules?" Eden kept her voice firm as she walk around her captive.

"I touched myself." The thought of it sent new signals through her body.

"What did you touch, Reece."

"I....I uuhhnn..I touched my tits. I rubbed them together. Up and down." She shuddered in her stomach. God, this was turning her on.

The tall woman leaned into her ear. "How did it feel to touch yourself, Reece. Did it make you wet?"

"Oh. God yes!" She wanted to touch herself now but wasn't even sure yet of the consequences from having violated the rules in the first place..

"That's good, but you can't do it again. Put your hands out and move forward. Good, hold on to the post and don't move. Stay right where you are. When I come back I want your hands in the very same spot." She walked out leaving the blonde alone in the large room. She got outside of the door and threw her body against the wall and took several deep breaths. This was more than she could have ever hoped for. She traversed the stairs and walked to the stereo. She chose a few CD's better suited to the occasion. Van Morrison, Chris Gains and Eric Clapton for now. She turned the music low and journeyed to the kitchen for the rest of the wine. The trip back up the stairs was agonizingly slow. She took another deep breath and entered the warm twilight room. Reece was right where she had left her. Eden's deep blue eyes took in the view. A small blonde woman with an ass to die for was blindfolded and chained to her bed and the best part was that the tight little vixen was waiting for her to take total control. She was up to that task.

"Very good, Reece." The blonde head moved at the sound of her voice. She hadn't heard her return. "I am pleased that you can take instruction, but you must still be disciplined for your earlier indiscretion. Are you ready?"

"I...th....yes. I'm ready." She didn't know what the consequences of her actions would entail but she had agreed and her curiosity and desire were overwhelming.

"Scoot back and spread your legs. Now move your hands down and bend a little at the waist." Eden watched as Reece bent over and those sweet breasts swayed temptingly. She wanted the taut nipples in her mouth so badly she could taste them from here. She licked her lips and moved to the armoire. "Stay there."

Reece heard the cabinet doors open and a drawer being opened. The sound of items being thrown on the bed caught her undivided attention. What those could things be had her wondering and she was shaking. There was silence for the space of a few seconds. She heard a quick rush of air and the feel of punishment. She cried out. The force of the blow stung her buttocks smartly and her eyes watered with the pain from the first feel of leather on her naked flesh. As the pain diminished slightly there was a rush of throbbing pleasure to the very core of her sex. She was shocked at the intensity of the feeling.

"Oh Yesssss." Her breathing increased sharply and the wetness that had started slowly ran freely from her.

"Yeah, that's it. You like this don't you?" Eden drew the paddle back and swung again. She wasn't using a swing to cause intense pain. This was a tickle of ache to bring her to the brink of frenzied delight.

"OH GOD! Yeah! Mmmm." She pushed her ass out further begging for more.

Eden bent to the blonde head and spoke heatedly in her ear. "You are so nasty, Reece. Aren't you?" The blonde head nodded. "Why do you like this, Reece? Did you misbehave just so you could have this?" She swung before the woman could answer. The loud smack filled her ears.

"YES! Yes."

"What does this do to you, Reece?"

"It makes me...I'm so wet." Her soaked underwear showed the truth of her statement.

Eden reached out and stroked the wetness through the material. It lightly coated her finger and she put it to her mouth and indulged in the flavor. "Mmm. You taste so good." She bent and pulled Reece's face toward her and kissed her firmly. "Don't you."

Reece tasted her own essence on Eden's mouth and the flame was fanned hotter. "Yes. Oh my God." The small trickle was now a rushing stream.

Eden stood to her feet and swung the paddle again. Reece began to writhe under the torture. She was pushing further and further out, begging for the contact. The lips of her sex protruded slightly and the wetness was coating the paddle. It was beautiful.

Reece was on the verge of ecstasy. The stinging of each contact was followed and entwined with intense pleasure. Her ridge quivered between swollen lips. She swore she was going to come.

Eden saw the telltale signs of Reece's pending orgasm. The choice was hers to make. Send her over or make her wait. She gave the choice to Reece. She put a large hand against the fiery flesh of Reece's bottom. The small blonde hissed at the touch.

"It's tender, I know. I think you've been punished enough for your infraction..."

"No!" The words come out before she could stop them. But did she want to stop them really?

"I'm sorry? Did you tell me NO?" Eden stood up with a wicked smile on her face. One large hand enveloped a swollen needy breast. The other hand dropped the paddle to the floor and drew back. Eden swung her hand hard and the sound carried. She hit with enough force to move Reece's torso several inches. "Don't you ever! "She swung again and the blonde groaned loudly, "Ever!" She swung and tugged on a hard nipple at the same time. Reece screamed out her passion. "Tell me. NO!" Eden made sure this strike was directly on Reece's very swollen sex as she tugged and barely turned the nipple in her fingers.

Eden pulled down on her nipple and the strike stung her sex rattling her nerve endings. The pressure was too much. "Ahhhhh Ggodddd. I'm coming. Yeah. Coming. Mmmm."

While keeping pressure on Reece's rigid nipple, Eden pushed a long finger to the very center of Reece's throbbing sex. She thrust long strokes unashamedly into the pulsing flesh.

The contractions of Reece's sex increased with the pressure on her nipples. Her release ripped her apart and threatened to leave her there in it's length and intensity. She couldn't stand any longer and her legs gave way.

Eden caught her in strong arms and released the hasp on the chain. She cradled her gently and picked her up. Reece continued to shudder deliciously in the long arms that held her. She felt her body turned easily in incredibly strong and agile arms so that she was placed front down on the bed. The air in the room burned her tender flesh. Eden left her to rest for a moment returning quickly to be sure that the prone woman was not without security in this crucial moment. She never wished her to feel abandoned. She placed her long hand on Reece's back to reassure her. She leaned in close to her ear.

"That was perfect, Reece You are so beautiful. Thank you." She placed a sweet kiss on the fair cheek. "I'm going to put some clove ointment on you. It will help the sting. OK?"

Reece shook her head and reveled in the touch of the smooth hand on her back. She took in a sharp breath when the ointment contacted her skin but the slow seductive way Eden was touching her was causing a stirring in her belly once again. She pushed her mound into the covers. The pain and comfort combination was sweet torture. "Mmmm."

Eden smiled at the response. She had perhaps found a partner that could ride the wave with her. She only prayed it was true. "That's so nice to watch, Reece. Can you get up onto your knees yet?"

The blonde complied with the request and knelt tenderly back on her toes with her hands still wrapped in front of her body. She felt Eden's sure hands remove the restraint and rub the petite wrists for some wonderful relief. Her release was short lived. She was soon restrained again, this time with a band on each wrist. She heard the chains again and knew she was attached to the bed.

"Up on all fours."

The blonde complied with her hands in front of her and her red cheeks in the air behind her. Strong sure hands pulled her underwear down her hips and over her tender flesh. She knew her reddened and throbbing sex was now completely exposed and she heard a slight gasp. She smiled. It wasn't much.

Eden held the tiny patch of material in her hand and stared at the beautiful gift before her. It was more than she could have ever hoped for. Reece's lips were swollen, dark, and glistening with moisture. But much better than that she was beautifully shaved. The smooth furrows called to her in a way she would never understand. She leaned forward, placed her hands on Reece's hips and laid her trembling lips on the red flesh of the blonde's tight bottom. She planted butterfly kisses on every inch of the scalding flesh that she could. Her heart beat rapidly as she allowed her nose to run a light path along the soft division.

Reece flinched at the first touch of Eden's mouth on her tortured flesh. It still stung to the touch but the tender and sweet nature with which the tall woman touched her flooded her mind and her sex. She tried to remain still during the tender worship but when she sensed large hands on her rounded buttocks, kneading them, urging them apart, stretching her, she couldn't deny her passion.

"Oh God, Eden. Yes." She didn't know what she was agreeing to but she didn't care. She wanted all that the blue eyed woman could give her.

Eden gently separated Reece's flesh and slowly ran the tip of her tongue from the small of the blonde woman's back, between the firm mounds pausing slightly to tease the secreted bud that begged for her attention. It contracted at the touch and Eden smiled as Reece squirmed on her knees. Her journey continued as she made love to the silky patch of flesh that divided one goal from the other. It drove Reece to a new level of desire and the fluid that seeped out of her coated the tongue that caressed her flesh. Eden relished the honey taste on her buds. Blue eyes and hands drew in closer so that her fingers could examine the prominence of the shorn mound. How beautifully naked it looked. She needed more. Her wicked fingers parted the sea of desire and the tip of her tongue she pushed barely into the opening of her sex, teasing it with her miniscule prodding.

Reece pushed her ass back, pleading for more penetration. She was so hot again it was driving her slowly insane. Eden pulled back from her sex and ran her tongue again to the budding orifice that she sought to sweetly violate. She pushed with her strong tongue and played with the ring of muscle and it opened to her. Reece moved into the caress and cried out in her desire.

"Eden! Please, do it."

Blue eyes smiled evilly as she felt the ripple of excitement cross her mouth. This passionate woman wanted her. She would take what was offered. She pulled her shirt out of the waist of her jeans and pulled it over her head. The air of the room hit her breasts and she sighed. This was sweet. She put on hand back on Reece and used her thumb to continue stimulating her victim. She reached over and grasped the small phallus she had placed on the bed earlier and laid it between Reece's knees. She reached back over and pulled up a small container of lubricant. She laid a small stream on her hand and ran it up between the small blonde's cheeks. Eden felt Reece jump at the coolness of the wetness.

"Oooh. That's cold." She giggled as it slid down to intermingle with the heated lubricant her own desire had produced.

Eden leaned her long body over Reece's much smaller frame, letting her naked breasts skid softly along Reece's back. The blonde moaned at the skin on skin. The dark-haired attorney placed small kisses all over the strong back as she drew her body further down. "Don't worry, it'll warm up. And so will you." Eden moved her hand up and caressed Reece's small pucker with her thumb. Her long fingers moved slowly through the slick folds of her very wet sex.

"Do you want to know when I first wanted you? Hum? Do you?" She spoke sizzling words against her back.

Eden's deep timber sent a charge straight to Reece's center. She was not good at holding back. She whispered, "Yes. Tell me."

She manipulated the hole while she spoke. "When I saw how perfect your breasts were in that tight little shirt of yours. Your nipples sticking straight out. Inviting me to suck on them." She ran the phallus up Reece's cleft and pushed it at her secret place. "I wanted to just.....mmmm," She pushed the probe home, "...fuck you."

"Aaaaahhhh. Shit! Yes, fuck me! Yes! AH!" She pushed back into the impalement. The probe was no larger than two or three of her small fingers but she felt so incredibly full.

"Oh baby, that's it, take it." Eden smiled as she moved the phallus with Reece's undulations. "Oh yeah. I saw those hard nipples and I wanted them in my hands, in my face, rubbing on my belly and down. You move so well." She let the go the dildo for a moment and moved her body under the blonde's. Large globes hung in her face and she gripped one and placed an engorged nipple in her mouth, flicking it strongly with her tongue. Her long arm reached back up and her hand push on the phallus. She gently entered Reece's slick sex with her thumb. She pulled her digit out between thrusts to stroke a needy enlarged ridge. Her own sex was responding to the entire scene. Her hips rocked and pushed in time to the rocking woman above her.

The chained woman was in ecstasy. She was full and wet. It was an aching torment of bliss. Eden pushed on the phallus and let her thumb slide blatantly in and out of her throbbing core. With every stroke she was sliding her little hood back and forth with agonizing finesse. She wanted to hold her pleasure back for a time when she realized it wasn't going to happen. "Eden! I...can't...wait! I can't!"

The tall woman felt the pulsing slowly begin around her thumb and she moaned with the passion. Her mouth locked on one nipple, sucking hard. Her hand worked double control with moving the object buried in Reece's ring and the thrusting of her thumb buried deep in the pulsing flesh of her lover. Reece came with a vengeance.

"EEEDDEN! Fuuuck.....mee! Nnnnnnn. GOD!" A wild hunger raced through her with pulsating power. Tendrils of pleasure throbbed through her legs all the way up to her chest. Her nipples pounded in rhythm with the swollen flesh of her sex.

Eden's blue eyes watched the play of passion across the fine features of the blonde. It was glorious to watch. Her own sex throbbed in sympathy and the breast in her mouth fanned her need. She controlled that deep desire and concentrated on the feeling around her. She knew with her passion consummated, Reece wanted to collapse but the blonde had learned very well her obedience and she wouldn't touch Eden without her leave.

The tall woman moved from under her and Reece succumb to her weakness. Her elbows fell to the soft fabric of the bed and she dropped her head to her hands. Her breathing was rapid and she was frustrated to find the need to cry from the intensity of her orgasm. A single tear rolled under the cloth and down her cheek despite her refusal. Eden gently removed the phallus and released her manacles. She slid up to her and pulled the small form into her arms. It was then that she noticed the tear.

Her heart clenched. She prayed she hadn't hurt this precious woman in any way. She laid them both down face to face.

"Reece? Are you OK? Did I hurt you?" Concern filled her voice.

"No. No. I'm fine. That was just so much to feel. This has all been. I think I am a little over whelmed." She felt with her hand to find Eden's chiseled features with her touch. She caressed the high cheek. "Thank you for asking."

Eden put her hand to the blindfold to remove it but was refrained by a gentle hand. "If it's alright with you, may I leave it on for now?"

Eden frowned but decided to allow her this wish. Full lips called to her and she leaned in to seize them with her own. It was sweet and slow re-warming the fire already burning between her legs. They lay for long moments kissing and discovering the sweetness of their shared connection. Eden couldn't hold out any longer.

"Reece, I want you to undo my pants and take them off of me, but don't touch anything you don't have to. Slide them down my legs and then kneel between them and wait. Can you do that?"

"Yes, I can do that." She groped around a bit to get her bearings. The heightened awareness of all her other senses was new and thrilling to her. As she undid the button, she paid attention to the soft and yet textured feel of the denim fabric on her hands. She felt the strong legs beneath the material and she dreamed of them wrapped around her. It might not happen this night but she hoped that this wasn't the final time they would share what they had found in each other. She pulled them down and with help from Eden removed them. She knelt between long tanned legs and waited as she was instructed. There was some movement and the music covered any slight sounds but the scent of Eden's need permeated her senses.

"Mmmmmm. Put your hands on my thighs." Small cool hands touched the skin of her upper thighs and she almost came right then. "God. Yeah. Now bend and kiss my stomach." Soft lips made love to her abs she hissed at the feel of silk on her. "Oh that's so nice."

She was rocking and Reece figured it was from the desire in the tall woman's loins.

"Reece, I want you to lick me, suck on me." She wanted to plead but her control wouldn't let her.

Reece smiled and moved her face down to the soft curls that covered her lover's sex. Eden continued to move under her. The blonde invaded the swollen furrows with her tongue and touched the tip of it to a very engorged bundle of nerves. She moved her tongue down and was shocked to have it come in contact with the feel of rubber. Though surprised she was very pleased. She licked at the juices that spread along the length of it as it slid slowly in and out of her lover. She returned her attention to secreted ridge and the felt the push and pull of Eden fucking herself. She smiled wishing she could see the length of it disappearing into the depths of the tall woman.

She whispered against the turgid member. "Eden, please. I want to watch you. Please."

The tall woman smiled at the sweet request and the way it was presented to her. "Keep your eyes closed and take it off. Open your eyes slowly." If words such as these could be seductive, Eden was making love to her just with the sound of her voice.

Reece reached up and removed the fabric. She slowly opened her eyes to find sparkling blue eyes gazing tenderly at her. Those eyes were attached to the most delectable body she had ever seen and that body was enjoying the pleasure of its owner. She watched as the length of the phallus thrust in and out and slick lips contract to caress it. She gazed back to the blue eyes that would haunt her dreams. "May I kiss you?"

"Oh please do."

Reece crawled up the long body and straddled her stomach. She put a hand on either side of Eden's head and bent to her. She ran a slow line along Eden's tender lips and let her large nipples draw seductive artwork on her chest. The tall woman shook and Reece knew who was in control now. She kissed her full on the mouth and a loud moan escaped the throat of her mark. Tongues entwined and the tall woman writhed hungrily beneath her. Reece knew what this woman needed. She moved to her side and laid her body full against Eden's. She looked, asking permission. Eden nodded and closed her eyes.

Reece captured one taut nipple in her mouth and her hand headed south. As Eden continued to slide the dildo in and out of her slick lips, Reece teased the flesh all around her sex. She never touched her where her desire was demanding. She touched everything but. Her hand ran randomly up the inside of silky thighs and fingernails scratched alluringly across naked hips and outer lips. She flicked her tight tongue back and forth across the swollen nub of Eden's nipple. The tall woman was going wild with need.

Reece removed her mouth from a sweet breast so she could speak to Eden. She moved to her neck kissing her and whispering. "Do you want me to touch you, Eden? If you want me, you have to tell me." She licked a tender earlobe. "Tell me."

Eden struggled with the word. She was shaking from the power of her excitement. "Yes!"

"Yes, what, Eden?" She ran her fingernails through tight curls causing the tall woman to twitch.

"God, Ree..ce....Please! Touch me." With that one statement she gave her control to the woman who had stolen her very soul.

Reece smiled she recaptured the nipple with her strong mouth. Her hand moved down and there was no teasing this time. She moved the small hood up and found the most sensitive spot on her lover. She dipped for more moisture as the dark woman relentlessly pushed the phallus into her depths. The abundance of silky wetness let her slide her finger freely along the length of Eden's sensitive bud. Eden screamed out her immanent climax.

"Don't stop. Please, right there. Ohhh Ye.......aahhhh. Fuck!" Her world shattered into a thousand rippling tendrils of pleasure. The throbbing began in her inner thighs and spread to every recess and appendage of her body. Her sex pulsed around the hardness within her depths. The soft mouth on her breast and the rotating finger drawing out her passion rocked her very world. The intensity contracted her muscles and she sat halfway up, then she was thrust back to the covers. Her back arched in response to one more stroke placed on her sex. She shuddered hard and little shakes followed. Reece let up on her ministrations and pulled her hand up to rest on Eden's flat stomach.

"Oh!....Yeah. Mmmm." She took a deep breath and smiled broadly. Her long arms wrapped around the small frame of the blonde in her bed. "You are absolute magic."

"Thank you, but it takes two to make it like that." Reece laid her head on the broad shoulder and ran her fingertips between Eden's ample breasts. She reached down between the long sinewy legs of her lover and slowly removed the long member from her lover's core. She placed it on the night stand and smiled at the sight of it.

Eden sighed. "True." She pulled the duvet up and covered them in down comfort. "But, thank you anyway." She kissed Reece's forehead and sighed.

Reece mumbled 'you're welcome' just before sleepover took both of them.


Eden was shocked out of her quiet slumber by the ringing of the phone. Her eyes flew open and she saw early morning light filtering through the window coverings. The small body in her arms shifted and she smiled. The phone demanded her attention again and she cursed as she answered it.

"The damn phone. I forgot to unplug the damn phone. Hello." She voice was terse. "Good morning, Jeanette.....?. I'd be better if I was still sleeping ............... It's not late! What time is it there? ...... Well, that makes it 7:30 here. Three hours difference ......... Yeah, you always forget........Yes, hold on."

"Sweetheart? Wake up baby. It's your mom."

"Tell her I died." The small blonde threw herself onto her stomach and covered her head with her pillow.

"Jeanette, she says she's dead." Eden used a serious but teasing voice on her future mother-in-law.

"Reece, she doesn't believe you and she wants to know if we've set the date yet." Eden's blue eyes smiled at her fiancé.

"Oh for God's sake. Gimme the phone!" Eden handed her the phone. "Mother, it is 7:30 on Saturday morning. Is this life or death? NO? Then call back later.......Yes, I know planning is important.......Mom. CALL me later!.....I love you, too. Tell, Dad hi....I'll call you by noon....OUR time, Mom. Bye." She hit the button and threw the phone to the end of the bed.

"Come here, love." Eden reached out for her lover pulling into her long arms and wrapping her up.

"This is so nice. Can we go back to sleep?" The blonde curled her body tight against her strong lover.

"Sure. Reece? I want to tell you..." Her voice was serious and the aqua eyes of her lover looked into her soul. "....last night.....was magical." She glanced down almost embarrassed by the thought of what they had done.

Reece put a gentle hand on her lover's face. "For me as well, my love. There is no one in this world that can take me to the places you do. And love? The thing is...they are all places I want to go. I love you. Always." She kissed the lips that had taken her to new heights. She was sure that they would again. It was just a matter of time.


The end!

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