~ Slave to Love ~
by J.S. Connolly
Copyright 2005

Disclaimers: Yes, I know who they look like but they are the
creations of my own imagination and therefore belong to me,
so there. The music herein is used without permission and no
copyright infringement is intended. The poem used in the second
part is one of mine as the people in my e-group can attest to, so
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young to read this what the heck are you doing here in the first
place. The gun has gone off so make tracks. To everyone else I
hope you enjoy. Oh yeah and there's lots of sex but first there
is a buttload of angst to get through. I'm surprised I didn't melt
the computer writing this one. There is also unladylike language
(Oh My!). Anyway, I think that covers everything so enjoy and let
me know what you think.

Part 1

"I can hear your laughter
I can see your smile
No I can't escape
I'm a slave to love."
-Bryan Ferry

Jessica Reilly sat in the small NYU College café
and continued to stare into her latte. Her breath
was shaky as her mind conjured a familiar pair of
sea green eyes. Eyes that had the power to weaken
her knees and turn her usually eloquent musings into
gibberish with a single glance. She tried to concen-
trate on the paper in front of her, which lay bare
of the narrative poem due for one of her classes.
It was impossible and she threw down her pen in
frustration. She took a sip of her latte and grimaced
as she swallowed the now cool, bitter liquid. Pushing
the drink away her head fell into her hands as she
wondered for the millionth time what she should do.

She peeked at the bare paper knowing she could
easily fill it and more if she were to write about
Allison. Just the thought of her made Jess sigh
deeply. It felt like torture seeing the woman every
day in her creative writing class. Allison was a T.A.
to the professor who taught the class. She was amaz-
ed that she was able to keep her grades up as it was
all she could do not to gaze upon the redhead for the
whole period. Her fingers itched to touch and trace
every line of the woman's beautiful face from russet
eyebrows down to full red lips that begged to be
kissed. Many times she had to sit on her hands to
keep them from reaching out to touch the softness
she knew she'd find.

With a groan she laid her head on the table and
wished life weren't so bloody complicated. Why
couldn't she just go to her, profess her love and
let things fall where they may. She knew all to well
why and tried in vain to stop the soft sob from escap-
ing her lips. As her mind began to travel back to the
beginning of the "why's" for her heartache she felt
warm hands gently touch her shoulders. She silently
cursed herself for not keeping her leather jacket on
and for lingering there long enough for the other
woman to find her, She'd been trying to keep her
distance ever since breaking up with Claire, who was
Allison's best friend. Allison tried to talk to her but
she always made up an excuse to be somewhere else.
It was just too painful to be around her.

Her breath caught as familiar hands began to rub
her tense shoulders as two thumbs worked on the
knots in her neck. She groaned and leaned back
into the touch ignoring all the warnings bells
that told her she was "a romantic fool" and
screamed for her to pull away before she
revealed too much. ' I'm puddy in this woman's
presence. How does she do this to me."

As she leaned her head back and looked into pools
of warm, lucid green she knew she'd answered

her own question. She wanted to drown in those
eyes, and melt into the body of the woman who
possessed them. She grasped her hands as the
constant itch returned and intensified as full
lips parted and a silky voice filled her ears
causing her to shiver.

"Hey stud, are you okay? You're awfully tense
and you're eyes are a bit swollen. Have you
been sleeping alright?"

The redhead bent down and moving her arms
forward gave her friend a hug as she continued
to talk softly into her ear.

"Is it the break up with Claire? You've been
keeping to yourself ever since it happened.
I miss you Jess, and frankly I'm worried
about you."

Turning to the side of the chair so she could
see Jess' face she noticed the blonde
wouldn't meet her gaze and spied a trembling
lip. She lost sight of everything else around
her as her mind wandered. She suppressed
a groan at the thought of taking it into her

mouth. She forced herself to look away in
an attempt to regain her composure. It
wasn't easy when she was so close to the
woman who filled her heart and had the
starring role in her fantasies over the last
five years.

Taking a deep breath she stood up and
pulling Jess' hands from beneath her legs
sat on her lap. No one around them took
any notice as the two had a friendship
that was special in the affection they
showed each other. As she made herself
comfortable Allison used a slender hand to
cup Jess' cheek. The blond refused to
look at or touch her and she felt a gap
between them that terrified her.

"Jess, sweetie please talk to me. I feel
like you're slipping away from me and it
scares me to death. If I've done
something please tell me. I see such
pain in your eyes and it breaks my heart.
Let me help if I can even if it's just
to hold you. Please don't shut me out.
You're so precious to me. I couldn't
bear it if I lost you."

Once she had finished her resolve broke
and with a pained cry that rose from
the very depths of her soul she buried
her head in Jess' neck and sobbed.
Jess felt as if her heart might bleed from
the bittersweet combination of love and
pain she felt surrounding the woman
clinging to her. Even more she felt like
beating herself for being the cause of her
anguish. She'd been so wrapped up in trying
to distance herself from Allison that she
hadn't considered the impact it would
have on the other woman.

Her eyes misted and her heart constricted
painfully as the body in her arms shook and
tears dampened her t-shirt. Moving a hand to
cup the woman's face only caused Allison
to tighten the grip of her arms around
Jess' neck and torso in fear that
she was pulling away. Jess pulled her
arm back and holding Allison tightly
moved her lips toward a delicate ear.
She didn't bother to conceal the trembling
in her own body and voice.

"I?I'm so sorry Ally. Please don't cry. I've
been such an ass. I thought maybe with
Claire and I finished it would be too awkward
for us to be around each other and I wanted to
spare you that since she's been your best
friend for so long. I didn't think about how it
might hurt you if I pulled away. I've missed
you so much. That's the pain you see in my
eyes. Not that I deserve sympathy as I
brought it on myself, but you didn't deserve it.
I hate myself for causing you so much pain.
Please forgive me."

Taking a deep breath she took in the distinct
smell of sunflowers that was Allison and
pressed her face against the soft skin of
her neck lightly brushing it with her lips.

"Oh god my heart aches for?' she whispered
and mentally chastised herself for almost
blurting out her feelings. ' Please don't cry
Ally. Please don't cry. I'm not going anywhere
I swear it." She tenderly held the woman
cradled in her arms and soothingly stroked her

Slowly, Allison's body started to calm enough
for her to pull back and look into Jess' tear
stained face with her own red, puffy eyes.
Jess didn't care to her Allison was always
beautiful and her eyes reflected this thought
as Allison wiped an errant tear from her friends'
face. Sniffling, she looked down into blue eyes
that darkened momentarily and then returned
to their pale blue color. Now that things had
settled a bit Jess was beginning to enjoy the
feel of Allison in her arms a little too much
and had to mentally shake herself to keep the
other woman from seeing the desire within her

As her eyes returned to normal she gave in
to the look of adoration she knew was etched
upon her features. Allison searched the beautiful
face before her finding nothing but love and
a warmth that infused her whole body.

Suddenly her anger rose as she remembered
why Jess had pulled away. She grabbed the front
of the blonde's t-shirt and pulled her forward until
their foreheads were touching and their lips were
close enough to brush.

"Jessica Shioban Reilly don't you dare go and
decide what's good for me without consulting me
ever again," she growled.

Jess eyes widened as she shook her head afraid
and more than a little aroused at the fire in the
green eyes that stared into hers so intently. She

was pulled away from the intense gaze by laughter
and looked over to see a few frat boys watching their
conversation with amusement. Her hands clenched
and inadvertently squeezed two firm cheeks.
Her eyebrows shot up,' How the hell did my hands
get there when they were on her hips.' Heat
suffused her face and the laughing at the other
table grew louder. Blue eyes looked into green to
see a question forming as well as something else that
lurked behind them. Aware that her hands seemed
to refuse to move from their new favorite place she grudgingly pulled them away. Giving Allison a sheepish
grin she looked past her shoulder to the laughing
frat boys.

Feeling the tension in her friends' body
Allison adjusted herself in Jess' lap so that she
was blocking her view, and holding her face
massaged her jaw until it relaxed.

"Easy there tiger. They are so not worth it.
I know it's for me that you want to pummel
them. The thing is that as tempted as I am
to let you I like your parts just where they are."

Two fair eyebrows shot up. "Hey I could take?"

Her words were silenced by two fingers, "I know
you could Jess, but it would be unlikely that
you wouldn't get scuffed up in the fray, so for me,
please let it go"

Blue eyes lit in understanding and nodding she lightly
kissed the digits still pressed against her lips. Not
having had the chance earlier she took in the green
silk blouse and black dress slacks the redhead was
wearing, and was thankful that she hadn't worn a
skirt. It would've been too much temptation with
the other woman practically straddling her.

Green eyes took their own trip from the tight red
muscle tee down to black leather pants and internally
licked her lips at the delicious sight. She didn't
have to look to know Jess was wearing her favorite
motorcycle boots, and as the blonde retrieved her
glasses she mused at how the specs only added to
the raw sex appeal of the woman. The blonde looked
like sex personified and carried herself in a way that
no one would dispute it. She grinned as she thought of
how shocked people would be to know as she did that
under the leather and bravado lay the heart of a
poet. Jess had a voice so eloquent and a vision of
life and love so profoundly beautiful that it made
Allison weep. Thinking about the last few months
and how desolate she'd felt without her friend
made Allison's eyes water.

"Hey what is it? What's wrong?"

Watery green looked in loving blue, "You promise
you won't leave. Promise me Jess. I can't go
through that again."

Her throat caught as she gently took the tall
woman's face in her hands "I promise. I'd cut my
own heart out before I'd hurt you like that again.
I wouldn't need it without you anyway."

Allison gently squeezed the forearms as small delicate
fingers wiped her tears away. She looked down to see
blues eyes looking at her warmly

"You're so sweet. Claire is crazy to have let you go,"
she said as she wrapped her arms around a strong
back and soaked in the feel of the other woman while
she tried not to respond to the sweet, musky scent
of her skin which she found intoxicating.

Jess's eyebrows furrowed even as she pulled Allison
closer. " Um, Allison who told you that she let me

"Claire, who else silly."

"Oh! Um, okay," she said her confusion evident.

"Is that not what happened Jess?" she asked as her
hands stroked the muscular back and she sighed in
contentment at the sorely missed closeness they

Jess tried to still the pounding of her heart as
one of Allison's hands mapped her back while
the other carresed the back of her neck. She
could feel her nipples hardening as a fire inside
her grew. She didn't want to break away from
the delicious feeling of the woman in her arms
but knew that if she didn't she'd be taking the
redhead on the café table. She reached behind
her and gently clasped the voyeuristic hands.
She gave them each a small kiss in apology and
cleared her throat.

"Um, well honestly no. That's not what happened.
It's more complicated that that. It was a mutual

"Hmm, that's strange. Then why would she say
she left you? Not to pry but I'd like to understand
better. Can you talk about it? I mean it's okay if
you can't with it still being so fresh I'd understand."

"No it's alright, but like I said it's complicated
and there are things, reasons for what happened
that well?you might hate me for if you knew.
I couldn't bear that,' she looked around nervously
'Anyway, I have a class in a few minutes and I'm
sure you need to help the professor prepare for
today's lesson so I should probably go."

Allison looked up at the clock not having realized
how much time had gone, and back to blue eyes
that looked everywhere but at her. "Jess, I could
never hate you, so dry those pretty blue eyes. I
really do want to understand so if you feel like
talking come by the apartment later. I'll even
make dinner," she finished giving Jess a radiant

Jess wiped her eyes and laughed, "Allison, I love
you, but you could burn water,' which got a knowing
chuckle from the redhead.

She swallowed hard before looking into green eyes.
'If you really want to know I'll try to explain later.
I'll even bring in some take-out."

Allison pouted, "Damn, I thought you'd offer to
cook. I've been having a serious yen for your

"Well, let's see now things go tonight. If you still
want me around I'll make you some tomorrow. How's
six pm?"

Allison sighed at the words and the pained expression
on her friends' face and wondered what she could be
so afraid of revealing. Trying to alleviate her concerns
she grinned, "Manicotti?tomorrow night?you and me?
it's a date, and six pm is fine."

Jess chuckled and then gave her an amused smirk
"So are you going to let me get up or did you want
me to pick you up and take you with me."

Allison face flushed at the prospect and looked into
amused blue eyes. She reluctantly rose and tore
herself away from the warm body. Jess stood up
and stretched. Allison's jaw dropped at the sight
of the muscles that pressed against the tight
t-shirt and the leather that hugged firm flesh.
She audibly snapped it shut as Jess glanced at her
before gathering her backpack, jacket and the still
empty legal pad. Jess cursed under her breath.

"Having trouble with the narrative poem.' Russet
eyebrows furrowed, 'Ok, now I know something is
wrong. Jess you never have a problem writing."

Before she could answer Allison continued, ' We'll
talk about that later too. There must be somewhere
you can find some inspiration."

Jess ran her fingers through her short blonde hair
and bit her lip, "It's more who the source is than
being able to find it. I'd be outing someone and
risking the loss of a very special friend. I may just
have to take a fail because I can't do it. Anyway,
I need to go. I'm already late.'

Allison's lips quirked "Hmm, I can see how that
would be tough. Is there a way that you could
make it general enough to keep the person's
identity from being known?"

Jess's grinned, "Why didn't I think of that. Yeah
that would work, thanks. No wonder you're the
T.A. I'm humbled to be your student, my lady,"
she said and bowed before giving Allison a radiant

Allison giggled and blushed, "Yeah, Claire was
definitely nuts to let you go. Jess you've had a lot
on your mind. You would've thought of it eventually.
I'm just glad I could help."

"You did. I'll see you later," she said and winked.
She started to walk away but stopped and turned

Thinking it might be the last time she'd have the
chance she swallowed her fear and moved toward
the other woman. Looking into green eyes she

"Um, Allison, would it be alright if I kissed you? I
mean?not a peck on the cheek but a?," she trailed
off and found an interesting non-existent scuff on
her boot.

Allison heart filled and she smiled at the shy
request. Instead of answering she moved towards
the small blonde who still had her head down.
Bending towards a delicate ear she whispered
"Yes," as she tried to keep the longing from her

Blue eyes raised and Jess swallowed as her eyes
went from sea green eyes to full red lips. Her vision
shrank until they were all she could see, and slowly
she moved forward. Her eyes closed as she drew
closer. Tilting her head up she sought and found the
sweet lips she craved, which she worshiped as she
placed feather light kisses on every curve and corner
before moving to place one directly upon them. She
pulled back slowly and found stormy green eyes
watching her lips as Allison licked her own as if to
get any remnants of the other woman from them.

Green eyes that had cleared a bit looked down and
they both grinned. Jess gave her a quick peck and
dashed away. Her momentary elation crashing down
as she realized that even if Allison were attracted
to her after tonight it would be irrelevant.

Part 2

"Forever and ever you'll stay in my heart
And I will love you forever and ever
we never will part, oh how I love you
together, together is where we must be
to live without you would only mean
heartache for me." -Aretha Franklin

Allison stood where Jess had kissed her with a
goofy grin upon her face. She sighed dreamily.
Her stomach rumbled breaking her out of her
reverie and she figured she better get something
to eat before heading back to help the professor
prepare today's lesson. She picked out a turkey
and swiss wrap, terra chips and ordered a decaf
chai tea. As she waited she thought back to the
night she first met Jessica. She remembered it
as if it were yesterday, especially the first
glimpse she had of her sweet, studly friend. She
silently hoped she wasn't reading too much into
the kiss, and that they would be more by the
time the day was over.

It was five years ago during one of her nights out
to the opera with Claire. They were outside getting
some air before the curtain call. Suddenly, something
caught the corner of her eye. A cane peeked out
from the side of the building. One that was very
ornate made of metallic gold with a handle that
was carved to resemble what she thought was a
panther. She followed the arm holding it as it'
slowly appeared from behind the wall. She held
her breath as a petite form appeared adorned in
a dove grey tuxedo with a blue and black bow tie
and a top hat.

Her heart leapt into her throat and she felt an
unfamiliar heat suffuse her body as the figure
moved closer. She had originally thought it was
a man and mentally chastised herself. No, this
definitely wasn't a man. The heat she felt was
now accompanied by an ache. her breath grew
short as the small woman stopped about ten feet
away removed her hat and bowed to Allison. She
sighed at the gallant gesture, and felt honored
to be the recipient. The woman looked as if she
were about to speak when the smile on her face
dropped and she moved towards Claire. The next
thing she was aware of was Brian standing next
to her informing her that the performance was
about to start.

Her heart felt heavy for the rest of the evening
whenever she spied the woman, who she found out
was Jessica Reilly, speaking with Claire. Jessica
made plans with Claire that night and not long after
they were an item. About six months later Allison
came out and admitted she was gay. There was no
longer any way she could keep denying that she was
in love with her best friends' girlfriend, and had
been since the first moment she'd laid eyes on her.
It broke her heart to see her with Claire but in
time she learned to hide her love and desire for
Jess, and to treasure the friendship that they
shared. Her heart pounded at the thought that she
might not have to hide her feelings much longer.
The voice of the café worker brought her out of
her musings as he handed her the chai tea.

Having paid for her purchases she headed back to
the professor's office. She was stopped on her way
by the secretary who told her the professor had a
personal emergency and she would be teaching the
class today. She cursed under her breath but smiled
and told the secretary that would be fine. Once in
the office she collapsed on the sofa. Burying her
face in her hands she blew out a long breath. She
knew this day would come but she thought she'd
have more than two hours to prepare and work
through her nervousness. She sighed wishing she
was back in Jess's arms where she felt safe and

Jess began to get her things together as her Lit
professor gave out their assignments for Monday.
As she placed her pack over her shoulder she had
the strangest feeling she should check on Allison.
She tried to shake the feeling and even went so
far as to go to the gym and work on the light
bag until the sweat began to blur her vision.
Still the feeling persisted and grew stronger
so going back to the locker room she grabbed
her cell from her pack and called Professor
Lawson's office. The phone was answered by
the secretary who redirected it to Allison.

With her hands shaking and the bile from
her nervousness rising in her throat she
picked up the phone and attempted to sound

"Proffesor Lawson's office. This is Allison.
How can I help you?"

Fair eyebrows furrowed in concern at the
shakiness in her friends' voice, "Hey, it's
me. What's wrong and don't even try to
tell me it's nothing because I know better,"
she heard a quiver and a deep breath before
the other woman spoke which only increased
her worry.

"It's silly really. I'm being a total baby
about the whole thing." The warmth in
Jess' voice wrapped around her like a
blanket making her feel a little better.

"I highly doubt that Al. It's not like you
to get upset over petty little things, so
why don't you just tell me what's going on.
Come on, talk to me."

She smiled for the first time in almost an
hour and her stomach settled slightly. Jess
had an amazing calming effect on her when
she was distressed. Her heart ached when
she thought of how she almost lost this
incredible woman. She swallowed the lump
in her throat and began,

"Okay, well the Professor got called away on
a personal emergency so I have to lead the
class today. I knew it was going to happen
but on two hours notice?well let's just say
I'm not handling the suddenness of it very well.
My stomach feels like it's been on a rocky boat
and my hands won't stop shaking. I'm afraid
I'll get up there and forget everything or I'll
probably start talking like Porky Pig. I know
you're at the gym and I'll see you at lecture,
but could you come over here for a few minutes

to help me get my bearings back a little. I hate
to ask. I feel like I've dropped in age about
twenty years, but it would help so much, please."

Jess bit her lip as her eyes clouded over in
sympathy for her beautiful friend,

"Of course I don't mind sweetheart. And
you are not being a baby. You teaching the
class for the first time is huge. Anyone
would be nervous especially if they just
found out about it.' She looked at the clock,
'It's a little over an hour before class. I
could take a shower and be there in half an
hour or so, or I could skip the shower and be
there in fifteen minutes if you don't mind my
being sweaty. You're call. Just tell me what
you need me to do and I'll do it."

' God she's so sweet. Sweaty? Did she say
she was sweaty. Oh god she did! Alright
just stop it. You so don't want to go down
that road.'

Still, she couldn't completely stop
the images in her mind, "Come now Jess,
please," she husked surprising herself and
the woman on the other end who chalked it
up to all the crying Allison had been doing

today. All the same the hairs on the back
of her neck raised.

"Okay Al, I'm coming right now. Go get
yourself some ginger ale as it might settle
your stomach. If you have it mint tea
is even better. Do that and try to
concentrate on preparing yourself for
the lecture and I'll be there in a flash."

"Ok. Thanks Jess. See you soon."

"You bet. Bye."

Allison looked for and found some mint
tea. She put the kettle on to boil
in the tiny kitchenette, changed into
a knee length gray skirt, and then went
to the desk to look over her notes.
Meanwhile, Jess quickly shucked her
sweaty gym clothes and dressed.
She grabbed her pack and tore out
of the building and across the campus
like a woman on a mission. Some might've
called her crazy thinking she was going
over the top with her reaction. She
didn't care. All she cared about was
that the person she loved more than

anything needed her and she was
determined to be there."

Her legs though short were strong and
ate up the distance until she was in front
of the office building. Looking at her
watch she smiled briefly at the fact that
it took her less than ten minutes to dress
and run the mile. Using the spare towel in
her pack she wiped her face and toweled
her damp hair as she walked in and headed
for the professors' office. Noticing the
secretary had stepped away she continued on,
knocked briefly on the door and entered when
a soft voice asked her to come in."

As she heard the door open Allison turned
from her notes to behold the disheveled
blonde. Her hair was wild. Her face was
flushed. Her shirt normally tucked in was
loose the front of which clung to her chest
and abdomen, and her belt buckle was
undone. She barely suppressed an animalistic
growl at the sheer raw sensuality that
permeated from the woman's being. Thick
arousal mixed with incredible warmth that
filled her heart knowing that Jess had taken
such pains to get there as fast as possible.

Jess spied the woman reading her notes and
noticed the pale sheen to her face. Concern
turned to craving as she felt Allison's eyes
crawl over every inch of her rumpled form.
She had to look away from the green eyes
that seemed to be mentally ripping the
clothes from her body. Trying to keep a safe
distance she backed up a bit and then a
bit more until she saw a pained expression
cross Allison's face at her actions. Moving
forward she tried to catch green eyes that
were now down.

"Hey, you feeling any better? I came as fast
as I could. Sorry, I'd move closer but I'm a
bit ripe. Did you find the tea?"

Allison chuckled and then sighed. "Yeah I did
find the tea, so my stomach is a little better.
Now if I could only get rid of the shaking,"
she finished as her eyes looked at two strong
arms and then into pale blue asking for comfort.

' Oh yeah she's got me wrapped around her finger.
God how could I say no to those eyes.'

"C'mere, just take a deep breath before you do,"
she said jokingly as she opened her arms.

Allison eagerly fell into them. She was engulfed by
glorious heat as two slender but powerful arms
encircled her waist and held her close. Burying her
face in a soft, moist neck she reveled in the
profound comfort she found there, and softly
kissed the skin near her lips.

"Thank you so much sweetie. I can't believe you
dropped everything to be with me. You never
cease to amaze me. Just when I think I know
how sweet you are you show me it goes even
deeper than I thought. And you definitely don't
stink. You smell?mmm, spicy and sweet and you
taste that way too," she added with a few more
kisses to the tempting neck.

Jess bit back a moan and pulled back from the lips
that were breaking down her self control. Taking a
deep breath she tried to steer things in another
direction. " Sure no problem. I umm, finished the
poem. I just left out the name and changed the
physical description of the other woman a bit, so it
should be safe enough to keep anyone from figuring
out her identity. Did you want to hear it? That is
unless you need to work more on the lecture."

Allison sighed and wondered if she'd come on too
strong. She could tell by the quickening of the
pulse under her lips that Jess liked what she
was doing but perhaps she pushed it a bit. Why
else would she pull away. She cleared her throat

"Actually, we'd worked out most of the lesson
yesterday. I did a little before you got here
as for the rest well I'll just go from my notes.
After all it's my first time and they can't
expect me to be perfect, right? So yeah I'd love
to hear it. Boy you're fast. When did you do it?"

Jess smiled and gave Allison a kiss on the forehead
"That's my Allison. No they can't and if they do
they'll have to answer to me,' she smirked and
eyed the other woman mischievously,' Oh and I'm
not always fast. Some things I like to take a lot
of time with.' She chuckled at the blush on Allison's
face.' Actually, it was already written in my mind
so was it was just a matter of putting it down on
paper, which I did after Lit class before heading
over to the gym.

Allison nodded and then headed over to the couch
while Jess went to her pack to retrieve her note
book. After she found it she made her way toward
Allison and sat down beside her. Allison looked at
her asking a silent question and smiled as Jess
settled an arm around her and pulled her to her
shoulder. Jess took a deep breath gathering her
courage and began,

"Just like a gentle rain on warm summers' night her
presence surrounds and comforts my fevered soul.
Long slender fingers tenderly brush the drops from
my cheeks and deep blue eyes gaze warmly into my
own. Such an enigma she is I think as she draws me
into her arms and caresses my back and shoulders,
while I find my home in the nook of her soft, sweet
neck and sigh contentedly. Never does it cease to
amaze me how she can to be so loving and nurturing
in one instant only to have me on my knees in the
next. This is the duality of which I speak. Endless are
her long sleek legs and full pink lips that can wear
the most tantalizing of grins never cease to taunt and
tease me to distraction. Sometimes it is almost
unfathomable to me how just one look can make burn
with the need to have those legs wrapped around me,
and those lips whispering deliciously naughty words
into my ear. I chuckle lightly into her warm neck and
hearing she lowers her eyes which look at me with
curiosity to which I just smile sheepishly, shrug and
give her a soft kiss as we begin to walk while she
laughs softly. She truly is an enigma as she constantly
enlightens and surprises me. Many might associate the
word with confusion, but knowing her I wouldn't be
one of them, for she truly makes it a wonderful thing."

Jess laid the book on the table and looked down
into green eyes filled with admiration and awe.

"So what do you think?"

"I think it's beautiful, Jess. A perfect combination
of love and erotica. Whoever she is she's very lucky."

Jess smiled and looked adoringly into green eyes as
she brushed a stray hair behind Allison's ear.

"No, I'm the lucky one," she said and placed a soft
kiss on red lips.

Allison sighed deeply and then her eyes widened as
realization hit her. Looking into knowing blue eyes
which held more than a trace of fear she spoke

"Me? That's about me Jess? Her eyes filled with
love and wonder.

Jess bit her lip and let out a shaky breath.
"Yeah, yeah it is. Now you know why I couldn't
write it at first. I didn't want to get you in
trouble and I didn't know how you'd react to
it, so I figured it was better, Mphh?"She was
cut off by the feel of a soft mouth sucking on her
bottom lip. She moaned and captured the lips that
were teasing her in a sensuous kiss. Before she
knew what was happening she was on her back
with a very aroused redhead straddling her hips.

Allison was on fire as the images painted
by Jess' poem fueled the fire in her body
until it was an inferno that only the blonde
could put out. She groaned as she sought
and received entry into Jess' mouth. One
hand tangled in blonde hair as the other slid
down and found it's way beneath the loose
t-shirt to caress a firm abdomen. Jess
moaned loudly and her hands worked their
way down long legs to stroke strong thighs
as her mind screamed for her to stop. She
broke the kiss and moved her head to the
side only to have voracious lips and a warm
tongue blaze a trail across her throat and
neck. As a mouth began to suck on her
earlobe she tried to speak,

"Sweet Jesus! Allison, baby please we can't.
Not like this," and moving her own captured
roving hands that were attempting to unbutton
her pants.

Stormy green eyes looked at her in confusion.
"I see it, feel it and hear it Jess. Your poem
only confirmed what I was hoping was true.
I know you want me too. Why won't you let
me love you?"

Jess swallowed and sitting up cradled the redhead
within her arms as she tried to calm her emotions.
"You're right Al I do want you. So bad it makes
me want to cry.' A response was silenced by a
soft kiss.'We need to talk Allison before we do
anything you might regret."

Allison sighed in frustration, "I can't see how
I'd regret it, but if you want to wait till later
then that's what we'll do. Can I at least kiss
you again?"

Blue eyes twinkled as she moved closer and gently
held Allison's face, "You better. In fact let me
help you." she said as her eyes closed and she
caught the sweet mouth before her in a long
lingering kiss that curled Allison's toes.

As long minutes went by the kiss intensified
and desire began to overwhelm them again.
Jess pulled Allison over so she was straddling her
hips as her hands made their way under the short
skirt to the redheads' backside. And Allison
began to move against the strong stomach
pressed against her aching center. Suddenly
there was a knock on the door and they hesitantly
pulled away from each other and straightend their

clothes. Allison went back behind the desk and
moved her notes in front of her before answering
for the person to enter. The secretary poked her
head in and giving a surprised look to Jess
reminded Allison that class was in fifteen minutes.
As the door closed they both groaned softly.

Jess was the first to speak. "Look Allison about
what I needed to tell you. I think it should wait.
You have enough on your plate for one day.
I don't want to add to it anymore than I already

Allison furrowed her eyebrows and standing with
Her hands on her hips retorted,

"Uh uh, no way studly. I feel like I'm flying apart
so there is no way I'm waiting another day to talk.
Besides the sooner we do the sooner I can tie
you to my bed and devour every inch of you."

Jess smirked, "My god Al you're a naughty
girl under that sweet veneer aren't you."

Allison shivered at the sultry tone, "No not really.
You just bring out a side of me that I didn't know
I had. And I'm so not getting up from behind this
desk before your out that door because if I do

I'll get close and I'll smell you. And if I smell
you I'll have to take you no matter who might
come in."

Jess groaned and shaking herself stood on wobbly
legs, "Ok? oh I was thinking that since you're
having such a rough day you could come over to
my place and I'll cook for you."

Green eyes smiled into blue. "Mannicotti?"

Jess chuckled, "If that's what you want then sure.
Are you going to be okay for class?"

Allison grinned, "Well I'm definitely not nervous
anymore. Incredibly horny yes, but not nervous.
And the dinner is really sweet of you so yeah
I'm better, but then I'm always better with
you. Still the same time six pm?"

"Yeah same time. Believe me you're not the only
one. Besides which I now have to watch you
move around for over an hour with nothing
else to distract me so you're definitely getting
off easier."

Green eyes filled with mischief and she chuckled,
"I hadn't thought of it that way."

Jess eyebrows rose and she swallowed at the
teasing tone, "I don't even want to know what
that chuckle means, so I'm going to go head
to class. Are you coming?"

Allison quickly gathered her things and followed
leather clad hips down the hallway and out of
the building. As they walked across the campus
her eyes and mind settled on firm cheeks. She
could feel herself getting warmer and tore her
gaze away as they reached the other building
and walked toward the classroom. Catching up
with Jess she motioned to her shirt and belt
which Jess quickly adjusted. Arriving at the
room they entered and parted. Allison went
to the front of the room and set up her
materials while Jess looked for an empty
seat in the back. She gritted her teeth as
she saw the only free seat was dead
center in front of Allison's desk.

'I am so done. I'm toast. Hell, burnt toast.
I just know she'll find some way to torture
me.' A little voice in her head agreed and
added that it couldn't wait for the show
to start. Jess internally growled in response,
and the voice howled with laughter.

Meanwhile, as if hearing her thoughts Allison
smiled and slyly winked at her. Jess groaned
and sat down beginning what would turn out to
be the most sweetly excruciating seventy
minutes of her twenty-six year old life.

By the time class was over Jess was sweating
and her legs were trembling. Allison had spent
most of the class perched on the edge of her
desk giving the blonde a clear view of long
shapely legs. As if that wasn't enough she
looked at her a number of times with thinly
veiled wantonness. She didn't know whether
to laugh or cry at the obvious teasing of the
red-haired vixen. She kept her legs crossed
hoping it would ease the ache but it was in vain.
The only thing that eased her raging libido was
the painful knowledge that after tonight she
might never be able to gaze upon the beauty
before her ever again.

As soon as the class ended she started to leave
but stopped as fear encompassed her. She waited
until the room was empty and then turning toward
Allison with misty eyes tried to still the shakiness
of her voice. Green eyes filled with concern
looked up and met hers as she spoke,

"I'm sorry Allison but I can't do this. Tonight?
talking?I can't. I know I'm being a huge coward,
but I couldn't bear it if you hated me. I hate
myself enough for what I've done. Please don't
say anything. Just know that I love you more
than words can express, and if you need me
I'll be always be here for you, but I can't talk
about this. I can't lose you. I'm so sorry."

On slightly shaky legs she left the room and
hurried outside. She then ran to the parking
lot and jumped onto her motorcycle hoping to
get home before the tears became uncontrollable.

Allison sunk into the desk chair and laying her
head down upon her arms sobbed. She cried
for herself and the pain in her heart, but
mostly she cried for the anguish and fear in
her friends' eyes. Whatever it was that she
couldn't or wouldn't talk about it was obvious
to see that it was eating her up inside. Anger
rose at the thought of Jess shouldering the
pain all alone and she slammed her fists down
on the desk drawing a few shocked looks from
the students passing the room. She normally
didn't have a quick temper so the act surprised
her as well. At least until she thought of the
person behind it and the passionate feelings
she invoked. Drying her eyes and collecting her
things she silently swore that she would indeed
be going to pay a visit to the blue eyed blonde.
Jess had lived with this sorrow long enough and
it needed to stop. She would do whatever it might
take. Her own feelings would have to wait.

Part 3

"I tremble. You crush my burning
lips like ashes. With so much skin
to travel over. While my head spins
as you knew it would. I feel your
breath burn on my body. My senses
tingling brightly. Slipping, sliding into
heaven." - Morrisey

Arriving home Jess dropped her pack and went
straight down to the basement gym to pound on
the heavy bag. Tears and sweat mingled as she
hit the bag mercilessly, while "November Rain"
played in the background. Sad green eyes filled
her vision.

'She'd be better off without me. All I do is
make her cry. Oh god, I love her so much.
How am I supposed to deal with this now
that I've kissed her. Why can't I ever
have what I want. Why can't I stop
messing things up.'

The damn broke and five years of anguish
tore through her heart. She fell to her
knees and holding the bag let the tears
flow. She cried like a child who'd lost
their best friend and she had, hadn't she?
It felt that way. An hour later she rose on
shaking legs and slowly made her way upstairs.
Tossing her clothes on the bathroom floor
she stepped into the shower and attempted
to calm her breathing. After finishing she
changed into her white leather pants and a
powder blue t-shirt since she figured she
might go out to the library later. She looked
up at the clock, noticed it was almost six pm
and swallowed down the tears that threatened
to begin again.

Allison finished up at work and then went home.
She took a quick shower and changed into
blue jeans and a red chenille sweater. Slipping
on a pair of old boots she grabbed her suede
jacket and headed out to her car with a
determined hitch to her gait. She climbed into
the blue Corolla and started the engine. She
grinned as she thought about how stubborn her
friend could be and that Ms. Reilly was about to
find out that she'd met her match. Pulling away
from the curb she started the fifteen minute
drive over to the west side of the city.

Arriving she looked at her watch and saw that
it was a little before six so she was pretty sure
that Jess would be home. Even if she went out it
was never before seven pm. Walking into the
building she climbed the stairs to the second
floor of the brownstone. She took a deep breath
and collected herself as she reached out and
knocked on the door.

Jess was trying to decide what to eat with her
stomach all in knots when someone knocked at
her door. Looking at the time on the clock she
swore under her breath.

'Ah hell, she wouldn't would she?"

"Who is it?" she asked as she approached the

Allison rolled her eyes, ' She knows it's me.
I know she does. Ok how about this.'


Jess felt her lips quirk at the response as
Allison stifled a chuckle.

"Sorry, I don't open my door to carnivorous

Allison chuckled slightly and then sobered,

"Jess, please open the door. I hate seeing
you in so much pain. You don't have to carry
it all by yourself. Please let me help."

"I can't. I can't keep hurting you. It's killing
me, so please go Ally, please."

Allison swore she heard a sob but her frustration
got the better of her,

"Damn it Jess! You made me a promise and I'm
holding you to it. Do you think you're not hurting
me by shutting me out. Well, it hurts Jess. It
hurts like hell. More than anything you could tell
me except goodbye. I don't know what it is that's
got you so scared that you think I'll hate you for
it. All I know is I won't stand by and watch it kill
you from the inside out. Please let me in sweetheart."

Jess fought internally with herself for a moment
Before opening the door with a trembling hand.

Allison came in and closed the door behind her.
She turned to find misty blue eyes full of
unshed tears that threatened to spill over.

"C'mere baby, lets go sit down," she said as she
took Jess's hand into her own. Once they were
seated Allison took the blonde into her arms and
held her as Jess buried her face in a shoulder
and silently cried. Allison spoke soothing words
into a small pink ear and turning her head kissed
a pale cheek. It was amazing how content she felt
just holding the other woman regardless of the
circumstances. As sensitive a soul as she was
Jess was very stoic when it came to expressing
her own pain. She would cry for Allison's pain
but not her own and especially not in public, so
she felt honored to be entrusted with such a
private part of this woman's heart.

After awhile Jess's body calmed and melted into
the other woman's wanting to stay there forever.
However, fear reared it's ugly head once again
and she began to shiver. Allison noticed the
change and could feel Jess was about to pull
away so she tightened her grip.

"No Jess, don't you pull away from me. Whatever
it is tell me. Please, stop torturing yourself. I

meant what I said I could never hate you. Maybe
what you say will upset me. I don't know, but hate
you, never. Talk to me baby, please."

Jess swallowed and nestling closer laid her head
on Allison's chest so she could hear her heartbeat.
Allison kissed her head and stroked her neck and
back. The combination soothed her enough so that
she was finally able to speak.

"Ok, well the thing about me and Claire splitting.
Sigh! The reason is that there was umm?there
was another woman."

"What! Allison dumped you for another woman.
Is she crazy! Who in their right friggin mind
would cheat on someone as wonderful as you.
I'm going to kick her ass."

Jess couldn't help but smile at the passion in
the other woman's voice.' I guess I'm not
the only one who's protective.' Raising herself
within Allison's arms she looked into fiery green
and cupped her face until she had her attention.

"Easy there Red. Yes she did cheat on me. Quite
a few times in fact, but the other woman I was
referring to?Well the thing is? I'm the one who
had someone else?well sort of. Not that it
excuses her behavior but she had her reasons
for going elsewhere."

Allison's eyebrows furrowed and she shook her

"No. You wouldn't do that. You wouldn't cheat on
her. I refuse to believe that Jess."

Jess breathed a sigh of relief, "Good, I'm glad
because I didn't. I may not be in love with Claire
but I would never hurt her that way."

"So she knew? Wait, what do you mean you sort
of had someone else?"

"She figured it out not too long after we started
dating, yeah. Um, well I fell in love with someone
but they weren't obtainable. All the same my
feelings didn't go away once I found that out."

"Oh, alright. So why didn't she call it off? Why
stay with someone who doesn't love you? And why
did you if you knew you didn't love her?"

Jess pursed her lips, "She didn't leave because
she was in love with me and hoped I would fall in
love with her. We were only together intimately
during that first year and after she figured it
out she wouldn't let me touch her. I
tried to talk to her about it but she wouldn't
and I didn't want to push. As for me, I guess
I hoped I would fall in love with her too and
being with her let me get close to the woman
I really loved. I used her plain and simple. I
didn't realize I was doing it at first but I
should've left once I did. I hate myself for
it, but I couldn't bear not to be near her."

"The woman you're in love with?"

"Yes. You hate me don't you?" she said with a
shaky voice.

Allison pulled Jess back into her arms as she
thought of what to say.

"No Jess I don't hate you. I can't say it
doesn't surprise me more than a little but
it wasn't like you did it on purpose and you've
been beating yourself up about it for years.
So why would I want to add to it. Love
makes us do crazy, stupid things Jess."

"But she's your best friend?"

"Yes she is, but so are you. You wanted to
love her and she pulled away. She cheated
on you god knows how many times, and I
haven't seen even one ounce of regret or
pain in her eyes for it.' Curious green eyes
settled upon her' How did you manage to
obstain for four years anyway?"

Jess smirked and wiggled her fingers.
"These, and umm a few toys helped relieved
it a bit. And if it got really bad I just
imagined her giving in to my every whim."

Allison bit her lip as she pictured the
blonde pleasuring herself. ' Get that
libido in check girlie. This is not about
you, remember.' Shaking her head
she looked down in amused blue eyes
and blushed. She cleared her throat,
"So who is it and why haven't you told

Jess swallowed, "Ah well that's where
it gets complicated or should I say more
complicated. She took a deep breath as
warm hands stroked her arm and hair.
"Do you remember the night we met?"

Allison smiled, "Of course, very clearly in
fact. It's hard not to remember it when
you turn to find such a dapper young woman
moving towards you. I never thought a woman
could look that good in a tuxedo, and when
you bowed. Gods, Jess that blew my mind.
No one has such gentle manners anymore.
No one but you, so yeah I remember."

Jess sighed, "Me too, I remember how your
hair was pulled back off your face, and how
the diamond studs in your ears shined. How
your dress being the same shade as your eyes
made them even more luminous. And the way
the material hugged every inch of you.' Allison
gasped and was about to respond when Jess
placed two fingers on her lips. 'Allison please
let me finish before you say anything. If I'm
making you uncomfortable I can move," she
said afraid to look into the other woman's

"Don't you dare," a soft voice whispered
and held her closer.

Jess let out a breath, "Ok, where was I,
right. God, Allison I thought it was painted
on the way it clinged to your body. In all
the right places too. Don't even get me
started on your legs or you're a?"

A hand covered her mouth. "You're being
a bad girl, Jess. Stop teasing and continue
the story."

Jess grinned and nodded as the hand was
removed. A pained look crossed her features
as she continued, "I was so gone. I'd heard
about love at first sight but I never believed
it. And then there you were this beautiful,
redhaired goddess with so much warmth in
your eyes. I could have easily died at that
moment knowing I'd experienced perfection.'

She let out a mournful sob, ' I was just
about to approach you when I saw him, and
my heart just broke. I had to leave. I
couldn't cry. It's not who I am and even if
it was people would've thought I was crazy
crying over someone I'd never even talked
to. I ended up bumping into Claire. She'd
seen the whole thing and told me not to
feel bad that I'd have to be blind not to
notice you. And things just went from there.
I started spending more time with her.

Then you came out and I thought I'd die.
It was one thing to see you with guys,
but when I saw a girl go into your dorm
room I was so freaking jealous I wanted to
scream. I know how it'll sound but I couldn't
help thinking it should be me. God I spent
so much time in the bathroom that day
that my roommate thought I had passed
out after getting wasted the night before.
But I was very much awake. Every fiber
of my being was screaming. You see even if I
had left Claire and you were interested it
would've affected your relationship. You were
friends long before I entered the picture
and I didn't want to come between you. So I
stayed with Claire and hid my feelings for you
which wasn't easy especially when you'd sit
in my lap."

Allison took it all in as her emotions went from
lust to sorrow to sympathy and then back to
lust and a touch of cockiness at Jess's last
statement. Her eyes widened, "Oh my god,
I'm such an idiot. I always wondered why
you suddenly looked so sad. You saw Brian.'
She looked into vulnerable blue eyes and
shook her head, ' Jess, you weren't the only
one feeling those things, believe me. They
were just so new to me that I didn't
recognize them for what they were. And
when I finally figured it out you were already

with Claire. You don't know how many nights
I cried wishing you were with me and not her,
or how guilty I felt just thinking that way.
Those girls were an attempt to forget you,
but I couldn't. I'd be making out with them
sucking their nipples and I'd close my eyes
and pretend it was you. Eventually I'd open
them and I'd start to cry because it wasn't.
I wasn't able to?not with any of them. If I
couldn't love you I didn't want anyone. The
fantasies are the only thing that kept me
from going completely insane.' Bending her
head she kissed slightly parted lips, 'I love
you Jess. I love you so much I always have.
I don't care about anything else other than
that you're here in my arms where you
belong. So long to wait and still love burns
like a raging fire. It must be fate."

She shifted her body so that Jess was
beneath her and placed soft kisses on
her neck.

"Mmm, so sweet. How can you always smell
so good. You're so damn sexy you're edible
and I'm starving," she purred as she licked
and sucked a convenient earlobe.

Jess growled deep in her throat and sinking
her hands into silky auburn hair pulled her
up until she could claim the sweet red lips
she'd been dreaming about for years. With
her tongue she asked for entry and receiving
it swallowed Allison's moans as she thoroughly
explore her mouth.

Breaking away for air they looked at each other
hungrily. Allison was the first to speak,

"Can't wait anymore. I need to feel you now.
I need to feel those muscles. I want to smell
you all over me."

Jess groaned and picked the other woman up.
As Allison crossed her legs behind a strong back
pale blue eyes filled with a passionate fire looked
into darkening green. Foreheads touched and
breaths mingled as Jess moved toward the

"Such a naughty girl for me aren't you baby.
What fantasies did you have about me, hmm?
Did they make you wet for me?' she husked
as she laid them on the bed. ' Did they make
you spread open those long, gorgeous legs?

When you closed your eyes how did I love you?
Did I use my hands, my mouth or did I slide
something inside you?

Allison groaned in response to each question.
Needing to feel her skin she pulled Jess's shirt
from her pants and pulled it over her shoulders.
Jess proceeded to do the same with the redhead's
sweater, and her bra quickly followed.

Breathlessly Allison answered Jess' questions
as her neck was kissed and licked. Full breasts
brushed her own causing her nipples to harden.

"Oh god Jess, and you say I'm the naughty one.
You're so delicious you set me on fire' she said
as she flipped the other woman over and unbuckled
her pants. She continued as the leather was
removed followed by a pair of silky boxers that
defined the blonde's legs and backside. Her eyes
devoured every inch of the woman she'd loved
for so long.

Breathlessly Allison answered Jess' questions
"Yes, they made me very wet. I always spread
my legs when I thought about you. And you loved
me every way imaginable although I especially loved

it when imagined your ass flexing under my hands,"
she said as she finished removing her own clothes
and straddled Jess's hips

With an hungry groan Jess seized Allison's hips
and ground her center into a firm abdomen.

"So good. So wet. Oh Ally you're so hot. God,
I love you! Keep moving your hips like that and
come here and kiss me."

Finishing she moved her hands which had been
on Allison's hips down to spread her legs further.
She cupped a firm ass and squeezing it caused the
other woman to moan and spear her tongue deeper
into Jess's mouth. Jess thought she'd die from
the exquisite feeling of Allison's wetness coating
her stomach. She pulled her mouth away with a
moan and buried her face in Allison's neck while
undulating her hips to get more contact causing
the redhead to press into her harder.

"Oh yes! So very, very wet for me aren't you
baby. Oh god yeah, spread it all over me."

"God Jess you're going to make me come if you
keep talking like that," she whispered breathlessly

Jess chuckled wickedly, "Oh my sweet, sexy
baby you will come, and come and come again.
The last five years have made me very hungry
and I plan to feast on every delectable inch
of you until it's sated."

In response Allison bit down on the blonde's
shoulder and reached a hand down between
her own legs. She then entered herself with
one finger and pulling it out proceeded to
paint Jess's nipples with her wetness. The
blonde's nipples tightened and her own wetness
increased as she watched Allison coat her and
then offer her the same finger. She eagerly
took the glistening digit into her mouth and
moaned at the sweet taste. The moan deepened
as she felt Allison lick her nipples before taking
each breast into her mouth and began sucking
on them. As if the delicious mouth on her breasts
wasn't enough to take her higher the pleasurable
sounds emanating from the redhead's mouth
drove it up another notch.

Allison's hair brushed her body as she began to
move down Jess's body, but she was stopped
by the needy words of the other woman.

"Allison, please come up here. I need to taste

Allison's eyes darkened. She kissed the blonde's
navel and then slid up the blonde's body to
kiss her deeply.

"I love you Jessica Shioban Reilly. You are my
heart. All that I am is yours' she followed
with a soft kiss filled with love and devotion.

"I love you too Allison so much my heart aches."

" I've been dreaming of that sweet mouth
of yours being on me, tasting me. Just thinking
about it makes me so very wet. Want to feel it?"
she said with a wicked grin as she moved Jess's
hand down her body.

Jess bit her lip and nodded in the negative as
she moved her hand to cover a shapely hip. " No,
I want to taste it. I want to lick every inch of
you. I want to feel your muscles tightening around
my tongue as it goes deeper and deeper into you.
The only time I want to feel it is when you come
all over my face," she said with a lecherous grin
as she guided Allison towards her mouth.

She smiled as she gazed in appreciation and sheer
wantoness at the tasty sight above her. Raising
her head slightly she placed soft kisses on the
insides of Allison's thighs. She then spread
Allison open to her and licked her folds with
reverence; worshiping every in of skin at the
tip of her tongue. This continued for long
minutes but finally her hunger took her over.
She reached around and grabbing her ass
pulled Allison closer as she began to lick her
faster while dipping the tip of her tongue
into her sex. As she started to do this
Allison began to buck against her trying
to get more of Jess' tongue inside her.

"That's it baby. Buck those sweet lips against
my face. God you're so wet, so open, so eager
for me. I know you want me inside you. You
want me to fuck you with my tongue, don't you?"

"Yes, god yes! Fuck me baby. Fuck me
with your tongue. Please baby I need you
deep inside me."

With a growl she pulled Allison even closer.
She shifted her head and kissed the succulent
flesh before her as her tongue speared deep
inside the redheads' aching center. The hands
in her hair and the sensuous movements of the
hips that bucked against her faced only served
to fan the flames that threatened to consume
her. She worked her tongue in and out of the
woman's sex going deeper each time. The effect
was obvious by the amount of fluid that greeted
her lips and tongue. Allison's hips bucked
faster as she moved closer to climax. Jess
felt the beginning of the other woman's
orgasm and removed her tongue to suck on
her clit. Looking up into green eyes she asked
a silent question.

"Please Jess, I always wanted it to be you."

Jess' heart filled with love and placing her
finger outside the opening she waited until
Allison was at the edge before moving her
finger deep inside to pierce her womanhood.

"Oh Jess! Fuck baby I'm going to come."

After that a few more strokes of her tongue and
fingers were all it took to send Allison over the
precipice. Jess removed her mouth from Allison's
clit and began to lick up every drop she could
catch before moving up to take the other woman
in her arms. Foreheads touched and she placed a
soft kiss on Allison's lips.

"God, your magnificent. The way you move. Jesus
Ally I could come just watching you; so sexy so
damn hot."

Green eyes look down filled with adoration and a
bit of mischief. "Me! No stud you're the sexy one.
God, I knew you had a way with words but I never
expected you to talk like that."

"Did it bother you? I know I don't normally talk
that way. It just kind of came out."

Allison chuckled saucily raising the hair on Jess'
arms. "Did it seem like I minded?"

Jess thought about it and blushed as she realized
that the redhead's excitement seemed to increase
with her words. "Um no, I guess you didn't."

Allison shook her head. "You're something else
Jess. One minute you're this raw sexual entity
telling me how you want to consume me, and the
next you're like a shy school girl. No wonder I
love you so much. You're a beautiful paradox
and both sides fill my heart with such warmth."

"Just your heart?"

"Well among other places."

"Hmm, like where?" she teased and chuckled as
Allison was now the one to blush.


"How about here?" she asked as she kissed a rigid

"Yeah, Yeah that's would be one of them. You
already found one of the others already." she
said breathlessly as Jess placed kisses all around
her nipples making them tighten almost painfully.

"Mmmm, yes I did and it's somewhere I'd like to
revisit shortly if you'll let me," she said before
caressing the side of Allison's breast before
taking a nipple into her mouth.

Allison was finding it hard to think with the
blonde suckling her like a newborn, but she tried.
"Baby, you already?don't you want me to?Ohhh!?
Jess as much as I hate to say it could you stop
for a second. I can't think when you do that."

Jess let go of the tasty flesh after giving it a
kiss. "Yes I did, but not like this,' she paused
' I don't know now that I think about it maybe
I shouldn't. I wouldn't want to hurt you."

"What did you want to do?"

"Um, well you remember how you said you had a
fantasy about me filling you with something
other than my tongue or hands."

"Oh! You have that kind of stuff?here I mean."

"Yes baby, but if it's too fast I can wait. I
love you, so I'll wait as long as you need,"
she said softly placing a sweet kiss on Allison's

Allison smiled basking in the sweet words and
kiss as she thought about how it would feel to
have Jess inside of her that way. How it
would feel to have the muscles in that
delicious ass flexing beneath her hands. She
closed her eyes and moaned. "No, I'm

"Are you sure?" she asked tenderly.

Allison opened her eyes and seeing the intensity
there Jess flashed back to the look she'd
received when she entered the Professors'
office and whimpered.

"Where are they?"

"Um, in the dresser."

"Go put one on for me. Nothing too big. I'm sure
you'll pick one that's a good fit."

Jess nodded as Allison rolled off of her. Jess
went over to the drawer, opened it and looking
for a minute picked one out. After putting it
on she turned around and noticed Allison who
sat on the edge of the bed watching every
move she made. As she moved closer she
groaned as Allison slid off the bed and onto
her knees. The redhead caressed her thighs
and moved her mouth toward the piece.

"Ally you don't have to?Oh Sweet Jesus!"
she moaned as Allison licked around the head
before taking the dildo into her mouth. Jess
looked down and watched full red lips
surround the member. Her hand moved to
tangle in auburn hair and her hips began to
undulate slightly. She thought she'd come
right there as she watched the dildo slide
in and out of the redheads mouth. Allison
moved her hands up and grabbed her cheeks
pulling the member all the way into her
mouth. Jess could feel the heat in her
abdomen grow and felt a drop of wetness
roll down the inside of her thigh. Allison
pulled back and rising kissed her soundly
swallowing the blonde's moans.

"Jesus H?What the?Where did you?Oh hell
I don't want to know. But if you use that
luscious mouth as well on other places I'm
going to explode at the first touch."

Allison stroked her back and chuckled into
her shoulder.

A fair eyebrow rose, "So you think that's
funny turning me into a puddle, huh?"

"Well yeah, it's nice to know I have the
power to make such an eloquent poet turn
into a quivering mass of gibberish."

A second eyebrow rose to meet the first.
"Quivering mass! I'll give you a quivering
mass Miss Tyler," she said as she picked
up the redhead and placed her in the
middle of the bed. Jess kneeled on the
bed next to her hips. "So Allison tell
me. Just how much did you spread those
long, gorgeous legs for me in your dreams?"
she husked as she kissed a trembling abdomen
and then followed the same path with her
tongue. "How welcome did you make me?"

"Very, very welcome," she said breathlessly
as her legs parted giving wide berth to the

blonde who slipped between them. Jess
settled her body down upon Allison and
with one hand tucked a stray hair behind
her ear. She gazed at the face she adored
in awe. So long she'd loved this woman, and
circumstances had kept them separated. So
many tears she cried thinking this would
never be and that her heart would just cease
to beat from the agony. She wondered if she
should pinch herself. After all this had to be
a dream. It was too good not to be. She closed
her eyes as she felt a tear slide down her cheek.
Soft lips covered hers and a gentle hand
brushed away the moisture. She opened her
eyes to see sea green eyes full of so much
love it took her breath away.

"Jess, what is it sweetie?"

Blue eyes drank in the beauty before her.

Bending down she placed feather light kisses
filled with love, adoration, and reverance all
over Allison's face while warm hands caressed
her face and back. "Do you have any idea how
much I love you?"

Green eyes misted, "If it's half as much as I
love you then yeah I do."

Jess smiled, "Let me show you."

"Yes, please show me Jess."

Jess kissed her face and neck as she reached
down between them and feeling her lovers'
excitement moved the dildo to her opening. Blue
eyes regarded her seriously, "Al, if this hurts
even a little please let me know. I'll stop.
I promise. I'll just do it a little at a time so
you can get used to the feel of it, ok?"

"Ok, I will. I trust you Jess. I know you won't
hurt me."

Lips met and tongues intertwined as Jess slowly
moved the member inside of Allison. "How's
that? Does it feel alright?"

"More?I need more?want to feel you moving
against me," she said as she reached grabbing
Jess's ass and pulled her closer.

Jess got the message very clearly and kissing
her passionately started to thrust in and out
of the silky wetness. Allison moaned at the
fullness inside her and the movements of her
lover who seemed to be very in tune with where
she needed her to be. And the way the woman's
muscles felt under her hands was more exquisite
than she could ever have imagined. As Jess
continued to slide in and out she raised Allison's
right leg and kissed it briefly before being
pulled back down to have strong thighs wrap
around her buttocks as her was captured in a
series of long, deep kisses. Allison wanted her
as close as possible, and would in fact have
embedded herself into the blonde if it was at
all possible. Jess reveled in this knowledge for
it mirrored the beatings of her own heart.

"Oh Ally you're so hot, so fierce," she growled.

"You feel so good against me. Inside of me.
I can't hold it much longer Jess," she groaned
as her body began to tremble.

"Then let it go baby. I'll catch you," she said
as she thrusted long and deep into her lovers'
wetness causing Allison to cry out and dig her
nails into Jess' back as she exploded. Jess
wrapped her arms around Allison's shoulders
as the redhead buried her face in a warm neck.
Jess held her until the shaking subsided and
then slowly pulled out sending another tremor
through Allison's body. She then rolled over
and pulled the other woman into her arms as
she kissed her face and neck.

"You're magnificent Jess. I never knew I could
feel so good, and the fantasies have nothing on
the real thing," she said with a soft kiss.

"Good, all I want to do is love you and make
you feel good. I'm glad I could,' she chuckled
' I know what you mean they don't even
come close,' her smile faded as she saw green
eyes cloud over, ' Sweetheart, what is it?"

Allison blew out a nervous breath, "I don't
know what to do Jess. I mean I want to
make you feel as good as I do and I'm not
sure I know how. Other than some heavy
duty foreplay I have nothing to go on. I
don't want to disappoint you."

"Baby, you could never disappoint me,' she said
with a loving kiss,' How about this. What would
you like to do?"

Allison blushed and buried her head in Jess'
chest and mumbled her answer.

Jess smirked, "Sorry couldn't hear you. You'll
have to repeat that."

Allison lifted her head and bit her lip, "You're

Jess suppressed a chuckle, "Yeah, what about it?"
she teased.

"You're going to make me say it aren't you?"

Jess grinned, "Yeah, pretty much, so tell me
baby what would you like to do to my ass?"
she asked saucily.

Allison grinned back, "I want to feel it against me.
I want to feel it pushing against my throbbing
clit. I want to come all over it," she purred.

Jess groaned, "Oh god yes! You know I'm
beginnning to think you're obsessed with my

"I am just like you are about my legs.
So how do I do this?"

Jess pulled them both up. "Well you can pull
me into your lap or I could bend over. I'm
all yours so tell me what you want to do with

Allison's mind filled with visions of Jess bent
over and she whimpered, but she wanted to feel
as much of her as possible. She wanted to be
able to touch her and fill her with her hands.
Jess had been so unselfish putting Allison's
pleasure first that she knew the blonde must
be more than ready and she didn't want her
to have to wait any longer.

Green eyes stared into patient blue, "Come
sit in my lap Jess. I want to feel as much
of you as possible."

Jess removed the harness and straddled strong
thighs. She moaned as long arms pulled her back
and she felt two rigid nipples pressing into her
back. "Okay, now spread yourself and adjust so
that you're right against me?Oh yeah just like
that. God you're so wet again" she groaned as
Allison began to move against Jess's backside.
With one hand Allison caressed and played with
an aching nipple while the other moved down
between Jess' legs and long fingers circled her

"Baby, please don't tease. I need you inside me now,"
she pleaded. Allison thrusted two fingers inside
her wetness, "Oh fuck yeah!"

"Oh Jess you feel so good, so wet. I love the
feel of your ass against me. You have the
sexiest ass I've ever seen. It's so firm, so
lickable. Sweet Jesus, when you move with
that little swagger it makes me so fucking wet
and my clit gets so swollen that I just want
to bend you over and ride it," she purred into
a small pink ear causing Jess to whimper.

Allison sucked on her neck as her fingers moved
deeper and faster into Jess' sex. The hand
she had been at a warm breast moved down to
Jess' hip holding her in place as she grinded
her center against firm flesh causing her sex
to clench as wet muscles grasped her fingers.
Both groaned deeply and their movements
quickened as they climaxed together. Jess'
head fell back on a strong shoulder as she tried
to catch her breath. Allison removed her fingers
and wrapped her arms around her lover pulling
her back for a kiss. Adjusting their bodies she
laid them back on the bed and looked into Jess'
glowing face. They sighed in contentment as they
shared a lingering kiss.

Breaking the kiss Jess bit her lip, "I hate to
spoil the moment but you do realize this could
get very complicated between Claire and the
fact that I'm your student. We're going to
have to be very careful.

"Yeah baby I know. Don't worry it'll all work
out, she said softly with a gentle kiss.' I just
have learn to control my urge to tease you when
we're at school. As for Claire I don't think she'll
make trouble but if she does we'll deal with it."

"Okay. Yeah, you better. Taunting me with those
legs. It's a good thing we were in a room full of
people or you would've found yourself flat against
that desk. You're a wicked girl Allison Tyler."

Allison chuckled, " You can say that and then call
me wicked. God now I have that image seared into
my brain, but I suppose I was pretty merciless,
so I'll just have to save it for when we're alone."

"Mmmhmm, yes you were. I'm looking forward to it.
In fact I'm counting on it and I plan on doing some
myself," she said with a smirk.

"Just don't be waving that ass around or I may
have to bite it," she purred.

"Promise," Jess said with a wink and a saucy
grin causing both to laugh.

"I love you Allison."

"I love you too Jess."

They kissed and talked and made love long into the
night. Both were overjoyed and comforted in knowing
that the anguish that had kept them apart for so
long was finally over and that whatever obstacles
might arise they would face them together.

The end

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