~ The Massage ~
by JLNicky

Disclaimer: Do not read at work AND realize that some people are so narrow minded they are unable to see the beauty and magic of love wherever it exists whether it is between to women or not.

Mandy's back was toward Linda as she waited for the massage. A slight moan escaped Mandy as Linda slid her hands up over her tense muscles. Reaching her shoulders, Linda paused to lift Mandy's ponytail wrapped hair, laying its length down her neckline, wrapping around to the front. Her rich auburn color was shining in the dimmed light of the ladies locker room as she sat in anticipation. Linda's hands sought out the fatigued muscles of Mandy's shoulders, massaging deeply. Mandy let her head fall forward in satisfaction, as Linda spread her strong fingers over her back. The growl of pleasure coming from Mandy caused by Linda's hand movements was intoxicating for Linda to hear. Sitting close, she smelled a sweet perfume mingling with the fresh scent of soap. Mandy's light T-shirt covered her soft skin, leaving the neckline bare. Linda ran her fingers up into the hairline of Mandy's head, caressing the fragile muscles there. Mandy released a low moan. Linda smiled as she teetered on the brink of arousal.

After months of getting to know each other without any sexual advances, Linda had begun to think Mandy wasn't interested. Yet the growing feelings Linda had held in control were waiting for just this moment to be set free. A chance just to touch her had been consuming Linda for days now.

Mandy was beautiful and smart and sexy along with a thousand other things that Linda had come to realize over the last few months they had been associating together.

Linda's natural shyness held her back from making too direct of an approach and she had been yearning for a chance to let her feelings show. Meeting through mutual friends had been easy and less pressured than meeting someone on her own. But now, Linda's friends didn't want to vacate the picture. There was always someone else around to hold Mandy's interest. Linda's frustration had been simmering under the surface for hours, as she watched Mandy work out with her friend, Joseph, on the free weights set. Originally, they had come together to the gym to work out. Meeting Joseph had been inconvenient to say the least, Linda thought wryly to herself as she had planned to talk to Mandy while they worked out together. Although it has its benefits, she grinned, looking down at Mandy's bent form she was massaging. Linda kept reminding herself if Mandy had wanted anything from her, she could have asked or at least shown Linda some attention.

Linda ran her hands down Mandy's back to massage the lower back muscles, enjoying the moment as she watched Mandy straighten her relaxed posture into a proper sitting stance. This brought her head level with Linda's behind her and Linda was only inches from Mandy's ear. Linda realized Mandy had only been in one other relationship with a woman and thought this might be why no blatant advances had been made. It could be she was just as shy, but she didn't always act it. Shaking off the doubts Linda felt clouding her mind, she took a second to think of just this moment.

Leaning forward, her hands massaged the lower back muscles forcing Mandy to sit up straighter. Mandy was almost leaning back into Linda when Linda spoke into her ear.

"Are you enjoying this? 'Cause I'm about to stop." She teased Mandy.

"Don't you dare!" Mandy groaned, as Linda pressed down on a sore spot.

Linda couldn't resist and ran her hands upward along Mandy's sides nearing her breasts. Mandy showed no reaction. Linda let her thumbs dig into the muscles under her shoulder blades and left her fingers resting along the sides of Mandy's breasts. She pictured in her head the two of them kissing and couldn't get it out of her vision. She felt an acute attack of shyness and suddenly pulled her hands back from their position to somewhere more appropriate.

"Please don't!" Mandy said softly, tilting her head slightly to see Linda in her peripheral vision, but yet not catching her gaze.

"Don't what?" Linda asked, confused, ready to stop massaging and run. She pulled her hands away, instantly.

Mandy paused for a moment, and then spoke.

"Don't back away!" she turned, looking forward again, hiding her face from Linda's gaze. Linda felt her stomach tighten and slowly returned her hands to Mandy's back. Her every sense was alert and focused into what Mandy had said. Did she mean what Linda thought she meant? What was she saying?

Linda, frightened, yet so excited, let her hands run up to Mandy's shoulders and take a moment to massage there. As she moved outward to the upper arms, Mandy started leaning backward until she rested against Linda. Linda looked downward at the woman reclining into her and slid her hands down her arms massaging. She noticed the hardened nipples beneath the T-shirt and bit back a groan of her own. When she reached Mandy's wrists, she slid her hands across the tight muscles of Mandy's stomach. Mandy drew in a deep breath and held it. Linda lightly massaged the stomach, all the while drawing upward toward Mandy's chest. She watched as the T-shirt tightened across Mandy's breasts. Her hands rested underneath the lower curve of each breast as she paused.

Mandy raised her hands to guide Linda's. She held the backside of Linda's hands as she covered her breasts, cupping them and pressing downward. Linda's breathing stopped as she cupped Mandy in her hands. Mandy's chest expanded as her breathing increased. Linda ran her thumbs across the hard nipples. Taking her own initiative, she massaged Mandy's breasts and nipples.

She released a low moan as Mandy arched upward, her body begging for more. Linda pulled Mandy upward to begin kissing along the side of her neck. Mandy's head tilted away to allow access. The slow burn of heat between them was beginning to turn wild, when Linda heard a slight noise of the locker room door beginning to open.

With an anguished growl of suddenly dampened excitement, she tore herself away from Mandy and pushed Mandy upward. Mandy, realizing the situation at the same moment, reached for a nearby towel to begin wiping off her newly damp skin.

Linda grabbed her gym bag and began stuffing things into it calming slowly as a strange woman walked into the separate bathroom area away from the locker area.

Turning to look at Mandy, she straightened upward to see Mandy holding her gym bag in one hand and looking back.

"Are you ready to leave?" Mandy said clearing her throat, nervously catching Linda's eyes.

Linda paused nodding.

"Will you come by my apartment? We need to finish this!" Mandy said, smiling slightly, shrugging at the interrupted situation.

Linda stared at Mandy and began to grin.

"My pleasure. I'm already there." Linda chuckled. Looking around she stepped over quickly and kissed Mandy on the cheek. Mandy, knowing what was coming turned her head toward Linda and caught her lips in a gentle kiss.

"Soon." Mandy whispered, as she looked into Linda's eyes. Linda nodded agreement. Grabbing their gym bags and towels, they headed out of the gym together.

The End

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