~ Charlie's Mistress Plan ~
by JLNicky

Disclaimer: Do not read at work AND realize that some people are so narrow minded they are unable to see the beauty and magic of love wherever it exists whether it is between to women or not.

Charlie's Mistress Plan

Charlie couldn't believe it. Here she was in New Orleans taking her vacation, not just any vacation, but a sexually fulfilling vacation. How many people could claim that accomplishment? So far, the whole master plan from the early stages of the seed up to the taller branches thrusting upward had begun to make fruit. Her clever mind had watered and fed her growth as she nurtured the plan slowly. The antiquated hotel she was currently residing in was perfect, down to its mirrored walls and brass bed. Her soon to be lesbian lover she had been talking with online had turned out to be gorgeous, down to her high heels and favorite riding crop. Hopefully, her long anticipated fantasy of being dominated during sex was going to come true. She felt her pussy clench once again with the juices flowing outward caused by the sumptuous thoughts racing through her head. She felt the bubble of laughter growing inside her yet again. She'd been copiously wet for months now planning this trip.

Who would have thought Charlotte otherwise known as Charlie "The Wonder Bitch" Sanders would want to be dominated in bed? She was 5'10, broad shouldered, tapered waist and strong thighs. She had worked to become a powerhouse of muscle and her body resembled it. She squatted over 300 pounds and her arms could lift the free weights steadily. Her C-cup chest was muscle tight and defined. Her short black hair was cut in a butch style mainly for ease. She was considered a royal bitch to work under. She expected perfection and asked for it in everything. Her subordinates expected her to eat steel for breakfast. She filled the position of a hard competitive job and took strides to stay ahead of others. In other words, she was a typical 20th century aggressively dominant woman in the work place.

As resilient as she was at her working life she was twice as mystified toward her bodies' reaction and arousal at the thought of the bondage stories online. She had never even thought of that scene before. Did her body suddenly just wake up and decide it wanted something new? No! Charlie grinned with her ever-circling thoughts. She remembered the first fan fiction she had read that one day and the way she kept coming back to read again and again. She remembered the setting of Mistress over Sub. She recalled the first pussy clenching moment she'd had as she visualized herself in that submissive role. She remembered clenching her thighs together to keep the scent of her arousal to a minimum. Sitting at work in the office library was not the place for her to be doing this. She emailed herself the link and thought of nothing but her laptop at home the rest of her working hours.

Thinking of the term "Sub" made her body tingle with excitement. Months ago she had barely recognized the slowly building tension created as she read one after another stories of Dom's and Sub's, slaves and masters, bondage and control. She would wake up in the morning filled with an edgy need to finish where her dreams had seemed to end. Pleasuring herself only took care of the instant gratification not the overall aching need to be completed. Completed by what, Charlie was beginning to recognize from her readings. She wanted a Dom. She wanted someone to?show her?control her?allow her to explore this.

Months of planning and now here she was, bound to a brass bed. Her wrists and ankles were handcuffed, legs spread wide. Her body shivered with anticipation; her well-muscled frame lay tense with anticipation. The breeze from the overhead ceiling fan was causing her naked skin to goose bump and her nipples harden. A blindfold had removed her sight but as the minutes passed her other senses had become more acute. She tried to listen for any sounds in the air around her. She felt heavy with her growing arousal. Her blood pulsed through her veins drowning out the whispered slither of leather in her Dom's hand. She trembled knowing she was helplessly craving the unknown.

Her Dom, seeming to sense her need, struck the prone figure before her with precision. The air parted swiftly as the thin leather belt assaulted her upper thighs. A strip of pain flared outward with heat. Charlie reacted by clenching her thigh muscle. The heat spread. She gasped. Another rapid strike made connection. The pain radiated outward from its target on her stomach. Charlie's back arched off the sheets with result. The attacks grew swifter. Charlie tried not to think, just to feel. She had been thinking of nothing else since her first masturbated orgasm at the thought of this moment. Why would she want someone to whip her? Why would just the thought of it bring her to a crashing orgasm? The carefully placed hits struck her torso and legs sporadically. She absorbed the pain and let the heat grow. Her body jerked and tensed with the falling unknown rhythm.

"I can do this all night long." A husky voice suddenly remarked as another strike met skin. Charlie felt a single tear flow from her compressed eyes behind the blindfold. The pain was intense but the heat had begun to focus and expand in her core. She unclenched her tightened jaw in a vocal moan as the whipping stopped for a moment. The cool hand of her Dom replaced it. She ran her hand over the new welts being displayed on Charlie's thigh, tracing their pattern upward. The closer she ventured toward the openly drenched pussy lips the harder Charlie found it to actually draw in a breath. The tips of her fingers suddenly dipped into Charlie's pussy and stroked over her clit, once then again. Charlie opened her eyes behind the blindfold holding her breath with the sensation. She began panting at each continued stroke. Her chest heaved upward at the pleasure she experienced. Her nipples that were pebbled to begin with, tightened into small beads of steel. The fingers stroked repeatedly. An arching of her hips upward toward the now solid rhythm being produced against her clit brought no increased pleasure. Charlie found she couldn't stop doing it anyway. She tensed again and again. Then the hand left. The fingers trailed higher. Her steel nipples were touched. Her chest rose up and down ferociously.

"I want to make you feel me." The husky voice breathed into the very air Charlie drew in. The overwhelming scent of a musky perfume surrounded her senses as she felt the woman close to her face. The lips that spoke were caressing her own as the words escaped.

"I want you to need me." She demanded just before assaulting Charlie's mouth with her tongue. She swept through the panting lips and thrust inward. Charlie met the demand with her own hunger. They sparred with each other, tasting. Charlie felt the pinch of her jaw between strong fingers and the almost careless gesture of turning movement as her lover suddenly thrust Charlie's face to turn away from the kiss they shared. The painful yet exotic biting occurring down her exposed neckline only reminded Charlie she was helpless to protect herself. Her cuffed arms flexed in powerless response. She was so not in control. She felt the rush of emotion blow through her body once again at the complete dominance her lover showed.

"You are mine to do with as I will!" She made very clear as she bit down on Charlie's nipple with her pinching front teeth. A keen pain jerked Charlie upward in attention. Simultaneously her fingers pinched the other rigid nipple just as severely. Charlie sobbed out a 'yes' in her answering cry. She barely noticed the slight hesitation before the coldness of metal touched her. The nipple clamps were on and radiating fire before she could mutter resistance. A small chain draped across her chest between the two points of fire. It's icy coldness barely registering. She heard the sexy laughter of her Dom envelop and surround her naked skin as she moved away.

A sudden heat of a thrusting tongue plunged into her soaking pussy. Charlie forgot the pain of the nipple clamps and jerked her body upward. She craved the rapid flicking of that tongue. She began to beg for it silently. For an instant, she thought her Dom might allow her to be released. A thousand tiny fires of ecstasy were being lit as she tried to spread her captured legs wider allowing more pressure. Then it all stopped. Charlie cried out in frustration. Fingers slowly spread her vaginal lips and the ice coldness of metal touched her most sensitive organ. Charlie froze in terror.

The hands paused at the sudden stillness of her body. A palm slid up her hip to cup her breast gently.

"This is a clit clamp Charlie. It will teach you how to surrender your passion to me. All that want and need bundled up in one little spot will be trapped with nowhere to go. You're going to love it. Trust me!" Her lover spoke soothingly yet forcefully. Charlie felt the moment of cool pressure then nothing changed. The fire she had felt growing simmered in her crotch continuously. She began to realize over the following few minutes the pressure that tongue has built was still there. The fire would not dissipate. It burned on and on. Charlie began to twitch with the endless assault of her blood pounding in her clit. The clamp held her 1000 sparks of fire in that place only allowing them to bounce into each other with wild abandonment.

Her lover, meanwhile, had begun to stroke her hands over the welts again. Charlie whimpered. The aromatic scent of some oil wafted upward. Charlie could barely keep still. Every once in a while soft dangling hair would brush over her chest muscles and the nipple clamps as she lay there writhing. Maybe a single strong finger would tap the clit clamp sending Charlie into a spiral of delicious sensations. Her feet, legs, torso, neck, arms and scalp were well oiled and massaged, as she lay bound to the bed. It was nothing but erotic.

Some time seemed to pass as she felt the throbbing of her nipples and clit grow less poignant and more subdued. However, her Dom continued to touch one or the other clamps repeatedly as she moved around them. Just as Charlie was feeling able to control her breathing the sound of a vibrator was heard.

Delicious oral moans of pleasure sounded outward into the room. Charlie felt her hands flexing with the reactive need to remove the blindfold. The vibrating sound moved nearer to the bed.

"Oh Charlie!" Her lover sighed in a deep timber of her husky voice. She was running the vibrator over her own-pebbled nipples as she watched Charlie's muscles flexing. The phallus shaped white dildo was long and thin. It vibrated at a high-pitched whine. Charlie felt the spit dry up in her mouth. With a jerk of her cuffs she was reminded how controlled she had allowed herself to become. She drew in shallow breaths as she was forced to listen to her lover's self-ministrations

"Mmmmmm. This feels so good?against my nipples. I wish you could see it Charlie. I am moving it back and forth from one to the other. It feels so good." Charlie couldn't help her reaction. She began to breath faster.

"I like the way it teases my skin Charlie as I rub it over my stomach. I can almost anticipate it dipping in to touch me. It's so fast, long, and hard. I wonder what it would feel like if I put it in my pussy Charlie? What would it feel??ahhhhhh?.ohhhhh." Her voice moaned out into Charlie's blindness.

Charlie felt the movement of the bed. Her lover pressed into the mattress. She leaned against Charlie's side as she slowly began to fuck herself with the dildo. Each thrust caused the naked skin of her Dom's backside to press against the bound form of Charlie. As she plunged the device inward the sound of the vibrator would become a muffled silence only to be drawn out and become extremely loud again. Charlie saw in her minds eye the slow forceful entry and exit of that dildo. She licked her lips to wet them only to find she had no spit.

Instantly a cool wet finger began to trace her lips as the thought-provoking sounds continued, muffled then loud, muffled then loud. The moment the fingers left her lips Charlie's tongue licked over the damp surface. She tasted a strange flavor on her lips and groaned. It was her lover's essence. She licked off every drop and panted for more. The thrusting had begun to speed up. A fever of motion against her side told her an orgasm was nearing. She was practically crying out for her lover to come, as the thrusting grew more powerful, sharper. The tortured gasping of her lover's breathing told Charlie the moment was about to arrive.

A hitched breath, a deep lasting scrape of fingernails across Charlie's stomach caused her to wince just a moment too late as the scraping fingers clutched at the now warm small chain dangling between the two nipple clamps. Her lover's hand clenched tightly at her climactic peak grasping the small chain with a sudden yank. The nipple clamps were ripped from Charlie's nipples in one abrupt move. A scream of pain and pleasure was forced from Charlie.

The shock was unavoidable. Sharp pain was unleashed. An instant ice bath to her overheated body, she moaned into the throbbing pain that followed. Her aching breasts had very little time to recover as her still panting lover began to lathe them with her tongue. The pins and needles of blood that flowed back into the pinched flesh was ten times more powerful as a surge of pure orgasmic force rushed to her clamped clit. She was helpless to do anything but shake her head back and forth in exquisite pleasure.

"Please!" Charlie begged for the first time. The mouth on her nipples smiled in response. Charlie groaned mentally. She had not thought she would beg. She had not thought of anything she realized. Her lover instantly reached down and released the clit clamp. Charlie screamed again in the rush of the blood flow. Those strong controlling fingers began to thrust against her overly sensitized clit. Charlie felt her eyes rolling upward as she fluttered into a possible faint.

"Oh no you don't!" A twisted nipple brought sharp pain and focused Charlie from the overwhelming throb below. Her lover moved down and began to lick the swollen flesh of her clit as Charlie automatically thrust her hips upward. Every moment of contact seemed too hard but yet not hard enough. Every feeling seemed to bring Charlie closer to her release of the pleasuring torture she was exploring. Every moment passing had her body climbing higher and higher in ecstasy. Charlie climbed upward until her body could take no more.

Her lover silently eyed the full body arched up off the bed. The ankles and wrists still cuffed in submission were twitching over and over, open then closed, up then down. The tension filled muscular form was sitting on the edge of the precipice. She nodded to her self once as she leaned down and buried her face back into Charlie's pussy. The needs must be met. Charlie could take no more.

Charlie threw back her head as she recognized the first fire of her orgasm arriving. The attention her clit began to receive had her bucking up and down. Her lover rode her like the animal she had become. She needed and sought her release in the worst way. She humped the ridged tongue beating her clit mercilessly and she didn't care anymore. Her orgasm rose deep within her and exploded over her entire being. Charlie yelled out her release with a single long cry of 'Yes'.

The continuous pulsing of blood crested over and over as she felt the waves of pleasure swamping her body. Her lover slowly guided her downward to the sheets. Her hands were released and rubbed gently. Her ankle cuffs were removed. Charlie lay exhausted in her bliss. Her sweat drenched body floated in a zone of contentment.

The awakening came as she moved to take off the blindfold and was stopped. Her arm was touched with a single finger.

"No" the husky tone radiated power into her ear.

Charlie felt the slow grin taking over her face. She couldn't help herself. There was more.

Dom Right

Brandi stood looking down at her exhausted lover. She couldn't help but shiver at the intoxicating sight. Charlie's sweat drenched skin still trembled from the orgasm she had experienced. Those previously flexed arms and taunt rock hard thighs were now lying flaccid as Charlie recovered. Brandi watched her lover's breathing begin to level out and waited for the right moment.

It suddenly arrived as Charlie lifted her hand to remove the blindfold. Brandi reached out and stopped the motion with her touch.

"No" her husky tone escaped in a rush. Charlie froze where she lay. Brandi paused before removing her fingertips from the soft skin. She wanted Charlie to question and wonder at her request. She wanted Charlie's mind to jump to as many imaginary scenarios as it could before she took her over the edge once more.

Brandi instantly recalled their first online meeting. Charlie had been looking for information and Brandi had been listed on a website to answer questions concerning Dom/Sub relationships. Charlie had explained right away the difference in her interests to Brandi. She was looking for someone to explore her Sub tendencies with but she didn't want it to overlap into her life. She only wanted a sexual encounter not a lifestyle change. Brandi had smiled at the incongruities of this request. How could you not end up changing your lifestyle to incorporate your sexual interests? Brandi had sat at her desk and asked Charlie that very same question. Charlie had taken so long to respond Brandi had thought she might have lost her connection. Suddenly an impassioned speech was sent in the private IM session between them. Brandi still remembered it word for word.

I just want someone to give me the experience I have been dreaming about for months now. I want to be able to let myself feel these feelings. I want to share them. I want someone to control them and give me guidance. I can't stop thinking about it. If?no when it happens I want to have some say in the 'how' of it. Not because I want to influence my Dom partner but because I am not sure of my boundaries yet. I need to find someone who will take time with me to help me find them.

Charlie's supplication struck something deep within the core of Brandi. She recognized some of the elements to her own hesitation in trying to train a new Sub. She had realized and explored her own Dom tendencies while she and her ex were together. However, since they had split up, Brandi had been hesitant to get into another Dom/Sub relationship for the long term. Brandi listened to the hunger in that plea and found herself providing an answer to Charlie's situation.

The two women had ended up talking for quite some time before the time zone difference had snuck up on them. Brandi casually admitted she was in New Orleans and reminded Charlie of the two-hour difference. Charlie face had cracked a grin when she read that IM. Brandi felt an echoing smile grace her lips in remembrance when she had received the reply 'I've always wanted to visit New Orleans.'

A consensus between them had sprung up fairly easily. Charlie would find emails of information in her inbox concerning BDSM and Brandi would find a list of questions in her email when she logged on each day. Sometime in between email sending they put each other in their address books and messenger service buddy lists. The IM's began to be exchanged and fantasy's began to be discussed.

Brandi explained she did not portray the black leather wearing totally controlling bitch fašade that some Dom's never released. She understood being a Dom was a state of mind, a necessary part of two halves of the whole element between Dom and Sub's. Without the Sub the Dom was nothing. Vice versa for the Dom to Sub aspect. Dom's take what they want but they only take it from the willing. Sub will normally give all they can take if the Dom is attentive enough and able to have patience.

Now she stood naked beside her lover's form and felt such awareness. She took Charlie's hand in her own and helped her to sit up on the bed. Charlie sat on the edge of the bed naked and blind folded wondering where this may lead.

Brandi tossed Charlie's jeans to her and murmured for her to put them on. As Charlie stood and yanked them on she shivered with anticipation. Her upper thighs and stomach were tender and the friction of the jean material rubbing across her skin served to remind her of each stroke given. She moaned as she buttoned the fly. Her Dom reached down and swatted her fingers away. She felt each button of the five being closed as her Dom took sweet time to accomplish the feat. Brandi stood close enough to Charlie to see the fine dampened hairs and cut flexing muscled of her skin. She made sure to breath long slow exhales outward as she buttoned her up. The feel of her breath made Charlie sway in her stance. Her own nakedness radiated heat outward brushing against Charlie. Her Sub managed to maintain the distance between them. Brandi smiled with appreciation. There was some willpower there.

"Follow me Charlie." Brandi ordered firmly as she guided Charlie's hand to her thigh only to slide it around to cup her butt cheek then up to her waist. Charlie hesitated over the thin strap of leather her hand encountered. She frowned slightly. Brandi guided the strong hand around the edge of the leather band and slowly turned toward Charlie letting her hand encounter what was offered. Charlie's fingers traced the harness to the base of the outfit. She recognized the harness for what it was as her fingers bumped lightly onto the shaft. Brandi twitched ever so slightly causing Charlie to wonder if she had imagined it at all. Her big strong fingers drew back from the device and were eventually led to her Dom's side and upward to rest on her shoulder. Charlie felt the need to breathe and realized she had stopped. She blew out a gush of air as she felt her pussy clenching. She shifted her stance without thought.

As Brandi ensured Charlie was holding on they walked the 12 feet over to the bathroom. Entering the suite of the hotel the bathroom had been shown with its antique claw foot bathtub. Brandi had specifically wanted this feature although she had not given any reason as to why.

"Kneel here, Charlie" Brandi pressed her Sub in place beside the tub. Taking the moment to enjoy the sight of her topless, jean clad lover she reached down and stroked her phallus softly. The adjacent end was embedded tightly into her own juice-flowing canal. She leaned over Charlie's back pressing her harnessed dildo along the neckline of the kneeling woman and turned on the faucet handles.

Brandi stood relaxed leaning against the tension filled woman below and watched as the water rose. As still as a rock, the blindfold securely in place, Charlie felt the pressure of that phallus against her cheek and hardly dared to breath. Brandi ran her fingernails through the short dark haircut causing Charlie to tremble.

Leaning back over she shut off the water and bracing one hand on Charlie's shoulder she stepped into the partially filled bathtub. She reached behind her and guided Charlie to sit up on her knees. Putting a soft washcloth in one hand and a bar of soap in the other she gave a particular command to her Sub.

"Wash me!"

Charlie moved slowly and although blind folded she joined the two objects together and began to spread the essence over Brandi's soft skin. Her jeans seam rubbed softly against her clit as she shifted to reach further into the tub. Brandi took the hesitant hands running up and down her arms and guided them to her breasts. The washcloth and soap fell into the tub as both women enjoyed the ministrations they were feeling. Charlie couldn't help but rest her cheek beside Brandi's as she was reaching over her shoulders with her arms. She cupped, stroked the soapy breasts she was given permission to handle. Her fingers, sensitized by the blindfold, painted a vision of such beauty in her minds eye, two perfectly full and rounded breasts, and slick tight skin, topped with a jewel made of pearl. The nipples she fingered were tight buds of pleasure. She listened to Brandi inhale deep shuddering breaths as she massaged and pinched. Charlie recalled the clamping she received and realized she could still feel the sensitivity in her own aching nipples. She brushed her breasts against Brandi's shoulders and began to ride the crotch of her jeans without realizing it.

Brandi heard the increased pace of Charlie's breathing and thought it was time to step up the pace. She grasped the pleasuring hands and slid them further down her soapy body. Carefully she placed the hands on her dick. Charlie gasped at the full girth and size. Brandi showed her lovers hands how to massage her tool. She allowed Charlie a few minutes to become accustomed to it through her touch. Then she stood.

Charlie remained kneeling knowing her Dom would want to guide her.

"Take off your jeans and step into the tub Charlie." Brandi pulled the kneeling woman upward. Charlie struggled with the seemingly tight pants. The steam from the water and the tenderness of her skin caused her to take her time. Charlie was carefully helped into the tub and stood facing her Dom.

Brandi ran the soapy washcloth over Charlie's skin until she glistened all over. She spent a few minutes on each breast stimulating the nipples into hard points. The few careful strokes delving into her pussy had Charlie bucking upward in response. Brandi washed off the soap quickly and turned Charlie with a pull of her elbow.

"Turn around so I can wash your back Charlie", her husky tones deepened slightly. Charlie swallowed as she balanced and turned. Her hip accidentally bumped into the phallus as she turned causing Brandi to gasp.

"That was not nice Charlie", Brandi exclaimed as she pushed in the center of Charlie's back. Charlie raised her hands and caught herself on the tiling of the bathroom wall. She stood holding her hands flat on its surface as her Dom began to run the washcloth over her backside. As Brandi washed, she began to speak.

"If I didn't know any better I'd think you did that on purpose. You wanted to touch my dick didn't you Charlie." She paused her dialogue to note the stiffening of Charlie's tall frame. "I want you to touch it Charlie but not with your hands. I want to?" she ran the washcloth down Charlie's butt cheeks and in between her legs, "?.touch you with my dick, Charlie. I want to fuck you with my dick!" Charlie gasped as the rough washcloth brushed over her pussy. She stood trembling as the washcloth repeated the motion over and over.

"Is your pussy ready for me Charlie? Lets see." Brandi said as she dropped the soapy washcloth and plunged two fingers into the deep heat of her lover. Her fingers slid inward without pause. Charlie was dripping inside and out. Charlie clenched her pussy walls as she automatically wrapped around the fingers entering her. The finger fuck was strong and bold. Just like her Dom. Before she realized she was bending over at the waist pushing back onto three fingers now entering her.

"I'm fucking your pussy Charlie. It is so hot. I'm gonna fuck you with my dick too. I want you to feel me. Your pussy is tight Charlie. Your gonna love this. My big fat dick is going to open you up and make you cum." She said as she placed her pointing dick at the entrance of Charlie's pussy. Her hands went to Charlie's hips to steady them both.

Brandi slid the tool in slow and measured. It was partially in when she let her own internal animal loose. She almost felt the tightness Charlie had told her about. Although not a virgin, she hadn't really had any partners into penetration. She hadn't really known her own wants on the matter. She had left this up to her Dom to explore.

Charlie felt the fingers leave her pussy and the big thick dick entering her. She tried to relax as it slid inward. Halfway in her lover drew slightly out and slammed back into her pussy. Charlie pressed her face against the cold tiles of the wall and took the entry with a grunt. Her body was on fire. She felt so full. Her arms trembled with the power her Dom held. She whimpered as the sensation of fullness was drawn out only to have her push inward and fill her all over again. Charlie could only moan as Brandi fucked her from behind.

Brandi wanted to hear Charlie scream out her pleasure. She continued to pump in and out of her as she reached down and under to find Charlie's clit. She fucked her Sub and began massaging roughly. Charlie moaned and shook. It wasn't enough. Brandi wanted more. She gritted her teeth as she felt her own rising orgasm. She wasn't going to hold out much longer. Controlling her pace, she slid out and in, rubbing on Charlie's clit and slowly running her thumb over Charlie's anus. The triple combination sent Charlie into an all out yelling fest.

"Oh God! I'm so gonna?I want to come!" She pressed her body back into the hands and dick fucking her. Brandi pressed her soapy finger into the puckered sphincter and closed her eyes as she bit her lip in concentration.

"Not yet!" She demanded. Charlie cried out with a growl. Brandi pushed slowly inward, feeling the push-pull of the dildo banging against her own clit, as she fucked Charlie's ass with her thumb. It was glorious. Their bodies pumped in sync as they fed off of each other. Brandi looked down to find her entire thumb sliding in and out in alternating sequence to their joined pussies. She released her tension and commanded Charlie to obey.

"Cum for me Charlie. Let me have your body and soul!" Charlie felt the words wash through her as she climbed over the edge. Her clit swelled bigger and her pussy clenched to draw on the penis she held captive. Her rock hard thighs locked in rigidity as she felt her body collapsing.

"OH GODDDDDD!" she cried out in a choked release. Brandi buried her thumb inside Charlie's ass and pumped into her own orgasm as she hugged Charlie's frame from behind. One, two, three hard plunges inward and she tensed in orgasm catching up to Charlie. Brandi held them both together as she locked her stance. Charlie twitched with each pulse of the powerful wave crashing over her head. Brandi pressed inward with her hips to share her own pleasure. The dildo locked them together and caused the last moans to be released as the both slowly moved down into the water.

Brandi removed the dildo and harness as she gathered her lover into her arms. They sank back into the warmth of the water and clung to each other. Charlie began to reach up to remove the blindfold when her lover stopped her.

"Leave it on Charlie. I want you to feel me. Even now!" Brandi whispered as she kissed the side of Charlie's neck. Charlie smiled an easy smile.

"I don't think I've ever felt anything like you, my love. Thank you!" Although larger than the one cradling her, she snuggled down onto the breasts she was lying tight against and enjoyed the moment. Brandi stroked her lover's hair and thought of all the delicious things they could do tomorrow. They both smiled.

The End.

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