~ Story of Love ~
by gabster82

Warnings: This is an alternative uber tale. It does contain scenes of two woman making love.

If you are under 18 or this kind of material is illeagle where you live stop right here

and go read a comic book.

This is my very first attemp at writing so please bare with me.

Thank you: : I want to thank my online buddies for all their input.

This story isn't very long but hopefull the next one will be bigger and better{already working on

it as we speak}*grin*

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chapter 1

Samantha slowly came awake with the sensation of something staring at her..She opened first one eye and than the next and smiled to herself. Three months ago she had rescued a mongrel dog from the animal shelter. It was a spur of the moment thing and she was glad she had done it. There sat Frankie on the end of the bed waiting patiently for Sam to wake up so he could get some food. He had been a life saver these past few months. Sam would have gone crazy from loneliness if he hadnt been around.

Sam was 24 years old with short blonde hair and green eyes and worked at the local health club as an aerobics intructor. She had moved from a small town in Wyoming to Florida over a year ago and loved her new found freedom if only she didn't feel so alone most of the time.

Sam got out of bed and patted the dog on the head "OK Frankie lets get some food into you and me before both our stomach rebel" she said. She put a robe on over her tank and boxers that she wore to bed. If anyone had of seen her boxers they would have giggled because there was scooby doo staring back at you.

Sam ran her hand through her hair as she opened the refrigerator "OK boy what will it be today ? "

she took our the milk and eggs and started some scrambled eggs. As the pan was heating she poured some dog food into Frankie dish and gave him fresh water.

After breakfast Sam started another boring day . She showered and got ready for work as she had a 9 am class. With Frankie safely encased in the fenced in back yard with plenty of water and shade she got into her jeep and headed off to work. It was only a 10 minute drive but traffic was fierce this time of morning so she got to the club about 5 minutes late. As she rushed into the work out room she noticed that there were a few new faces in the crowd but didnt pay much attention to them.

"OK people lets start with the warm up and than lets have some fun" The group were basically a great bunch . Mostly middle aged woman trying to get rid of the battle of the middle age spread. As she started into the routine she looked up and saw one of the new faces. And almost dropped right there..There before her was one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. About 5"7" to her 5"3" she had long shiney black hair and the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

Sam had known for a long time that she was gay but had just never felt the urge to do anything about it. But as she looked into those blue eyes she got lost. She was so entranced in them that she missed a beat and the whole class giggled. Sam looked at her feet and when she looked up there were those blue eyes laughing at her. A slow blush started from her neck up and Sam got angry "{OKOK no more of that. Lets get to work . We are not here to laugh we are here to get some exercise" The laughter slowly died down but Sam could still feel the woman's eyes on her back.. Needless to say it wasn't one of her better classes.

After 45 minutes Sam called for a 10 minute break and headed over to her gym bag for a bottle of water and her towel. As she was wiping her neck she felt eyes on her once again and slowly turned around.. There stood the vision that had caused Sam to misstep. "Can I do anything for you?" Sam asked looking her right in the eyes . The woman never missed a beat when she said "Hi I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Casey Stevens and I was wondering if you would be interested in going for coffee after the class" Sam almost spit out her water which caused the woman to laugh once again "Sorry I seem to be doing that to you a lot today aren't I" Casey said.

Sam was at a lose for words which was unusual for her. All she did was stand there with her mouth open wide.

"Listen if you're not interested I wont bother you again ok " "No no I'll go " Sam blurted out. "Ok than were do you want to go. Im new in town so i'll leave it up to you ." "Well there's a coffee shop one block over if you don't mind walking. We won't be able to find a parking space so I usually leave my car here and go after the class" "Sure no problem. I'll meet you after the class than " "OK" Sam said.

Another 45 minutes later Sam left the shower and entered the lobby and there was Casey waiting for her. " Lead the way " Casey said. It was the longest block Sam had ever walked. She didnt know what to say or how to act. All she kept thinking was " oh god oh god. What do I do , What do I say. How do I act. OH god Oh god"

When they got to the coffee shop they went to the counter and order their drinks and took them over to a small table in the corner. Neither of them said a word at first."where are you from?" "How long have you lived here?" they both blurted out and than laughed. "You first" Casey said. "Well I was just wondering where you were from" "Well I got transfered here from our California office. "Oh what do you do?" Sam asked. "Well I work for a real-estate company and I wanted a change of pace so I asked and so here I am""Sounds interesting. How old are you ?." "Old" Casey replied and Sam had to laugh at that . This woman did not look old. "Now you have me curious . Come on how old.""Ill be 34 in two months. Like I said old""How old are you?""I 'm 24 " Sam answered.

HMmmmmmm 10 years difference huh? Interesting , very interesting she thought. But is she gay? Sam wondered. She hasn't given any clue if she is or not and how do I ask her. Just my luck she isn't . Oh well at least she's nice and I could use a friend.

They talked for over an hour about anything and everything and when it was time to leave Casey said "Hey what you doing tonight. Its just that I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies with me?" Sam didn't say a word and all of a sudden she blurted out "I'm gay" This time is was Casey's turn to almost choke and than she started to laugh. It was one of those laughs that could turn a straight woman to Jell-O let alone a gay one. It was low and deep and so damn sexy . Sam turned a deep red and said "Oh god I'm sorry I'm so sorry . I don't know why I said that . I just didn't want you to get the wrong impression. Shit ""Its ok Sam. I knew you were gay that's why I asked you out ok..So am I" Sam looked up and there was Casey with a big grin on her face"So do you want to go out tonight or what?" "Yeah . Yes I do?" "Where do you live and what time should I pick you up?" "Oh I live on Hemlock drive the last house on the street and would 8 o'clock be ok the movie starts at 830 so we should be there to get seats early . It is Friday night you know" "Hey I life over on Spruce Drive that's only 2 blocks away. So I'll be there at 8 than. Oh by the way what's your last name? I kind of like to know the name of the woman I just asked out on a date?" "It's Samantha Morgan but call me Sam?"


When Sam got home she went into the house and just sat on the sofa for the longest time. "Here I am 24 years old and I'm going on my first date tonight. I have a date tonight. OH MY GOD I HAVE A DATE TONIGHT. What am I going to wear ? I only have two hours and she'll be here." This was all new to me. In high school boys had asked me out but I wasn't interested and no one thought anything because I was always a tomboy at heart and just liked to hang out with a bunch of people . Than I went away to college for 2 years and when I got back home I started working at the local club. And than a year ago I decided it was time for me to leave the nest once again so I packed up my bags and moved to Florida.

Casey rang the bell at exactly 8 o'clock and when I opened the door all I could do was stare. She was gorgeous.

Black skin tight jeans and a white T-shirt was all she wore but it looked so good on her, like it was a second skin.

"Hi. Hope I'm not late" "No just on time " I managed to say. "Well lets get going . We don't want to have to sit in the front row do we" Casey laughed at this and started walking to her car. When they got to the car Casey opened the door for me" your chariot awaits My Lady" . I got in and buckled the belt around my hips and as she got in she looked me right in the eyes and I almost melted.

We got to the theatre with time to spare so we got seats about 3/4 of the way up next to the wall. About 15 minutes into the movie I felt someone reaching for my hand. I looked over and there was Casey watching me instead of the movie . "Do you mind " she asked as she took my hand into hers. "No I don't mind" was all I could get out. She gave it a small squeeze and turned back to the screen. After awhile she started rubbing the palm of my hand with her thumb and I almost went crazy. It felt so nice. I couldn't concentrate on the movie so I looked over at her and she was watching me. We just looked at each other for a few minutes than Casey slowly brought my hand up to her lips and kissed my fingers never taking her eyes off of me. My breath caught in my throat. My heart started pounding. I had never felt like this before and I liked it . It was exciting. All of a sudden Casey leaned over and said , "lets get out of here ok" .. She didn't have to ask me twice. I almost ran from the theatre and when we got to the car Casey pushed me up against the car and just stared into my eyes. "I have to kiss you Sam. I need to kiss you. Please" and before I could answer her lips met mine for the first time. It was so soft and tender. Like nothing I had ever felt before. Casey slowly moved away " I'm gonna take you home Sam because if I keep kissing you I won't be able to stop and I don't want to scare you away.. I like you alot and would like to keep seeing you so I don't want to ruin anything " She opened the door for me and I got in. When she got in she reached over and buckled my seat belt for me. I hadn't said a word since she kissed me.

When we got to my house Casey got out and opened the door once again and walked me up the front walk to my porch. "I had a nice evening Sam. Thank you for going out with me. Can I see you again soon?" I just stared at her and asked her to come in for a drink. I poured each of us a glass of wine and we sat on the sofa talking for a bit and than I looked at her and took her hand and pulled her off of the sofa. "Sam what are you doing?""I want you to make love to me Casey . Right now. I need you like I have never needed anyone before""Are you sure Sam? We can just cuddle if that's what you want .""No I want you . I need you. Please Casey make me yours"

I led Casey to my bedroom and sat on the bed. She walked up to me and knelt before me. "Sam I need to know if you are sure because once I start I don't think I'll be able to stop ok. I want you so bad." My only answer was to pull her down on the bed with me and kiss her. It started off slow with just little kisses all over the face but than things started heating up and we kissed with so much passion and love . Our tongues meeting for the first time. We couldn't seem to get enough of each other and after awhile we started to pull each others cloths off needing to feel skin on skin. Casey looked down at me and smiled and than kissed me once more on the lips before she started kissing a path down my body. Nibbling and licking her way to my breast. She took my nipple in her mouth and I almost went right through the ceiling . It felt so good. Her teeth grazed the very tip of my breast while her tongue flickered around it. She lightly bit down and started licking and sucking it into her mouth. All the while the fingers of her other hand were squeezing and pinching the other breast until I couldn't stand it no more. "Oh god Casey , I need you now " I screamed. Casey didn't want to disappoint me so she slowly ran her hands down my body following her hands with her lips . Nipping and licking me all over. When she got to my center her nostrils flared and she just looked up into my eyes and said" Sam you smell so good . I have to taste you." With those words she lowered her head and separated my folds until she could get her first taste of me.

Casey growled low in her throat as she licked my fold and than she touched my clit and I growled along with her"YESSSSSS oh god Casey yessssss ...right there do it now take me I need to feel you inside me take me im yours " I moaned as she licked and stroked and nibbled on my clit. Her tongue drove me crazy. I had never felt anything like this before in my life. When I thought I couldn't take anymore Casey slowed down a bit and and started to run her finger in my juices. As she neared my hole she looked up to make sure I was ok and than she slowly entered me . She met resistance and asked "Are you sure Sam..Are you very very sure" All I could do was look at her and nod my head and with a voice rough with desire answered "Yes Casey , I'm sure. I want you to be the first one to really make love to me. I love you so please make me yours" There were tears in both our eyes as she continued to gently pump in and out and than I felt her tongue on my clit again and all my fears flew out the window. I was so excited and so wet that I hardly felt as she took my virginity. And just as she made me hers I climaxed so hard and so long that I almost passed out from the pleasure of it and all Casey did was hold me telling me that everything was alright and that I would be alright .

Long minutes followed and than Casey got up on her elbow and asked if I was alright. I smiled and touched her beautiful face with my hand and she knew just from the look in my eyes that I was fine. We fell asleep in each others arms and when I woke up Casey was gone. I jumped out of bed and didn't know what to do ..I kept thinking "Oh god Oh god she left she left ..why did she leave ..did I do something wrong" And as I was rushing out of the room there I saw her coming out of the bathroom. It was evident that she had just showered because your long black hair was slicked back from her face. And when she saw me and smiled I knew everything was alright.

chapter 3

For the next month we saw each other almost everyday and it became a habit that on the weekends she would stay over. Those were the best days . Not only was the sex great but we were getting to know one another inside and out. What we liked and disliked and it got to the point where we knew when the other was happy or if something was bothering them. Such was the case when Casey showed up one Friday night for dinner. I opened the door and I knew something was bothering her. "Baby what's wrong?""Nothing. Its ok.""Come on I know something is wrong Casey . I can see it in your eyes." "Well I got a phone call today from my mother.""So whats wrong with that?" I asked. "Well its like this. She's coming for a visit ?""Well that's great Casey. You must miss her huh?""Oh I do miss her Sam but the problem is is that she doesn't know im gay.""OHHHHHHHHHHhhh!!!"

"Well than what are we gonna do about it babe?"" I don't know but I do know that I am going to tell her. I won't hide the one good thing that has ever happened to me from her." I almost cried at that because that is exactly how I felt about her.

For two weeks we were on edge. How do you tell ones mother that you are in love with someone. And that the someone is of the same sex. We started snapping at little things until one night I told her that if it was too much for her to handle just to leave. She stopped right in her tracks and looked at me. "Do you really want me to leave?" she asked with tears in her eyes.."OH god no I don't want you to leave. It's just that we seem to be getting on each others nerves lately and the closer the time gets for your mother to get here the worse it gets sweety." "I'm so sorry Sam . I don't mean to take my frustration out on you. I guess im just a bunch of nerves ever since I found out she was coming here." "Don't worry baby. It will all work out . You will see ok." With that she took me in her arms and just held me to her like I was her life line to this world.

Two days later we waited patiently in Casey's house for her mother to arrive. If I knew it wasn't such a hard time for Casey I would have laughed at the way she was pacing the floor and chewing her nails. She had a tendency to do that when she got nervous. All of a sudden she stiffened and said, "she's here". I gently put my hand on her shoulder and told her that everything would be alright. Than waited as she walked to the door to let her mother in. Casey hugged the other woman who looked so much like her. It wasn't hard to see where Casey got her looks. Definitely from her mother..The older woman was at least 2 inches taller than Casey with long black hair with just traces of gray running though it. "Hello darling. Its been too long hasn't it""Yes it has been too long mom. I'm glad you are here." Just at that moment Cassandra Stevens lifted her head and saw me standing there.

She slowly released Casey and walked over to me. "Well darling are you going to introduce me to your friend?"

"Ahhh ahh mom this is Sam." She paused at that point for just on split second and than just said it. "Sam is my girlfriend mom" We both held our breath and to our very surprise her mother said, "Well its about damn time you realized you were gay" Needless to say our mouths were hanging open and Cassandra started to laugh. "What ,do you think I'm to old to realize my own daughter is a lesbian.. Casey I have known since you were 16, ok darling. I was just waiting for you to tell me. And now you have told me so that means Sam must be very special. Welcome to our family Sam." Casey started crying right than and there and I couldn't help it so did i. I was so damn happy. Here we were worrying for nothing. Cassandra ran over to her daughter and pulled her into her arms "There there , its all right ok..Moms here and so is your sweet Sam" She looked at me over Casey shoulder and held out her arms and I ran into them also. There we stood three grown women crying our eyes out because we were happy.

After a leisurely dinner with the two dark haired woman I got up to leave , "Ill see you both tomorrow ok " I said. "what's your rush ?" Cassandra inquired. "I thought you would be spending the night here with us?" "Ah ahah well I didn't want to intrude with your reunion " Cass just laughed low and said "Stay ok so I can get to know my future daughter in-law." I almost hit the floor. We had never talked about a commitment but as I looked up at Casey I knew she was all for one just from the silly grin on her face. I smiled at her and just took her hand in mine and let her see all the love I had in them for her. She gently gave my hand a squeeze and led me to the sofa where we all three sat and talked for hours.

At around midnight Cass got up off of the sofa and said she was tired and where was her room. Casey showed her were she was to stay while she was here and I heard her whisper "Thanks mom.. I love her you know. With all my heart and soul.""'I know dear. Because if you didn't love her you would never have told me, so that is how I knew how you feel. I have waited all these years for you to find someone to love and there she is standing no more than 20 feet away. Go to her Casey. I love you darling and I want you to be happy and if Sam makes you happy than all I can say is go for it" Casey pulled her mom into a big bear hug and they both laughed.

After we got into our room she looked at me and said "Sam I want to ask you something ok ..if you think its too soon I will understand but I want you to know that I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you""What is it baby. What do you want to ask me?" "well I was wondering if you would like to ahh well if you would want to move in here with me?" I jumped up of the bed where I had been sitting and grabbed her and yelled "YESYES I have been waiting for you to ask me Casey". She started to laugh and giggle like she was very happy and to tell you the truth it was contagious I started to chuckle just from listening to her and before you knew it we we rolling on the bed having a tickle fight. Well one thing led to another and one minute I was straddling Casey and tickling her relentlessly and the next I was on my back with her looking down on me."Man you are fast let me tell you " I giggled. Than the smiles left our faces as we stared into each others eyes. Casey slowly lowered her head and gently kissed my bottom lip taking it between her teeth and softly sucking on it.

My mouth opened as if by magic begging for a deeper more sensuous kiss. She kissed me once more very gently and than proceeded to run her tongue down my chin to my neck. My head turned so could have better access to it. Casey took my earlobe into her mouth and licked and sucked on it..She knew what that did to me. It sent a shock wave right to my clit. That is what it does to me. "Casey?" I managed to get out "What about your mother?" "Mom can get her own woman. You belong to me,." At that I just couldn't help it I started to laugh so hard my sides hurt. Casey looked at me like I was crazy. "Hey what's so funny?" she asked. The look on her face just made me laugh all the more harder . She got up and sat on the side of the bed. "OKOK I get what you are saying ...no nookie while mommy is here right " She had a silly grin on her face and than she started to laugh also. After our laughter died down we just laid there looking into each others eyes and after awhile sleep over took us and as we drifted off into the land of slumber we held each other in our arms and dreamed the dreams of lovers.

chapter 4

For the next two weeks we took Casey's mom to see everything there was to see in Florida for this was her first trip here. On the Friday after she got here we had made plans to take her to dinner and than to a local club for some dancing. Cass didn't look like a woman of 55 and if it wasn't for the streaks of gray she could have been taken for Caseys sister. At the last moment Cass passed on the evening saying she had a headache and that she wanted us to go and have a good time. She would stay home and take a long hot bath and watch tv before retiring for the night.

We went to a local seafood place and than we decided to go to the local gay bar for a few drinks and a little dancing. As we entered the club we could see that it was very crowded and we were lucky to get a booth in the back corner. "I'll go get us each a glass of wine ok love" Casey said. As she walked away I couldn't help admiring her butt. It was so damn sexy in those tight jeans. I almost started drooling. Casey came back to the table and sat next to me in the small booth. We listened to the music and sipped our wine but didn't talk because the music was so loud. She looked over at me and nodded towards the dance floor. ""Wanna dance?" she yelled over the music. I nodded yes and we got up to dance. The beat was fast and the floor crowded so we were dancing very close together. Her body rubbing against mine and the music blared. The song ended and a slow sensuous one came on. Casey pulled me into her arms and we swayed to the music. She started to run her hands up and down my back and pull me even closer to her . Her breath was tickling my neck and she took my earlobe between her teeth and slowly sucked it into her mouth. My breath caught in my throat. It sent an electric shock straight to my cunt. I moaned into her neck as she than proceeded to kiss and lick her way down my neck . We didn't care who else was in the club all we cared about was each other and how we made the other feel. Casey put one knee between my legs pushing it into my crotch. All I could do was hang onto her shoulder for dear life. My body wouldn't work on its own. I was so hot and so wet that Casey could probably feel it on her leg. "Oh god baby I need you now. Lets get out of here " Casey managed to say before grabbing my hand and literally pulling me out of the club.

When we got home we raced into the house, "Shh don't make any noise ok . Moms asleep " At that point I spotted a note on the table next to the sofa. It was from Cass. It seems that an old friend of hers who now lived in Florida called and seeing as she was feeling better they decided to go out for the evening and that she wouldn't be back until morning. The gods must have been looking down on us. We raced to the bedroom and as I shut the door Casey pushed me up against the door and lifted me into her arms. My legs wrapped around her waist and I started kissing her all over the face. Her hands were on my ass squeezing and kneading and pulling me closer to her. Casey carried both of us to the bed and gently lowered me to the mattress. She looked at me and slowly began to kiss my lips. Her breath was so hot as she took my bottom lips between hers and sucked on it. I opened my mouth to meet Caseys wet caresses with my own. Deep inside me I felt curls of desire flame into passion . I press my body closer to her and deepen the kiss sliding my tongue inside to explore the velvety wetness of Caseys mouth. Casey ran her hands up my sides and took my blouse in her hands and pulled it over my head than unhooked my bra so she could touch my tits.

Casey left the kiss to run her tongue along my neck and down my breast bone and over the top of my tits. She slowly took my puckered nipple into her mouth and suckled. I gasp for breath arching my back to get closer to her mouth. Her hands running down my sides stopping at the top of my pants . She slowly licked her way down and using her teeth unzipped my pants pulling them down with her hands taking my panties along for the ride. I lifted my legs so she could take them all the way off "Casey you are wearing too many clothes . Take them off . please I need to see your beautiful body naked before me". She couldn't get our of her cloths fast enough for both our taste but once she was as naked as me she crawled up my body giving me a soft kiss on the lips before she started going lower .

My legs opened of there own accord as Casey slowly moved down to tangle her tongue in the soft curls that wocered my sex. Kneeling between my legs she dipped a finger down and caught a single drop of my dewy essence that dripped from the velvet petals of my core. Our eyes locked as she brought her finger up to her mouth and with a flick of her tongue she tasted my honey dew. Her head went between my legs and she kissed and licked the inside of my thigh until she reached my cunt. With the first feel of her tongue in my folds my hips thrust up to meet her mouth. Casey wrapped her arms under my thighs as I began to buck against her mouth. As I got closer to my climax she sucked my clit into her mouth flicking it with quick strokes of her tongue while her fingers found the spot inside me that gives me the most pleasure. Fingers pumping tongue flicking bringing me to an intense shuddering release.

I just lay there for what seemed hours but really only a few seconds had past trying to catch my breath."Oh god baby that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had." With a little chuckle she moved up my body and just held me while my breathing came back to normal. "Now its my turn to make love to you baby" With a quickness that surprised both of us I rolled over until Casey was on the bottom. I spread her thighs until my hips could find a place between them. I kissed her softly at first than with more vigor as both our breathing started to quicken. Our cunts were touching and I moved my hips until we had a rhythm going where our clit were rubbing against each other. Faster and faster our hips moved . My mouth sucking on her pulse point seeming to make it more erotic to her and she started to buck and grind against me with all that she was worth and as she came she screamed my name for the world to hear.

Many minutes later I rolled over until we were lying side by side on the bed our bodies touching from shoulder to thighs. She looked at me and with breath raspy with emotion said"Sam, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my live and I never want to live without you. I love you and I want to make you my wife. Will you marry me baby?" "I thought you would never ask darling". With those words we wrapped our arms around each other and fell asleep.

Three months later both our families gathered for our wedding in a small gay chapel. This is the beginning of the rest of our lives. So begins another story.

the end [for now]

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