~ Dyki Tantsi ~
by Fiur and Vlamme

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The pink tip of her tongue was poking from between her luscious lips, while Jorane sat with an expression of absolute concentration on her pale face at the desk, in her study. The late afternoon sun shone through the slightly opened window, the light fell on a sheet of paper in front of Jorane. The house was silent, for which the young woman was very grateful.

A few weeks had gone by and the noise Ileana had caused with turning the apartment upstairs into a dance studio had finally left. Now Jorane hoped that she would be able to concentrate on her poems again.

Gracefully, she guided the silvery pen across the paper, as some heavy drum beats, followed by blaring horns and also loud "Dyki Tantsi" and "Hey" cries, made her jerk. The result was one big scrawl across the whole sheet.

"God damn it all! That's not possible!" Jorane cursed, crumpled the paper and threw it angrily into the basket. "I thought they just wanted to talk?"

The music boomed through the house, together with the stomping sounds of Ileana and her dancers.

"Must be some talk! Sounds more like a public festival up there!" Jorane reached for her cane, leaned on it and slowly rose from her chair. "I should have known! Already as I saw the wilde horde standing in front of my door! They just had to test the new stereo system!"

While she was moving gingerly to the stairs to call up and demand some silence, Ileana's beautiful alto voice sounded.

"Play a song for me, my darling
Play for me, musician
I shan't go to show business
For the recognition
You'd be playing, you'd be playing
I would sing with passion
All the world could hear this music
With the great impression"

"Yes, and how the whole world can hear it! Since it is loud enough!" the blonde woman spat, annoyed. "Dear God, just how do they stand the volume if my poor ear drums are nearly bursting down here?"

Attila was sitting on the lowest step, observing curiously as his newest, favourite human came closer. When she was about four steps away, he jumped up, strode towards her and rubbed his body against her legs, purring.

"Hey, cute buddy. What do you want? Are you hungry? Or did you flee from the noise your mistress calls music?"

The stomping sounds of the dancers increased, as did Ileana's singing.

"Should my mood become so bully
We will sing together
When good people come to party
We'll be dancing further
When we find a classy master
Who can lay the table
We shall dance the hot wild dances
We are so much able
Don't you sway - control your breathing
Look at me, it's very easy
Play the song and stop your teasing"

"Hmm, I guess they are doing the 'Hot Wild Dances' up there. I hope they are not going to break through the ceiling at any moment," Jorane mumbled to herself. "I don't think shouting will help anything, since they obviously wouldn't be able to hear me anyway. Come on, Attila. Let's go to the kitchen and see if we can find something to eat for you ."

Jorane had just turned around, as the door bell rang. A glance at her watch told her the identity of the visiter. "David."

Upstairs the music became even louder and Ileana sang with all her heart.

"When I think of dateless customs
And of old traditions
There were songs and crazy dances
And without conditions
Play this song for me, my darling
Let them hear my singing
I give twenty points to Britney
My voice will be ringing

"Yes, I hear your voice ringing! And how!" Jorane grumbled darkly and opened the door.

David breezed in, a big grin on his face as usual. "Oh WOW!!! Is that Ileana?" he asked with a nod in direction of the stairway.

"Do you know another singer, who lives here?" came the sarcastic reply.

"Should my mood become so bully
We will sing together
When good people come to party
We'll be dancing further
When we find a classy master
Who can lay the table
We shall dance the hot wild dances
We are so much able
Don't you sway - control your breathing
Look at me, it's very easy
Play the song and stop your teasing"

"Hot, wild dances, huh? God, she's got such a cute accent," David gushed and winked at her. "Sounds like an interesting party up there."

"It sounds more like Hannibal and his war elephants crossing over the Alpes!" the blonde woman hissed back. "But I knew you'd like such wild music and..."

"Hey!" He cut her off abruptly and waved his index finger wildly in front of her nose. "This divine lady upstairs is a star in her home country, and if she has any success here, she will become goddess of music! And you can admit already that you like her music, too."

"Play this song for me, my darling
Make all people stare
We could win a million dollars
But I wouldn't care
Don't be cool with me, musician
You don't get the chances
You can't go away, my darling
No more songs, no dances"

She didn't say anything to that, just scowled at him. "If you are going upstairs right now, could you please tell your 'goddess' she may please turn down the volume? Here is one poor mortal, who has to work and needs some peace and quiet to accomplish that!" She nearly yelled to make herself heard over the booming "Dyki Tantsi!" and "Hey!" cries.

David just grinned, moving his head to the rhythm of the music. "No problem, I'll do that." He pressed some envelopes in her hand, before climbing the stairs to see the rest of Ileana's perfomance. "Here, your mail."

"Play this song for me, my darling
Let us feel the fire
Let the people dance together
Jumping even higher
Let your music reach the heavens
Let the stars be violent
When the morning stops these sounds
Then we shall be silent

With the letters in hand and the Ragdoll tomcat at her side, Jorane went to the kitchen, asking herself how long the song actually was Ileana sang so passionately in the apartment above her. Leaning against the counter she went through the mail. During that, she unconsciously moved her right foot to the beat of Ileana's song, who was still roaring, "...Dyki Tantsi... Hey... Dyki Tantsi... Hey... Dyki Tantsi... Hey... Dyki Tantsi... Hey... Dyki Tantsi!"

"Mh, I wonder what 'Dyki Tantsi' means. Maybe I should ask her."

Finally the song was over, only to be replaced by loud cheering, which faded soon enough.

Jorane glanced relieved to the ceiling. "Thank you, God! Maybe now the wild horde will show some consideration for me." She turned back to her mail, "Garbage, invoice, garbage, garbage, strange winnings from a competition I never entered, garbage, invoice, invoice..."

Suddenly she hesitated, her eyes staring at the white envelope. The name of the bank stood out in deep black. Her fingers began to tremble, her throat tightened and she had trouble breathing. Jorane struggled to open the envelope, the trembling of her hands making it even harder. Her heart beat rose rapidly and cold sweat broke out, as she read the text. Gasping for breath, Jorane felt as if she couldn't get enough oxygen. Her head dizzy, she grabbed for the counter, trying to find a place to hold on.

"I'm thirsty. I will go downstairs to fetch something to drink. Does anyone else need something from the kitchen?" Ileana asked helpfully, while she dried her sweaty face with a soft towel.

Her dance troop and David declined.

"Good, that means more for me!" the singer declared smiling, and whistling she made her way downstairs. Attila came towards her. She bent down and patted him gently. "Hey, buddy! Been cheating on me again, huh? Getting some cuddling from Jorane behind my back, hm?"

Then she heard the wheezing sounds and wrinkled her forehead. "Jorane?"

The strange noises led her to the kitchen. Shortly after the brunette had entered the room, Jorane's legs gave out beneath her and the singer managed just in time to reach her, before the blonde woman fell to the black and white checkered tiles. "Jorane!" Ileana's arms shot out, wrappig themselves around Jorane's upper body to catch her and slowly the singer sank to the floor with Jorane in her arms, until the blonde head was resting safely in her lap. "Jorane!"

The brunette's heart hammered wildly in her chest and she cried for help, her fearful gaze never leaving Jorane's way too pale face, who was still gasping and wheezing heavily for breath. "DAVID!!! DAVID!!!"

Jorane's whole body shook and trembled, her eyes rolled back until only the white was visible.

Caught in distress, she didn't know what else to do and so the dark haired singer screamed again, "DAVID!!! DAVID!!!"

For Ileana it felt like an eternity when actually it were only some seconds before her panicky outcry reached the young man's ears and he came storming down the stairs. He hurried to the kitchen and found the women on the floor. "Jorane! Damn!"

Scared, Ileana looked at him. "What's... what's wrong with her?" Unconsciously, she gently stroked Jorane's sweaty forehead.

The medic in him took control and he knew what to do. David opened a drawer beside the counter. "Panic attack. She's hyperventilating." He whipped out a brown paper bag, pushed Ileana aside and took her place.

The singer kept kneeling on the floor and held Jorane's hand. She noticed a letter the blonde was clutching tightly between her fingers. Carefully she pried the document from Jorane's vise like grip, whose body convulsed and shook.

David narrowed the opening of the paper bag und placed it over Jorane's blue lips, while trying to soothe the young woman. "Jorane... Jorane, everything is okay... shhhh... You are safe... But you have to calm down... shhhh... it's alright..."

Due to the hurried breaths the bag was filled with air and emptied rapidly. The sight made Ileana's heart clench painfully in her chest. She held Jorane's hand, hoping to somehow give her an anchor.

"Jorane, Jorane... breathe easy... easy... shhh... everything's okay, calm down..." David looked up from his task as he heard someone clearing his throat.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Ileana's dancers and musicians had come down to see what was going on.

The physiotherapist shook his head. "No, but thank you. What she needs right now is rest and the feeling of security."

Eventually, Jorane's breathing became normal and David took the bag off her mouth. She opened her eyes, seeing the concerned faces hovering above her. "David?" she croaked hoarsely through her dry throat. "It happened again?"

The young man nodded silently.

Jorane removed her hand from Ileana's grip and touched her own forehead. "Oh God, no." Tears welled up in her eyes and ashamed she turned her face away.

Carefully, David slid one arm under her neck the other under her knees and lifted her in his muscled arms, while rising from the cold floor.

"No, don't," Jorane begged, crying. "You don't need to carry me. Just give me a minute and I can walk on my own, please! I don't want the others to see me like that." She buried her face at his chest.

"And how is that?" he asked softly. David knew how much Jorane hated to give up her independence. She had to have control of everything.

"Weak... helpless," she sobbed as an answer.

But the physiotherapist wasn't disconcerted and carried the vulnerable, young woman to her bedroom, the sad eyes of Ileana and her dancers following them.

One hour later, Jorane was asleep. Attila was curled up on the pillow next to her, while David and Ileana kept vigil beside her.

The dark haired woman gave him the wrinkled bank document she had found in Jorane's hand. "I'm sure that's the reason for the panic attack."

David took it, his eyes flying over the printed lines. His face darkened and he gnashed his teeth. "That bastard! He rose the rate for the mortgage again!"

Ileana hesitated for a moment before asking, "Jorane needs more money? Hey, I could pay more for the apartment, that wouldn't be a problem..."

David forced a weak smile on his face. "That's very nice of you but not necessary. I'm going to settle the matter with that vulture." He glanced at his watch and realized that the bank was still open. "In fact, I'll do it right now!"

David said goodbye to Ileana. He wanted her to keep an eye on Jorane and the singer promised to do that without giving it another thought.

For awhile she sat there, looking at the peacefully slumbering Jorane. But Ileana's thoughts didn't find any rest. Again and again she saw the trembling, convulsing body of the wheezing blonde in her mind's eye and a shiver ran down her back. "If David hadn't been there, I wouldn't have known what to do," she whispered to herself.

Her sapphire blue eyes fell on Attila, who was about to snuggle closer to Jorane. "No, no, buddy. Leave her be." Ileana leapt up to hold him back, wanting to avoid any disturbance of the blonde's slumber. She reached over Jorane, lifted Attila off the bed and placed the protesting tomcat on the carpet, who finally left, meowing offended.

As she went back to her chair, something rustled underneath her foot and she looked down. She was standing on a sheet of paper. Unintentionally, she had swept it from Jorane's night stand in her haste to get Attila off the bed.

The singer wanted to return it to its place, as she noticed the delicate handwriting. Ileana knew from David that Jorane had the peculiarity to write the first version of her poems with a pen on paper. A smile curled around her lips as she realized what exactly it was she held in her hands, because up until now she hadn't dared to ask Jorane about her poems. She sat down in her chair beside the bed and began to read.

Come to me
Run to me
Sweep me off my feet again

Come to me
Run to me
Lift me up like a hurricane

The work wasn't signed and so the singer knew it wasn't finished yet, but these few words were enough to cause an avalanche of emotions und feelings inside her. "That gives me an idea," she whispered in the silence of the dimly lit bedroom.

A small whimper sounded from the bed and Ileana took Jorane's restlessly roaming hand in hers. "Shhh... everything is okay... You are safe, Jorane."

But the small blonde didn't calm down. She frowned in her sleep, her head thrashing from one side to the other. "Mortimer...no..."

The name made Ileana's heart clench and she lowered herself to the bed's edge, gently stroking Jorane's forehead while she began to hum a melody from her home country. It was a lullaby her mother used to sing for her whenever she had been plagued at night by terrible dreams as a little girl.

The mixture of soothing singing and gentle caresses didn't fail to calm the blonde, letting her slip into a deeper sleep without any nightmares.

Ileana gazed at the small, slender hand in her own. It seemed to be a perfect fit. The singer lifted it to her lips and breathed a tiny kiss against delicate knuckles. "I'll always be there for you, Jorane," she promised quietly. "You only have to let me."


Some more weeks went by and, against all odds, the two women became friends.

Ileana was about to give her first performance at a big TV show, for which the singer had trained very hard and for a long time.

The whole day, the brunette had been jumping through the house, excited beyond all else and driving Jorane crazy, who sat on the couch in the living room, her legs elevated. Today of all days, her left leg ached badly, but she tried not to show it in front of Ileana. In her hands she held a ticket for the show and smiled. "First row, right in front of the stage."

Suddenly, the young blonde bit her lip, her face contorting as a sharp pain ripped through her scarred leg. It felt like a million needles stabbing hotly into the tissue. "Damn," Jorane hissed through clenched teeth. The ticket slid from her fingers as she rubbed her leg with both hands, trying to ease the pain.

Exhausted, she sank back, closing her eyes tightly as Ileana came floating into the room, her whole face beaming. "Jorane? You aren't changed, yet?"

Reluctantly, the blonde opened her eyes. "I won't come with you," she explained, quickly. She saw the disappointment in Ileana's gaze and that hurt her even more.

"Well, it can't be helped then..." came Ileana's quiet and hesitating respond.

Finally Jorane couldn't stand it anymore and overcame herself for a tiny moment, "I would have liked nothing more than to go with you and watch your performance live!"


"I... I'll watch the show on TV, okay?"

"Promise?" A weak smile formed on Ileana's lips.

"Scout's honor!" Jorane replied smiling, and all of a sudden she felt light and elated, as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Ileana seemed to notice that and said, "I'm glad, if I can be with you again, soon."

Jorane's smile turned to a wide grin, but before she could say anything came a honking from outside.

"Oh, that must be David. He wanted to pick us up," Ileana explained.

"Don't keep the poor guy waiting and... uh... good luck. I'll think of you."

Ileana beamed again. "I will think of only you, " she promised and left. Just before the front door closed she called back, "Rest well!"

Jorane relaxed on her couch. "What's happening with me? Whenever Ileana is in my presence I feel so different, " she mused. "Like... before the crash... can it be that... no, no." She tried to shove these thoughts away and during that fell into a dreamless sleep.

The show had started and Ileana just entered the stage, where she was greeted by thundering applause. Under other circumstances she would have thought only of the elated audience, but today everything was different. The bright sparkle in her azure blue eyes was due to one single thought. The thought of Jorane and her beautiful smile.

As the audience quieted down, Ileana opened her performance with the words, "Today, I'll perform for the first time live and in front of an audience, here in this country. I'll present my newest song 'Like a Hurricane'. I was inspired by a person, who is very close to my heart and also an awesome poet. The first lines of the lyrics were taken from a poem. And I owe it to this special person that I can be here tonight to sing for you."

The audience cheered and after a short pause Ileana looked directly into the camera and said almost imploringly, "I love you."

The music began, the dancers stormed on the stage to join her and the breathtaking show started.

At the same time, Jorane awoke, feeling like a truck had rolled over her and not exactly rested. Tired, she rubbed her eyes, but was wide awake a second later as her gaze fell on the clock above the TV. "Ileana! The show! Oh no, it has already started!"

In a hurry she fumbled for the remote control and switched the TV on, browsing though the channels until she found the one she needed.

Her song already finished, the singer sat grinning widely in an armchair, answering some questions from the audience. For a short moment David came into view with a small text fading in and Jorane froze. She listened to the moderator for only a second before switching off the TV with trembling fingers and staring in shock at the black screen. Jorane couldn't believe what she had just heard and seen. Tears rolled down her cheeks she couldn't and didn't want to hold in. "I'm such a fool. I'm so stupid, how could I have thought that..."

Crushed, she reached for her cane, got up and went to her bedroom.

After saying goodbye in the driveway to David, who had to be at a meeting, Ileana sprinted over the lawn to the front door. Before she unlocked it, she leaned against the frame, taking some deep breaths. "I'm so glad that I've finally admitted it to Jorane."

Happy feelings coursed through her veins. "And on TV no less! Live! In front of a million people! Now, Jorane just has to believe me and realize that I'm serious about my feelings."

Jorane winced in her chair, in the bedroom, as she heard Ileana coming home.

Excited the singer called, "Hey, Jorane! I'm back! And? Did you see the show? Jorane? Where are you?"

Sooner than later, her search led her to Jorane's bedroom. The curtains had been closed as usual, darkening the room, even though it was actually just afternoon. "Ah, here you are hiding." Ileana grinned. "I want your honest opinion about my stage performance..." She trailed off as she saw the weird expression on Jorane's face.

Jorane turned away, shrugging her shoulders.

Ileana couldn't understand why the blonde was suddenly so cold and rebuffing. "Since you inspired me to 'Like a Hurricane," she added and winked at Jorane.

"What? I inspired you to a hurricane?" the blonde snapped at the singer, sharply. "You can sing whatever you want to whom ever you want, for all I care! I sure as hell can't stop you!"

Ileana thought she knew why Jorane was so irritated. 'She's been here all day enduring horrible pain. I need to cheer her up. She mustn't ignore what I feel for her.'

Demonstrative, the blonde looked in the opposite direction, crossing her arms over her chest.

Confused, Ileana wrinkled her forehead. 'Maybe my love confession didn't come across as I had hoped it would. Perhaps it needs a more intimate atmosphere to tell her my feelings.'

Having made the decision Ileana stepped forward until she stood right in front of Jorane. "Hey-ya hey come to me..." she began, singing in her beautiful alto voice. "Hey-ya hey run to me..."

"T-that... are... m-my... w-words... you d-did... " Jorane stammered in shock.

"Of course! I already said so on the show! Please take this song seriously and as a confession."

The blonde swallowed hard and a strange feeling came over her as she looked into azure blue eyes that gazed at her in expectation. But in her mind she saw only the pictures of the show and so she verbally attacked the singer once more, "What do you mean? It won't change anything if you sing the song to me in person!"

"Why?" Ileana was close to tears, the words hitting her hard.

"For you they may be just empty phrases but to me words actually mean a lot!"

"The song is for you! I said that! What do you think it means to me?"

Uncomprehending, the young blonde looked up into sparkling, blue eyes.

Ileana put all her heart in the song to finally show Jorane what she was feeling. "Hey-ya hey, sweep me off my feet again...Hey-ya hey, come to me... Hey-ya hey, run to me... Hey-ya hey, lift me up like a hurricane... Hey-ya hey, come to me... Hey-ya hey, run to me... Hey-ya hey, sweep me off my feet again... "

Even though she didn't want to feel any emotion, Jorane couldn't help but be drawn into the beautiful singer's spell. Her fingers closed around the fluffy blanket that covered her, clutching it tightly.

"Let our feet move to the music..." Ileana placed her palms over her fast beating heart before extending her arms to her adored Jorane. "Let our hearts sing to every beat..."

Jorane's eyes widened in fear as Ileana reached for the blanket and pulled it off slowly, totally unexpected. "Watch as our bodies glisten in the heat..."

In her desperation, Jorane clamped down on the chair's armrests.

Ileana let go off the blanket, her gentle hands slowly creeping to Jorane's white knuckles. "Come to me, run to me... Sweep me off my feet again... Hey-ya hey, hey-ya hey... Lift me up like a hurricane... Hey-ya hey, hey-ya hey... Come to me!"

The brunette's slender hands stroked tenderly along her arms, up to the shoulders. Pleasant shivers ran down the blonde's back and goosebumps rose all over her body.

"I wish upon a shooting star..." While Ileana continued singing, her fingertips wandered across Jorane's chest to her throat. "I want you to stay in my arms... And shelter me when it starts to rain..." Warm hands cupped Jorane's face, who wasn't able to move or form any clear thought. "You're my rock, you're my mountain... Come to me, run to me... Sweep me off my feet again... Hey-ya hey, hey-ya hey... Lift me up like a hurricane... Hey-ya hey, hey-ya hey..." The air between them crackled with erotic tension and Ileana's words lit a desire in Jorane, she had never felt before in her life. With a graceful movement the singer sank to her knees in front of the other woman. They couldn't take their eyes off each other. Great devotion was evident in her voice, as Ileana sang the final but to her most important part of the song, "I'm not too proud to say, I need you in every way... Oh baby can't you see, I've fallen to my knees... Cause life's too short to hide, your feeling deep inside... One thing you need to know, I'm never letting you go!!!"

Tense, and her heart pounding wildly, Ileana waited for Jorane's reaction.

For a couple of moments complete silence ruled, until the blonde managed to find her voice and snapped, "And what was this little show all about, if I may ask?"

The cold rebuff wounded the singer deeply. She hadn't expected something like that at all. "Didn't you feel the magic between us?" she asked softly.

The blonde snorted. " That doesn't mean anything! I don't know what game you are playing, but I want you to stop it this instant!"

Ileana's whole world broke down and she stared at Jorane with big, sad eyes.

"Don't look at me like that! I heard what the moderator said and as the cameras showed David there was even a fade-in to explain!" Jorane spat, bitterly.

"David? What does he have to do with this? I don't understand. Just what did the moderator say that has you so upset?"

Hot tears collected in Jorane's emerald eyes and the face of the singer became blurry in front of her. "I would have never expected this from my best friend and from what I thought to be a new friend. Why didn't one of you tell me that you are lovers?"

"What? Come again!" Ileana was thunderstruck.

The blonde realized that the singer was truly surprized. "Didn't think I would find out, huh? But the guy on TV explained quite thoroughly that David is your new lover." The last part of the sentence came very scornfully over her trembling lips.

A smile of relief formed on Ileana's face and she relaxed.

"Are you glad it's finally out?"

Ileana looked compassionately at the blonde woman. "I think I need to explain something." Gracefully the dark haired singer rose from her knees and stood in front of Jorane. "David is my friend and there will never be anything more between us. He is a great guy and I like spending time with him, but..."

"But?" Jorane asked haltingly, her tears starting to dry.

Ileana smiled and shrugged her shoulders, "But I don't like men that way. I prefer women."

Jorane's jaw hit the floor, thoughts and feelings mixing and whirling around in her head, making her unable to reply something.

An unsure expression lay on Ileana's face as she carefully asked, "Did my confession scare you? Was it more than you wanted to know?"

Nothing coherent came out of Jorane's mouth, her tongue seemed paralysed.

"Didn't you see the beginning of the show?"

Jorane shook her blonde hair and Ileana threw her head back, because now she knew what was going on. She knelt at Jorane's feet and took the blonde's trembling hands in her own. "Jorane, before the song I said I love you!"

Jorane felt her head swimming and she asked, "Does David know? Because he likes you very much."

"Jorane? Did you hear what I just said?"

"Does he know?" The blonde insisted on an answer.

"Yes, I told him a while ago to leave no room for any misunderstandings. He's okay with it."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I guess I was scared."

"Scared?" Jorane was astonished.

"You never know how people will react. If you go and just blurt out, 'Hello, I'm gay'... it can cause unfriendly after-effects. I experienced that myself."

"Yeah," Jorane responded softly, casting her eyes down.

But Ileana needed to know. She lifted the smaller woman's chin, locking their gazes. "And what are your feelings for me?" she asked, tenderly.

For awhile Jorane said nothing, until she finally admitted timidly, "It's all so... so sudden. I... I need some time... to think about it."

"But, you do feel something for me, right?" the singer prodded further.

Ashamed, Jorane looked away and whispered, "Please, don't force the issue. I'm so confused."

Ileana wanted to reply something, but Jorane's whole body began to shake hard and she begged, "Please, go now!"

Reluctantly, the dark haired beauty rose and left the bedroom, closing the door behind her gently.


Weeks went by, but the two women didn't mention Ileana's confession again. The singer left it at that, not wishing to scare the young blonde away and to give Jorane all the time she needed to realize her own feelings.

Ileana continued meeting with David nearly every day. She spent a lot of her free time with him and they became close friends, having a lot of fun together.

Meanwhile, Jorane retreated more and more into herself. She tried to tell herself that it didn't matter that the two spent so much time together, but the truth was it bothered her greatly.

Ileana nearly laughed her head off at David's newest joke, as he stopped the car in the driveway. She brushed a tear from the corner of her eye and her gaze fell on the dark house. Her chuckling stopped abruptly and she sighed.

Concerned, David leaned forward and asked, "Are you okay?"

"If you want to know the truth, no. Nothing is okay," came the sad reply.

"Does it have anything to do with that confession of love to Jorane you told me about?"

The singer nodded, almost imperceptible.

"And since then..."

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing! I know she has deeper feelings for me, but up until now she hasn't said one word. Yes, sure we talk about everything and nothing, we joke and fool around and sometimes I even manage to get a small smile out of her. But then she suddenly retreats in her shell, acting as if nothing happened. It's like she built one big wall between us."

"Do you know the reason for this wall?" David wanted to know.

"I just don't know! I think she's hiding something. Something that is bothering her so much, making it impossible to open herself to someone completely."

Wanting to rise her spirits a bit, David patted her hand gently. "Don't give up. If somebody can get through to her it will be you."

She looked at him with large, blue eyes. "You think so?"

The young man nodded, confirmingly. "Sure. Don't get discouraged, okay?"

"I just don't know what else I should do," she sighed, depressed.

"Listen, I'll tell you what. Use your most powerful weapon... your voice."

Ileana thought about it for a moment and then came up with an idea. With happy anticipation she announced, "You're right! And I already have the most suitable song for the occasion."

"Yeah? Which one is it?"

A rougish smile spread across her face as she answered, "Oh, you don't know it. It's called 'Wild Passion'."

David whistled through his teeth. "Oooh, sounds interesting." He waggled his eyebrows and leered playfully. "Well, if that doesn't help, I really don't know what else we can do. Good luck."

"Thanks, but I don't think I'll need it!" Ileana said and left the car, running to the house to carry out her plan.

With the excuse of feeling unwell, Jorane had been in bed all day, her thoughts occupied by one specific person. She had closed the curtains, casting the room in dim light. Evening fell and the blonde woman manuevered herself in an upright position. She shoved a pillow behind her back and stared at the first drafts of some new poems, laying on the night stand. Sighing, she removed her gaze from the sheets of paper and closed her eyes. She was exhausted and felt weak.

Suddenly, the blonde's ears picked up a sound and her eyes flew open. Caught of guard, she looked into Ileana's deep pools of azure blue, who stood at the foot of her bed, wearing a short dress made of red chiffon, her slender figure underneath clearly visible.

Jorane reacted unintentional fiercely. "I want to be alone! What are you doing in my bedroom, anyway?"

Ileana sat down on the bench at the foot of the bed and said in a velvety voice, "Jorane, I want to present my newest song. You shall be the first to hear it."

"Why me of all people? Sing it to your dancers," the blonde woman suggested. "Or David, for all I care," she added grumpily, instantly regretting the words.

Ileana shook her dark mane. "No. Only you shall hear it, since I wrote it just for you."

Jorane had to swallow at that and she looked at her fearfully before asking, "What's the name of the song?"

The tall woman smiled and her blue eyes sparkled. "Wild Passion," she breathed sensually and began to hum the melody.

Jorane's body tensed as she heard the title. "What are you doing?" she asked, a touch of panic evident in her slightly trembling voice.

Ileana just smiled, rose and started to sing, gently swaying her hips from side to side. "Tonight it's on... tonight is the night..." Ileana's eyes locked with the blonde's. "We can't go wrong..." On her bare feet she turned gracefully around the bed, coming closer to Jorane. "We'll dance in the moonlight..." She fell to her knees, resting her elbows on the bed. "Just look at me..." Ileana extended her left arm, gently touching Jorane's throat and letting her fingers drift upward to the chin. "You know what I know..." The gentle touch ended with Ileana stroking the blonde's heated cheeks and a tiny moan escaped Jorane. "See what I see, go where I goooooooo..." The brunette jumped up, stretching her body, while throwing her arms up in the air and shaking her long, dark mane. "Hey, Hey..." With every graceful turn her azure eyes held the emeralds that followed her every movement in admiration.

Speechless, Jorane just watched and listened as Ileana danced and sang. "What about going wild with me... What about passion breaking free... What about falling down and down... And down to fly again..." Now and again she flashed Jorane bewitching glances, while running her hands sensually across her own body. "What about going wild with me... What about who you want to be... Do you know you have to cry... And cry and cry to love again..."

Jorane flinched slightly as Ileana threw herself onto the bed. Otherwise unable to move she was completely under the singer's magical spell. Sexy, the brunette writhed on the sheets until she rose and was on her hands and knees in front of Jorane. The small blonde didn't have any defence against the singer's charm, who played with a strand of her long dark hair, running the tip of her tongue across her slightly opened lips lasciviously. Like a wildcat stalking its prey, she crawled closer to Jorane, who gasped and pressed herself back into her pillows. But Ileana wasn't discouraged and crawled over Jorane's legs until she straddled the smaller woman's body and sang, "I want to try..." She hesitated for a tiny moment and a seductive smile formed on her features. "The taste of your lips..."

Jorane's eyes widened as Ileana's face came closer. Thousand thoughts whirled in her head as she felt Ileana's warm breath on her face and the long hair tickling the bare skin of her throat. Her heart pounded strongly and pure adrenalin coursed through her veins. Jorane closed her eyes and tasted the soft kiss Ileana's silky lips bestowed upon her. She blushed brightly and before she was able to squeak a protest against the singer's impertinence, Ileana removed her lips gently and continued singing.

"I want to fly... Don't care where this way leads..." She was still hovering over Jorane's trembling body as emerald eyes opened. Ileana recognized the longing in them and sang the last part to encourage Jorane to finally let go of the tight control she kept on her emotions and admit her feelings. "Just take my hand... And feel what I feel... And see what's meant to be... In the end..." Hopeful she extended a slender hand to the blonde.

But Jorane couldn't take the loving invitation, the fear to let go was too strong. Her emerald eyes glistened with unshed tears as she turned her gaze away from Ileana's honestly disappointed sapphires.

Obviously sad, the dark haired beauty slid off the bed and without saying another word she left the bedroom.

Jorane couldn't hold back the tears anymore. She buried her face in her pillows, her whole body shaking with the force of her sobs.

At the other side of the closed door Ileana leaned against the frame. Tears welled up in her eyes as she heard her beloved Jorane sobbing. Her heart heavy she came to a decision. Hurriedly she climbed up the stairs to her room and pulled the big suitcase from beneath her bed. She placed it on the bed, opened first the lid and then the wardrobe. Sobbing, she threw in all her clothes and other things. Suddenly she stopped, panting for breath. "No, no... I can't go. I can't leave Jorane now."

In the end, she unpacked her things and put it all back to the place it belonged.


Restlessly, Jorane had tossed and turned all night, unable to find sleep. Her thoughts circled constantly around yesterday's evening. It was very early in the morning as she finally rose, put on a cardigan, grabbed her cane and limped to the garden. The fresh air did wonders for her mood and she relished the quiet of the dawning day. Stars slowly disappeared with the fading night sky.

She stepped upon the meadow, walked to the old swing and sat down. The blonde woman's feet barely touched the sweet smelling grass as she pushed up to gain momentum. For awhile she just sat there, swinging gently under the tree, lost in thought. She flinched slightly as she noticed Ileana standing in front of her. "Oh, it's you."

A bit embarrassed and her hair in complete disarray the beautiful singer explained, "I saw you from my window."

"Did I wake you?" Jorane asked.

"No, I didn't sleep well last night, " the brunette confessed.

"So did I. I'm sorry about yesterday," Jorane said. "I didn't mean to rebuff you like that." She didn't know what else to say, but Ileana accepted the apology gladly.

Awkwardly they looked at each other, until the tall singer reached for the thin chains that kept the swing hanging. With a gentle push she set the swing in motion. "Baby if you look up, whenever you're down... I will hear you calling out, before you make a sound... We can climb this mountainside, we can cross the sea... 'Cos all I am is you and all you are is me..."

With every swing their faces drew closer, until they were about to touch. Without loosing eyecontact, Ileana continued in a soft voice, "Wherever you are, I am with you... 'Cos we wish on the same star... 'Cos I can feel you... If you are near or far, 'cos we wish on the same star..."

Jorane relaxed so much her eyes closed on their own. She felt the gentle breeze in her hair and Ileana's voice reverberating through her body. "I would give my hand but you would need my heart... I could give it to you, before we fell apart... I would give my all you'd see, but only if I knew... That all you are is me... And all I am is you..."

At these words, Jorane's eyes opened wide and their gazes locked. Ileana saw, that this song struck a cord deep inside Jorane and a loving smile graced her rosy lips. "Wherever you are, I am with you... 'Cos we wish on the same star... 'Cos I can feel you... If you are near or far, 'cos we wish on the same star..."

In this moment of togetherness, Jorane felt her heart expand with unlimited trust for the dark haired singer.

"Sometimes a caged bird sings, when a free bird flies away... In the waterfall of stars, you're calling out my name... We can climb this mountainside, we can cross the sea... 'Cos all I am is you and all you are is me..." Ileana stopped the swing and pulled Jorane into her arms. Soft lips met and melted in a heated kiss.

The small blonde moaned in ecstasy as she felt a velvety tongue tracing her lower lip, begging for entrance and receiving it. Ileana tightened her embrace while she explored the heat of her beloved's mouth. Jorane swore she could see stars behind her tightly closed eyelids. Never in her life had she felt anything as intense as this one kiss. Her tongue began to play with the singer's and she could feel Ileana's rapid heartbeat against her own chest, as her hands tenderly slid into raven tresses to hold the brunette closer. The world faded away and nothing else mattered to them but the gentle embrace.

After they parted, Jorane stared at Ileana, completely dazed. "Oh, my God, what have I done?" she screamed in her mind. "How could I let myself get carried away like that?" Abruptly she pushed the brunette away, who was still reeling from happiness and didn't know what was going on. The blonde grabbed her cane and hurried as fast as she could inside the safe house.

Grinning stupidly, the singer sat in the grass, her eyes glassy. Wrapped up in happy thoughts, Ileana traced her lips with a fingertip. She imagined she could still feel the other woman's warmth. "She kissed me back..."


Despite their first real kiss, Ileana knew that Jorane wasn't ready for more and so she left the next step to the blonde.

The tea kettle whistled and Jorane took it off the stove to pour herself a cup. This time she refrained from adding the usual drops of lemon juice and sugar cubes. Instead she took out the brown, already opened bottle and added a generous splash of rum to her tea. "I've been brooding for days now and finally I came to a decision. I'm going to end it before I get hurt again. My heart just couldn't take it. I'll go up there and tell her, because I don't want her to keep hoping for something that will never happen." She took a big swallow from the cup. The rum burned in her throat and her eyes teared up. She wasn't much of a drinker and only did it on special occasions. As she reached the bottom of the stairway she took some deep breaths and gazed up. Slowly she climbed up the steps, the music she heard earlier growing louder. She stopped at the treshold, frozen to the spot as she saw Ileana practising some dance steps.

The singer wore a short top and hotpants, beads of sweat glistened on the naked skin of her body.

Transfixed by the sight, Jorane's heart grew heavy, but it was too late to back off now, because the singer had already noticed her.

Ileana was more than happy, since it was the first time the small blonde had entered her domicile. "Hi," she greeted her, smiling brightly. "You wanna watch?" Quickly she fetched the chair from her desk and wheeled it close. "Since you came up here just for me, I want to show you something special. Sit down and get comfortable."

Jorane couldn't get out an answer, because the brunette pushed her into the seat and wheeled the chair to the middle of the room.

The blonde found herself surrounded by mirrors. She snapped out of her rigidity and said, "Wait... I have to tell you something."

Ileana ran to her stereo system and changed the disc. She was so happy to have Jorane with her, she didn't hear her words.

Only as the blonde yelled, "STOP!" again, did she look up from her task and noticed the serious expression on Jorane's face.

"Ileana, we have to stop before it's too late," Jorane declared quietly.

The singer became also serious, as it hit her where the problem lay. "It's a matter of trust, am I right?"

The young blonde avoided the questioning gaze of azure blue eyes and said, "Let's be friends. I can't take the risk of this being more than that."

"But I can," came the soft reply. "You are the love of my life and nothing will change that."

Jorane was about to cry. "Why do you make me suffer so? Why can't you accept it? I just can't!" she pleaded, tearfully.

"That leaves me only one choice. To express my feelings for you the way I know best," the singer announced determined, pressing the play button.

The song's rhythm filled the room. With the first beats Ileana took wide steps towards Jorane. She stopped directly in front of the chair and stomped first her right leg, then the left. One arm rose and she pointed it at the young blonde. "Sure you can pretend... That you can forget... Every kiss we had... Everything you said..." Without taking her eyes of Jorane she slowly walked around the chair, while stroking her palm over the smaller woman's shoulders. "Sure you can let go... Long days of romance... Everything except... The tango we used to dance..." Ileana supported herself on the armrests, leaned forward and breathed gently into a small, pink ear, "Everywhere you go... You'll be shown, that you're running from yourself..."

Jorane's heart rate increased dramatically and she became dizzy, as the singer danced light-footed in front of her. "Coz every day you hear this line... Day-na-day-na-day-na-day-na-day-na... You will never run away... And every time you'll try to hide... Day-na-day-na-day-na-day-na-day-na... In the night you call my name..."

Again the brunette leaned forward, gazing deeply into her emerald eyes. "Whatever happens... I am with you..."

For a moment Jorane closed her eyes tightly. She didn't want to believe what she heard and vehemently refused Ileana entrance to her heart.

But the singer wasn't about to give up. A gentle caress to her cheek had the blonde opening her eyes again. "You don't talk to me... Since the day you've gone... You want me to see... That I'm not the one..."

Ileana gazed at Jorane with piercing eyes as she turned the chair to follow her movements. "I know that you would say... We don't have a chance... But your heart will play... The tango we used to dance..."

Jorane swallowed hard and felt very uncomfortable. Desperately she tried to find a way out of this situation, but at the end she cast her eyes helplessly to the floor. Her breathing hitched as Ileana cupped her face in both hands, forcing her to look into clear azure eyes. "Everywhere you go... You'll be shown, that you're running from yourself..."

In her innermost part Jorane knew that the beautiful singer was right, but she couldn't find the courage to admit it. She was afraid of what Ileana demanded of her now, but actually there was no reason to be scared.

The brunette stroked her cheek one last time before backing off a few steps to dance to her music.

Jorane was sorry that she couldn't feel the gentle caress anymore.

"Coz every day you hear this line... Day-na-day-na-day-na-day-na-day-na... You will never run away... And every time you'll try to hide... Day-na-day-na-day-na-day-na-day-na... In the night you call my name..."

The song had reached its end and Ileana went to the stereo to stop the disc.

Jorane knew the singer was waiting for an answer, but the blonde couldn't give one.

Dismayed, the dark haired woman nodded. She whispered softly, "I'm sorry about that," indicating the door without looking at Jorane.

Hesitating the blonde rose from the chair and took some steps towards the door, before stopping again to glance at Ileana. Her heart clenched painfully as she saw the silent tears rolling down the singer's cheeks and falling to the floor. She turned away from the sight and limped downstairs to her own apartment.

Ileana wrapped her arms tightly around her body, trying to suppress the loud sobs that wanted to escape her throat. With a last look to the door, where Jorane had disappeared mere seconds ago, she whispered, "Whatever happens, I am with you."


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