~ Obsession ~
by DarkenedKarma

Disclaimers: This story belongs to me. It was thought up in my own little brain and does not want to be reproduced without my consent.

Love: Yes. In an obsessive kind of way. This story does depict a sexual relationship between two adult women. If this offends you , please read no further. I wouldn't want to upset your world.

Death and Violence: Well sure, it's about a vampire! What do you expect?

Swearing: Nah, I'm not into that.

Dedications: This story is dedicated to my partner and lover Lori. Cause if I didn't she'd make me sleep on the couch. :)

General Note: This started out as an Uber Xena. Then to satisfy myself and so that I wasn't stuck with a character mold I changed the names. Then I just went off the deep end. It doesn't resemble XWP at all really. Well, descriptions of the characters will be similar but that's it. I'll do better next time.


Scotland 1352

"It's coming my lady, breathe deeply. Aye, that's the way....breathe through the pain." The midwife coaxed for the hundreth time in the last four hours. The on set of this labor was fast and painful. Faster than any she'd ever seen and since she'd been a wise woman for two score she had definitely seen a lot of births.

"MARY MOTHER OF GOD!" Anne screamed out. The pain racked her body causing the words to burst forth in a fervent prayer for the pain to cease.

"It's not long now my lady, when I tell you to I want you to push. Do you keen, I need you to push."

"Tis not deaf I am dammit!" Anne bit out between gasping breaths.

"Yes my lady. Now give a good push!" She watched as the mother bore down trying to eject the babe from her aching body. "Keep pushing my lady, the head tis' crowning. We're almost there."

"We're?! 'Tis not you being ripped apart!" Anne shouted in pain.

"Hush and push now Anne tis no time for this." the midwife scolded while working between the womans legs.

A scream filled the small house, followed by the healthy wail of a baby a few moments later. The midwife quickly set the wailing child on the mothers belly tying off and cutting the cord that connected the two.

"My god is it alright!?" Anne asked in alarm when the cries continued.

"Yes 'course she's alright. It's a perfect baby girl you have here my lady." The midwife assured her as she ministered to the woman's after birth. She watched the young woman gazing at the small baby with wonder in her eyes. When she finished she stood up and reached for the infant. "I'll just be cleaning her up then."

"Bring her back nigh Mary, I want to be with my daughter." Anne spoke quickly while greedily taking in the child with her eyes as the midwife held and washed her.

"A beautiful girl she is. What will she be named my lady?" The midwife turned to her while she gently wiped away the fluids of birth from her little form.

" Alaina after my own mother I think." Anne spoke slowly love shining through her eyes gazing at her child.

The midwife held the baby up for her mothers inspection. "Alaina, a fine name for a highland princess."

Anne looked at the midwife sadly. "Nay, no princess. But she is a MacKenzie and she'll be proud and strong. Of that I'm sure."

The midwife shook her head sadened as well by the situation. She brought the baby to Anne and sat back while the new mother cooed and cuddled her daughter. "Surely when news of the birth reaches your father he'll send for ye."

Anne looked over the baby's head while her lips pressed against her soft skin. She took a deep breath and shook her head. "I want nothing from him. He's banished me and disowned me, I wouldna forgive him if he got on his knees and begged. God help me but, I canna forgive him." She drew a shaky breath then smiled as she gazed at the tiny face next to hers. "She'll have the pride and priveledge being a MacKenzie brings but none of the rules my own father forced upon me. She'll grow up free and proud, as god is my witness."

"What of the prophecy my lady?" the midwife whispered."What if someone should hear of it."

"None will hear of it. My father will make sure tis so." She spat bitterly. He does'na want our clan to bear the burden of it. Tears formed in her eyes as she angrily remembered the day her father had turned against her and her unborn child and heir to the clan MacKenzie.

"Daughter, I've arranged a celebration in honor of my coming grandchild. The entire clan will be present at the banquet this evening." He pulled her into a tight hug and whispered softly, "Duncan won't be here but you will'na be alone. You're clan will take help you and I'll always be here for you."

"Thank you Father." Anne whispered back to overcome to say anymore.

A voice broke into their moment announcing the arrival of the entertainment for the evening.

"Sire the troupe has arrived." the lairds kinsmen informed him.

"See that they're shown the stables." The MacKenzie told the man."And bring the seer to me."

"Yes sire."

The MacKenzie turned to his daughter smiling. He took her arm and led her to the lairds table. Anne looked at him expectantly. He smiled again and patted her arm. " I have heard she can see the future. I would know what greatness my grandson will do."

They turned when footsteps sounded in the hall. The returning guard was follwed by a small elderly woman. When she reached the lairds table she bowed in deference. She raised her eyes to look at the two before her. Anne was shocked. Her eyes seemed so young and vibrant. They glowed with knowledge and wisdom. Her father cleared his throat. He put his arm around his daughter then gently touched her slightly swollen stomach. "I would hear my grandson's future" He reached into the purse tied to his belt and pulled out two coins handing them to the woman across the table. She took the coins and without looking at them deposited them into her own purse. Without removing her eyes from Anne she walked around the table and lightly rested her hands on her belly. After endless minutes she began to speak in a monotone ever so softly so only the two at the table could hear.

"Child of the centuries. She will walk in darkness and death. Hers will be to bring death to those who see her. A demon in a human body. She will be condemned to walk the earth always." A strangled gasp erupted from The Mackenzie. "No, No! It canna be!"

"It is what I see sire."

"He made his choice long ago. I dinna want him or the clan near my daughter." Mary sighed accepting her word as law. "Yes my lady."


I've been following her for months now. She hasn't deviated from her routine at all. Every morning, before the first rays of the sun hit the earth, I go to sleep worried that she won't be there when I awake at night. Every night, much to my relief and excitement, I've found her alive and breathing ready for another sleepless night.

I followed her to every bar in this city. This city is full of bars. I've wanted to approach her, I've wanted to taste her. I just can't bring myself to do either. I've walked the earth now for almost seven centuries and this is the first time I've not wanted the instant gratification the blood brings. I don't know what it is about her that's different.

I've acted to help her on two separate occasions in the months I've been her silent shadow. The first time was a would be rapist. She never knew he was coming for her. But I did. I recognized the signs and signals and I could hear his thoughts every now and then when the emotion was strong enough. I waited until I knew she was far enough away so she wouldn't hear my intervention. I walked a few steps behind him just as he started after her. I could feel the ecstasy of the hunt running through me. My body hummed with excitement. I made a slight scuffling noise with my shoes announcing my presence. I watched him turn towards me surprise and menace an equal mixture on his face. An evil little smile broke out on his face when he saw me. I know I don't look very intimidating at 5'6. Being slightly built with what has been described as an angelic face doesn't help with that either. I smiled back baring my fangs as I stepped closer. I laughed when he drew up short and turned to get away. He wasn't sure what to make of me, some things were intimidating no mater who had them. I stepped up to him and caught him by the scruff of his neck, jerking him back against me. I could feel the fear rolling off him in waves. As I shuddered in arousal I hurled him against the wall closest to us. The thud of his head against cement sounded in the night causing a nearby dog to start barking. I grabbed the front of his throat and squeezed as I pulled him up to face me. I looked into his dazed and terrified eyes and snarled "She is mine!" The rage I felt at that moment was so intense, I hadn't felt anything like this in years. I knew the reason, I was insensed that anyone would try to harm what I had claimed for myself. Finally I pushed his neck to the side snapping it as I sank my fangs into his artery. When I finished I held his body up by his shirt front, then letting my hate and rage have full reign I ripped his head from his shoulders with one hand. I dropped them both to the ground and walked away. 'Let the cops figure that one out'

The second time I rendered aid wasn't because she was in any danger but it made my blood boil with rage anyway. All evening I watched as she was hit on by a woman in leather. Others had made passes at her but none were as persistant as this woman. She just wouldn't take no for an answer. After four drinks and twelve attempts to kiss my obsession the leather woman finally went to the bathroom. I followed her weaving through the mass of bodies as she made her way there. When she pushed into the single bathroom I was right on her heels and pushed in directly behind her locking the door behind me as I shoved her further into the cramped room and away from me. She smelled like smoke and drink which turned my stomach. She whirled around to face me her fist drawn back. I didn't move. I let her hit me. It was only fair really. My head snapped back with the force of the blow and I licked at the tiny trickle of blood running from my nose. That brief taste of my own blood ignited my hunger with a vengance. I didn't plan to kill her not at first. But, even the best of intentions can be lead astray. I pushed her against the wall consuming her in one powerful draught. I let her slide to the floor as I glanced around the small bathroom. I noticed my reflection in the mirror and smiled, pleased to see that I didn't show any sign of my brief repast or our foreplay. I reached down and pulled her over to the toilet, setting her up so that she appeared to be ill . After a moments thought I lightly scraped my finger tip against a jagged piece of metal on the mounted garbage can, drawing drops of blood. I gently wiped my bloody fingertip across the puncture wounds on her neck and watched as they healed.

Here I sit on the roof of the building across from her apartment watching her, always watching. More times than I can count in the last month I've started over to her building intent on ending my obsessesive fixation. I have yet to be able to approach her building, let alone her door. It's really fear that stops me. I've come to terms with this these last few nights. I fear my reaction to her more than anything. I fear seeing the horror and fear in her eyes should my passion over power my good sense in her company. I fear that I would bring death to her door taking her from me forever, or worse bringing her into living death for all eternity.

I hear the noise as my silent friend approaches and I turn with a half smile upon my lips as she moves next to me. Her low voice is as melodic as when I first heard it all those many years ago outside my mothers home in the small highland village. "You're here again Alaina. I thought you would have given this up by now." I feel her fingers brush my arm as she speaks to me.

"I've tried to leave." I said softly not looking into her eyes. Her eyes always had a way of hypnotizing me into forgetting anything but her. "I just can't. I want to be near her."

"Why do you torture yourself." Her faint accent still had the power to delight my ears even if the words she spoke were not to my liking.

I ignored her question. It was only torture when I left.

"It doesn't have to be this way." She looked at me silently willing my eyes to turn to hers. I found myself helpless against the command and slowly turned towards her. I could see the answer in her eyes. She would take her for me.

"No, that's not what I want. Don't go near her." I spoke softly but the steel behind my voice was unmistakable. "She's mine."

"She'll hate you if you bring her to you. You know that. It's the same with all of them." I could hear the pain in her voice as she spoke those words.

I smiled at her and shook my head. "That's not so. I didn't hate you. I loved you, I love you still."

She sighed softly before answering."You were different, you know that. This for you was foretold. You've told me yourself, countless times, the prophecy your mother spoke to you on her death bed." She stroked my cheek softly. "You waited for me, ever so patiently to take you to your destiny." Her fingers left my skin as she whispered, "I love you as well."

"I don't know what to do. I've never felt anything like this before." I whispered to her.

"You will do what we all do out of lonliness, love and obsession. You will bring her to you. You have no choice, I can see that already." She said just as softly.

I knew she was right, but the fear was still there. "I'm sorry Margaurite."

"There is no need for apologies Alaina. I want your happiness in all things." She turned leaving me alone in the blink of an eye. I closed my eyes and listened as she traveled through the night. When she was finally too far for me to feel or hear her I opened my eyes, watching her.


I walked through the large ornate doors entering the cathedral. I stopped next to the inner doors and dipped my fingers into the holy water quickly crossing myself as I entered. I walked down about halfway and kneeled towards the alter before entering the pew. I knelt on the knee stand and bowed my head in prayer. August 11th of every year no matter where I was or what I was doing I always went to a church to light a candle and pray to my mother. Today is the anniversary of her death.

I silently greeted my mother and told her the happenings in my life. I mentioned my obsession again and again. I was concerned for the woman. She has stopped going out at night, staying home in her apartment. She sits in her chair staring out into the night. A few times I've thought she was staring right at me. I laughed at myself for that notion, she couldn't possibly see me in the darkness at such a distance. I raised my eyes to the alter staring at the cross hanging there. I could feel the tears stinging my eyes. I was loathe to let them fall, it was so hard to explain the blood tears to humans. I missed my mother, she always had advice that would help any situation. Even the situation I found myself in now. I felt I had lost my way. She always knew my destiny and made me feel that it was noble and right. 'Help me now mother, please help me.'

"Alaina? Is that you?" I turned towards the warm low voice calling to me.

"Father Micheals, it's so good to see you again." I stood up crossing myself as I did. He reached forward and hugged me to him. I smiled and returned the embrace.

"I was hoping to see you again, my dear. Your help meant so much to the children, they made something for you. I've been keeping it safe." He gently guided me to an office in the hall. I looked around at the familiar space. I had visited Father Michaels often, recently I had made a sizable donation to the church run orphanage. He went behind his desk and lifted a heavy frame. Inside was a collage of pictures drawn by the children. It was quite beautiful, blended in a manner that was very pleasing to me. I smiled as he proudly displayed their gift to me.

"Thank you," I said as I approached the art."it's lovely. They must have worked very hard."

"Oh, they spent the better part of two weeks putting this together. It was very peaceful around here." He chuckled softly. "Why don't I help you take this to your car. I don't want you to strain yourself my dear."

I wanted to laugh, the thought of me straining myself with such a light load was funny. Instead I smiled. "Actually Father, I didn't drive here, I walked." A knock on the door stopped him from commenting. I turned towards the doorway and saw her standing there with a notebook in hand. It was as if my imagination had conjured her. But she was no hallucination, she was very real. She was smiling as she came into the room. I'd never seen her up close in good lighting, she was even more beautiful than I thought. Her grey eyes shimmered with happiness and pleasure.

"Lindsey, are you all done?" Father Michaels asked as he smiled at her.

"Yes, I really do appreciate you letting me talk to some of the children. I'm sure it's going to make a great article for the magazine." Lindsey glanced in my direction then back to Father Michaels.

Michaels took the subtle hint. "Lindsey, I 'd like you to meet Alaina MacKenzie. Alaina this is Lindsey Carrington. Lindsey is doing a human interest story about the orphanage for her magazine." Father Michaels enthusiasm could be heard through the excitement in his voice. "As a matter of fact Lindsey, you might want to talk with Alaina. She is the wonderful supporter that I told you so much about. Her contributions will enable us to provide for the children for another few years."

She turned to me expectantly. I was slightly embarrassed by Father Michaels words. I didn't feel like I had done something wonderful. She looked at me, her smile shining through her eyes. " I would love to talk to you for my article if you have a moment?"

I paused before answering trying to gather my thoughts. I knew now wasn't the best time to be alone with her. I had yet to feed that night and the temptation would be to strong. But after so long of watching and waiting I wanted to speak with her. I wanted to know her. To hear her voice. I made my decision quickly before I could change my mind. I didn't want this to end in a moments lust. "I was just about to leave. I'm afraid I'm running late this evening. Perhaps we can get together tomorrow?" I turned to Father Michaels. "I'll have a messenger pick up the picture tomorrow. Be sure and tell the children I love it, and thank you."

He nodded his head and leaned towards me kissing my cheek softly. I smiled up at him, as he offered me a silent blessing. This has always been our way. The first time I met him I asked for a blessing and he has continued ever since. I started towards the door where Lindsey was standing. I stopped and slowly took her hand. "It was a pleasure to meet you." I whispered for her ears alone. My hand tingled from touching her. I didn't want to let go. Ever."I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night." I reached into my pocket and withdrew a card with my address on it. "About 7?" I asked. She smiled again and said yes. Her eyes seemed to draw me into her. I almost lost myself for a moment. I pulled away slowly letting our eye contact remain. Then I walked out of the office and the church in search of something to cool the bloodlust that had taken hold the moment I touched her. I glanced back at the church and offered up a silent thank you as I walked away.


The next night came faster than I thought it would. I dreamed of her during my daytime sleep. I thought of her when I awoke, and as I dressed to go out before she arrived. I went to the beach this time. There are always transients on the beach. The warmth of the evening hours assured me that they would be out. I took the first one I came upon. I didn't have time to be picky or look for one who deserved or desired death. I returned home quickly, showering and changing in record time. At seven I was sitting in my living room reading, patiently waiting for my guest.

I heard the door bell. It startled me for a moment. This was the first human that would ever see my home. I wondered what she would make of it. Should I give her a tour, if I didn't would she think me rude? Others of my kind understood the need to have no windows in the inner part of a home. Humans, I imagined, would find this hard to believe or understand. I opened the door and caught my breath. It was her, oh definitely her. She looked casual wearing jeans and a plain white t-shirt. The whiteness of her t-shirt contrasted against the darkness of her hair. Her grey eyes looked darker because of the soft light coming from the room behind me.

"Please, come in." I stood back gesturing her into my home.

"Thank you." She smiled at me as she walked by. I watched as she looked around the entrance hall. I could see her peering down the hallways on either side of her. She turned to look at me as I shut the door, a smile still on her lips. "I'm so glad you could spare some time to talk with me." She said to me.

I looked at her and smiled back I must have made the appropriate response since she didn't seem disturbed by my words. For all the world I couldn't tell you what we were saying at that moment. I could only think that she was in my house, alone with me. She was mine. I snapped myself out of my daze. That was dangerous thinking.

"Would you like a tour?" I asked. I had to do something to avoid staring at her.

"I would love one." As she said that she lightly put her hand on my arm, as if to say I should escort her. I put my own hand over hers and proceeded down the hall towards the first of the inner rooms. The tour lasted for an hour. She asked many questions. Why was the hall a circle around the interior rooms? Why not have windows or a skylight in the rooms in the center of the house. Wouldn't the light enhance the natural beauty of the rooms? Finally she asked about the architect. I smiled slyly and told her I was the architect and designer.

The tour ended in the living room. She took a seat on the couch as she said," You have a lovely home Alaina. I love it."

I smiled at the compliment. I was house proud and had very little opportunity to show it off.

"If you don't mind, I have a couple of questions for you for my article."

I nodded my head and smiled, "Of course, that's why your here after all."

"Well yes, partly." She spoke this so softly I could barely make it out. But hear it I did. My stomach did a little flip. My mind was running a thousand miles a second with questions. The most loud of which was 'what do you mean by partly?'

Finally I couldn't stand the silence anymore. "Partly?" I asked in a calm quiet voice, effectively masking me intense interest.

She gave a small embarrassed laugh. "Well actually, I already have alot of information about you and your part in the orphanage from Father Michaels. He's been very generous with his time and information." I raised my eyebrows surprised that Father Michaels would say much about me to anyone. She seemed to notice my silent inquiry. "Oh it's been general talk, you know? Some of the reasons you donated so much money. How long you've been associated with the church, that sort of thing. He also told me you were a very private person and didn't want to draw attention to your generosity." She paused flipping her notebook closed and tapping it on her leg nervously. " I didn't need to talk to you to complete my article. I saw you when I walked into his office and I just couldn't say no when he suggested I talk to you. I don't know, I guess I just wanted to know you." She let out a deep breath, releasing all her pent up nervousness.

I sat there staring at her in astonishment. She wanted to know me? I shouldn't have been surprised by this. After all I consumed with her after spotting her across a crowded room one evening. Why should it be any different for her?

"I don't suppose you'd be interested in going out with me tomorrow night?" She didn't pause for my answer. "I have theatre tickets, and no one to go with." She let the sentence hang then waiting for my answer. I was dumbfounded. It was a completely new experience. I had no idea what to say and didn't really think I was capable of speech anyway. A human! A woman, someone who I could easily make a meal of just asked me to accompany her out. In public! With other humans! What ever happened to that famous human sixth sense, those gut feelings they were so fond of listening too. Wasn't she even wary of me? Am I loosing my touch, that this woman wouldn't be even a little leary of being alone with me?

She shifted uncomfortably in her chair. I could see color rising to her cheeks. I suppose it was my continued silence that was making her uncomfortable. I finally cleared my throat and managed a smile and a yes.

"My god you had me nervous for a moment there Alaina, I thought you were tyring to think of a way to let me down easily." She smiled and gave a small chuckle, all the tension gone from her body with the yes from my mouth.

I just smiled back and shook my head no. "What time tomorrow night?" I had my evening meal to think about, as well as planning what would be appropriate to wear to the theatre.

"I could come by here and pick you up about seven. It starts at eight."

"That sounds perfect." That would give me plenty of time to get ready.

"So, what are you doing for the rest of this evening, any plans after our interview?" She seemed slighly nervous again but I was too preoccupied with what I should wear out in polite society to really notice.

"Nothing I suppose." I answered absently. Did I own anything besides black leather pants?

"Would you like to go out for a drink with me?" That caught my attention. Go out with her? Now?

"Yes!" I bit my lip and silently groaned to myself. Could I be more eager. She just smiled and stood, extending her hand to me to help me up while she said, "Good lets go, I know the perfect place."


She took me to a bar that she used to frequent regularly. I almost told her we'd been here before but I caught myself. I looked around the bar, it was dark which I welcomed. It wasn't too crowded which was nice. I hated the smoke and smell in these places after so many people were crammed in them for hours. She lead me to a table, it was kind of wierd. She kept her hand on the small of my back, kind of guiding me. It wasn't unpleasant, I just wasn't used to someone touching me if they weren't clutching at me desperately as their life drained from their bodies.

"What can I get you to drink?" She asked as I sat down and scanned the faces that were present in the bar.

"Burbon, please." She raised an eyebrow at me. "No coke?" I laughed at her expression. "Just straight Burbon." I have always enjoyed alcohol. It was one of the human pleasures that I can still partake in. I can even catch a buzz after a few drinks, but it was always short lived. The effects just didn't stay with my metabolism.

She nodded her head and leaned down whispering in my ear, "I'll be right back." She was so close. I could smell her when she leaned towards me. For a moment I almost forgot myself, the desire was so strong. I could see it flowing just under her skin, it was intoxicating. I shook myself trying to bring the blood lust under control. I couldn't be a slave to it, not with her.

She set the drink in front of me when she came back. I was surprised when she pulled her chair around next to mine rather than across the table. I almost moved my own chair away but thought better of it. I wanted to be near her, I was just afraid the temptation of her blood would be too great for me to ignore. I decided to distract myself with questions. I did have a few of them for her. I wanted to know why she sat alone night after night these last few days. I wanted to know why she went out and never left with anyone. She was a mystery to me, my mystery.

I took a sip of my drink and looked at her under hooded eyes. The alcohol had a fast effect relaxing me deliciously. I no longer feared loosing my control. "Tell me," I started in a low voice, "how long have you lived in our fair city?" This really didn't concern me, but I needed to get the questions started and this one seemed harmless enough.

"Oh for about six months. Perhaps a little less." She traced her finger through the moisture from her glass. She wasn't looking at me but staring into her glass as I had seen her do on many occassions. "What about you?"

"Oh I've been here about five years. I like the ocean." I couldn't take my eyes off her. I could see she was feeling shy now that she had gotten me here. I felt no need to put her at ease, that would come with time.

"Why are you here?" I realized that question sounded rather odd to my own ears, I could only imagine how it sounded to hers.

"Why did I move here?"

I smiled at her rewording. She was much better at asking questions apparently. "Yes, why did you move here?"

"Honestly?" I tilted my head indicating that honesty was expected. She sighed and took another sip of her drink. I found myself staring at her lips. I'd never noticed anyones lips before. Hers were full and a deep rose color. They made me want to feel them. Then she spoke and I found myself listening to her. "I guess I was tired of my life, I feel like I've been looking for something and I just can't seem to find it. So I came here."

"And have you found this thing your looking for since you've been here?" I asked. I knew about looking for destiny. That thing that would change your life. I knew about that very well.

"I don't know." She tossed back the rest of her drink and looked into my eyes without blinking. "I'll have to get back to you on that." I didn't really know what to say to that. A statement like that I could read so many things into it. I chose to ignore it for now. Ignoring has always been easier.

"Would you like to dance?" I looked at her quickly. Did I just hear her right? Dance?

"If you'd rather not I understand, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable." She was giving me an out. I didn't want it. I stood up and offered her my hand, a gesture for me, that was unheard of before now. Of course she had no way of knowing that.

She lead me out onto the dance floor. For the first time I looked around at the people and what they were doing. I actually noticed them and what they were doing, instead of where they were in relation to me and the threat they posed. I haven't danced since I was a child. The dancing we did when I was small looked nothing like what these people were doing. This dancing was sensual, almost a promise of things to come as the night progressed. I found myself looking forward to dancing with Lindsey.

She turned towards me when we were surrounded by moving bodies. In the crush she was pushed up against me. She moved her body against mine, the motion was delicious. I could feel her scent enveloping me. I moved my own body against hers, the feel of her breasts against mine made the bloodlust so strong it overpowered me. I moved my hands down her body pulling her closer. This surprised her, I heard her gasp as I molded us together as we gyrated to the music. My eyes were drawn to the pulse in her neck. I looked at it through hooded eyes. I could visualize my fangs sinking into her neck as we moved together. The need drew me nearer to her, I could smell the blood beneath her skin, it pulsed in time to the beat of the music. Her heartbeat filled my mind, creating an entirely new song for me to dance too. I could feel my fangs enlongating. I knew my eyes had changed as well. I felt her start to pull away a little. I let her go, I was becoming overwhelmed quickly. As she pulled away I started to close my eyes. A momentary shift of light above me caught my attention for a moment. I heard her gasp, I knew she had stopped moving. I closed my eyes, mentally blocking out everything from my senses as I tried to get myself under control. I opened my eyes after a few moments and stared into hers. She searched my face and eyes for something. I knew what she was looking for. I waited patiently for her to rationalize what she saw. Humans always rationalized the unexplainable.

She shook her head after a minute of staring. "I'm sorry I could of swore your eyes were glowing for a moment there." She laughed at herself. "Silly, I know. It was kind of like cats eyes, relfecting light." I smiled at her and shrugged. She looked up and pointed, my eyes followed to where she was pointing. "Must of been the reflection off the light ball." I nodded my head in agreement.

She took my hand again and led me off the dance floor. The song had ended, so I just followed her off the floor. She walked by the table and out the door taking me with her. When we were outside and away from the flow of foot traffic on the sidewalk she stopped and turned to me. "It was getting a little hot and stuffy in there." I agreed with her. Being in a sea of bodies like that made my hunting instincts engage. All around me was food and I couldn't dare take it. The most tempting of which was close to me. I was starting to think her being this close to me wasn't such a good idea. For either of us.

"I guess I should take you home, it's getting kind of late." I was relieved when she said this. I checked my watch, it was almost two am. I didn't feel like we had been talking and dancing that long. If my watch could be believed we had been on the dance floor for over half an hour. It felt like minutes.

"Yes I do have to work tomorrow." I thought for quite a while about what to say about my daytime unavailability. I decided working out of my home was as good an excuse as any.

"Oh, I didn't know." She seemed confused so I asked her what was wrong. "Well, Father Michaels led me to believe that you didn't work..." She trailed off.

"I see, actually I manage my investments and keep abreast of the financial news during my work day." It wasn't a total lie, I did manage my own investments."I just don't have to go off to a conventional job."

"Alot like me I suppose. I don't really have the most conventional job either." I had to agree with her. Her job wasn't exactly nine to five.

We started towards her car. She unlocked the door for me and started over to her side. I thought that was very considerate of her. Then I remembered her sitting night after night in her chair staring out of her window. I decided to get to the bottom of that now, since she cut our conversation rather short before. "Do you work for a magazine around here?"

"No, actually I do some free lance work for different magazines now and then." She paused a few seconds, as if unsure of how much to tell me. "I actually write non-fiction for a living. Mostly true life crime stuff."

I turned towards her, I was very interested. "That sounds like interesting and exciting work. Are you working on something now?"

"Yes, I'm working on a book. It's a look into the minds of serial killers. I do alot of interviews and read materials provided by psychology specialists." She looked slightly uncomfortable telling me this, almost as if it hurt her to discuss it.

I was concerned for her again, she had the same expression I had seen so many times in recent nights. "Are you alright?"

"I'm sorry, it's just very difficult to think about. Sometimes the subject matter for these books is too gruesome and disturbing to dwell on." She smiled a poor imitation of a smile at me. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring such a morbid subject into our time together. I'd rather concentrate on you than on what I do."

All I could think about at that moment was that I am what you do. I knew then that the idea of what I am would turn her stomach and make her hate me. I knew I had to end it here. It would be so easy to turn to her and give in. Let the blood take hold of my senses and end this right here in her car sitting in front of my home. I just couldn't do it. I wanted to be with her again. I wanted to talk to her again. I smiled at her and told her I would be ready at seven tomorrow night. I was looking forward to the theatre.


My daytime sleep flew by, or at least it felt as if it did. I was excited to see her and apprehensive all in the span of a second. I paced around my house waiting to hear her car drive up. I didn't wait very long, at exactly seven she drove up. I heard her door slam as she got out. I went to the door and pulled it open before she could knock. I didn't want to seem so eager, I just couldn't stop myself. I stared at her stupidly for a few minutes. She honestly took my breath away. She was gorgeous. Her dark hair swept up in a classic style and her eyes sparkled. I invited her in when I found my tongue was still in working order. I noticed that I did indeed dress appropriately. She wore grey slacks and a silk shirt that set off her hair and eyes. I had decided on my leather pants and a silk shirt. I actually had no choice it was either leather or jeans.

She gave me a once over and I could see the approval in her eyes. "You look absolutely wonderful." I was slightly flustered at those words. It had been centuries since anyone had been close enough to compliment me on how I looked.

"Thanks, but I think your going to outshine me. You look stunning." I was having trouble taking my eyes off her. I could smell her all around me. I closed my eyes for a moment savoring her presense and her scent. When I opened my eyes, I found her staring at me in an almost anamalistic fashion. It seemed like she wanted to devour me for a moment there. I stepped back from her before I knew what I was doing. I was unaccostomed to that look from others. Only one other being had gazed at me like that, Magaruite. The thought of her brought back memories of our first meeting and I was lost to them.

Standing over her grave I felt lost and alone. The priest had left only moments ago. The service had been a small affair. I looked over at the old and wizened man standing across the grave. He stared at the dirt as if it would disappear if he stared hard enough. I knew that wouldn't happen. I had been at my mother's side as the illness had beaten her.

"Mother, please! Don't leave me!"

A small sigh escaped my mother's prone form. She squeezed the hand that held so tightly to her own. "Alaina, 'tis time. I love you, you shouldna mourn. I've had a good life." A cough racked the frail body. "I must tell you somthin'. Tis important you listen Alaina."

I nodded my head tears falling from my eyes as I looked on helplessly as my mother slipped away. The sick woman's words weaved a story as I sat silently listening, telling me of the betrayal of her own father and our banishment. "I would'na have you near them, but they must be told about me. I sent a message to the keep. He will come, Alaina. I dinna want you to be scared. You are a MacKenzie, dinna let anyone tell you any different."

"Mother this canna be true. How can I be those things that seer spoke of? I don't even know how to wield a sword or a dirk!" My voice was shaking. Not only was my mother dying but I now was being told I was a curse to my kin. I looked at my mother, the sadness in her eyes told me everything I was hearing was true.

Her voice was softer now almost as if she were drifting away at that very moment."Alaina, tis not your fault. None of this is your fault. You are not evil." She gasped for breath the time was drawing near and there was still much she wanted to tell her daughter. "The prophecy will come true, remember: what you do is what you must to survive. I have a wish, Alaina. I wish you t' live as long as you can. I dinna care what happens to them, as long as you live my clan lives. Tis what I wish." I wathced her eyes close, I was happy her last sight was of her daughters face shinning with love. I held on to this as she drifted off. I felt it as my mothers spirit left her body. I heard that last whispered I love you as I bent my head over the now lifeless body. ' It will be as you wish mother, I swear it.'

I continued to look across the grave as tears fell from my eyes. He looked like my mother. He raised his eyes to mine. The pain of loss was reflected in both pairs of eyes. He finally cleared his throat. "I loved her." I stared at him, letting his words roll around between us. He walked around the blessed grave and stood in front of me. He towered over me, I didn't back away. "Alaina, yer mother wanted you to have this land. I dinna want it back, and I canna bring you back with me. Stay here, tis what she wanted. Make no mistake, you are no longer of our clan. You willna be recognized. You are banished." I looked at him with no expression, hadn't I been banished my whole life? Why should those words hurt? But, hurt they did. I turned away from him and made my way back to my mothers home, but not before whipering a soft "aye" to him.

I stayed in the house for months. The only visitor was Mary, my mother's closest friend. I'd been told so many times how Mary had helped bring me into this world. I let life pass me by, and in silence and lonliness I mourned for my mother and the kin I never knew. Months turned into years. My twentieth brithday was approaching.

The knock on the door in the early morning hours right before dawn was a surprise. Mary never knocked and she never came over this early. Of course, I hadn't been asleep. I rarely slept at night anymore. It was always harder to sleep at night. My thoughts always seemed to be more insistant at night. I walked over and opened the door. Someone who wanted to do a person harm wouldn't knock.

I stared at the woman in front of me. She was small, and impeccably dressed. She seemed aristocratic. I continued to stare not really caring one way or the other if the woman in front of me spoke or not. I just felt so dead inside, not even the sight of this beautiful stranger could arouse my curiosity.

Finally the stranger spoke in soft lilting tones. She had an accent that was unmistakably french. "Hello, my name is Margaurite DuChamp. I'm afraid I was seperated from my escort. Perhaps you would be so kind to give me shelter until they can locate me?"

I didn't even think to question her about why she was riding this early in the morning before dawn. I didn't find it odd in the least that she should need shelter during the day. I just stepped back from the door and allowed her into my home.

"Thank you." She said as she stepped over the threshold into the hall, she was staring at me with a hungry look in her eyes. " Does my savior have a name or must I guess?" She teased me. I hadn't been teased like this in over a year. Mary had given up trying to get me to talk.

"Alaina," I cleared my throat, it was rusty from disuse." Alaina MacKenzie."

"Alaina? Alaina, are you alright?" Lindsey's voice brought me out of my memories.

"Oh yes, I'm fine. I was just admiring you." I said with a smile.

"Flattery will get you everywhere, but, it seems you already know that." I laughed, here again was another woman who was teasing me.

"So are we ready to go?" She asked me as she glanced around for anything that I might have to get before leaving.

"I'm ready." I was more than ready. She was all I could think about anymore. We didn't talk very much in the car. But I did ask what play we were seeing.

"Romeo and Juliet." She smiled a wistfully at me. "A true romance."

I glanced at her, my brow furrowed with slight confusion. "Didn't everyone die in the end? I don't find that terribly romantic." It was such an avoidable tragedy. How could so many people think that two people dying was romantic.

"They died for love Alaina, and that is romantic." She informed me with a serious look on her face.

"Hmmm, I suppose you could look at it that way." My mind was mulling our conversation over. If she could think that death was romantic perhaps we could have a chance after all.

"Wouldn't you die for love?" She asked as she manuevered the car into a parking area next to the theatre.

"I have died for love." I said softly.

She heard me even though I practically whispered those words."Do you regret it?" I suppose she assumed I was speaking metaphorically.

"I can't regret it, I still love her."

"Oh..." She seemed to deflate a little at those words.

I placed my hand on her arm as she put the car in park and shut the engine off. I didn't want to see her hurt and I could tell my words had upset her. I leaned over to her to whisper in her ear, she turned towards me and our lips met, brushing lightly. I could feel my pulse beating erratically. I felt her tongue lightly stroke my lips then slip into my mouth. It was an experience like no other. Her tongue stroked mine, I could feel her lightly running it over my teeth. She sucked on my lower lip as she ended the kiss. I was breathing so heavily I felt like I had been running for miles.

She pulled back and searched my eyes. I knew what she would see in my eyes, hunger and desire. I didn't want her to look too deeply so I leaned forward and placed a light but lingering kiss on her lips, telling her it was exactly what I wanted.

"Well I didn't expect that until after the date had ended." She teased as she lightly stroked my lips with her fingers. I smiled under her fingertips. I hadn't expected that at all.

"I guess we should go in, it should be starting soon." She spoke while still caressing my lips. I didn't really want her to stop, I liked the feeling of her skin against my lips.

"Yes, we probably should." I agreed once she finally removed her fingers.

I learned so many things about her that night and every night for the following few months. I knew so much about her, yet nothing at all. I was happier than I could ever remember feeling. She seemed to wake from her self imposed mourning. She never sat alone anymore staring out into the night. We spent every night together. We talked in my home. I visited her apartment. We held hands while taking long walks through the park in the middle of the night. She told me one night after a walk that she always felt so safe with me. She wasn't frightened when she was with me. She told me it was the greatest gift anyone had ever given her. Having her near me, feeling her lips against mine and her body pressed against me was the greatest gift I had ever been given.

I told her about myself. I made sure to be careful about dates and such. However I know some of the things I'd described me doing made her curious. Why would one ride a carriage across parts of Europe when there were airplanes? It was getting harder and harder to hide the truth from her. I wasn't sure I wanted to hide the truth from her anymore. I could feel us getting closer to each other. I knew at this point that I could never let her go. I wanted her with me always, no matter the consequences. I finally admitted to myself that I was in love with her.


I was alone that night, when I finally admitted to myself I loved her. I heard her approach. She was always silent, yet I could hear her and feel her when she was near.

"Why are you alone again?" Margaurite spoke softly and I smiled, I loved hearing her voice.

"Don't worry, she'll be over later. I was just thinking." I reassured her.

"Your never just thinking. What are you thinking about?"

"Lindsey, how I feel about her. I doubt I think of anything else anymore." I didn't look at her. I was afraid I would see hurt in her eyes. I'd never felt this way about anyone but her before now.

"And how do you feel about her." Her voice was so understanding and calming.

I turned to look at her. "Margaurite, I'm in love with her."

She smiled at me, "I know."

"Have you told her yet?" She asked me. I knew she wasn't asking if I had told Lindsey I loved her.

"How do I tell her what I am. She would look at me like I'm a monster or worse." I paused collecting my thoughts and took a deep breath to calm myself. "You don't know what she's seen. She talks to killers day and night for her books. I've actually read some of her words and it's haunting and disturbing. I recognize those traits these murderers have, I see them in me. I kill without remorse, I pick my victims randomly. I enjoy the hunt and the kill. I'm just like them...she fears them. She hates them. She's told me this so many times. I can't tell her, it would destroy us." My voice trailed off as I thought about the obvious end to our relationship.

"If you knew all this, why let it go on. You could have stopped this at anytime." She pointed out gently.

"Don't you think if I could stay away from her I would!" I shouted. "It's not a choice for me anymore. I feel like I would die without her."

"You must tell her. It will only get harder as time goes on, you know that."

"Did you come here just to torture me with words? I thought you were my friend and happy for me?!" I lashed out at her. She was speaking the truth and my happiness was crumbling before me.

"I am your friend and I love you. I'm also very happy for you. I want to continue to be happy for you, that's why I tell you these things. People value the truth, they did when you were alive and they do now."

I listened to her words as I stood up and paced back and forth in my living room. I turned to face her finally."I have to go out, I'm hungry." I wasn't so hungry as I was angry and ashamed. I was going to take that out on my meal. She knew it too and nodded her acceptance. I moved by her faster than the human eye can detect, she could still see me though. I left the house in search of an outlet for my emotions. I found it quickly. A man who like me was a killer. I came upon him as he was beating a woman. I knew she belonged to him, just like so many others belonged to him on the streets. I moved in behind him and snatched him off her unconscious body. I looked down at her, she was a bloody mishapen mess. She would die soon. I moved over to where he had landed when I threw him. He was groggy, but still trying to stand up. I let the rage I felt at myself loose on him. I don't know what happened exactly. I realized where I was after some time. I couldn't even recognize these human pieces surrounding me as a man. I had literally ripped him to shreds after feeding. I looked into the night sky and saw that the moon was high. It was later than I realized and I immediately remembered that Lindsey was coming over this evening.

It was dark when I arrived back at my house. There was no movement I could detect from outside. I assumed that Margaurite had left since I didn't feel her near me. I was slightly distracted so I couldn't be certain she left. I entered slowly, I didn't want her to see the mess I'd made of myself if she was here. I walked into the living room from the hall. I was heading back to my bedroom and the shower when I noticed a slight movement from the chair as I passed. I knew then it was Lindsey. I shouldn't have been surprised, she prefers the dark, just like I do.

"I was wondering when you would be back." She seemed subdued.

"I had to go out, I'm sorry I wasn't here." I hesitated not really wanting to know the answer to my next question but compelled to ask anyway. "How did you get in?"

"Your friend, Margaurite let me in. She only just left moments ago. I guess she heard you coming."

She didn't volunteer any more information but there were things I had to ask. I tried to be as circumspect as I could, not showing my anxiousnes at all. "I'd been meaning to introduce you to her. Did you talk about anything interesting?"

"You." That single word was enough to strike fear in my heart. Margaurite would do harm thinking she was helping.

"Oh...I see." I didn't know how to reply, saying too much could damage everything at this point.

"Do you see? She said alot tonight Alaina. She said that I could lose you and I wouldn't even know why." She stopped and I could hear the pain in her voice. I didn't want to turn on the light, I didn't want to see her pain reflected in her eyes. "Am I going to lose you Alaina?"

"No!" I whispered. "No! Never. But, there is something you don't understand and I don't know how to tell you. I'm afraid of what you may think of me. I'm in love with you, Lindsey." I couldn't say it, I wanted to tell her. I wanted her acceptance and her love.

She stood up and stepped towards me. "I love you. And because of that there is nothing you could tell me that I wouldn't understand."

I backed away from her. Even in this black room I was afraid she would see me. I saw her reach for the light and I moved to grab her hand before she could turn it on. "No, I don't want the light on."

"Alaina, I want to talk to you and I want to see you. I need to see you." She pulled away from me then. I could have held onto her, but I might have hurt her by doing so. I let her go. When the light came on I bowed my head. She would see what I was capable of and she would fear and hate me, I didn't want to see that.

I heard her gasp when she saw me. "My god are you alright?" I nodded my head without looking up, I knew it was over. "What happened, how...?" I looked up at her then. I let it happen. My eyes began to glow in the low light from the lamp. I could feel my fangs enlongating as I stood before her letting the smell of the blood lull me into it's secure embrace. I finally let her see me, really see me. There was no fear like this. Nothing mattered except the blood.

I watched as she backed away from me, she sat down heavily in the chair she had occupied moments ago, what I can only assume were happier moments for her. "She told me, I..I.didn't believe her. How could I believe her. It's a myth, a fairy tale to entertain people." She trailed off.

I turned away from her and went to the bathroom I got in with my clothes on and turned on the hot water. I didn't want to hear about Magaurites betrayal, I didn't want to see the look in Lindsey's eyes. The blood washed away down the drain and with it went the numb, impenetrable feelings. My teeth retracted to normal size and I could tell my eyes no longer glowed unnaturally. I stripped the clothes from my body and threw them down in the corner of the shower. I stepped out after soaping down my entire body. I didn't know what I was going to say to her, I just knew I had to say something. I couldn't let her go without trying. I put on my robe and walked back to the living room. I looked at the chair and could feel the tears start to run down my face. The chair was already empty. She was gone.

I left that night. I couldn't stay there any longer. Everything in the city reminded me of her. My own home reminded me of her. It was where I was happiest, wrapped in her arms feeling her lips on mine. It was also where I was saddest. I closed my house and went home. Back to Scotland, back to my land that I had kept and nourished all these years.


The trip took two nights. I had to arrange air travel. It always was difficult to travel. Night travel was always hard to accomodate. I arrived home on the third night. I stepped into the old house where my mother had raised me. Where I had mourned her loss for so many months. Memories were here too but they were safe memories. It was old pain that was left here, I brought my new pain to add to it. I stayed inside for the first two weeks I didn't venture out at all. I was ravenous after two weeks of seclusion. I slipped out into the night, letting the hunt console me like it always did. I found what I was looking for a few hours before dawn. She was in her bedroom sleeping. I could hear the sound of crying near by. I didn't try to find out what was wrong, I only knew that she was the cause of it. The hate surrounding her was palatable. I attacked her without remorse. Killing her only took seconds. I took her with me to be disposed of.

I went home after that. I planned to stay inside wrapped in my pain for as long as I could before the hunger drove me out again. Three nights passed, I could no longer cry. I was as silent now as I was then after my mother's death. It felt the same. The knock on the door didn't penetrate at first. The pounding finally made me stand, I felt angry. Angry that someone would interrupt my mourning. I approached the door set on making this person my next victim. I opened the door and stared in disbelief.

Lindsey's hands were shoved in her pockets against the chill in the air. She stared at me when I opened the door. I wished then that I had taken the time to clean myself up recently. "May I come in?" She asked quietly.

I moved back from the door letting her pass by me. I didn't shut the door. I stared back out into the night as if I expected to see something besides this apparition that was now standing behind me in my home.

"I'm sorry." I could hear the remorse in her voice.

I turned towards her after I shut the door. I shook my head. "You don't have to say that, you didn't do anything wrong. It was me, I didn't tell you the truth." I stopped and wiped the tears from my cheeks. I raised my hand and looked at the blood from my tears."I'm not human. I'm not like you, I'm a monster. I'm a killer Lindsey, and that's the truth I was afraid to tell you."

"No." Her voice took on a hard edge with that word.

"No? Didn't you see me that night, it wasn't that long ago I know you remember!"

"No, Alaina! You are not a monster. You do what you have to do to stay alive. It's an instinct we all have. And I remember that night very well. I told you that I loved you and nothing would change that."

I lowered my eyes so she couldn't see the pain in them as I spoke softly. "You left." I didn't accuse her it was just a statement of what happened.

"I had to leave, my god Alaina, what could I say? What could I do? I didn't know how to deal with this. You must understand?" I could hear the desperation and frustration in her voice and see it in her body as she moved.

"Why are you here?" It's the question that was burning in my mind. I remember thinking that same question months ago about her.

"I love you. I thought I'd already told you that." She walked over to me and lightly rubbed her thumb over my cheek.

"You don't know what your saying. You can't love me. I am death, Lindsey. I'm that thing you write about. I'm the thing you fear and hate." I let out a shaky breath "You just can't love that." I whispered.

"I can and I do. I can prove it." She told me. I felt her lips on mine. I couldn't stop her, I didnt' want to. She pulled me to her, holding my body against hers. I felt her lips move down to my neck and I stiffened. Her lips kept kissing and nipping down to the base of my neck. I felt her hands on the buttons of my shirt. She started releasing them one at a time, kissing the exposed flesh as she went. I felt her hands on my breasts and I moaned. It wasn't like the blood, but it was an exquisite torture that brought such pleasure to my body. Her lips surrounded my nipple and I felt her suckling. I pulled her tighter against me, I wanted to pull her inside of me, my need was so great.

She pulled away from me and lead me into the bedroom that was easily seen from the front room. I watched as she stripped her clothes from her body. I was mesmorized by the sight. She approached me when she was fully exposed to my view. I'd never seen anyone as beautiful. She removed my clothing, I found it hard to concentrate on such a task. All I could think of was touching her, tasting her. I pulled her over to the bed and pulled her down it's softness with me. I felt her body cover mine and closed my eyes. Such warmth. My skin took on her warmth making me feel as if I were in a cacoon, safe and warm. I felt her hands running over my body. I could feel the tingling on my skin everywhere she touched. I ran my hands over her back, tracing the muscles underneath her skin. Her lips were teasing mine, driving me beyond my limits of control. I could feel my fangs growing as we kissed. I knew she could feel them too. I tried to pull away from her but she wouldn't let me go. She ran her tongue over my fangs and I gasped at the sensation. I could feel the surface of her tongue, I could taste her on my fangs. The more she stroked her tongue over them the more I could feel my body responding. I felt her hand move down my stomach, her fingers lightly caressed my lips and clit as her tongue continued it's assault on my exposed fangs. I felt my body start to tighten, this seemed to spurr her on further. She increased the motions of her fingers and tongue. Finally my body exploded, I could feel the convulsions rippling through my body. She stopped as the last ripple ran through me. I pulled her to me and kissed her slowly. I could taste the tang of blood on her tongue. She ran it over the tip of my fang cutting it as I orgasmed. She tasted like ambrosia.

I rolled over on top of her, feeling her body under mine. It felt more wonderful than I could have imagined. I left her lips and kissed down her neck. I stopped at the artery. It was throbbing in time to her pulse which was beating erratically. I could feel my fangs enlongating to their full size. I was so close. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to bring her the ecstacy that only one of my kind could bring when we chose. I moved on, I wanted to taste another part of her first. I ran my tongue down her body. I lathered her nipples taking them between my teeth and running my tongue over them until I heard her moan my name. I moved down until I could taste her. I ran my tongue over her clit. I felt her jump with the touch. I lapped at the soft tissue and felt it brush against my fangs as I moved. I shivered with the sensation. I felt her hands on my hair, urging me on. I took her clit between my lips and sucked gently. I could feel her muscles beginning to tense and I knew she would climax soon. I took my mouth off her and moved up her body. I heard her whimper when I stopped and reassured her with my fingers that she wasn't being abandoned. My fingers slid over her clit and lips easily, she was so wet. I licked at her neck again while my fingers slid over her. I stopped licking and stared at her exposed neck. I calmed myself and found my voice and whispered to her. "Are you sure?"

I heard her breathless answer as she moaned "yes." I sank my fangs into her, and gently sucked in time with the movement of my fingers. I could feel her approaching her moment. I sucked harder trying to bring her to the point of change as she exploded. I felt her body start to spasm under me. I pulled her further under me draining her of as much blood as I could before the point of death. I stopped when the last shudder left her body. I pulled away, I could hear a faint heart beat. I knew that if I waited it would stop completely. I drew her lips close to my own neck. I used my nails and fingers to open my artery. I pressed her face agiant the wound and had her drink. She was slow at first, being near death. Finally, blood and life started to fill her body. She drank from me greedily. I could feel my body responding. Becoming aroused again. I had her drink until she couldn't hold anymore. So much so that I felt slightly weak. I knew she would need it, and she would need rest.

I watched her fall asleep in my arms. The blood working it's magic on her as it had on me all those years ago. I knew we would never be apart again. I leaned down and whispered to her. "I love you, Lindsey. I will be here when you awake tonight."

The End....for now

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