~ Chestnuts Roasting ~
by Dani

Disclaimer: Yes, this is a Halloween story and it is from the sick part of my brain. It has no sex, implied violence and is just a tad bit on the sick side.
Now if you still choose to read this tale after reading the disclaimer enjoy and let me know what you think of it at dani@e-scribblers.com

A bone-chilling scream and the sound of a woman's laughter shattered the silence of the forest.

"Please, please let me go."

"Oh shut up you sniveling, bloody bastard."

"Please I promise if you let me go I wont?"

"You wont what? Hurt any more women? Oh I doubt that severely my sick and sadistic friend but I promise after I'm done with ya you'll wish you had never?"

"Aithne, Aithne me lovely lass. Where are you hiding?" Interrupted her little speech.

"Shit I'll be right back. Now you stay right there. You wouldn't want me to have to hunt ya down in these here woods. That would make me very, very cranky."

Aithne quickly made her way towards the area were her lover's voice had come from. She needed to get to her before she stumbled on to her fun and made her stop what she was doing, hence spoil her fun for this All Hallows Eve.

"Caoimhe my love what are you doing here? Or the better question would be how did you find me?" Aithne asked her better half trying to hide her hands.

"Well when you weren't at the bar I went looking for you and imagine my surprise when my search led me to this little scary slice of heaven deep in the woods. What are you doing here and stop hiding your hands. I can smell the blood on you. What are you up to darling?"

"Just taking care of some trash that I found at the bar. If you give me just ten more minutes I'll be done and we can go have that romantic dinner you've been after me about for ages," Aithne said eagerly hoping in this one instance her lover wouldn't live up to her name.

"I think not. Let me see what trouble you've gotten yourself into in my absence."

Aithne slowly turned around and made her way back to the clearing, dragging her feet and mumbling to herself how she never gets to have fun anymore.

"Oh baby what have you done?" Caoimhe asked looking at the man that had been tied to the makeshift alter of wood. Her brogue getting thicker with every word she spoke letting her lover know that she was in big trouble.

"Now don't be taking that tone with me love. Not until you let me explain who this is and what he tried to do to me tonight."

"Babe I know exactly who this is," Caoimhe said pointing to the man. "He's the serial killer they have been after for the past six months. I wouldn't be worthy of my title if I didn't know that darlin."

"Well than you know what he had planned for me when he slipped that poison into my drink."

"Yes but that doesn't excuse this behavior."

"Come on babe I'm doing the world a favor. Yes, I made believe that the drug he gave me knocked me out and let him bring me to this place but it's been awhile since anything really exciting has happened to me."

"You know I love you with all my heart but I worry about you sometimes babe."

"Yes I know you do but there is no need I'm perfectly sane." Aithne laughed at the disbelieving look Caoimhe gave her. It tickled her so much that she had to bend down and give her a nice deep wet kiss just for the hell of it. So what if her victim was screaming and wailing in the back round begging for his life.

"As pleasant as that was my love I want you to let him go. No burning him alive." Caoimhe said once she got her breath back.

"Ahhh come on babe. Being just a little singed never hurt anyone. We've been burned at the stake enough times. Okay yes we always got away but it made us better people each time," Aithne said eagerly.

"Nope, not falling for it this time. I let you use that line on me last time on that guy in Nawlins and remember how much of a clusterfuck that turned out to be. Just to make sure you don't have time to do anything foolish I called the cops before I came to get you."

"I knew that helping you strengthen your powers was going to come back and bite me in the ass one of these days."

"Babe even if I never developed any of my powers I would still be attuned to your every move. That's what happens when couples have been together as long as we have. And three hundred years is a hell of a long time to get to know my sick, twisted, justice obsessed baby."

"I guess that's true but it doesn't mean I have to like it," Aithne mumbled.

"Baby don't pout just clean yourself up and lets get out of here. I hear sirens. The coppers will be here any second."

Caoimhe walked back towards the oak trees while Aithne walked back over to her victim. Erasing any traces of herself and completing one final act that she was determined to carry out before she left her psycho for the cops.

Another high-pitched scream pierced the still night air and continued nonstop.

As Aithne walked over to where her partner was standing looking into the clear night sky and listening to the air whisper through the trees she waved her hand over her body and all traces of blood disappeared.

"What did you do?" Caoimhe asked without taking her eyes from the beauty it was admiring.

"Nothing that he didn't deserve."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

Aithne didn't answer her. She just gave her an evil little smile and started singing Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.

It took a little time for Caoimhe to get the joke but when she did her head snapped around and Ewwwwwwwwwwwww could be heard on the wind as the two witches disappeared into the night a second before the authorities arrived on the scene of Aithne's brand of justice.

The End

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