~ Darkest Desires ~
by Alex Tryst
Copyright August 2004

Author's Note: A darker PWP between a loving couple, more explicit than what I normally write, so readers beware. Sometimes even those together the longest can still learn something new about their lover's desires.

As always, you can reach me at alextryst@hotmail.com

I see you standing there at the window, facing the world as the early morning hour brings in a new day. Your tousled blonde hair makes me smile. Even a mess, you still look lovely in my eyes. Not allowing my presence to be known, I watch from the far side of the room, merely observing you. You are wearing a long red silk robe that brushes the floor. It is tied securely by the sash around your waist, revealing that you are still naked underneath from leaving bed. Unaware of me, you continue to gaze out the window as you slowly drink from the coffee cup cradled in both your hands.

I know that view well. It is my favorite in this house. It reveals the vast landscape of greenery and trees. I often stand there myself to contemplate. However, on this morning, I wonder about what you are thinking. Unable to resist you, I softly move across the hardwood floors with my bare feet as silently as possible. I do not want to alert you of my presence. I believe I am successful, because you do not seem to note that I am standing directly behind you. With our bodies only a few feet a part, my own begins to warm as thoughts of the previous night flood into my mind. My lover, so soft and delicate, and yet powerful in your desire, seduced me in a way I never imagined possible.

The evening started out as any other. I came home from work on time for once, and there you were standing at the island in our kitchen preparing dinner. Meanwhile our two little girls flurried around you chaotically, screaming in excitement when they noticed me. I knelt to give them hugs and kisses before moving to do the same for you. At that moment I observed how incredible you smelled, like roses and vanilla.

"How was your day?" you inquired with a smile that made your blue eyes twinkle.

"Hectic but good. How was yours?"

"The same. The girls are so excited to be going to their grandparents' house for the weekend."

"Oh, is that why there are two extra place settings? I was wondering about that," I remarked, having seen the table already set. "When will they be arriving?"

"Any moment."

Nodding my head, I stated, "Well, just let me drop my stuff in the office, and then I'll be back to help you with this."

Doing my errand quickly, I returned, rolling up my sleeves on my white pressed shirt. I took over the duties of the pasta and the children as you manned the rest of the dinner. Both of our little ones were wild, though, with excitement of their overnight trip to their grandparents' house. Hearing the doorbell several minutes later, they scampered to answer it with me close behind. I smiled at my in-laws when I opened the door.

"Jess, how are you?" my mother-in-law asked, immediately slipping her arms around my neck for a hug after she had hugged her granddaughters.

"I'm wonderful, Miriam. How are you?"

"Thrilled to be having the girls. It's about time you and Carrie had time to yourselves."

I nodded in agreement and turned to my father-in-law. We embraced briefly as I questioned, "How are you, Paul?"

"Just fine, Jess. You look tired, though. Working too hard?"

I shrugged. "Not really. It was just a tough week, and I have to work over the weekend for a bit. Carrie's the one that is overworked. She is so busy with her own job and the kids. She organizes everything and makes sure all the household duties are done. I don't know what I'd do without her."

"Speaking of her, where is that daughter of mine?" Paul inquired, heading in the direction of the kitchen.

Everyone followed. After you greeted your parents, we all pitched in to help with the last bit of dinner preparations before sitting down. Dinner was a loud affair as our daughters tried to dominate the conversation. Of course at three and four it was still easy to have adult talk while paying them attention as well. Once the meal was complete and both girls cleaned up enough to leave, I went upstairs to their rooms to gather their suitcases for their weekend trip.

By the time I had returned, you were already assisting your father with the car seats. Saying good bye to our children, we buckled them in before turning to your parents. They assured us things would be fine before getting into their car and pulling out of the driveway. Both of us waited until they were out of sight before going back into the house. Immediately we headed to the kitchen to start on the dishes, but you shooed my away, stating that you were able to take care of it.

Thankful for the reprieve, I kissed your forehead lightly and headed to my office. I had work I had brought home. Feeling rejuvenated from the meal, I set about my task diligently. Spreading the blue print I had been working on all day out across the drafting table, I slipped on my glasses and focused on my task. I had no idea how much time was passing as I lost myself in work, however, I managed to look over my shoulder when I heard the door creak open.

You were standing there holding your cup of tea as was your after-dinner ritual looking at me with a bored expression. You had changed clothes. Gone was the navy business suit and in its place your favorite gray sweat pants and one of my old college t-shirts. Your feet were bare, and your toes played with the fringe of the oriental rug idly. "What are you doing in here?" you inquired.

"Working on a new home design."


"Yeah. That bitch of a boss I work for has me doing unpaid overtime on this project," I quipped with a smile. However, the one you returned to me didn't meet your eyes. "That was joke, Carrie."

"I know," you replied softly, breaking our eye contact.

Sensing something amiss, I gently asked, "Are you all right? Is something wrong? You seem upset."

You shrugged your shoulders before saying, "I wanted to talk to you about something, but I'm not sure how, Jess."

Hearing the sad tone of your voice, I began to wonder more seriously what was wrong. Forgetting my work for the moment, I turned on my stool to face you. "Is that why you sent the kids away?" You nodded. Not knowing exactly what was going on with you, I extended my hands. "Come here," I whispered. You walked across the room and stood between my open legs. Looking into you deep blue eyes, I said, "You can tell me anything. After ten years I hope you know that.

"I know. It's just that I'm scared."

"Of what? Of me?"

"No, never you. I guess I'm just scared of myself."

Unsure of what that meant, I tenderly demanded, "Tell me what's going on."

Nodding your head, your broke our gaze once again and sighed. "You know I love you, don't you?"

"Yes, and I love you, Carrie, more than anything."

"I love the way we are together. I love the time we spend together and the way you hold me, the way you touch me. I always feel so safe in your arms."

"But?" I prompted, uncertain as to where this conversation was heading.

You hesitated. "Remember the way it was when we first started dating? Do you remember the way we were?"

"Of course. We were blissfully happy, Carrie. I'd like to think we still are. I know I am."

"So am I, Jess," you assured.

"Then what's the matter, sweetie?" I asked, stroking your hair in affection.

I could see you struggling with yourself a moment before you finally whispered, "We don't make love any more."

I was completely taken back by the comment. It was true, though. We weren't intimate any longer. Our physical contact had been diminished to chaste kisses and hugs, but I knew it wasn't from a lack of interest. Focusing on that, I said, "I know, Carrie, but we've been so busy. Now that your dad is semi-retired, it's up to us to keep the company going. That's just the nature of being a small business owner. We have to work longer and harder than other people, but it's worth it. Besides, the time that I have tried to get close to you that way, you've brushed me off. You've been so tired with the kids and the house on top of the job."

"I know. I feel bad about that, but the times I tried you've been too preoccupied with work."

"One of us has to get it finished, Carrie."

"I know. Sometimes I just wish it wasn't this way. Do you think Dad would understand if I told him I wanted to resign?"

I shrugged. "Who would take over as President? Your dad gave you that position, because he didn't want it any more."

"The person who deserves it the most would take over. You, Jess. You've been with the company for fifteen years. My dad trusts you more than any one else in that office. He only passed you over the first time to give me the job, because he wanted it family run. We both know that. However, you're family now. I don't think he would have a problem with it. In fact, I think he'd welcome the idea. He wanted to give it to you in the first place."

"If you think it would help you, then ask him. He's the one you have to answer to as the CEO. Do you honestly think this would make a difference for us, though? You wouldn't be working, but I would still have just as much on my plate."

You shrugged. "I know. I just don't know what to do, Jess. I miss the way it used to be. You know, before the girls were born, we used to be pretty wild in the sheets," you whispered, trailing a hand lightly up my arm as you cast a shy smile at me.

"I know," I admitted. The feeling of your fingers tracing lightly over my skin was starting to awaken my senses, especially with the topic of conversation. "I was wondering if this was just the way things were after ten years together. I was hoping not. After all, I'm only forty, and you're only thirty-five. I didn't think our sex life was supposed to disappear but especially at such an age."

"Me neither. Do you think we could just use this weekend to work on us a bit? That's why I sent the girls to my parents' house. I was hoping we could... you know," you said timidly as a flush came to your face.

I smiled, because it reminded me of when we had first started dating. You were so strong in business yet shy with me at the time. Back then, once I had gotten over my resentment of being passed over for the promotion by your father and finally gotten to know you, I knew I wanted you, and you knew it too. I was never coy in regards to my feelings, yet I always let you lead us, because at twenty-five you were not as experienced as people perceived. I remembered the first time you ever asked me to make love to you, the bashful look in your eyes in direct opposition to your body's behavior. It was at that moment I knew I would be with you forever. You had just given me the same gaze after ten years, and suddenly I felt the last decade slip away from me. Leaning in to kiss you, though, I was stopped by your right hand on my chest.

You were still not quite able to meet my eyes as you said, "There's more, Jess."

"What is it?"

"Do you remember telling me once that you'd give me anything I ever needed?"

"Yes. Why?"

"I need something from you."

"Whatever it is, you can have it. Just tell me what you need, Carrie, and I'll gladly give it to you."

"I need tonight to be different. There is something that I want that I've never asked of you before."

Nodding my head, I answered, "I'll do whatever you ask of me, Carrie, as long as it makes you happy."

Smiling at me tentatively, you kissed me on the cheek, whispering, "Thank you. Meet me upstairs in ten minutes."

I nodded my understanding and then watched you leave the study. I was curious as to what you wanted, especially since you hadn't said. A gamut of thoughts passed through my mind. Although our desires made our encounters fiery, we had not ventured away from what was considered traditional. You had never seemed to want to, leaving room for many things we had never explored. It made me wonder if I was about to see a new side to you.

Finishing up my work quickly, I double checked my watch before leaving the office. I checked all the doors of the house to make sure they were locked as was my habit before extinguishing all the lights on the first floor and making my way up to the master bedroom on the darkened front staircase. Even though I knew my daughters weren't home, I still poked my head into each of their rooms. I missed them already even though it had only been a few hours.

Opening the door to our room, I was surprised to find it completely dark. Reactively flipping on the light switch, I saw you kneeling on the bed facing the headboard, so I couldn't see your face. You were completely naked, and your head was bowed low with your hands behind your back. "Carrie?" I called.

However, you cut me off quickly. "Don't say anything or I might lose my nerve," you instructed. I complied with your wish, even though I was immensely curious. "I left you some things on the chaise."

Immediately my gaze found the chair at the foot of our bed. Crossing the room my eyes widened at the items placed out for me. A set of handcuffs, various scarves of assorted lengths, a bucket of ice, and a wrapped box greeted me. Intrigued by the gift, I ripped it open to find a harness and phallus. Your unspoken request was quite clear. The only lingering question was whether or not I could do what you wanted. We had always been equals in bed, but this was an occasion in which you wanted for me to dominate you completely. Furthermore, by your submissive body language, I knew this was not to be the gentle lovemaking of the past but a raw exploration of our darkest desires. It was clear you wanted me to tie you up and unceremoniously ravage you like a savage animal, which I had never done in the ten years we had been together. However, in the smallest shadowed corner of my fantasies I had imagined what it might be like, but I had never dared asked, but now you were presenting me with this enticement. Briefly I wondered if I had it in me to treat you in such a manner, but knowing this was your desire as well, I decided to proceed. Just then my thoughts were broken by the sound of your voice.

"Jess?" you inquired.

I could hear the trepidation in your voice, but I knew it was the fear of being rebuffed. Knowing I needed to reassure you while at the same time taking on the role I knew you wanted me to play, I gruffly responded, "You will not speak unless you are spoken to. Nod if you understand." You obediently did as you were told. I could see the rigidness of your frame fade at my command. It further fueled my knowledge that this was what you needed from me.

For a moment I just stood at the foot of the bed contemplating where I should begin. It wasn't truly in my nature to act this way, but I was determined to do it for you. Picking up a blue scarf, I came to the side of the bed. You didn't move. Without a word I placed it over your eyes, tying is securely. Still you said nothing, but I saw you tremble lightly.

"Turn towards me and hold out your hands," I commanded firmly. You did so, still kneeling on the bed. I took them and placed them on my belt buckle. "Undress me."

You took your time with the task. First was my belt. You pulled it out of the loops slowly and dropped it on the floor. Next my pants came open as you untucked my shirt. On feeling alone, you managed to slip each button from its hole until your hands came around my shoulders and tugged it off, so it fell to the ground. My bra followed, but as your hands made their way down my sides, I propped a foot up on the bed. You seemed to take that as the sign I had meant, which was to remove my shoes next. One foot and then the other became bare before your attentions returned to my pants. With one motion I was standing naked before you.

"Very good," I stated, taking your right hand. Putting it between my own legs, I used it to stroke my own wetness for a moment. You whimpered as I coated your hand with my essence. I groaned at the feeling of your fingers against me, but I knew this night was not about my pleasure and released my grasp. Immediately you brought your fingers to your own mouth, but I swatted it away lightly, growling, "Did I say you could do that?"

"No," you mumbled.

"That's right. Do that again, and I'll tie you up and leave you here. Now put your hands back behind you." You did as you were told. Even though I always loved to touch you gently, I knew this wasn't the moment for that, so instead I roughly grabbed you between your slightly staggered thighs. You gasped loudly at my gesture. I could feel that you were beginning to become aroused by this act. Deciding to tease you, I leisurely let my fingers play for just a moment before withdrawing. Going to the bucket of ice, I picked up a cube as quietly as I could as to not alert you to it. Without warning I started to rub it along your thigh. Another heave from you. I knew it had to be cold against your heated skin, but at the moment I didn't care. I had other plans for it as I once again reached the juncture of your thighs.

"Are you hot?" I inquired lightly. "Are you wet?" I knew you were, but I wanted to hear you say it.

"Yes, Jess," you moaned, but then you cried out as I slid the ice up inside of you and held it there, allowing you a chance to get acclimated to the extreme temperature before I slowly began to pump in and out at a methodical pace. It was only a few moments before the cube melted into water.

Going back to the chaise I picked up the phallus and harness. Even though I had never worn one, I quickly figured out how to put it on and secure it. The phallus you had chosen was considerable longer and wider than I would have thought comfortable, but I figured you had planned this perfectly and wanted it to be just so. "Turn around and get on all fours," I instructed. You did, making you face the foot board. Then I proceeded to pick up two scarves. Crawling up on the bed behind you, I grabbed one of your ankles and tied one end to it securely before reaching toward the bedpost at the top of the right side of the bed. I tied it just tight enough that it was slightly uncomfortable for you before doing the same to your other ankle. I could see you wiggle just a bit, testing the strength of the bonds.

"Don't move," I admonished, spanking you so it stung slightly. Heading back to the chaise, I picked up the handcuffs and bucket of ice. Coming back to the bed, I crawled behind you again. I just looked at you a moment, legs parted showing all of the treasure hidden between them. I could see you were glistening in anticipation. I leaned over your back, pressing our bodies together. I heard you moan as my breasts rubbed against your back gently.

"So, my angel, are you ready for me?" I asked, reaching down and taking hold of your left wrist. You jerked slightly as the metal handcuff scraped your skin before locking. Bringing that hand back behind you, I reached for your right wrist to do the same. Locking them together, I watched you struggle to keep your balance for a moment before having to succumb to gravity and lower your head to the mattress. I smiled at my creation, because it left your bare backside up in the air on perfect display. Chuckling lightly I reached for another ice cube. Playfully I began to run it over each of cheek, outling the curves.

"You have such a perfect little ass," I commented as my hand trailed the cube once more through your wetness. Sticking the second one inside you, I commanded, "Keep that in there until it melts." You didn't give any response. Soaking my fingers in your wetness, I said, "Your ass is so hot. It's perfect for all those naughty little things like spanking." I spanked you a second time a little harder than before. You panted at the burn it left behind. "It's perfect for kneading," I added, mimicking my words with my hands. Then I reached my left hand to your shoulder and pulled you up until you were parallel to the bed again. Pressing my mouth to your ear, I entered your ass as I growled, "And it's perfect for fucking." You cried out loudly. I had never done that in the decade when had been together, but as I continued my tender manipulation to try to open you further, you began to thrust back into my fingers. "Before this night is over, you're going to beg me to fuck you up your hot little ass with my huge cock," I rumbled. You shuddered at the sound of my voice.

"Please," you whispered softly.

It was like a shot to my own wet heat, but I knew I had to discipline you for speaking out of turn. With drawing my fingers, I fished another ice cube from the bucket and roughly shoved it where my hand had just been. "That's for talking," I stated gruffly. "If you do it again, I won't let you come."

I watched you bite your lip in response. Going back to task, my fingers went back to your wetness. I teased your clit for a few moments before penetrating you quickly. You cried out but didn't say a word. Knowing it was time to proceed, I withdrew and used the residue from my fingers to coat the phallus. "I don't really think you deserve this," I began as I ran it along your wetness. You only whimpered. "Good girls don't ask for this. That must mean you're a bad girl, aren't you?" You nodded your head in response. "Tell me how bad you are, how dirty you are. You're my little whore, aren't you? You're my slut, and you want me to fuck you like the bitch you are, don't you?" Again you nodded. "Say it, Carrie. If you don't ask me for it, I'm leaving."

You moaned deeply in frustration but whispered, "Fuck me, Jess. Please fuck me." The strain in your voice told me you were close to the edge all ready. I rewarded your appeal by quickly sinking the whole phallus inside of you. Your cries this time were louder and full of ardor of being so close yet unable to reach the summit. Leaning over your back, I pressed my frame into yours tightly as my left hand grabbed the foot board for balance. With my right I took a fistful of your beautiful blonde hair and gripped you by the nape of the neck. Then without any words between us, I furiously began to thrust. I knew you were so close that it wouldn't take much.

The whole time you just panted and moaned each time I went deeper, but just as you were about to climax you called out my name feverishly. It was heaven to hear, but I knew I had sworn to discipline you for talking, so reluctantly I pulled out before you were able to reach fulfillment. You whimpered and begged me to continue.

"What did I say about talking, Carrie? Now you've forced me to do this," I growled, moving from the bed. Walking to the chaise, I picked up another scarf and balled it up into my hand. I then went back to the bed and shoved it into your mouth to keep you from saying anything else. "Now you just stay here like that and think about what you did. I'll be back when I feel like it." I walked over to our bedroom door and opened it like I was leaving. Shutting it though, I just stood there to see what you might do if you thought you were alone.

The first thing you did was lower your body to the bed, so you were lying on your stomach. I could hear you breathing heavily and also whimpering with unfulfilled need. After a few moments I watched as you slowly began to grind your hips against the mattress in a desperate attempt to seek relief. I let you go on for a few minutes before opening the door again. Immediately you stopped your actions.

"Well now, are you ready to behave?" I asked, coming to the bed. You nodded. I removed the scarf around your eyes. I could see them silently pleading with me, but I refused to give in just yet. Instead, I went over to one of our chairs across the room and plopped down into it. Your eyes were transfixed on me. Even though I was enjoying this torture, I didn't allow that to show. Rather I ignored you the best I could. I unbuckled the harness and dropped it on the floor. Then I opened the dresser next to me and pulled out a different toy, one I liked to use when I was alone. Propping one leg up over the arm of the chair, I gave you a perfect view and then closed my own eyes to pleasure myself.

I knew you were riveted to my display as I slowly pumped the toy in and out of my own wetness all the while calling your name. I let myself climax before meeting your gaze once more. Your blue eyes were wildly dilated. Pulling out my toy, I walked to the foot of the bed. I held it up in front of your face, so you could see it glistening. "Do you want this?" I asked, taking the scarf from your mouth, so you could answer.

"Please," you said.

"You haven't been very good. I don't think you deserve a treat, but if you promise me to mind for the rest of the time, I'll let you have it. Tell me you'll behave."

"I'll be good. I promise, Jess. I won't misbehave again," you avowed.

Taking your word, I slipped the toy into your mouth slightly, so you could taste me. Greedily you licked and sucked on it until it was clean once more. When you were finished, I dropped it on the floor and picked up the scarf again. Bunching it into my fist, I threatened, "If you talk again without permission, this is going back in for the rest of the night. Do you understand?" You nodded your comprehension.

Going back to the discarded harness, I put it one once more and got back on the bed. I pulled you back up onto your knees. You still were soaking with desire, assuring me that you were still enjoying this game. Once again I rammed the phallus home without warning, causing you to respond with a shudder. This time I knew I was going to push you to orgasm regardless of what happened, so I simply began to plunge into you harder and deeper, shamelessly slamming against you until I heard you scream so loudly I was sure our closest neighbors half a mile away could have heard you.

Weakly you collapsed on the bed, and I followed, pressing my body heavily against your back as we both heaved for air. I knew you were still spasming against the toy inside you, because I was locked into position for quite a few moments without being able to escape. Finally when I felt you relax, I withdrew, only to cause another set of shudders through you.

Knowing what was to come next, I reached between your open thighs and gathered your moisture before gently probing the one last place I wanted to explore before the night was finished. You jerked slightly at the feeling of me inside you there, but it didn't take long before you were once again thrusting up to meet me. "You want this?" I asked. You nodded your fair head. "You know what this means if I do this? I'll know exactly what a naughty little slut you really are. Tell me you want it, Carrie. I want you to beg me," I demanded all the while gently pumping my fingers into the tightness.

"Please, Jess," you softly requested.

"Please what?"

"Fuck me."

"Where? You have to say it," I explained, withdrawing my fingers and idly circling the entrance teasingly.

You groaned in frustration. However, with a needy edge to your voice, you pleaded, "Please, Jess. Fuck me up the ass. God, I'm begging you. Just do it."

I chuckled under my breath into your ear. "I love it when you're desperate. Fine. I'll give you what you want, you naughty whore."

Knowing neither of us had ever done this before, I figured it would be best to start out slowly. Putting my fingers back to use, I continued to try to loosen you enough to fit the phallus. When I thought you were ready, I placed the tip of it at your entrance. I saw you flinch and tense. "Relax, baby," I whispered, beginning to push. For a moment nothing happened but then I could feel your body give way as the head slipped inside. You cried out loudly, but I knew distress from pleasure and quickly stopped. Forgetting our game completely, I asked, "Carrie, sweetie, are you okay?"

"No," you gasped.

"Do you want me to stop and pull out?"

You shook you head vigorously. "Just stay there. Don't move," you requested. I did as you asked, holding my position. I waited for what seemed an eternity before you said, "Okay, just go slowly."

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

"Please, Jess," you implored.

Hearing the sound of your voice, I knew this was about much more than the game. This was something you really wanted, so I was determined to do it for you. Heading your instructions, I did as you asked, pushing slowly and stopping whenever you asked me. It took several minutes before I felt your smooth skin against my hips, and I knew I was in completely. "Just keep staying relaxed, Carrie. I'm in all the way."

"It just hurts," you panted.

"I'll go slowly," I assured, kissing you on the temple. With my right hand I reached under your body between your legs and gently began to stroke you. I knew you were still sensitive and wet, which I hoped would diminish the pain and increase the pleasure you were feeling. You reacted with a gratifying groan, reassuring me. Keeping my promise to you, I tenderly began small movements inside you. At first each tiny thrust got a reaction, but after a little while, I was able to move the phallus freely in and out without you feeling any pain. In fact, I could tell you were experiencing enjoyment in a way you never had as I brought you to another climax before withdrawing altogether.

I could tell by your exhausted sigh you were finished. The game was over, so I gently untied your feet before unlocking the handcuffs to free you completely. Immediately you turned over and gazed at me. I was unclasping the harness from my body when your hands joined mine in the task. When it was just the two of us without any aids, you curved you arms around my shoulders and leaned to kiss me tenderly on the lips. It was the first kiss we had shared since coming to bed, and it was full of love and devotion. It was a simple yet grateful sentiment of what had just transpired between us. Neither of us could even say anything as we tried to process what we had just done. Knowing it was too much though at the moment, I pulled down the covers and patted the mattress in invitation to sleep. Both of us climbed in to our bed, and I extinguished the lights. Still no words were spoken, but our bodies clung to each other, saying all that was needed.

Now back in the present, I stood just a few feet behind you recalling all that had happened. However, my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of your voice. "What are you thinking about?" you asked softly, not turning from your view.

I smiled anyway and closed the distance between us, wrapping my arms around your waist. Immediately your head came to rest back against my shoulder. "Good morning, my dearest love. How did you sleep?"

"Wonderfully. What about you?"

"Quite well. How are you feeling?"

"Sore but fine. How are you feeling?"

"Good. So, what are you thinking about gazing out the window?"


"Good thoughts I hope," I teased lightly.

"Of course. What were you thinking about while you were standing behind me staring?"

"Last night," I admitted, nuzzling your blonde hair. "It was unbelievable."

You nodded. "It was incredible," you confessed. Pausing for a moment you said, "Thank you for everything."

"It's my pleasure to give you anything you need, Carrie."

"I love you, Jess."

"I love you, too."

"So, what are our plans for today?"

"Well, that mean woman I work for has asked me to finish that project today," I joked lightly.

You nodded your head in thought. "She's a real bitch. Although I think she can be bribed."

"How?" I asked in interest.

You turned in my arms and gave me a charming grin as your eyes roamed over my naked frame. "Take me back to bed. That's a good start."

Giving a demure smile of my own, replied with a laugh. "You're the boss."

Taking me by the hand, you discarded your cup on the coffee table as we passed it and led me upstairs once again to continue our weekend of renewal.

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