~ A Shower to Remember ~
by A. Tietz (Birdee)
Copyrighted 2005

Copyright: The characters are mine though they may resemble other fictional characters physically. The story is mine and I hold the copyright to it.

Love/Sex Disclaimer: This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two teenage girls. If this is a prohibited form of literature in your life please do not continue.

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It had been a good session, the trainer was good, and she was making her backhand and defense game stronger. She liked being done with her tennis lessons at camp by noon so she could have the rest of the day to herself. She was still heated as she walked toward the showers near her cabin. She chose the cabins that were as far up the hillside as it got so she could have a good jog back to her cabin after the lessons.

She walked into the bathroom facilities that were smaller than the main shower house down the hillside where most of the cabins were. There were only three showers and one was actually enclosed for privacy. Normally the bathroom was empty at this time but today someone was in the private shower already. That didn't bother her; she just wasn't used to it at this time of day.

She let the water course over her well toned, muscular, tall 5'11' frame as she put shampoo in her long black shinny locks that she usually wore in a braided pony tail. There was only one week of camp left. She had worked hard concentrating and working on the lessons. She was determined to get that scholarship to UC Santa Barbara and there was stiff competition but she'd made it to the finals. This camp could give her the edge.

With the days work behind her, Kate began wondering what today would bring. Perhaps another tutorial with pretty little Lynn Beckenridge. She was a good tennis player, not in Kate's league, but she was so enjoying the "lessons" she'd been giving Lynn. If she played it right, she'd be able to show Lynn a lot more than just racket positions. This brought a smile to her face and she was lost in thoughts of the pretty little red head when the soap slipped out of her hands.

She had been so absorbed in her own thoughts she hadn't heard the water in the private stall stop or notice that the occupant was just now leaving. As she followed the path of her errant soap she saw that it stopped right at the feet of a fully dressed blonde with her hands full of towel, shampoo and other normal shower items. She noticed that instead of being faced in the path of the walk way headed away from the showers toward the door, the soap had come to rest between two feet that stood directly opposite of Kate's shower and facing her. There was a blush in full bloom on the facial features of a lovely little hazel green eyed beauty. The girl had been caught taking a peek perhaps. The tall muscular tennis player arched an eyebrow with an amused smile spreading across her face. It must have been too much for the pastel yellow clad blonde because her eyes got wide and she bolted.

Kate retrieved her soap and continued her shower with thoughts of a blonde rather than a red head filling her mind. She'd seen the girl at a distance. This tennis camp was pretty big; there were at least 40 students at different skill levels and different lesson schedules. Kate wasn't sure but she thought she'd seen the girl last year for the first time. She wondered what her name was, where she was from and decided to casually ask around. But of course, the "lesson" with Lynn was the most important part of the afternoon and she hurriedly finished her shower to get on with her plans.

The next day the private shower was being used again. It wasn't completely enclosed. It was a long rectangular stall with walls on each side. The wall that separated the shower from the others stopped short of connecting with the end wall, the empty space coved by a shower curtain. Pull back the curtain and you were facing the outside wall of the shower house which was the other wall of the shower stall. In front of you was a bench and wooden table to hold belongings, a look to the left and there was the shower at the far end of the rectangle.

Kate really, really wanted to take a peek to see if it was the blonde, but she didn't want to frighten the girl again so she just started her shower water. She hadn't learned much about the girl. There were a lot of blondes at the camp and she wasn't around to point her out as Kate asked a few questions. The blonde was still just a pretty hazel green eyed mystery.

Perhaps her soap could help out, so she placed it on the floor and gently kicked it into the private stall. She waited knowing it had to have landed near the girl's feet. She belatedly regretted it just a moment hoping it wouldn't cause the girl to slip. She listened and waited, wondering what to do. Then a petite little hand held the soap out from under the stall. She took the offered soap making sure to caress the hand that held it. Neither said anything. But Kate paid attention this time; she wanted to be sure she knew when the occupant was preparing to leave. She hoped it would be the blonde.

When the curtain came open she was sure to be aware of the girl in her peripheral vision, she was curious if the blonde would sneak a peek again. She wasn't disappointed, though the girl was careful not to stop and face her just staring, she paused a moment and slyly took in the view of Kate showering. Kate had been standing sideways so she slowly turned to give the girl a full frontal view. When she did she closed her eyes and stretched her head back to allow the water to wash over her hair and face. When she straighten her blue eyes opened to see the girl staring and saw the look of someone being caught peeking. Her eyebrow rose and an amused smile crossed her features when their eyes met. She put the soap out in front of her and mouthed thank you, while never loosing eye contact, though she noticed the girl breathing rather deeply. A self conscious nod and briefest smile came from the blonde who broke the gaze and walked out of the shower house rather than running this time. Kate couldn't wait till tomorrow.

She had learned the girls name was Clare. Kate hurried to the shower house wondering what the next move should be. But she was alone in the showers today and she consoled herself that today's "lesson" wouldn't be much about tennis because tomorrow was the last day of camp and her sister would be coming to pick her up the following morning. She had just started her shower water when she heard the curtain of the private stall. She looked up quickly to see the blonde getting caught looking again and blushing a little but not looking away. Kate was held in a hazel green eyed gaze for a moment before the girl smiled shyly and headed into her shower with her bundle of shower items. If she could ever get the girl to truly smile broadly, it would light up the room, it certainly light up her face.

Kate's heart rate had increased. The girl was extremely pretty, with tanned skin from all the hours of practice in the sun no doubt, her face was sweet but when she smiled she was gorgeous, and those eyes were so easy to get lost in. She regretted having only a few days left of camp. It had been fun to give Lynn those "lessons" but if it had been the blonde, Kate had no doubt she would have already ceased bothering with tennis and concentrated on getting lost in those eyes and hopefully those arms. There was something extraordinary about this blonde, such chemistry.

Kate was wondering what to do next, when a bar of soap came sliding to her feet from the private stall. Kate's heart skipped a beat; she wondered exactly what kind of invitation this was. All this slipping and sliding of bars of soap wasn't pure accident. She picked it up pondering just how to return this to its owner. A smirk played upon her face as she decided that it was 30 - love. The blonde had seen the goods three times to Kate's zero, time to even the score some.

She walked over to the curtain and pulled it back. The girl was facing the shower head but looking at the ground, head inclined toward Kate's shower. Kate noticed the stiffening of her body when she heard the shower curtain and caught Kate out of the corner of her eye. Other than that, the blonde didn't move. Hoping she was reading it right, she decided to walk up behind a small framed sweet feminine body, taking in the curve of the hips, the firm, petite and well formed posterior. The girl's hair wasn't platinum blonde but rather a beautiful golden color through and through her shoulder length tresses. Kate had been slowly advancing toward the pretty girl, her heart rate continuing to climb with the sight of the girl's form and the hope that the girl not moving but obviously knowing Kate was there was a further invitation.

Kate had never had an encounter like this before. She had finally admitted she liked girls far, far more than boys about two years ago as a sophomore. There had been three girlfriends since then and she had been working on a fourth relationship with Lynn, however brief. She wasn't cocky. She didn't consider herself a stud and wasn't interested in a record number of sexual liaisons, but she could not resist the allure of this girl.

Perhaps it was pure desire but Kate decided to be bold. Instead of offering the soap to the immobile figure, she gently placed the soap on the girl's back and began a slow caress. Their eyes didn't meet yet, even though the girls head was turned towards her some. At first there was no movement, the girl was stiff as a board. Then she moved her head toward the front of the shower again and took a deep breath. Not getting a clear "NO STOP", Kate continued a slow caress being rewarded by the girl relaxing a little and another deep sigh. The girl's body was soft, even silky under the coursing water. Kate wanted to touch every part of this beautiful well toned soft and inviting body, though she was afraid she might be stopped at any moment, so she went slowly but moved onto other parts of the golden girl.

The blonde was accepting the attention now as Kate was giving the girl's arms a gentle soapy touch. She noticed that the girl's breaths were becoming short and more rapid as she dared move her sweet caress to the lowest part of the girl's back and finally strayed lower ever so gently and as slowly as her own excitement would allow.

When a soft moan escaped from the blonde as Kate was slowly exploring the firm toned bottom, her heart skipped a beat and she moved closer to the girl, her own breasts now touching the girl's back. The blonde leaned into her some and Kate dared move her attention to the girl's sides. She placed one hand on the girls left hip and with the right soapy hand she caressed the right side of her mysterious shower partner, then slowly moved toward the front of the girl's flat stomach. The blonde's head came up just below her chin and she felt the lovely body lean into her own well toned form.

They were both taking short rapid breaths as Kate's caress continued with the water now splashing upon them both. The blonde took a quick yet deep breath as Kate cupped a soft breast in her soapy hand and then had both breasts in her grasp. Another more obvious moan of pleasure and want came from the pretty girl as she leaned more earnestly into Kate's embrace. Emboldened by the girl's excitement, Kate moved golden tresses from the girl's neck and placed a gentle kiss on the exposed skin then another and another. The blonde head and neck leaned into the kisses and Kate's hands were now caressing her sides, her bottom, her stomach while taking an earlobe into her mouth. The girl moaned a few more times leaning into her touch all the more earnestly.

Kate's own breathing was rapid and hot as she kissed the other side of the lovely neck and took in another earlobe. She could hardly contain herself; she wanted so badly to touch the center of this golden beauty. Her hands again massaged the girl's young, firm, yet soft mounds, caressing the nipples between finger and thumb the moans from the girl deepen and the breathing was ragged. Kate hands caressed the girl's stomach, fingers tracing a circle around her belly button and she couldn't help but let a few fingers trespass upon curly hairs. This produced a deep intake of breath and another moan, so she allowed her fingers to comb through a mound of curls barely touching the lips of her desire. How could she tell if the girl was wet with passion or with the water coursing down her front and Kate's arm? But it was obvious the blonde was welcoming her touch, so she caressed the stomach again and then moved her hand down to cup the curly mound in her long fingered grasp getting an excited moan from the blonde whose left hand had gripped Kate's well muscled thigh.

The blonde was completely in her embrace leaning upon the tall body, bracing herself a little with the grip she had on Kate's thigh. So Kate massaged the sweet mound barely able to contain her urgency, still moving slowly, gently. As she touched those nether lips more firmly the girl responded to the pressure moving into her hand. Kate massaged a little more and parted the lips finding slick folds that were too silky wet to be from the coursing water. The girl arched her back a little and whimpered in excitement. Kate held the small one firmly, but tried not to squeeze her to death, her desire was so inflamed. As she found the swollen bud pulsing with passion the girl reached her right arm up to grasp Kate's neck making Kate's hot breath catch in her throat as she couldn't believe how incredible this girl felt.

With previous girlfriends she had enjoyed herself but it was usually more enjoyable when she was the object of such attention. This girl, she had never wanted anyone so much, had never needed to feel the center of someone so badly. She was so close to Cumming herself, the girl felt so incredible and her soft cries of pleasure made Kate just want more. So she dipped her middle finger into the open, waiting, center that she so longed for.

The girl caught her breath and her grip upon Kate almost became like a vise. This only made Kate more excited as the blonde moved in rhythm with her hand, in and out, deep, as deep as she could go. They were moving as one the girl's thrusting hips urgently meeting the touch of her hand while the girl's moans and groans were getting more rapid and throaty. She knew they were alone, but if they were to allow themselves to give voice to the extent of their shared passion Kate knew it would be easily heard by passers-by. But she didn't care, wanting to hear the totality of the girl's need and passion; Kate went back to massaging the girl's swollen bud.

The blonde moaned with obvious deep pleasure and was breathing like a marathon runner, moving her grip from Kate's thigh to her mound of curly black hairs. Kate caught her breath feeling the small strong hand hold her. It was hard for Kate to be slow about anything now, she moved rapidly feeling the pulsating of that swollen sweet spot while the blonde responded to her pace grinding into her hand, obviously wanting more, still holding onto the outside of Kate's center.

They were both panting and Kate moaned deeply at the unbelievable pleasure this was giving her. The blonde was getting close to falling over the edge, Kate could hear it in her moans and the needy thrusts of her hips. She knew she was taking the beauty to the edge of that cliff and she had just a small regret because she didn't want to stop, she wanted to keep feeling the need and passion of this mysterious girl who set her on fire. But it would be any moment, she felt it when the girl began to fall of that wonderful cliftop of deep desire. Then she was pleasantly surprised at the first words that were uttered between them, "Kate, Kate ooooh??.Kate???OhGod??Kate??.oooooh?ooohh??.ooooh????..Ka??please?Kate?..Pleeeaaas??.Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

The blonde road the waves of pleasure as Kate felt the orgasm coursing through the girl's body. This was the most incredible experience she'd ever had, feeling the little body tremble and yet still cup her own mound made her cum as well.

Kate kissed the nape of the girl's neck breathing, "You are so beautiful Clare, so incredibly beautiful."

The girl turned to face her for the first time. Kate wrapped her arms around the small body gazing into those eyes deeply mesmerized at how they could sometimes be almost gray and sometimes green, perhaps even at times blue. They were both still breathing deeply, though a little slower now and Kate cupped the small face in her strong hand and was about to kiss the girl for the first time when they heard a voice advancing toward them, "Clare, Clare, your mom's here. She sent me to find you. I guess she has to pick you up a day early, something about your dad's work schedule. What happened did you drowned. Why do you come all the way up here anyway?"

Clare looked panicked and horrified at the same time and ran toward the curtain that had never been closed. "I'll be right out Layna. I'm sorry I just lost track of time," but she hadn't gotten to the curtain before Layna.

Clare looked back toward her shower partner and saw Kate slipping under the separating wall. She had gone unnoticed by Clare's friend and when she turned on the water of the farthest stall all Layna said was "Oh, I didn't know there was anyone else in here."

Clare had dressed quickly and was on her way out but caught the questioning gaze of her tall shower partner. Kate smiled, but was unsure of that horrified look on Clare's face when Layna had arrived. She wanted the girl's phone number but wasn't so sure Clare wanted hers. Clare smiled but seemed to have such a perplexed look on her face, like she wasn't sure of her own feelings. She mouthed "I'm sorry" and left.

Kate's mood had been sullen, unsure of what had happened. She hadn't wanted just "sex" in the shower. She had thought they would have more time together, exchange phone numbers, stay in touch, or perhaps even more than that would develop. But the girl was gone and hadn't made any move to keep in touch. She was just gone. Maybe that was all it was to Clare, sex. But those eyes, it seemed that there was something deeper there.

Apparently she would likely never know, because no one there had her phone number except Layna and Kate could still see the horrified look on Clare's face as Layna approached. She hadn't asked Layna to wait outside; she had covered up the whole thing it seemed. Kate didn't want to admit she'd gotten a brush off. Clare's pleading eyes as she mouthed sorry seemed genuine, that regret was real. But Kate wondered if the regret was having the encounter in the first place rather than not being able to properly say goodbye. It wasn't always easy facing how you are made, especially if your family wanted you to be made "normal."

So Kate turned her attention back to tennis, which is where it needed to be anyway for her to obtain that scholarship and get on with life. But the golden beauty would probably visit her dreams and she would always remember that shower.

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